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Black Sheep Come Home

Little Juni does good. Two Patreons on the way. Hopefully up around 1pm-ish this afternoon. Another site comic on Tuesday. See you then.

91 thoughts on “Black Sheep Come Home

  1. What…. how?

    I know RL stuff has happened a lot, but the last few weeks have brought more updates than the past few months before that combined! What did you do, hook yourself up to a Red Bull machine?

    Either way, keep up the good work!

        1. “Ellie and Juniper against the world with jetpacks!” Sounds like the beginnings of a Rick Sanchez rant.

    1. Red Bull sponsored heart monitor. Great idea. if the heartbeat goes under ‘bunny on steroids’, it juices you up with more Red Bull.

  2. You know, given how she’s been slowly trying to improve her actions throughout the strip, it’s nice to see someone recognize her efforts in a positive way, as opposed to a shame-fest.

    Also, yaaas jetpacks.

    1. They could probably talk to Tarra about that.

      Speaking of, Ellie really needs to go thank Tarra for adding all the bulk and filler to the event.

      1. Tarra, who is a member of three groups of sexy female assassins, was shocked when it turned out that most or all members of the groups also were members of additional groups. Tarra had called them “my seksies” as if she was the boss of them. Maybe she even is (I don’t know how those groups are organized) but clearly their lives don’t completely revolve around Tarra, and she was surprised to see evidence of this.

        This realization did not give her the warm fuzzies for Ellie. I believe this is why Tarra’s Ellie-meter is not the highest right now.

        Tarra is “the perfect one” but nobody is truly perfect. Her flaws would seem to include arrogance and/or narcissism.

        Anyway, I agree that Ellie should thank Tarra for her contribution. I’m not sure how Tarra will respond.

        1. Actually, I meant about the jetpacks.

          But yeah, Ellie definitely needs to thank Tarra on this. if it weren’t for her, her assassins, and their assassins, this event would have fallen flat. Even with Juni’s impressive run, that was only like a third of the room. Three hundred or so dudes isn’t much, and Tarra’s various crews likely went a long way toward covering the gap.

          Whether Tarra will be satisfied with two thirds of the credit for saving the day, though, is unclear.

    1. That worries me…
      “Why can’t I get respect from my own twin like my sisters do?”
      Cinnamon needs some coaching, guys, before something…. bad happens.

        1. I think that the original script title was going to be, “Lavender and Cinnamon vs. The Nerd Con B.O. gang.” But the name change threw that project in the trash heap than “I <3 Zombies."

        2. UGH. Stupid phone. “… in the trash heap FASTER than ‘I <3 Zombies.'"

          I'm thinking about getting some cat9 cable and just sticking it into my navel.

        3. I personally enjoy Ellie and Cinnamon Vs The Space Mutants was better, but only marginally. Both games had horrible controls.

      1. Those bars are VERY hard to count. I’m wondering if just a percentage measure wouldn’t be better; less tedious than updating bars for sure and easier to see a drop from 63 to 57 percent approval.

  3. LOL @ “stripey lady.” I wonder how much of the plan was Juniper and how much was “stripey lady.” Still, it’s nice to see Juniper encouraged, big change from the last time all the sisters got together.

    1. Worst part of it is, Ginger’s got a point. We’re all super proud of Juni, and she did great. But we have to remember WHY we’re proud of her. Because she hit on a roomful of dudes SUPER EFFICIENTLY.

  4. I am in love with this strip. It’s just does everything for me. Sisterly love. Impossibly cute Juniper. Hugs. Jetpacks.

    Buuuut I think I see a sad, sad Cinnamon back there also wanting hugs and validation.

    1. Also I see Ellie lost a points of approval from Ginger and Cinnamon. Ginger obviously doesn’t want Ellie encouraging Juniper’s behavior, and Cinnamon probably ’cause she’s jealous of all the cuddles and validation here.

    2. Cinnamon just struck out in a room full of lonely dudes. That takes an almost impossible amount of doing. No wonder she’s looking for validation.

