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Best Impressions

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    1. I know that certain garment’s are designed to intentionally lift and enhance, but I feel like this is getting a little ridiculous. Ellie’s practically got a “Jessica Rabbit” look going on here.

      1. You, oh artistic one, sound like you could use a nap ^^

        You gotta admit, Ellie looks post enhancement in this strip. Then again, that is the look some people go for when trying to… is she trying to get a job or a date. I think I missed something here.

        1. I don’t think Ellie’s bust size has changed, I just don’t think it’s usually had this much of a spot light on it before. She is wearing “Banned SlutWear” ™ after all…

        2. …and to think that Tarra might originally have worn that. The thought is almost as staggering as the reality, so to speak.

        3. She got a temp job…as eye candy. She’s being optimistic about how much it’ll bother her (or maybe not, maybe she’s well aware and ok with it), and the $100/day (presumably cash under the table so “tax free”) could add up if she can get more con gigs (possibly from other people at the con, not just her current employer).

        4. Booth Bunny Cornbread.
          –Able to seize the Erf in my gravitational fields.
          –I have all my teeth
          –Can show clothing to their full potential
          –Unable to stand the smell of unwashed masses, washing machines in the front yard and couches on the front porch.

      2. trying to copy anime sized breasts does require them to be massive xD not surprised the model you used looked even larger.

        Also I assume this guy is making predictions? Most guys would be let down by such predictions, lucky him he has Ellie working for him today lol

      3. Its not that bad actually. There was a girl in my high school class that actually has Ellie beat in almost every measurement.

        6’7 brunette Scandinavian beauty with a bust near Ellie’s at the age of 16.

        Its *very* rare, but they do exist, its called the genetic jackpot. Normally I would be on your side for this kind of thing, but the simple fact that I went to school with one and saw her every day for four years has me on Rusche’s side that its not impossible.

        1. It’s certainly not impossible. Doesn’t mean that real life can’t get a bit far fetched at times either. I’ve definitely seen a few women in real life that even while considering technically attractive I just felt bad for more than anything. I remember one girl that I seriously wondered how her spine didn’t just snap in half (I was standing behind her and her boobs were approximately twice the width of her back and she was fairly tiny otherwise).

          On the Jessica Rabbit topic, though, I wonder how many “bounce” sound effects will come into play.

        2. I knew a girl in school that at 16 she had to have a breast reduction because they were so big it was making her spine curve as she grew

        3. If you look back at earlier strips, like the early O’Burger ones, Ellie has larger breasts than anyone else, but they still reasonably sized.

          With the changes in art-style it seems like they’ve swelled to be practically as large as her head.

        4. Methinks the outfit is designed to accentuate. Lift and squish. If you have a little it makes it look like you have a lot. And if you have a lot, it makes you look like some sort of Platonic ideal of bustiness.

      4. Heh, google DragonCon Goddess if you think the cleavage is in anyway unrealistic.

        *wearing the Jayne hat that she knit for me years back*

  1. Tremors reference. Oh wow.

    …and am I first this time? I knew there was a benefit to smacking F5 around like a rented mule.

      1. At least you got to pretend part of your keyboard was a rented mule, though, so it can’t be all bad.

    1. I set this tab in my browser to refresh itself on a regular schedule. I failed too. :(

      Though this whole thing had me wondering which time zone Rusche is in because there wasn’t one provided with the announcement Monday. Then again, only those fargin bastages who don’t live in Eastern Standard really need to warn us they’re posting a fantasy version of what time something is…

  2. And these days, whenever I see an ice cream truck, I always hope for a flaming clown’s head on a spring on top of it.

      1. Really, that’s the wrong Sweet Tooth to be considering. That was the shameful 989 version. Try Twisted Metal: Black or the 2012 version.

        1. Nah, I just liked that commercial. The only Twisted Metals I liked were the first one and Black. I especially liked the Twisted Metal Black version of Mr. Grimm. Never played the 2012 version.

