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But That’s That Thing I Like

Should have my pending comics up Saturday. Dealing with teenager issues at the moment. Waited for oncoming traffic so I could make a left turn onto my street, when I look up and see a Mustang full over teenagers barreling down the road behind me. I quickly gunned the gas to try and get some distance, but this was the result.     Crash 1       I did get a neat souvenir out of the deal, so... I got that going' for me.   Crash 2 Everyone's fine other than one of the teenagers being pretty banged up. Driver was very apologetic, but blamed the hill he just drove over, and his dad of all things. "I told him we should sell this car." Yeah... okay dude. That's what caused the accident. Your dad not realizing your self-admittance of being grossly irresponsible while driving this vehicle. "Big Momma" of said teenager showed up on scene as I took the above pictures and didn't realize I was the one hit. Starts trying to spin the story with her family saying "So this guy didn't have his turn signal on or what!?" Me: "I had my signal on." Her surprised by this: "Huh!?" Me: "I was driving. I had my signal on." Her: speechless. You know, I gotta be honest. Not quite sure what a turn signal has to do with competent driving skills or your sons ability to see traffic ahead of him. In the end, cop sided with me, but said to no longer communicate with them since they're going to fight that this was my fault and I'm to blame. Okay, guys. Let mom, who wasn't there, try to convolute the story into some he-said-she-said over a turn signal. Good luck with that. Good morals to teach your kid about responsibility.

236 thoughts on “But That’s That Thing I Like

  1. Called it!

    I’m a little confused about Ellie’s positioning in the last panel their- I assume she’s just rubbing the sleep out of her eyes but it looks a little forced, like she’s trying to cover it up intentionally.
    Also, she’s clearly upset that she missed out on Monopoly.

    1. First panel took me longer to parse. Lack of crease between boobs made me think that she was laying more sideways than she is and what I was seeing was one ginormous boob at first. I realized it after double-taking, but it took me a moment. With her elbow in the way of where her shirt would show the horizontal stretching, it makes sense, but took a moment to figure out.

    2. Having about shoulder-length hair myself, I’m quite acquainted with that particular movement, actually.

    1. The arm, so deliberately wrapped around Ellie. Daww. :3

      Someone remind me: this arc takes place after the Patreon arc with Pumpkin, right?

        1. Golly, that just makes me so much more interested in the amazing stories that Rusche is telling for those who are Patreon patrons. What amazing wonders lie ahead that would influence Quinn’s actions in this arc?

          (How was that? Did I oversell it? >_> )

        2. Bossdude – And have we ever met before?
          Darniil – No Sir. (has his fingers crossed behind his back. but no one can see it)
          Bossdude – And I notice as I have nothing up my sleeves.
          Darniil – Oh Bullwinkle, that trick never works.
          Bossdude – Presto. *Bossdude pulls Vu out of a rabbits hat, Her face is still covered by a censored box, but she’s holding a Katana and a blood curdling scream passes her lips as Bossdude shoves her head back into the hat.
          Bossdude – It’s time to draw another hat.

        3. I’d say it was a well placed reminder. Considering that he puts those stories at the $2/month price point and he posts them free to the main site later (and has already done so with the first batch), no one has a valid reason to be upset and people can freely make their own choice.

          But people can forget about the extra goodness they could be getting sooner rather than later if not occasionally reminded.

        4. This may come out sounding wrong, but I was wondering if you’d mind marking the Patron entries in the archive, so it’s easier to know when new ones get added. I read the first batch added, but I haven’t a clue if I’ve missed any after that.

          Maybe just “[P] Way Too Obvious”, instead of “Way Too Obvious”, in the archive. That way we don’t end up devouring bandwidth clicking every comic in the archive trying to find the next part.

          Hope that didn’t come out wrong. Thanks!

        5. I’m glad it didn’t come off sounding wrong. I did find that I had missed the second insert (I’d only caught up to that first visit), and that’s why I made the suggestion.

          And I just read the update you posted. Man… I’m sorry that you got rear-ended by a moron. People don’t know how to drive, these days, but they sure know how to try to spin the blame, yeah? Since they are at fault, hopefully you don’t have to pay for their stupid kid’s lack of sense, to repair their vehicle. Any court would easily side with you, since you had your turn-signal on, were waiting for traffic to clear, so you can safely (and legally) cross the center-lane to enter your street, and STILL tried to prevent the collision they caused (likely by speeding, and not paying attention to the road ahead). At least it looks like your vehicle is none-the-worse-for-wear, and no one was seriously injured.

        1. The current Patreon stories will be downloaded to the current Shotgun Shuffle archives after a significant amount of time has elapsed. Pretty much as each section becomes a complete little chapter (or story) they will be inserted into a respective place in the archives so as to maintain the overall cohesion of the plot or as they occurred in chronological order.

        2. See comics Rosemary’s Baby (09 Dec 2014) through Way Too Obvious (23 Dec 2014) for the first dump of previously Patreon-exclusive content to the main site.

