Bots Master

This took me a solid week. Hope it shows. For anyone new, Tarragon recently blasted a hole through her apartment complex, now she faces the consequences of her impulsiveness. Good time to show how she attempts to rectify her mass destruction.  Also PSP and Gameboy bury the hatchet. UPDATE: Trying to push this next comic out today (Friday) but it's not likely going to happen. Shot for 1 tier, but all the dialogue wouldn't fit, so it had to be at minimum 2 tiers. Up on Tuesday. Thanks everyone.

140 thoughts on “Bots Master

  1. I wonder if she changes the alphabet for her house number to something odd like this every time, or if that’s been a permanent fixture.

      1. I followed you home last night after the explosion. And I can’t make up my mind. It’s either you or that girl who drinks mind ripper brand floor stripper and eats her trix cereal out of a heavily filthy ashtry. I know that she can’t do no handed pushups, but I can’t make up my mind. Oh please, tell my heart which of you I should choose.

  2. So Ellie isn’t the only sister that’s been/being forced to move..
    Though Tarra could possibly build her own place with that inter-dimensional construction crew.

        1. You task me. You task me and I shall have you! I’ll chase you ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round perdition’s flames before I give you up!

  3. Sooooo… Ellie is moving in with David, and Tarra needs a place to crash… Tarra was kind sorta pretty much hitting on Quinn on Thanksgiving… And, Quinn pesters Ellie about any of her sisters that might be gay, and hot, just asking for a friend, who’s just curious, for research purposes, of course…

    Nope, no idea how this is going (eye roll).

    Also, even the robot construction workers smoke. I tells ya…

        1. Tut tut, my dear darnill.

          it is always the threat to our existence on ERF.
          The bane that each one of us has splintered into our fingers, to their bones.
          the banality of the AUTO CORKBOARD.

          Ever now, it dvries em inasne.

  4. But to be honest, I had thought that Tarragon had owned the building. But then I suppose she would have a heap more trouble with city codes than the staff would have when she shops at Victoria’s Secret.

    And that Tarragon would have her own line of designer clothes, lingerie and Star Wars custom storm guys parts.

  5. Easy revenge then is to Not rebuild and just leave. Time will tell if her conscious wins out or her give a damn becomes busted beyond repair.

        1. NO CAPES.

          Steve, NEW NAME HERE!

          ok. When you get the welcome basket, put these two 1901 quarters, 1910 half dollar, 1933 dime and four 1908 wheat cents in the basket for me. We may need to start making them out of used off brand soda 12 packs at this rate.

        2. We need to limit ourselves to only handing out welcome baskets to people who identify themselves as first posters.

        3. I randomly throw baskets at people who I don’t recognize and shout, “GET OFF MY LAWN!” on occasion.

        4. Yeah, I’ve posted before once or twice. Besides, I’d rather just have scrap iron. I’m no numismatist.

  6. When this comic first started I kinda thought that Tarragon would just act a LITTLE weird and out-there, like the ninja thing that could a one-off joke. But then it just keeps escalating and I feel like it’s not meshing at all with the rest of the story. That’s not necessarily a criticism- maybe that’s the effect you were going for, I’m just pointing out how it feels to me.

    1. There was a public vote during the shopping expedition. Crazy or grounded story. Crazy (or zany, or maybe outlandish) won so here we are. (Yes, it’s a planned effect, now when the path is set.)

      1. My understanding is that the Black Friday vote was just for Sister X’s origin based on who would deal with her (Tarra = future Tarra; Ginger = half-sister from Herb’s previous marriage).

        I think Tarra was always supposed to be this way. She one ups her one upping. It’s just who she is.

      2. Not everything about Tara has to be grounded- it just feels like every time we see her the weirdness keeps escalating.

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  8. A couple of things…

    I just noticed that no one in this comic wears shoes with laces.

    Poor Nena getting her power dissed.

    I believe that shirt says Mastasaurus and that picture is a T. Rex with a Mastodon head. Which is neat because Mastodon’s song “Crusher Destroyer” starts with a sample of a T. Rex from Jurassic Park.

    That cement mixer bot looks like it’s going to barf.

    Possible flower boy dialogue for the next page: “So… I hadn’t planned on going apartment hunting today, but I’m down for whatever.”

