Assassin Girls Inc

Poor planning on my part yesterday thinking I could get this coloring finished up and assemble a 15 foot surprise Christmas trampoline by myself. I was so exhausted I fell asleep after it. So I have the rest of these Lovecon strips planned out to end this chapter, and its anywhere from 10-12 more. All of the overly complicated/high workload ideas (like see above) for this are done, and we'll be transitioning into the next chapter: The Royal Buckinghams story/ Pumpkin's birthday. I have a full size image of the 4th panel here if you'd like:   Also thank you to everyone who has expressed love for Loose Cannon in messages and posts. She has quickly become the comic's most beloved one-off character. Now a week or so ago Patreon screwed the pooch with their proposed 'new user fee' roll out. This is something I also got quite a few messages on. Many of you wanted me to address it it straight out of the gate. You know. Same day, hours after. I totally understand why. I was going to until I heard lots of rumblings in some of my comic artist forums and groups. Some more notable and prominent artists on Patreon were saying the backlash over the new fees was so extreme Patreon was going to cancel the roll out altogether. This was under the notion these high-level, high-profit creators had enough weight to swing around they had the ear of some actual Patreon employees. So I waited to see if this roll out would happen or not. Thankfully, it did not. Patreon is not issuing any new fees. The payment methods are staying the same. And I know the bad taste they've put in some users mouths is so severe and unpalatable, they've written the company off for good. I can completely understand that. I'm more than happy to have any and all transaction fees come out of MY bottomline, as they have been. No one should have to pay-to-pay. That's absurd. I have been asked to open up a page on other artist support sites, for some that want to support the comic but are disgusted at Patreon. I'm looking into it, but I'm not all it on the idea just yet. I don't like knee-jerking on anything, and I want to wait and see a bit longer before I open another, or just move completely. Whatever I will do I will tell you. It just something I'm intend to procede with caution over. This would also make my future intentions for Patreon rewards somewhat tricky, or at least require more work, I guess. I intend to completely redo all of them except the $2.00 comic. That would stay the same. But I have some ideas for rewards I think might interest a ton of you more than what I currently have. That's going to be a huge post, and I'll attempt to do that next week. It's something I'm super excited about, and I think I can manage much much better. (And I will be finishing all loose ends with previous rewards still pending.) I have unloaded a ton of other obligations this last month, and I don't give a shit if I have to get bionic arms to do it, but in 2018 I'm getting this comic back on schedule. I love this comic. I love you guys as readers, and I'm sick to death of being so late with it. So I will talk to you guys next week. ON TUESDAY. I actually know it's Tuesday this time because the next comic is about 75% finished. Have a Merry Christmas, ya'll.

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    1. I’m always sad when people tell me that pants are a necessary evil, because nothing seems more wrong to me than declaring pants as necessary.

  1. THERE [clap] IS [clap] NO [clap] SUCH [clap] THING [clap] AS [clap] FORMAL [clap] ACTIVE [clap] WEAR [clap] TARRAGON!

      1. It started with the Bantam reprints of the Doc Savage series. The only one where you don’t see Savage wearing a torn shirt is on the cover of # 4 The Arctic Adventure. All the fandom I know are in agreement he is wearing one, you just can’t see it because the cold weather coat hides it.

        1. Any con filled with female assassins is likely to leave a guy who’s a bit too handsy at the bottom of the nearest lake, so I’d say it’s fine/equivalent.

        2. Honestly, it sucks though. I always liked Keillor’s work; his stories of small-town life and his downright somnolent delivery make for a total package for relaxing. Now he’s just that guy who got handsy with an intern. Tainted work. Sucks, man.

        3. According to Keillor, he put his hand on a woman’s bare back while trying to console her. MPR will not provide details because they accusors want privacy. So, I’m left wondering if justice or something else with a side of bacon was served. Because I think that John McEnroe is throwing a fit.

        4. No clue personally as to what might or might not have happened. I do tend to be a bit of a stickler for due process and do my best to give the benefit of the doubt when accusations aren’t given under oath.

          That said, I also like the idea of letting natural selection take its course. So tossing a guy who’s been accused of being overly familiar in a room with a bunch of possibly non-obvious female assassins seems like a good thing. If he’s innocent, then he won’t provoke a lethal response. If he’s not, then there’s a decent chance no one else will need to worry about him. No judgement needed on my part.

        5. What we hear outside the US: celebrity has friend confide some grief, they are comforted by said celebrity in a very human way, with a hand on the shoulder or back (accounts differ) but the current fashion for cutaway clothing means he contacts bare skin, and voila! it’s Payday, baby!
          Horror ensues when all attempts to question the validity of the suit are decried, because every woman is a righteous victim, no matter what.
          (Sadly, this is not just in the US. It happened to my husband. We were doing a folk dance at a festival where couples spin down a long line of participants, turning each person in turn by the elbow. Orcadian Strip-the-Willow, for those in the know about ceilidh. My husband turned one woman twice instead of once. She complained to festival management and he was banned, with no right of reply. He’d been coming to the festival and supporting it as a vendor for 20+ years at the time.)

        6. That is shameful. And what seems to have happened to Keillor as well. This is not going to end well if it keeps up.

        7. Actually, a large number of later disproven accusations might lead to people remembering that due process is a good thing and less knee jerk believing someone claiming being a victim (especially without it being testimony under oath). So if things keep up it might herald change, where quieting down might leave them as they are.

  2. Royal Buckinghams? Interesting, I am a direct descendant of Humphrey Stafford the first Duke of Buckingham. Perhaps my line is related to the Buckinghams…or perhaps we are rivals… What a grand curiosity, I truly do love this story !