          Rusche stated in the past that he both wanted to give something back to the people who were financially supporting him and this site (it got removed from the normal sequence, but he was ready to give up and some number of people donated on PayPal and a lot of us demanded he set up a Patreon and the site came back from the dead at that point), but he also knows what it’s like to be living with much less disposable income than is ideal and doesn’t want anyone in that boat to permanently miss the parts of the story he’s putting over there.

          So he has stated that he’ll post originally Patreon-exclusive comics to the main site for free viewing after an unspecified delay that will probably depend on time passed, story progress in both places, and external events (I think that first batch I mentioned is half the Pumpkin side-story and was posted during the ComicMix voting so some more content would be there for the new readers as they did their initial archive crawl, he did state at one point that many of the Pumpkin points at Ellie’s first con were originally created for the purposes of an unspecified pay site idea other than Patreon that fell through). For future dumps back to the main site, the timing may be sooner or may be later. He has stated that they’ll be available after a delay, though.

        3. Side note, as commenter Terra pointed out, the second batch of Patreon dumps is in the archive too. It’s Sexy Shrine (24 Dec 2015) to i haz friend (01 Jan 2015).

          Note also that he moved some of the other comics later. So the next comic after that, Versus Christus has a new post date of 06 Mar 2015 and the first comment is 15 Dec 2014 at 13:03. So in doing archive crawls in the comments where comic name at specific date is given (I do that a lot), the dates may now be off. Probably WordPress doesn’t have a convenient way for Rusche to add put the new posts in a month named Imaginuary or something like that which could then keep things chronological without bumping out old posts. Looks like the push goes all the way to The Chain Part XII (it’s first comment is only a day before the post date).

  2. Ah integrity. Also known as “I didn’t want to leave without fulfilling the contract that I made to cover my own ass because then I would not have only been an unwitting party to an illegal site but also breaching a contract”. Like I said on the last page, if he doesn’t fulfill everything he wrote in that contract, the girls can still press charges against him so it’s in his best interest to do so.

    Caleb might also be a descent guy but that is yet to be seen. I mean, I would travel to another country too to kick the ass of the guy who stole my money and could get me sent to jail but who wouldn’t? Caleb doesn’t seem like a jerk but he was friends (associates?) with Danny, whom btw seems to be constructing himself a new eyebrow.

    1. Course, given that the girls were both sound asleep he could have taken the contracts, fled to Canada, and been not only unreachable but also impossible to locate. I’m not a hundred percent sure the girls even remember his last name.

      1. Running away with the contracts doesn’t change the fact that they exist. Also he NEEDS them to exist so he doesn’t get sent to jail because of Danny. Without the contracts, the girls can sue him for all he’s got if he doesn’t cover everything he promised in the contract. They may not tell anyone what Danny did but Caleb would be breaching this new contract by leaving.

        Also given who Ellie and Quinn are related to, the whole unreachable/hard-to-locate thing becomes a mute point when the law and some crazy talents sisters get involved. Tarra would add Caleb to her list of “people she destroyed with her hair” list.

        1. Well, if he’s the only one with the contracts, how long before the contracts don’t exist any more thanks to the timely intervention of Mister Zippo?

          And I doubt even Tarra could find “A guy named Caleb who lives in Canada somewhere; I think he does something with websites.”.

        2. The contracts are the NDAs! If he burns them or doesn’t fulfill everything he promised, there was no point in him making them in the first place. The girls would then be able to sue him and Danny. He would be screwed and he doesn’t want that.

          Like Richard VanHouten also said, he can be located via a trace on his URL which would be attached to things like his personal information.

        3. You’re 100% right here. What Caleb wanted didn’t end at zero whisk-related injuries. The contracts, and fulfilling them, was to cover the rest of what Caleb wants.

        4. That’s the thing about contacts, everybody in agreement needs a copy. Or every one has their own signature on their own copy along with the signatures of the other parties.

        5. Ate you saying that Tarra, our beloved Mr. Redhead could not track down a website, or any of the viewers from the information on Quinn’s phone or Ian’s computer?


        6. While the girls may or may not know this, what they’d have to do to track down Caleb is the following:

          1) nslookup ${nonconsential_voyeur_website}
          2) whois ${IP_from_#1}
          3) if Caleb even chose privacy options, hand that to police, court, or private investigator and get contact info. Possibly could manage themselves with just a police report (would probably depend on the privacy policy of the registrar in question, they may or may not also have to get through the hosting company to get the info, depending on how Caleb’s doing his site hosting). If not they’d find him or Vu from that to start with.

          Granted, whois isn’t installed by default from Windows, but it’s part of the SysInternals Suite (which was bought by Microsoft and is now freely downloadable from a TechNet site) and you can find plenty of websites to do whois searches without any extra apps too. Any private investigator or police officer involved in Internet crime would be familiar with this and probably does this fairly regularly. Herb, Rosemary, or Tarra should know someone who would be able to explain and/or do this.

        7. Sure, though shockingly enough I’ve been finding default Linux installs that didn’t include whois lately. Granted, was in the repos to quickly add, but it was enough to make me feel like I’d stubbed my toe or something.

