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At the cafe down on the corner

Went kinda nuts on panel one. Caused me some lateness. Anyhoo, computer is working great. I'm gonna shoot for late Tuesday/ early Wednesday on the next comic.

64 thoughts on “At the cafe down on the corner

  1. I don’t recall if she ever mentioned Pumpkin to him before. Too bad he can’t see her face – that look is a red flag of “how well do you actually know me?”.

    1. Dude is something along the lines of a superhero. He probably has detective skills up his sleeve (right next to the lock picks and the fancy chocolates)

    2. Seeing as one of Pumpkins classmates worked with Ellie, it wouldn’t be hard for him to have found out they were sisters.

    3. No, but PUMPKING could have mentioned ELLIE to him, especially in the context of a certain forged assignment….

      Anyway, two girls, both the last name “Buckingham”, a not-dissimilar appearance, and from a large family with a certain reputation? Especially if he’s teaching at the same highschool Ellie used to attend? It wouldn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2 and 2 together.

  2. Might not have wanted to go out and say “Yeah, Pumpkin’s not exactly my best student”.
    Especially since Ellie didn’t say which sister it was.

    1. To be fair, the Buckinghams are probably as well known in the the Black Plague and Shakespeare in the school given the other sisters.

        1. “Teacher, I was managing to suspend my disbelief about this tiny wooden desk being helpful in case of a nuclear attack, but thinking this is going to do diddly squat to protect against a Buckingham is just a step too far even for me.”

        1. I know what we should do. We should rent a hotel, get all the new names all together at once and serve cake. Cake, squirrel cookies and . . . oh hell. I can’t remember.

  3. So, he got one thing somewhat right; open the ginormous can of awkward early, he could have opened it earlier but then he might have had to dodge a Jeep. Having read the Patreon comics I am interested in how we get from moment A (now) to moment AA (future).

    1. Finished enough of a archive dive to find that Ellie has mentioned her sister Pumpkin to Mr. Stevens (see ‘Second Hand News’ September 16, 2013) before and he says that he has reasons for limiting his interactions with Ellie (see ‘Reasons’ September 23, 2013).

  4. Ooh, look at that raised eyebrow. You messed up, David. Now are you going to tell her that you know where she lives, you punched Tired Guy, and got into a brawl at her old apartment?

    Or just pass it off as “you sound similar, it was easy to guess”? Can’t keep up the deception forever you know…

  5. I want to say that I really do love this series, not to mention you took the extra small detail to show Mr. Stevens putting his finger into his coffee mug. I have not seen too many people draw the small intricacies when it comes to blind people in their day to day lives. Well done sir, well done.

    1. Now for some of those who wish to experiment with qualifying statements to garner the grueling and truly elusive ‘First,’ please refer to the above statement. And the following suggestions made by the welcoming committee’s sub-committee on lingual studies” sub-committee’s report submission to the Basket Sub-committee evaluation of “Useless yet Winning Statements That Have Been Approved” by the Legal Wicker Weaving Board.

      Usually, those who wish to garner “First” should:
      – Use a statement of no less than ten words in length;
      – It must be able to hover somewhere around a “B+” in any of Mr. Stevens’ classes;
      – The statements must be at least of one sentence in length minimum;
      – The statement must directly relate to any or all of the current installment of SHOTGUN SHUFFLE

  6. Heh… so it was Mr. Stevens who received the crappy clip-and-paste plagiarist epistle that Ellie wrote for Pumpin in the beginning of the story. Nice touch. Wasn’t his call home what precipitated Ellie getting the boot?

    1. It’s funny. I have no issues with homeschool as a verb, and school can be a verb (though not usually referring to formal education), but high schools just doesn’t sound right to me. Must be an old folks’ thing, like proper punctuation.

    1. I took her impression to indicate she just realized David was involved (though not responsible) for her getting kicked out. That or she’s concerned what he may think of her for the laziest cheating he’s seen since losing his eyesight.

  7. I have to be honest. I couldn’t fully enjoy the comic because all I could think was, “The fuck is ‘recalcitrant’?”

    1. You should probably avoid Lovecraft then. I swear some of the words he used were archaic when he wrote them.

  8. “Went kinda nuts on panel one.”. Seems to me you went sublime; that’s art of a very high order. I don’t spend a lot of time on cartoon art. It moves the story, upholsters the context, and is forgotten. Panel one surpasses anything I’ve ever seen in 70+ years of toon addiction. Winsor McCay and Hal Foster would have traded their right eyes to wield that kind of mastery.

      1. Where have you been hiding? Your movie had been out for weeks now, we need your help with the welcoming committee North American round squirrel cookie baking division distribution system.

  9. The age gap hit me for the first time in this scene. Like, they aren’t drawn super differently, but the fact that she was writing essays that he was grading makes me really feel it for the first time.

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  11. I really did not see this coming and I’m not sure how I feel about it. This info was going to come out eventually anyway so it’s probably best that he be up front about it.

    Something like, “I felt bad when I found out you got kicked out of the house over the whole plagiarism thing so when I overheard Pumpkin and Ashliii talkiing about you working at O’Jack’s I thought I’d see how you were doing.”

    1. I wondered if it wasn’t a “th’ hell does ‘recalcitrant’ mean?” eyebrow, but you might be right. Pumpkin’s a die-hard mercantilist, so her lack of interest in English may not be out of line.

      1. What are you talking about? Mercantilism is all about colonies existing to serve the mother country. So an American mercantilist would be super into the English.

        1. Mercantilism is a policy that promotes trade over all else. Pumpkin’s particular stock in trade is cosplay and wiggery. So “what I’m talking about” is the fact that she doesn’t exactly see a use for John Donne and William Shakespeare when she’s designing costumes around creations from Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima. If you follow.

        2. Mercantilism doesn’t promote trade. Laissez-faire promotes trade.

          Mercantilism wants every nation to be as self-sufficient as possible, maximize exports, minimize imports, and acquire lots of colonial territory to supply raw materials and open new markets.

        3. Laissez-faire is more of an internal practice that basically tells a government to keep its grubby mitts off the free market. It means less regulation. It isn’t specifically an encouragement of trade.

          And a tip of the hat–rather than a boot to the head–to his Blueship for the M-W tip.

        4. BA BAM!!!
          thanks to M-W.com.

          Definition of mercantilism
          1 : the theory or practice of mercantile pursuits : commercialism
          2 : an economic system developing during the decay of feudalism to unify and increase the power and especially the monetary wealth of a nation by a strict governmental regulation of the entire national economy usually through policies designed to secure an accumulation of bullion (see bullion 1), a favorable balance of trade, the development of agriculture and manufactures, and the establishment of foreign trading monopolies (see monopoly 1)
          — mercantilist play \-list\ noun or adjective
          — mercantilistic play \ˌmər-kən-ˌtē-ˈlis-tik, -ˌtī-, -tə-\ adjective

  12. Hot damn that background/atmosphere in panel one is off the charts. It’s mesmerizing dude, well done!

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