  3. I guess that explains why no one else was as upset as I thought they’d be that Tarra had contracts with 3 separate SFA groups. That’ being said…

    Even if some of them are only working part-time I’d expect the Ellie’s home-town to be the Murder Capital of the world.

    1. Perhaps the groups travel to where the person that needs killing is, I mean after a little while, Lakeland, FL. will have been scoured clean of such characters so deserving of death that whole teams of sexy female assassins do them in. Of course the groups might also just be cosplay groups, with fake weapon props, no actual killing involved.

    2. It’s sorta like Magical [Girl/Boy/Co-Ed] teams. They roam the night, fighting non-algebraic monster manual entries, and tourists from the dark void (New Jersey). But, mostly just hang out together in romantic moonlit settings, professing love, yet cursing the fate that keeps them apart.

    3. It might just be conveniently handy to one or more airports with good connecting flights and easily bribed employees. Non-local assassins are a plus in some ways (no one’s going to see them buying cheese the week after they saw them disembowel a politician, etc).

    1. She IS one of the sisters. Cin is the only one that doesn’t seem to have a propensity to get neked as the law allows, given the first opportunity.

      1. Nah, Pumpkin is the only one to be certain about. Cinn is sufficiently slow on the uptake that she might just strip down three days later with only a goldfish as a witness for all we know.

        1. That’s true. I was just thinking with her body attitude at the current point in the story. She’s not terribly fond of it and the attention it’s likely to garner so she’s pretty against showing it off at the moment.

  4. I know it’s a bit late for this, but there was a one-off character named Pippers, from Ellie’s job at the get-mart, could she be one of the assassins?

      1. EDIT – 6 definitely empty hands & 8 unknowns (I missed the hand under the elbow on left-most assassin in my first count).

        1. Quite possibly, but I only found 22. I didn’t check the expanded picture either, just the one in-comic.

        2. Okay, Silent Bob, I missed the sailboat. Which one’s holding three? I’ve been over this picture like six times.

        3. You’re right; that IS a stack of two! I thought that was just something off in design, but it’s one on top of the other. Good catch!

        1. I didn’t see the girl with three in the picture and thought you might be talking about Tarra. But your ?spotsmanship? was definitely superior to mine and I now see what you were talking about.

  5. … i didnt know i needed surprised face Terra untill this moment
    ohh i love it…
    at first when i opened this page i was haveing a bit of shocked face when i saw terra striipping,. BUT this just made burst out loud. i love this

  6. Hmmm… Tarra’s communicators were distinct and all 22 of these look identical. I wonder if it’s one organization that doesn’t vet for duplicates or several organizations not concerned about visually distinct communicators.

    1. Beat me to mentioning that. I’m thinking Terra just color coded her’s to be more organized, since they also have distinct letters and we aren’t seeing these ones in enough detail to see what their letters are.

  7. Aww, Tarra you so cute and efficient.

    I can just imagine her on a date…

    “Alright, the movie starts in 30 minutes. It take 15 minutes to walk around that pond in the park, so if we do that we’ll get to the theater with just enough time for 5 minutes of making out before the previews start. Unless you want anything from the concession stand, then it’ll only be 2 minutes of making out.”

    Green Sword Girl is a lot shorter than I would have thought. And Winged Sword Girl is actually flying… I think.

    Loose Cannon is the Audrey Belrose of the group.

    1. If there’s makeouts with Tarra at the end of it, I will give her a running piggyback around the lake. That ought to trim at least five minutes off the walk!

    1. That’s not Ellie’s problem. If the building can’t take the stress of all the women coming to meet the single guys, then that’s easy to call a win for her side (and the building owners side on taking a 100% hit on insurance and walking away or building something else).

    2. Given that the hotel is barely used and considered a boondoggle anyway, it would likely be a blessing to have a Buckingham-related collapse.

    3. And I suppose they wont have to worry about having to refund anyone their money. Becase they’ll all be dead from the building collapsing. Its a win win :D

        1. Which is where statements like “the building couldn’t take the stress of all the single ladies who came to our last event” being true is a positive.

    1. Nah, just the ones at the front. A couple of the Lara/Laura’s have their toes outward, winged girl is floating, loose cannon is in some kinda stance to stabilize herself, and a couple more in the middle look to have their feet pointing forward.

        1. Well, after all, she just gave them access to her social media, these men are here to flirt and drink. So 812, 10 each won’t be enough. Let’s see what happens next.

  8. Oh, and love the preview image. Three guys clearly wondering what the hell is wrong with Cinnamon Buckingham. Welcome to the world we all live in, guys.

    1. That makes me wonder if the one with his face off-screen to the right is vomiting or banging his head into something or not. I feel like one in four should have a bit more severe of a reaction that a simple WTF.

  9. How can Loose Cannon NOT be a favorite? Those facial expressions are way too good, and I’m pretty sure in every group of friends there is a “Loose Cannon” (And if you can figure out who it is in YOUR group then guess what…)

  10. Tarra,while you are indeed an impressive sight in your formalwear, there is a significant contingent of these men who would be more impressed if you went and fetched the mecha suit and wore that in.

  11. Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate it.

    Remember holidays are a great time to hop on your freinds’ & relatives’ wifi and give Shotgun Shuffle an extra vote or two.

  12. Merry Christmas all.

    Also, now that I think about it, even though it’d be enormously less flattering on me, I still wish I could get away with wearing something like Tarra and calling it “formal wear” in some kind of validly official sense. (I’ve been wanting to be able to wear shorts at work for YEARS to no result, so if that were MORE formal than was required, then I could start working backwards or just leave it at that as a win.)

    1. Indeed. Feliz Navidad, próspero año, etc. etc.

      It occurs to me that Tarra’s outfit is more… I’ll go with modest, than those typically worn by the ladies who pump gas at waterfront establishments.So it might be considered formal in that occupation.

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