      2. You do forget that each girl could have placed their contract into their own pockets, that one pocket that would GUARANTEE that they would be awakened when and if anyone put their hand in there.

    2. The girls pressing charges against him is unlikely to happen. He has video evidence of them assaulting Alex (and depending on what you think they did with that whisk, raping him). Further, the contract itself is legally problematic.

      “Your honor, we hereby assert that the defendant didn’t pay properly fulfill the terms of our criminal conspiracy to conceal assorted felonies.”

      If anyone in that room talks to the cops they all suffer. Caleb gets away with a horrendous fine. Danny does jail time. The girls do much more jail time. No one is going to talk to the cops.

      Frankly, they are taking an enormous risk getting Danny arrested. If he’s feeling spiteful all 3 are in deep trouble.

      1. 1) If Caleb were to acknowledge the existence of that particular evidence, he would be opening himself up to the fact that it was illegally obtained, as he was so eloquently pointing out to douche b.. I mean, Danny baldy earlier. But if it were ever taken to criminal and or civil proceedings, any lawyer worth their salt would have had it disqualified because it was illegally obtained, and shows a lack of credibility on Caleb’s part, and Danny boy’s. And if they were ever to admit to it, they would be convicting themselves to criminal trespassing, illegal voyeurism, theft and a few other things. Not to mention vandalism.

        1. Um….you are throwing around “lawyer worth their salt”, with a lot more enthusiasm than I think the situation warrants. Getting the girls off for Alex’s assault/rape would be a nightmarish endeavor, even for amazing lawyers (Maybe Tara could do it? She can do most anything, right?). Any lawyer would plead that case out in a heartbeat.

          You are asserting that if Caleb & Danny reported the girl’s crime they’d also be admitting their own. That’s totally true. It works both ways though. If the girls report Danny & Caleb to the cops they’d be seized as well. Everyone in that room is a felon.

          Further, I… think you think “illegally obtained” is much broader protection than it actually is. Just because another citizen committed a crime against you to obtain information doesn’t make that information inadmissable if the State decides to build a case against you, nor does it contaminate the any other evidence that will be uncovered (top of my head, Alex’s testimony, the whisk itself, the apartment, and Barrel/Tired Guy/other random viewer’s testimony).

          An allegory to illustrate the case. Say I’m Danny 2.0, get my jollies going into folk’s houses and installing cameras. Say I sneak into the house of one of those dudes who abducts ladies and abuses them, video the crimes and call the cops. My testimony and evidence isn’t invalid because I was trespassing, nor do the police have to unraid the place and let him off because I’m being convicted of a lesser charge. I’ll be convicted of a variety of felonies, if the prosecutor decides to do so, but the kidnapper/rapist is not off the hook because I’m scum.

        2. Any lazy lawyer who might be a public defender or who doesn’t give a dam about the clients. Besides, any lawyer worthy of paying them for defense etc., should be able to know the system enough to build a case that would shame Alex and trump Caleb in one trial.

          That footage was gained through illegal means and should be thrown out.

        3. Besides, my main defense, primary to the trespassing and illegal video is that Alex was attempting to coerce the girls and tread into conniving grounds of discourse that would be more favorable to him. He was attempting to assume the role of manipulator for predatory purposes. He slandered the reputation of several girls both attending and in the public areas around his college, broke student code of conduct which showed him to be dishonestat the least and manipulated himself into a sexual relationship with Quinn.

          Him not backing down after the question of clarification or even saying to whom he’s apologizing to showed that he had ill will towards the girls, and they justifiably reacted to remove him from them premises given that it seemed that he had worked his way tbrough the door.

          Simply stated, Alex over stepped proper boundaries and the girls reacted in order to protect them selves. And since from information I’ve gleamed from LEOs over the years, 1 male = 3 females in terms of physical strength.

        4. Alright, I feel as though the legal grounds have been sort of beaten to death in this thread. Basically, illegally obtained refers to police obtaining, not citizens. If I am robbing Scarface and I find video of him torturing a dude and bring it to the cops, they can use it, and my testimony, against him.

          Beyond that though… I’m having trouble…you think Alex apologizing to them, and them assaulting him…isn’t a crime? Because he’s a jerk? Lets put legal issues aside for a moment, it doesn’t seem like the comic is going there. You agree that it was wrong, right? Assaulting a person who has never assaulted anyone is bad?

          I’m reading you as straight up victim blaming here, and its really hard to believe that I’m understanding you correctly, in 2015. Dressing a certain way, or talking a certain way, doesn’t excuse violence, right? Whatever Alex said, surely the protagonists were wrong to attack him?

        5. I’m not victim blaming. He’s the perpetrator. Gaining access through false means through a fake apology is not what two normal people do. Especially if he is caught in the attempt at hand. He’s wrong from crossing the threshold of their foyer on. He was wrong from knock I ng on their door, but he was still iutside at that point.

          He gained access through illicit means. He did a crime, he stirred a fine.

          That reasoning us thus laid mine.