        1. January 15th 2015 – two characters wearing laces in one strip – Rusche must have been feeling especially wild that day!

        1. I wasn’t questioning “dork,” I was questioning “the” as seeming presumptuous, as we haven’t seen that kind of dork credentials to make him the singular exemplar from LoveCon of dorkdom.

        2. I dunno. He’s the dork because he stuck to his guns in looking for a girl who takes care of herself.

          On the other hand, could this be the first person that Sister X banishes?

  9. “When have I ever not rebuilt your building for you?” Whoa there, Tarrogant. Acting like you’re doing the landlord a favor by repairing your damage is unbecoming.

  10. looks like its a taragon arc……and I didn’t know she had a BF……..knowing her he’s probably super geeky and normal to balance her out

  11. Since Switch took over the biz, of course PSP and Gameboy have to bury the hatchet. Then again, it IS another Nintendo product, so… Nintendo wins?

    Remember AIBO? I really miss that peculiar robotic pup.

  12. I’d let Tarra live in my place. Amazing body aside, them bots would fix my trailer faster than I ever could. Fingers crossed for them turning my trailer into a mobile flying fortress of doom

    1. It never works out the way you want it to.

      The flying fortress of doom that is. The minute its in the air, the radar on all the good guys goes off and they spend all their time trying to destroy it.

      1. Thats where the “of doom” part comes in. Everything with “of doom” in the name is usually loaded with extra deadly weapons XD

        1. The last fortress of doom lasted 2 and a half minutes before Thank-You-Very-Much-Robot-Guy destroyed it.

          They are starting to call these things Fortress of Doomed.

  13. In Russia hatchet bury you. *ba-dum-tish* *crickets chirp* Anyway, I’m quite surprised Tarra would have released her address details to some random she met at the event. After all, she was only there to help her sister. I’m sure this man’s vague resemblence to David has nothing to do with it.

        1. Tarra might’ve expected him to be more prompt and notice more of the smoking crater of her apartment, leading him to an incorrect assumption as to her state of mortality, and less of the robots rebuilding it.

    1. I often picture Tarra’s mental state as a cross of a super hero declaiming a villain’s doom and a villain monologing and tend to interpret her stances through that lens.

      I suppose boob counterbalance is a possible explanation for part of it too, though.

        1. There’s that word again, “Heavy.” Is there something wrong with the Earth’s gravitational pull in the future? Or is it just an euphemism for a woman’s chest.

      1. Stupid phone.

        *throws three 1982 half dollars, one 1966 quarter, one 1977 dime, one nickel from 1995, one from 1943 and three cents from 1902, 1954 and 1899 into the air to soon land in the welcome basket that Steve should be producing one he gets done with his checklist.

        1. I can throw in an off-balance gyroscope and a motherboard with all the chips pried off the silicon board.

    1. Shotgun Shuffle is a lot of things, and it cycles between them. I think we all resonate with different parts of the comic.

    2. Apparently you ARE new! Oh boy.

      Well, we have a bit of a tradition around here. We hand out official welcome baskets, though admittedly, our stock of free prizes isn’t what it used to be.

      We have a lovely pile of loose change courtesy of Mr. Blue, that likely has some numismatic value….oh! We also have THREE cans of Smurfberry-flavored chewing tobacky from that time that That One Guy quit dipping. it was a DISASTER. There are still parts of the comic we don’t go into as a result.

      So enjoy your welcome basket, and welcome to Shotgun Shuffle’s comments section, the only comments section that no longer needs to watch its medication!

        1. Actually, if you look carefully at his feet in panel 6, you can see the edge of the door on the ground.You can also see a smidgen of the hallway floor being different from the carpet.

        2. I think this discussion prompted someone to go back and touch up panel 6 – door is now present and hallway is no longer carpeted ;)

  14. That’s one of those moments where you say “All right. JOB’S OVER, ‘BOTS, WE’RE LEAVING!”

    And you leave the place exactly as it is.

    1. You could go that approach, or “Bots! Karen just requested renovation Foxtrot Umpire for all her properties. Monitor property occupancy and do all work while occupants asleep and avoid waking them up, we have to be courteous. Extra strobe lights for Karen’s personal residence.”

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