  5. Thrilled to see Juniper get some love. Maybe it is part of Ellie’s journey to maturity that she is learning to love and meet her sisters where they are at. Juniper may be a mess, but she is a still a human being, with strengths and weaknesses. Cinnamon may never grow a filter between her brain and her mouth, but same applies…

    Poor Cinnamon. She looks so left out. Wistful, even. Maybe she always wanted a better relationship with her twin…
    Ginger’s position among the sisters probably makes her somewhat of a tyrant, sometimes. Who keeps Ginger in check?

    If each of the older sisters corresponds to a younger sister…Ginger to Juniper, Tarra to Ellie, Anise to Cinnamon (Pumpkin is the odd one out) I wonder if rivalries are unavoidable between the corresponding sisters. Like maybe Ginger sees too much of herself in Juniper and is therefore more disappointed and horrified by Junipers choices. And maybe Tarra is more threatened by Ellie because she sees similarities to herself – true competition.

    1. WOG said something similar. Rosemary had three kids: Ginger, Tarra and Anise. Then she had them again, but this time her internal cloning mechanisms got borken and an important component was left out. Juniper is Ginger, but without the responsibility. Ellie is Tarra, but without the ambition. Cinnamon is Anise, without the childlike wonder.

      As for what Pumpkin is…well…no one’s sure just yet.

  6. If time, patience, and water can help a plant grow, how much more so will compassion, love, and encouragement make a person grow?

        1. Our Blueship is trying to drum up interest in the Patreon section by telling us that it is super cool under the tent, and big things are happening with loads of drama and somebody likely to get something borken off in them in short order.

        2. Okay. Cool. Welcome to the SHUFFLEVERSE. This month, the welcoming committee duties have been passed onto That One Guy, or TOG as I call him. Your welcoming laurel and hardy handshake should be arriving soon.

        3. And you are awarded the award that is the award for the first proper use of the term “borken” for the year 2018, on this date of Friday, January 13th, 2018, on a Saturday.

        4. *gasp!*

          The AWARDY??

          I…I didn’t even know I was nominated!

          You love me! You really love me!

          I wanna thank you…and you..and you…and all of you in the back three rows!

          Except you. You know what you did.

          *music starts playing*

          Hey, shut up! I’m still THANKING PEOPLE OUT HERE!

  7. Aww, Juni is so kawaii desu desu.

    And Ellie is all like, “Juniper you are the bestest big sister ever.”

    I love the implication that there’s still going to be more LoveCons.

    If Ellie and Juni start hanging out more how is that going to impact Ellie’s relationship with Quinn.

    1. Why not have more lovecons? It was what KK sold and got Ellie hooked on via party planner. And Ellie sold tiredguy on the premise of utilizing that tactic over sending a few girls on multiple dates with multitudes of dudes, thus ruining her love of Red Lobster.

  8. Yeah, I definitely feel like the status bars are Ellie’s approval *of* her sisters, not the other way around. Though it’s still all two-way roads at this point. Maybe I’m the only one to think that? Discuss, if that’s still a word that can be used on its own?

    1. I don’t think so. Chris seems to state in the last comic that those were how the sisters view Ellie via their approval ratings of her. And Juniper just got two major positive feedbacks from Ellie this evening. “As you were” and “I’m so proud of you.” In my opinion, thus the full and happy Juniper gauge. Although, we don’t seem to have the gauge for river levels, windshield wiper fluid, rear view mirrors, jitterbugs and YMMV.

  9. C’mon, don’t be hating. Let her have this moment.

    Still hitting me in the feelz with Cinnamon looking hangdog in the background. :(

  10. So, I’m getting a feel for how Juniper’s life has been up to this point. Rosemary had Ginger, who made her mistakes, but had the responsibility to learn from them and/or fix them entirely; Tarra has almost superhuman talent, everything just goes right for her; Anise might be weird, but she seems to have had her life together more than any of the other sisters. Considering that the cast page describes Juniper as “Little Miss Constant Let-Down”, she has probably spent her whole life hearing a mix things like “you’re such a disappointment” and “why can’t you be more like Ginger/Tarra/Anise?”. Constantly being compared unfavorably to others like that will do a number on your self-esteem. She probably hit the point where she stopped really caring, because she felt like no matter what she did she was just going to disappoint everyone anyway.

