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Burning Down the House

Well.. ..why wouldn't you want to keep that gun?? UPDATE 3/12/19: Next comic will be up Thursday! 

81 thoughts on “Burning Down the House

        1. No, but a tin of Pirouettes goes a lot quicker than I’d like. They should sell them in six-packs!

  1. Well, I hope she was smart enough to actually kill them like she set out to do, if she got that far. If not Summer’s an idiot.

      1. If Loose Cannon isn’t dead, then Summer’s a moron.

        So I guess the question is, do people prefer Summer be a moron or Loose Cannon to live.

        Summer was all set to kill Tarra. So, if LC’s alive but Tarra is dead, after Summer’s made it down to the lobby that cooly with loot in hand, something’s gotta die…Tarra and the gang or Summer’s brain cells.

        1. What is the name of the leader of the Kenosha Polka Kings?

          He had a big hit with “Polka, Polka, Polka.”

        2. To be fair, Loose Cannon might very well freely trade that gun for something like a box of cracker jacks or seven freezer bags full of dryer lint.

          You just never really know with her.

        3. LC had the drop on Summer and attacked her with a cannon that fires Happy Meals. Unless those burgers contain poison, Loose Cannon is not a threat. I just hope that Summer got a Toy out of this and no, the Happy Meal Harkonnen does not count!

  2. Is this the end of Loose Cannon?
    Has Tarragon reached her limit?
    Will we ever find out if there is a prize in that Indifferent Meal?

      1. Nah, it’s already on the page.

        Loose Cannon still has her cannon, she just fires Indifferent Meals that contain fold out Loose Cannon cannons.

        1. I’m not asking if you’ve scooped the inside cannons, just if the declared cannons are fit for ice cream dreams and jimmies wishes.

    1. I highly doubt loose cannon is gone. I think Summer killing her for throwing food at her, ready-made in a form she can eat, is one of the least likely reasons to kill someone, even if they curse at you when they did it. Most likely, she did something where loose cannon is upstairs, laying on the ground, smoking her heart out and ignoring everything else.

  3. Tara was the only one Summer wanted to kill. The others it looks like it was just a good old fashioned “Smack Down” and they were the receiving end of it. so, I think Loose Cannon and the others are fine. Just had their butts handed to them.

    Now we get to see Herb in action and how he handles things.

    1. Remember this is Florida. They’re being civilized as they aren’t asking her to drop either of her enormous guns.

      And they’re pointing shotguns at her, which might be loaded with bean bag rounds or rock salt rather than deer slugs.

      That’s positively kittenish.

  4. Pros:
    Experience, both in general and with the crud his daughters pull
    Calm in the face of WTF

    Flipping out if Summer convinces him Tara’s actually dead
    Retired red flag

  5. She comes out carrying a massive gun, yet they only tell her to drop the cheeseburger? Priorities aren’t their strong point, huh

  6. Does anyone not recognize that if he is hurt, Tarragon will go into nuke mode since that is her own father?

  7. Well… since we know Rusche is a big bttf fan.. we can assume he probably follows the “fading picture” time travel paradox logic.. and since we’ve seen Future Terra.. she can’t well be dead in the present.. probably…

    1. Well, Tarragon is currently occupying another place in space on the Erf right now. Please hold for the next available anachronism.

  8. Now I understand why Loose cannon drinks as hard as she does. She’s a freakin’ genius. By the way, for a chick with one and a half legs, Chris gave her a very nice looking butt. I just hope she doesn’t go too wild with that happy meal cannon. A moment on those lips, a lifetime on them hips, and other places.

  9. Although, Summer is walking around in broad daylight, carrying multiple weapons as bare arms, since she only appears to have arms, but only two, and one of them has a double cheeseburger, which is NOT covered by the first or second amendments. Maybe the 21st.

    1. Uh, Chief? There’s a call from the Terrace Hotel. Something about a hot blonde in a pile of glass near a broken window cradling a dead cat?

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  11. I can’t believe Summer fell for Loose Cannon’s trick. LC only said one half of the line, the other half is “… and die.” Well, Summer is eating shit so…

  12. The cop in the front is a rookie, laying the shotgun on the car, aiming and ready to fire, but only hold it with one hand and dont hold the barrel, if he shot, that shotgun woud fly backwards up and smack him in the face.

    1. Nah, if they’d been god-tier burgers there’s no way they would’ve ceded even a single location to the Ratches, abominations of nature or not.

        1. But…but…how would you find out what people think about Senuke TNG without timely access to his Senuke TNG review stockpile?? How can you go another day without that information?!

  13. I’m assuming the indifferent meal makes people indifferent and as such Summer said, “Meh. Whatever. I’m taking this.” I assume she will surrender to the police without a fuss. She may give a, “Hey!” when she drops her burger due to a flying tackle takedown.

    1. That would be a great power, and might explain it being a favorite for parents to buy their children.

      “If you still want the hideously expensive toy after dinner, then we’ll see.”

        1. Good. Don’t. That’s how you keep from seein’ the Grimace in your bedroom at three in the mornin’.

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