        6. Alex is a jerk. He didn’t actually want to do anything to make amends. However, that day when he showed up at their apartment with a fake apology, from a legal stance anything much past a slap in the face or being physically shoved out the door (not down steps or falling and getting his head hit on anything) is more than would be legally justified.

          While you could argue he’s a general sleazeball and the imagined drawing of Ellie and his attempts to cheat on Quinn deserved something, that something was probably paid in full by the kick to the balls knocking him through a railing. From a moral stance you could say that he’s not learning and needs more correction, but from a legal stance getting beaten for the provocation of verbally showing that he hasn’t really learned or grown is not going to be justified. While Rusche below states that the assault didn’t involve shoving the whisk up Alex’s ass, so no sexual assault, it was still assault (as the legal term describing someone getting their ass kicked) and the girls aren’t going to have anything on that tape that’s going to give them legal justification for it. Doubtful his past deeds would count either. If temporary insanity due to rage is a valid defense for them in that jurisdiction, that’s what I’d think they’d go for.

        7. I’m going to boil this down.
          1. Alex did perpetrate evils against girls on campus (why else would be be kicked out) thus proving his history of good intentions.
          2. If Alex had pulled that the one knows who I’m talking to trick on the girls without crossing through the door, the gag would have been to slam the door on him. But he was inside the apartment, and if the dialogue is complete from start to finish then
          3. Alex was not invited in, but he was inside the apartment. His past behavior and actions along with an unwanted presence within the apartment.
          4. Therefore his presence is unnamed, physically threatening towards the girls, and via castle doctrine, they could have given him the ultimate reward, so to speak. And it wouldn’t be taxes.

        8. They might be able to argue feeling threatened if there weren’t a video of that. Neither one appeared to feel threatened in the tiniest bit. We also didn’t see how he got into the apartment, but neither girl seems upset about his presence past simply seeing him again (no surprise like with Danny, no showing them being pushed aside as he barged through the door past them). Past history also probably led both of them to the [correct] assumption that either of them could easily kick his ass. Castle Doctrine removes the requirement of the duty to retreat when faced with a threat in your own home. A clear and imminent threat is still required for self-defensive use of violence. Alex was being a jerk but it was all verbal and he wasn’t showing any threat. The girls didn’t instruct him to leave, Ellie just said it was time to kick his ass. If not for the video, assumptions of him being perceived as a threat and the justification of the girls would probably be assumed, but I just can’t see anyone watching their reaction (and not instructing him to leave before starting to beat him) considering that to be the case.

          From a story stance, it was absolutely deserved. I’m just saying that from a story stance if something’s needs to be held over their heads to make something bad happen, that video is a great candidate, because from a strictly legal stance, it wasn’t justified.

        9. Where’s this rape talk coming from? Seriously? I don’t remember anything even suggesting that, and when I scroll back through the archive all I see is them brandishing an electric whisk apon entry, at which point Caleb starts talking. Danny gets objects tossed at his head twice (a laptop and the electric whisk, the former drawing blood), so assault I can see, but there’s never anything that remotely suggests anything like a rape takes place. Later during negotiations, Alex is seen holding a manual whisk (was it her pocket? Did she go back to the apartment to get it at some point?), but it’s never suggested she does ANYTHING at all with it other than hang onto it in a passively weapon-like way.

          Is this one of those cases of people making wild-ass jokes and/or spec in the comments, then later being unable (or unwilling) to separate what’s actually in the story from what they wish happened?

        10. Guh. Got my names mixed up. Quinn was holding the whisk, not Alex. Alex isn’t present or involved. That correction made, the rest still stands.

        11. Hokay, on rereading again… you were talking about Alex, and I thought you were talking about Danny.

          I got that mixed-up because Alex isn’t in this arc at all. All the Alex stuff so far predates the webcams going up, so no one would have any footage of anything there regardless of what happened.

          Looking back through the archive (again) I don’t see any indecent with Alex and a whisk either. His final confrontation ends with him getting shoved off a deck railing.

        12. Though as a note, in the comic Just What I Was Hoping To Avoid (19 Jan 2015), Quinn does say “Only your prison boyfriends will find where I’m putting it” regarding a whisk.

          Granted, this is in response to Danny laughing at the concept of the whisk being a threat and Quinn’s still-sleepy mind in responding-to-unexpected-pervy-male-in-appartment mode and doesn’t necessarily relate to her reasoned intentions for using it (a whisk could work quite well in place of a cat-o-nine-tails in a non-anally-violating manner, for example).

        13. Yeah I’m regretting putting the whisk gag in the comic, which was never meant to be taken literally, but some are equating it to actual anal rape. I’m more or less like O_o
          These characters aren’t meant to be masochists, or actually conduct some violent sexual act. “What are they doing with that whisk?” was simply to imply they’re kicking his ass, and the ass kickery that’s alluded, is purposely NOT shown.

        14. No need to regret anything. The majority took it as it was intended.

          But you’ll never be able to keep some people from taking things too literally or with too few an amount of salt. That’s not supposed to be an accusation against the, by the way. Sometimes you just either miss something or see it differently because you come from a different background. There’s no shame in that. But especially with things set in a setting that is or implements comedy, remember that things might not be what you first perceived them to be.

