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  Hey, y'all! Chris asked me to do the blog again, so I wanted to let you guys know he's doing his best to not be late on these but he had a really bad Tuesday and Wednesday as far as the 'Beetus and his energy level. I've been dealing with some bronchitis crap this week, so I haven't been accomplishing a whole lot either. On top of that, he wanted to do this little supplemental comic, inspired by our kids' current obsession with the mobile game Among Us. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also wanted to briefly thank a couple more of our registry gifters: Huge thank you to Wanda J. and Ernst S. for their gifts, everybody's been so generous, and we love you all! - Claire

25 thoughts on “Asylum

  1. Don’t be killing yourself for comics.

    Look at the Cuz, covering for PumpQuinn! ‘Cus, Cuz clearly keeps clear of the kids, and would know of any cnudling.

  2. Do Cami’s eyes glow? I didn’t notice a page ago, and her eyes were closed two pages ago, but that particular washed-across-the-pupil green looks like they’re emitting their own light.

    1. *briefly eyes the vent*

      I…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I enjoy normal human activities, like eating food and breathing nitric methane.

    2. I know not of what you speak, fellow mortal. Kindly cease this line of questioning lest I be compelled to silence you with my venomous human fangs.

  3. Hey, I’m just really happy the comics are coming at all (and faster than I could have hoped lately). If you slip a few days, not a big deal.

    1. Let it be known, I regularly make that happen while I’m at work (will be in the main warehouse getting parts, get a call from the front office, open the door when they ask if I’m in the shop, hilarity ensues)

      There’s something special about going to where the person you’re on the phone with is, while staying on the line/not telling them you’re right behind them.

    1. “Exposing”. Har.

      Pumpkin is clearly already aware of its existence. The impact it’s having is less clear.

      Though I admit their clear coziness on Pumpkin’s bed might be an issue. However, the door is open and both are fully clothed, so it may be more discomfiting than anything else.

  4. I love this as an outside observer, but knowing the things that have happened before makes me worry about what this is going to lead to. Rosemary still has the Katrina incident on her mind, at least to some extent, and if she finds the same daughter laying on her bed with another older woman, it’s going to be VERY difficult to talk her down and explain that this was *mostly* innocent. Especially if she reads Quinn’s story.

    1. There are some differences, though. Quinn isn’t actively seeking out… physical interaction… with Pumpkin. If anyone is the pursuer of affection, it’s Pumpkin. And, Pumpkin is now 16, therefor she and Quinn can pursue… those kind of activates, without legal incumbrancers. There age difference isn’t that much, compared to Kat, who was much older (mid 20s), and was being predatory on a MUCH younger girl.

      In any case, Rosemary may already be prepared for one of her daughters to be in a relationship with Quinn. Tarragon was practically hitting on her at Thanksgiving, when Elle brought her as her “date”. Yeah, Elle was just giving in to her need to feed things,

      1. Oh, I know, man. I am also a parent though, and I have an idea of hoe these interactions can easily be misconstrued. I’m did mention that I love this interaction, I’m just worried that Rosemary might misunderstand it and take issue with it.

  5. The Book, we want Shotgun Shuffle The Book. All the art, all the design style changes, a tome that displays the change in wit, method and storyline over time, all in one place. Go the Girl Genius and Stand Still, Stay Silent model. Kickstart it to the moon and watch what happens.

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