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Binders Lacking Women

Ellie's at the same point many of us have been. When you're working that job you're semi-enthusiastic about and you realize you might care more than your peers. Even worse, your boss.

61 thoughts on “Binders Lacking Women

  1. My primary take away from this is that you can apparently go to Sam’s Club and pick up a bulk of womens.

    1. I must have the wrong card because I’ve NEVER seen a shrink-wrapped pallet of women at Sam’s Club.

      I DID once see this woman who LOOKED like a shrink-wrapped pallet. Lycra is a privilege, not a right.

      1. I worked at Sam’s for a half year. We once had a pallet of man up in the steel once. No one wanted him.

    2. They have women of a higher quality at Sam’s Club, considering some of those who have been photographed at walmart. Please note, it’s just higher quality. You want better quality, you’re going to have to go to Target. You want the 70% – 90% quality, you need to hit up hhgregg.

      1. I take offense to your claims that Members Mark™ brand Womens are inferior to those of other stores.

        1. Everyone knows they only sell Tramp-Stamped™ womens at Target, and at retail prices! Don’t you go sassing Sam’s Club.

        2. FINE. What about Costco? Albertsons? K-Mart Grand……..

          Wait, do you think that they can get a bulk discount at K-Mart, especially since it would be a blue light special and not the red light district?

        1. Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids. November 15th of ’58! All was well, another day saved, when… his cape snagged on a missile fin!

        2. Stratogale! April 23rd, ’57. Cape caught in a jet turbine. Meta-man, express elevator. Dynaguy, snag on takeoff. Splashdown, sucked into a vortex. NO CAPES!!!

  2. Whoa…Women on the menu…I like that menu…except they are out of women so I don’t like this menu anymore. I’ll do the Sam’s Club run!!!

  3. Sorry; inventory is kinda low, but we’ve got 2 in stock, ready for delivery: Nena and a “Miss Kyrie Eleison”?

    (Congratulations on the promotion, Nena!!)

        1. Not Vir, imagine him as Vorlon who wanted to see what human life was like so they would know which group they would modify into telepaths.

    1. Would you please tell me where this peek image might be found? I’m not seeing it in DeviantArt, Patreon, Facebook, or Minds.
      And the Forum has last been written to three years ago.

      1. Facebook at last peek. Unknown about minds. Although, since Minds went public, I’m wondering if they could at some time challenge facebook at all.

  4. 823 RSVP. 12 are women. 811 are male.

    Male to female ratio: 1 to 67.5833333repeating.

    All I know is I’m never going to LoveCon again.

    1. Given that one sister is married and one is illegal, that still drops the pool. But okay, let’s assume every available Buckingham sister is called in.

      That alters the balance to 17 women, 811 men.

      New male to female ratio: 47.71.

      The odds are better but this is still like hitting your shin with a sledgehammer rather than a Chrysler LeBaron. Your leg is just as broken.

  5. Ellie is going to do a thing, isn’t she. She’s got that look on her face. The teaser pretty much spoils what the thing is going to be too.

  6. Uhm, Mr. Rusche… I think we shop at the same Sam’s Club (or at least the one I go to is probably the closest to you as the crow flies), and I’ve never seen a bulk of womens. Is that available only on certain days or something?

    1. I’ve heard about that special. It’s only on days that end in M, in Months that start with Q, and only in the state of North Aferbia, USSA.

  7. They are smack in the middle of Tampa and Orlando, and Mr. Night has to have connections to the Russian Mob, so rounding up a gross or two of strippers, hookers, and mail order brides (Russian or other wise) should not pose major issues, except for time.

    Given they knew the RSVP numbers in advance, why did they not engage an escort company or five to even out the male to female ratio a head of time?

    1. I believe that’s the ‘gross oversight’ mentioned on the previous page. Plus, considering the cost of renting this facility I don’t think the expense of paying for a few hundred ‘Pretty Woman’ routines would be worthwhile.

      1. D’ya think they’ll try to blame that on Ellie, just as she’s developing some event co-ordinator mojo?

        1. Maybe in a ‘This mess was your idea Cookie. You fix it.’ kind of way. Based on the Facebook preview I think Brain Hamster is already building up a good head of steam.

  8. I’m just curious how they could screw something like this up. Not to mention, even if the twelve did show up, they’d still have a problem :p

  9. Considering that the number of invites was 3,600 and only 823 RSVP’d, I’d think that they would be happy about this (fiscally speaking).
    The better question is of the 3,600 invites, I hope more than 12 of them went out ot ladies!!!

    1. Well, that means 2777 can’t get their money back, as they upheld their end of the arguement.

      However, I’d say there’s likely grounds (justifiable or not) for the 823 (minus those who didn’t show up) to not only get their money back, but likely go to litigation for more money.

      Even if the 12 women show up, I’d wager they still have a case, as that really doesn’t help them in what they signed on for.

  10. I feel like Ellie saw someone she knew in there, and it’s thinking “wtf? What is that loser/pervert doing here?!?”

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