        15. Don’t worry, while we’re willing to laugh at the jokes about worse, I think most of us figured the girls were just beating him like a red-headed stepchild with the whisk and nothing more. The level of violence we’ve seen from them doesn’t support them being willing to do more than an asskicking.

        16. Thanks for clarifying that man. I feel much better about rooting for our protags with that cleared up. (Its probably bad of me to not care that they assaulted a hippy, but I don’t like that guy very much.)

        17. Don’t worry about it. We just extrapolate things out a lot. Same as with all the speculation on how Danny might get the camera feeds while we were assuming he hadn’t just rented the apartment next door. I’m sure it won’t be the last time that we take a minor callback joke and make it seem way out of proportion to what was intended.

      2. The thing we don’t know, but suspect, is that Caleb captured Ellie & Quinn assaulting Alex (and regardless of what was done with the whisk, they at least kicked his ass, so definitely assault). We saw Caleb and Danny reacting with surprise, concern-to-fear, and possibly disgust to watching that. We do not know if they (or Vu from Canada) had the presence of mind to capture it. We also don’t know how much buffering Danny may have set up, but with the number of cameras he’d be taking up a massive amount of disk space to be buffering all of them for several hours to the point where they could save it after being confronted.

        So from a worst case scenario stance, we should consider that Caleb MAY have video evidence of the girls committing a violent crime. But we don’t know that for certain, and neither he nor Danny has mentioned it yet if it was saved.

        1. Considering the reactions to Ellie taking her shirt off, I’d say there was no buffering at all. And I could see the youtube video titled “Whisk-fu: A guide to defend your home with common household items.”

          But I would also heavily advise not to read all too much into that scene. We do not know what exactly happened to Alex and such can speculate, sure, but not judge. And certainly can’t say “Yeah, it’s exactly like that and therefore this is and must be the case!”

        2. On buffering I wasn’t meaning time, but if it got written to disk at all. Agreed that it seemed like probably only transmission delay for the time differences.

          We don’t know specifically what happened to Alex, aside from confirmation that the whisk was not rectally inserted, but we did get all the “off camera violence” indicators. From a general stance a man getting his ass kicked by two women in their apartment when he shows up unannounced would have an uphill battle getting it taken seriously by the police (and with police chief & judge in the parental jobs, that wouldn’t help Alex for pressing charges). However, the video of what happened would be enough to show he hadn’t done anything to warrant receiving those injuries from someone else defending herself.

          As a note, I’m considering that video as potential leverage that someone (Caleb, Alex, or Tired Guy most likely) might use against the girls. I consider their kicking Alex’s ass to be unwise (and illegal), but not unwarranted or immoral or anything like that. I’m not upset about it or anything, just speculating the things that might hit in the story.

    3. My impression has been that, even if it’s on a cocktail napkin, drawn up with the bartender’s pen and says “I, *NAME HERE* sell *ITEM HERE* for *PRICE HERE*, to *SELLING PARTY HERE*”…. as long as there’s a date and a signature from each named party, then it IS legally binding.

      At least, I believe it is.. I hope I haven’t been telling people wrong!

      1. Sort of. Circumstances, in particular duress, are taken into account. If you threaten to shoot me if I don’t sign over my company, that’ll get invalidated. If you threaten to cease concealing a felony unless I give you cars, not only is the contract invalid, but we are both criminals.

        You haven’t been telling people wrong, exactly. A napkin-length (the medium doesn’t matter, what hurts the napkin contract is the unrecorded circumstances of the signing and the generally cursory nature of the arrangement on it) is one step up from a handshake in the eyes of the law, but it isn’t ironclad by any means.

        1. Well… it does work well enough for rednecks in a bar.

          “Shit, you guys need a car that bad? I’ve got an old beater with a heater in the parking lot! I just fixed the engine, so it should be running great! Gotta give me a ride home though!”

          Hit the ATM, withdraw the money, draw the contract, both parties sign, one goes home $500 richer and the other goes home with much-needed transportation that’s “good enough for now”.

          PS: Non-middle class people can be pretty good people, too. Money does not humanity make, suburbanites. “They’re” not all like what you see on your flatscreen. :p

        2. Re napkin contracts working: Yeah, any contract works if all parties are of good intent. If no one disputes it a napkin contract is fine, or no contract at all.

          Re: minimum wage earners being people. Yeah, totally, I wouldn’t say otherwise. Poor folks are folks.

        3. I’ve actually known quite a few people who make $20-$30 an hour.. Of course, that tends to be hazard pay. Most likely I would have ended up doing something similar if I hadn’t had underlying foot, leg and ankle problems.. but hey, there’s always technical/clerical fields!

        4. Well, the thing about a contract being legally binding is that if a contract states that Party A will do X and Party B will do Y, then if Party B does not do Y, then Party A is not bound to do X.

          The thing that makes any form of legal binding to this contract helpful to Caleb is him living up to his part of it.

      2. I never said the contract Caleb wrote wasn’t legally binding. It is. Hence why if he doesn’t follow through with it, he’s screwed.