        2. From everything I’ve heard, don’t bother. The game itself is not the greatest; apparently they turned the difficulty up past 11. But the videos are on YouTube, and they are a collective doozy. That and I don’t approve of the handful of characters in the 2012 version. I come to Twisted Metal for a series of dysfunctional personalities battering away at each other in heavily-armed vehicles. Not for the Sweet Tooth Show, with Special Guests Dollface, Preacher and Mr. Grimm.

        3. The original was cool as an introduction to the concept, TM 2 was great. Black was also very good. I also liked Head-On. Any of the others aren’t worth the time.

          I also REALLY liked the first Vigilante 8 game. The sequel somehow managed to lose almost every shred of fun the original had though.

  3. FINALLY! Today’s the first day my warped sleep schedule was a detriment to seeing the comic. Ellie appears to be cosplaying as one of the girls I used to see in singles ads when I had Facebook. Loved the Tremors reference Steve beat me to calling.

    Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask this since Barrel made the cast page last week. How come KK isn’t on it too? Does this mean Barrel will be more prominent and we’ll be seeing less of KK, or is it just that the pint-sized cast-version of Barrel with his cankles was more fun to draw?

    1. Rusche mentioned that KK would be in a later cast page for the third major arc for which she’d be a main character. That arc takes place at the same time as what’s going on now and splits back around the ratch outbreak as I recall (he mentioned it in a posting comment).

        1. No problem. Remembering tiny/odd details is one of my skills in life, so it’s good to find uses for it.

        2. Thanks for the reminder! Now that I look at the cast, I think she’s the third one on the left side and Tommy is the second.

        3. I’ve got a vague memory of multiple cast pictures intended. Four, I think, because I remember wondering how the four would fit with the three major arcs.

    1. New guy, I dub thee, “The Ice Cream Creeper”. I suspect Ellie can handle him. Looking forward to how it all plays out!

      1. I’m wondering if he’s going on in this vein or if Rusche gave us this view and is going to have him clean up his act and pull one over on Ellie. Remember that part of this comic is about Ellie’s growth as a person, and negative experiences will do that. Time will tell.

  4. Yeah, this won’t end poorly for anybody.

    And hey, the palm trees came out great!

    …are the repeat “Ellie”s supposed to be read after Pumpkin’s “ridiculous” line or after the legs line?

    1. Holy carp, there ARE palm trees in this one! 0.0

      I feel a little bad not noticing the backgrounds, when so much work was put into them; the foreground is rather… distracting… ^_^

      1. More like an opposite Faye Valentine with the red instead of the yellow and blonde instead of brunette.

  5. This guy…he’s just so excited. I guess if I had an old ice cream truck I’d be pretty excited too.

    I’m imagining him saying “YEAH!” a whole lot.

  6. Ellie is definitely just wearing a bra, hahaha. Is she suppose to be someone that I can’t figure out??

    Also It has definitely been awhile since I’ve seen Tremors….

    guy looks a little creepy…

    1. He’s tooling around Florida in a graffiti-laden ice cream truck. This doesn’t exactly scream “fun for the whole family” unless your last name is “Manson.”

      1. As a Floridian I can honestly say I doubt it’d even stand out. We’re in a constant competition with Germany for who produces most of the world’s weird sh*t news.

        1. Oh, I’ve heard the Dave Barry tales of Florida often enough. “Why would we want to go several million miles to explore a hazardous alien landscape? We already have Miami!”

        2. Aw, cheer up! If you want tamakeri you can still watch old episodes of Jackass or anything involving Tom Green!

  7. I’m just gonna come out and say it: I like everything about this strip. The new art style is awesome. Keep up the Awesome Rusche!

    1. Seconded! The artwork was great from the beginning, but it just keeps getting better; I like the added details to the face (like the extra eyelash detail) and how you’ve grown her hair. Not only does it look awesome, but the hair growth shows that the characters are visually dynamic, and it adds an element of realism (if that’s even the right word) you don’t see in a lot of comics. Keep up the great work, and get some sleep, eh?

  8. Ellie’s chest is out of control.
    I kinda wanna see a full body shot of Pumpkins costume.

    And that’s the creeperiest (and I DO mean creeperiest) ice cream truck I’ve seen since the drug dealing one in Shameless.