    1. Then Juni goes to where she can actually find appreciation: out to the clubs. Life feels better when she’s drunk and / or humping, so why not do it as much as possible. The “real world” is full of disappointed people tsk-tsking in your general direction, not to mention constant setbacks, letdowns and general unhappiness. It’s similar with geeks, only the self-destruction is way more gradual and is devoted more toward cheap, unhealthy food and sedentary living from video games and movies. Why be out there, where they laugh at you and call you names and you can never get anywhere with the ladies, when in a good old fashioned dose of fiction you beat the monsters and save the girl and make the world a better place?

      1. Well, I suppose that it’s why the core group at Cheers were so acceptive of one another. Except for when Fraiser left for his own tv show. Or was that supposed to be a radio show. A radio show on tv?

        Damn it. Where in the hell is Venus Flytrap when you need him to explain something.

    2. I could see your scenario, except for one tiny detail that makes all the difference.

      Neither Rosemary nor Herb has been shown as such a crappy parent. Quite the opposite, actually. It would be WAY out of character for us to see them treating one of their daughters like that, even if she was Miss Letdown.

      Summed up in the words of Rosemary: “You’re going to make plenty of things with your life I don’t approve of. None of them will make you any less my daughter.”

        1. (Yay, an annoyed Ashlii avatar is an awesome appearance)

          A good parent could slip up on a rare occasion, yeah. But Dan’s theory was that she was used to hearing their disapproval every time she messed up.

          If they acted like that every time it wouldn’t be a slip up, it would be an ingrained character flaw.

          Other than a quick wikipedia read I have no idea who the Brady Bunch are supposed to be. Not only it’s older than I am (your age is showing there, mate.) it also never aired in brazilian tv AFAIK.

        2. I’m not going to suggest that Juniper heard that stuff from her parents exclusively, but more from her teachers and other adults who have “suffered” the trials and tribulations of previous Buckinghams. While she was held back twice in high school we aren’t sure of where she strayed from the primrose path of civility, so to speak. What she dabbled with or unfortunately came into contact with because it was forced across her path.

          One problem is that she may be an addict of sorts to the monkeys on her back.

          Oh, and I believe that the Brady Bunch could be termed as the last idyllic “Nuclear” family stereotype where all of the issues were resolved never to be brought back up. Not even sure how long Jan’s nose was broken and stuff. Perhaps the only thing that could be long term was “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” and Cindy’s lisp.

          At least the show ended before Bobby got beat to a pulp with the ugly stick.

          However, while “Star Trek” (TOS) had the first inter racial kiss on tv, (not sure about Hollywood cinema.) “I Love Lucy” had the first pregnancy on tv. Omg, Ricky and Lucy. Better ask Ethyl what she can tell us. “All in the Family” was the first to broach the topic of rape. So, where am I going with this? I don’t think that the Buckingham’s were calloused about Juniper but they aren’t wearing rose colored glasses either.

          Could this be from extenuating circumstances outside of their parental control? Perhaps. But there also seems to be a perception of Biblical truth in the Parental directions we’ve seen so far. You know, something along the lines of, “if you love something (someone), let them go. If they return. . And if not, love them all the same, just don’t be that much of an enabler of their fallen behaviors and addictions.

  11. LMAO u watch now her saying she’s proud of her is gonna break her current form…….she’s gonna go clean now and its gonna freak her out lol

    1. It’s a snowpocalypse here (in other words: a dusting of snow in Alabama), with the schools closed and such, so Rusche could end up behind due to life. Don’t break the keyboard; it’ll happen when it happens. :)

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