        1. He’s not screwed so much as he doesn’t have any way to enforce Ellie and Quinn for doing what he wanted that he stipulated as their actions under the contract.

          If he doesn’t follow through with his side, he’s at the same point that he was at before the contract was signed with the additional data point the girls can use against him that he acted in bad faith by not fulfilling his side of the contract that he wrote (i.e. viewed in worse light by judge in dispute with Ellie & Quinn, but not automatically thrown in jail as a criminal by virtue of breaking an out of court settlement contract).

  3. “We’re so used to seeing self-interest masquerading as altruism, it can be easy to miss altruism dressed up as self-interest.” – Thomas Sowell

    Maybe this isn’t the first time Caleb has had to bail out Danny, and maybe the contract negotiations is a cover for him trying to help someone. Is Danny the ‘childhood friend who’s also also a f***-up’ to Caleb?

    Caleb’s character bio just says, “…the disdain…” – but in my experience, that’s often a front. Besides, truly disdainful people don’t buy doughnuts :)

    1. It’s two things he’s saying there. 1) he’s got a creuller, and 2) he’s making fun of the girls by at least having one jelly donut from what ever locally owned donut shop he’s found on maplelogs.com.

    2. I don’t know that he gives a damn about Danny. It’s possible, but I don’t know that we necessarily have any reason to believe that yet. However, Caleb will have zero leverage to get the girls to hold up their end of the contract if he ignores his end. So it would be fantastically stupid for him to flee to Canada before holding up his end. There’s also no reason to point this out to the girls if they can’t figure it out on their own, so pretending integrity instead is a solid choice on his part. Doesn’t really backfire when they realize the self-interest either.

      The thing everyone seems to forget is that Caleb wants something other than just getting out of a beating. If getting out of a beating is all he wanted, he could’ve just told them, “This shithead did it without my knowledge or approval. He stole $20k from me in the process. I’ll clean whatever’s left of his site off the Internet when I get back to Canada. I don’t want to know what you two do to him, so let me get out this door before you start so I can legally say I didn’t see anything if the police ever ask.”

      He doesn’t get what he wants from the contract if he doesn’t fulfill his side of it.

  4. Oh, so THIS is why Vu is prophesied to have antagonistic feelings towards Ellie. Ho ho! And, isn’t she supposed to come between Tarra and David in the next arc?

  5. They must live near a Dunkin Donuts — I’ve gotten an assorted dozen from the one around the corner from me, and it looked JUST like that.

    1. I know Tim Horton’s has gone a bit more international of late, stretching into Michigan, and that glazed chocolate at the top looks a lot like a Tim donut.

      1. That glazed chocolate may be a Horton staple, but it’s doubtful that is a brand name chain because of the generic box and multiple kinds. I was thinking a “Dunkin Donuts” but the box is wrong. They put the their donuts on their sides in 2 rows of 6. Krispy Kreme lays their product next to the others in a 4 x 3 layout. The lack of a hinged lid suggests that is a local independent baker who can run 24/7.

        1. Hmm, the DDs here in Charlotte lay their donuts flat like that. I don’t think I’ve seen the type of box you’re talking about since I lived in PA.

        2. Have they changed? I haven’t been to one in over three to four years. Maybe six. I can’t recall exactly when, but I did not purchase a dozen, maybe two.

          On the other side, I did find that there is a Dunkin Donuts only three minutes from their supposed physical location. In real life, in Lakeland, Florida.

        3. I don’t think they’ve used the 3×4 box since kruellers were added to the product line. Not that I remember when they did that, not having been a consistent customer of theirs over the years. When I was a kid (60s/70s) the donuts we got were all in the 3×4 box, but I haven’t seen that in years.

        4. Tim Horton’s definitely does 4×3, but I think (not certain) that I’ve seen Dunkin Donuts do the 4×3 layout too.

          I do agree that both of them do a hinged box, but I’ve also never seen a non-hinged box as shallow as the one Caleb’s holding, either. So I think we’re supposed to assume artistic liberties here.

          While I haven’t checked specifically for it, I do have the hazy memory of larger chains always having more markings on the bottom than Caleb’s box has, too. So independent bakery with thinner-than-usual non-hinged boxes seems most likely to me, too.

          I can’t decide if I consider it sad to find that degree of donut box knowledge was sitting within such easy access in my head or not.

    2. Fun fact: There are Dunkin Donuts even in Germany and (some few) in Austria. I think those are the only European countries that have them though.

      1. Correction: There are apparently also some in the UK, in Spain, Sweden, Russia and … Bulgaria? Odd selection.

        They plan to expand further it would seem.

      2. Boston has an obscene number of Dunkin Donuts shops. Some friends counted along route 9 and found that they averaged a little more than one shop per mile. There was a place on the main route from the I-95 into Cambridge that had two right across the street from each other (granted, there was a barrier to prevent left turns at that spot, but if you turned right into either parking lot there was a back way under the road to get to the other side). I was told by native Bostonians that it’s due to people liking their coffee. In the Midwest I think we normally just have better local lore about which gas stations have good coffee. Not being a coffee drinker I can’t really comment, though.