      1. True, but it’s one step better from the picture from the demotivators of the windowless cargo van in poor repair with a sloppy paintbrushed “Free Candy” on the side of it.

        1. Also, I hope this Danny guy turns out to be a possible love interest for Ellie, and not just an experience in sexual harassment.

        2. I’d been speculating that myself, and I’m wondering now. I think Ellie’s personality would fit with someone who’s a bit of a pain and/or challenge. So still up in the air. Also possible he’s a love interest for a “learning experience.”

      2. It’s like everything that makes up your cliché drug dealer mixed into one van and person.

        But at least Ellie is going to make a breast first impression!

        1. Rare is the earthly substance that can bounce back after Ellie makes a breast first impression. I think Tarra can synthesize something that can manage, though.

  9. For some reason I now have the VanHalen song “Ice Cream Man” stuck in my head.

    I’m your ice cream man, stop me when I’m passing by… oh I’m your ice crean man, stop me when I’m passing by-ye! *cue greatest guitar solo if Eddie’s career*

    The detail on this strip is even better than the late night/early morning teaser panels implied and Ellie was apparently born for this gig. Let’s see how she handles her first exposure to a con full of nerds. Or her boss…

    1. The thing he didn’t list in there, of course, was “surprising skill in a fist fight.” Personally, I’m kind of hoping to see him get drywall’d at some point.

        1. Based on hints/teasers and pacing, we’ve got the better part of a decade at a minimum before Rusche can possibly finish the story he’s already got laid out, so there’s plenty of time for variety.

          I’m hoping he remembers that he said he’d see what he could do about Pumpkin forcing Ashliii to cosplay Launchpad McQuack.

  10. I can tell this guy is going to be a lot of fun. I really hope I’m right and that he’ll be the friendly kind of sleazeball, rather than another Alex.

    And holy Captain Cleavage, Ellie could cause serious traffic accidents walking around like that! Danny will NOT be disappointed by his new booth babe.

  11. Why does he have a bullet hole in the front window of his ice cream truck?

    Is he selling ice cream, or just using the truck to haul?

  12. So, out of curiosity, does Pumpkin enlist Ellie’s aid in advertising her cosplay outfits, or does she generally make them for a more petite build?

      1. An appreciation for cleavage isn’t necessarily a sexual thing.
        In Ellie’s case it’s like a marvel of physical engineering.
        Who’s responsible for for them? Gods? Ancient aliens? The world may never know…

        It was Mrs. Buckingham.

        1. They make you wonder if Ellie is caught in the Erf’s gravitational field, or if the Erf is caught in Elli’s gravitational field(s).

        2. I speculated back on the comic where she was being playful with her new phone on the couch that the world of shotgun shuffle has a fraction of the gravity (~2/3 I think) and all materials have additional firmness (I’d say 125%). Possibly differences in friction strength as a force as well.

        1. How Pumpkin’s pimply friend is trying to stare at Ellie’s cleavage without looking like he’s staring at Ellie’s cleavage.

        2. That’s possible, but it’s also possible that he’s inescapably captivated/caught until and unless something else snaps him out of it. It can happen sometimes, especially for a teenage male.

  13. “You know I’m getting carried away if it’s up this late”

    um, is that supposed to be a double entendre?

  14. Well this fella looks like he’s gonna be an odd one. I’m actually kind of interested in how he and Barrel know each other.

  15. Wow… all this focus on breasts. Has no one noticed that the girl’s hair seems to have evidenced like a year’s worth of growth if not more?

    Oh, right… boobs. Silly me.

    1. Aside from standard hormonal distractions as referenced, I also have no idea how fast straight hair grows (mine’s curly). I’m really bad at remembering incremental changes and comparing against memories for dates. I’d have to work with several straight-haired individuals who wore their hair long and wore consistently similar shirts with convenient and easily distinguishable markings for a while before I’d get much idea there.

  16. ….. goodness, I think this is one of the handfuls of comics where I distinctly remember how, uh, chesty Ellie is.
    I usually just remember her as, “blonde” and “Ellie”.

  17. I’m just glad the Ice Cream Creeper doesn’t want a booth babe with “legs that go HALF way up.” That’d be a little different.

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