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Big Dreams

You're all going to have to enjoy Boog's fanart as it's being used by me as a faux fill-in strip. It's now past 4am and I'm just setting colors on this next strip. I got kids getting out of school and preschool graduations and packing them up to see relatives for a few weeks, so it's alot at once. My sincerest apologies for also needing Wednesday off this week. I didn't want to leave you with nothing and I MUST get a few hours sleep for a full day ahead of me. Trust me, I worked on this next comic for a long time, but it just won't be ready until Monday.  Sister 7 poster is coming along good though. I'll get some preview stuff up as soon as I have something significant. :)

38 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. Did I… Did I get first post? *does a little dance* Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate this week. We’re all just excited to see the new stuff when you can get it up. :3

      1. Mr. Blue prances around the room,
        throwing cupcakes into the air,
        where they land,
        he has not a care.

        Hurrah, hurrah, Zip boom bah,
        For shouts and frosting,
        Jabberwocks a’la.
        For Shokkou has first posting.

        Okay, I’m not spent, but I want to get through the rest of the comments. .

    1. It’s a new band name. First we had Jimmy Eat World, now it’s McFatFat Eat World.. Or just World Eater Puffball. Come on, mediocre high school garage bands! Get with the program!

  2. Missed first post by just a bit, drats! Oh well I’ll get it eventually lol

    Dont worry about taking your time mate, we know you have a lot going on and a lot on your plate, between the little ones and everything else real life throws at you. We’re just glad you take the time to share your creations wih us at all. Take your time and dont rush things, we’re got your back ^ ^

    That being said, I cant wait to see what you’ve got waiting for us Monday!

  3. You know, I always said that Kirby was going to end up a menace one day, always inhaling food and anything that passed by…

    …oh wait. That’s McFatFat. Oh. Wow. Yeah, that’s actually almost worse, somehow.

    Still though, nice job, Boog, and looking forward to picking back up with the plot.

      1. Noooo! Not my Indifferent Meal! Come back tiny portion of poor quality food prepared poorly by underpaid teenagers! Come back!

        1. And what is this? A University of Where Ever Quinn Is Going pudding cup? The official potato chip of Lakeland, Tubby Taters? A Kerfuffle game board? So many references, Boog! I hadn’t noticed at first!

  4. Cool I guess this means I am guest artist for the day? Glad to know I can help give Rusche a much-needed break!

    Although… staying up past 4am working on the next strip sounds like not much of a break. Neither does the busy day that follows. I guess on the plus side, it’s only Friday and Monday’s strip is almost done.

    Glad to know I can help Rusche have less work to do on Monday!

    1. I like it!

      And Rusche can take a break anytime he wants. I don’t mind. As long as he doesn’t completely abandon the comic without any notice to us. But I don’t think there’s the slightest danger of that! :)

  5. Get whatever rest you need, Rusche; life’s a marathon, not a sprint – you’ve got to take care of your self, too!

    And great fan art from Boog!

  6. Call out the Jaegers!!! We have a level 6 Katju!

    Oh Goddess, Retreat! RETREAT!! It’s EATING the Jaegers!

  7. Hey, good job, Boog. Love the look- it’s very unique. How did you do your shading? It doesn’t look like it was all done on a tablet.

    1. FYI I did the whole thing on my 10-year-old Intuos 3. I did most of it in MyPaint: the initial sketches, “inking”, coloring, shading, and all the little random comic references. I also did a little bit of moving things around, adjusting colors, perspectives, etc. and a tiny bit of shading in GIMP.

      Also I did this as two separate images and put them together in GIMP.

      1. Cool beans. I was expecting some of your work wasn’t completely tablet done. I guess it was the marker-ish/watercolor-ish appearance of the coloring that made me thinkg that some of it was done on paper.

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