        Anywhere else in the US that I’ve seen them, they just seem like any other random shop. Boston was the only place that they really creeped me out.

  6. Of gosh yes, donuts!!!!!!!! Caleb being a good guy?? This is weird but I guess there isn’t much proof that he isn’t, if not a little hot headed. But seriously, I need donuts now…..

    What is danny snipping??

    1. First to point out my biggest question here. What is Danny cutting.

      The donuts make sense because getting them in a better mood is helpful to Caleb anyway. Similarly with the trying to pretend integrity as opposed to self-interest here.

        1. For which somebody will helpfully supply superglue, no doubt. Whoops: no backsies; nor solvent, neither. xD

        2. I’ve never had too much trouble getting superglue loose just using lateral motion. Now there are some epoxies that are COMPLETELY different stories, though.

    1. It’s the question as to if those tendencies can be made to work for the forces of good by annoying the brown sauce out of people like Danny.

    2. I don’t know. Have you looked at an office, or even your own graduating class. There are people there who would fill the description of having ass like tendencies on a daily or even hourly basis. And they can sleep at night as well on top of that.

      1. All most people need to see someone with ass like tendencies is a mirror, seriously.
        And that’s certainly including myself. Big time!

        What’s more important than having them is how we follow through. Do we submit to them? Do it somewhat? Or fight them altogether?

        1. [raises hand about being an ass]

          Also my tendencies for being an ass (not even just ass-like, but the real thing) compel me to point out that people who can’t sleep at night, ever, will die pretty quickly. Based on experiments done on rats, I don’t think it’s physiologically possible to survive more than maybe 35-40 days with zero sleep. With the rats, they found that between 25 & 30 days that the rats had various massive failures that killed them. The two I remember were inability to regulate their body temperature leading to freezing to death in normal room temperature (and they have fur) and immune system sufficiently depressed that their intestinal bacteria killed them. That doesn’t even count the psychological consequences (which they didn’t really know how to measure in the rats).

    3. He wants his half of the contract sufficiently fulfilled to hold them to their half. Any degree he can butter them up or convince them he’s proven himself more trustworthy than he actually has is gravy.

      The only thing that makes me consider he might be up to something from this comic is the question of what Danny’s cutting back there.

    1. What’re you looking at? I was assuming the thing on the table in front of Danny was coffee (bought the same place the donuts were, as Caleb would’ve either told Danny to go get them alone or required Danny not to go out of his site while he got them so Danny could’ve bought himself coffee in the process).

      1. You know, after reading some of the other comments, and that the coffee sleeve doesn’t go all the way around, that and that the bottle on the table, if it’s not a prescription bottle is too straight up and down to be a normal cup of coffee. Like a soda can straight up and down versus the normal slant that cups of beverage are to allow for the single hand hold. Plus the lid looks to awkward to be a coffee cup top.

        1. You’re right on the lack of slant. Top does look more like what would be on coffee or other hot beverage, but straight up and down doesn’t. Looks too thick to be prescription bottle though. Also I don’t think I’ve ever seen prescription bottles that weren’t orange (vast majority) or green (a few). I don’t think they’d make gray prescription bottles because you’d want something that stands out and catches attention more. But yeah, I don’t know what it is.

          With him doing arts & crafts, I could think jar of rubber cement, but those lids are always narrower at the top and that’s wider at the top.

        2. I’ve seen a few prescription bottle that thick, but they were generally 90 day supplies of horsepill sized meds taken multiple times a day for elderly patients (My father has three bottles that are that large, but he’s got a lot of health issues after 23 years in the military including two tours in Vietnam and is nearly 70 years old).

          That said, I can’t imagine what could be wrong with Danny to require that large a bottle, and I assumed it was a coffee cup the first few times I looked at the strip.

  7. I don’t have access to your pateron BUT! I am curious on if your going to bring the questioning Ellie’s sexuality again

    1. Ellie’s sexuality is generally just questioned as a joke thus far. I don’t think we really have any reason to make any assumptions about Ellie’s sexuality so far. At most she’s shown the general social conditioning towards assuming heterosexuality that you’d expect, but nothing that even shows if that’s gone anywhere or if she just hasn’t had reason to even consider questioning it (i.e. we’re in the position of assuming she’s generally straight because the majority of the population is so it’s the better bet and no info otherwise).

  8. DAW dude, thats just awesome :) You really know how to tease and tweak your shipping fans dude lol

    Still makes me wonder if that was how they ended up naturally, or if the duo is trying to pull something for blackmail and get out of the contract or something…Danny in the back with the scissors stands out as odd.

    Also…any chance of a big blow up of the first pannel like the one from last time please! ^^

    1. > or if the duo is trying to pull something for blackmail and get out of the contract

      I find this unlikely. Note where Quinn’s arm is. Have you ever tried to move a limp adult body before, doing dextrous things like one might in “Weekend at Bernie’s”? It’s not easy. (Or so I’ve heard. >_> ) Had the guys tried to position them like that, Quinn and/or Ellie would have woken up. This is clearly a case of snuggles being desired while sleeping. Whether or not either of them realized what was going on and with whom, one mostly-asleep body felt another next to hers and cuddled up to it, and the other mostly-asleep body wanted to be cuddled.

      1. Also:

        > any chance of a big blow up of the first pannel like the one from last time please! ^^

        Wait, did he make a big blow up of the last panel of the last comic? Where was it posted? o.o

        1. You know I was thinking, maybe you could make blown up single panels a reward for Patreon members? Like one of the tiers would be the right/ability to request a panel per month maybe? I know you have a number of rewards up based on how much a person pays a month already, this was just an idea I thought would be worth tossing out there for the $10 a month members.

        2. Biggest problem there is he has 23 $10/month plus 11 above that at the moment. 30 different odd panel requests each month is potentially odd/irritating, and you’d probably get about half those requests in the last week (or couple of days) of the month as people consider it as earned and are waiting to decide which one they want. Doing as he has been seems good, but definitely not an “every single comic” sort of thing.

        3. If I recall correctly, he releases the raw files for his comics in batches to certain tiers. These raw files have all layers still as layers, and I would assume them to be in regular (before he shrinks them) size. This would mean that every panel is already released blown up for certain tiers.

          I could be mistaken.

      2. Yeah, slowly succumbing to gravity and seeking most comfortable position during that slow change seems like best explanation for that position to me too.

  9. I knew Ellie served as an excellent headrest last strip, but I’m truly impressed at her ability to serve as a body-pillow here.

    1. I can’t imagine that her shoulder blade is a fiftieth as comfortable as her boob likely was. I’d imagine sleeping Quinn probably grimaced a little during that change.

      That or it was a slide to armpit with a quick head turn to avoid end-o-day armpit smell leading Quinn to back from front. That seems feasible too.

  10. The cuddle-bait in panel one has distracted us all from something I feel is very important:

    What is Danny cutting?

    1. And just like always. Mr. Blue is making posts about the TOP WEB COMICS placement of the SOON TO BE NAMED JOINT FANDOM BETWEEN SHOTGUN SHUFFLE dot com AND STAND STILL. STAY SILENT dot com

    2. Gripping Ellie’s shirt after curling around her torso in one of the much-easier-to-wrap-her-arm-around portions?

      No underboob shape deformation, so if even touching Ellie’s boobs, she’s doing so with less pressure than the elasticity of Ellie’s skin along with tensile strength of her filled bra (so definitely less than 5 lbs, probably less than 1).

    1. First of all, the button for the Shotgun Shuffle TWC vote count is on the ride side of this page. Starting at the lower right corner of the comic, scroll down until you see a little black box on top of the Patreon teaser comics. That’s the voting box. If you like the links, scroll down from here.

    2. Continuing the coverage of the TWC of Shotgun Shuffle, Day three may have been missed, but it’s now day four. SS has gained two spots to rest at the #43 spot since the second. However, yesterday we did occupy the #41 spot. Our daily average is 53.25 votes. We’ve got a solid 53 people so far, however, we need to beat a few above us. Getting a solid 60 people a day at this point will get us around to the #37 spot. However, our total vote count at this time is 213.


      1. And now, it’s Saturday. I’m tired. Here are some numbers. Shotgun Shuffle is #44 with a vote total at this time of 310, and a daily average of 51 and 2/3s people.

      1. SSSS is in #6 this Saturday, with a current vote total of 1,921 individuals with a daily avg of 320.1666667 people per day. Down one spot from June 4th.

      1. A Redtail’s Dream is currently #37 on the TWC list. Down one spot since Thursday. They have a current total vote of 352 for a daily vote average of 58 and 2/3s people.

    3. And now, the finals of the Joint Group name thingie going on that I’ve been doing to get an idea of the background on the webcomic tournament.

      Minnion Shufflers vs. North Atlantic Round Squirrels

      The battle of the experiment and other buzz words.

        1. Stoirm is still here, just lurking more with my business picking up and getting ready for the new arrival in a month. I’m a touch more active on the SSSS side as Ash Blackwell, but even there I’ve slowed down alot.

        2. I’d be Ash here as well, but I already had a Gravitar set up from a different site and I was feeling lazy the first day I commented here…

        3. I thought gravatar just keyed off e-mail and not user name. I think if you post with the same e-mail for your gravatar you can swap your name to whatever you’d prefer.

        4. If you have a gravatar registered elsewhere (like WordPress) it will use that.

        5. I have Stoirmcriostal as a user name in three WordPress sites that I’m not as comfortable using a normal name for (the NARS crew being a much friendlier crowd than many corners of the internet), so my browser autofills the fields (thus the “feeling lazy” part of my remark…[g])

          I might experiment and see if my browser will change the autofill on those sites (and if I care now, since I comment here a lot more than I comment there…)

  11. So I’m thinking either Caleb is showing a super gallant side, or he’s about to pull something extremely shady. Not sure O.O

  12. Uh…is Ellie missing her left thumb in the last panel or is she just holding her hand in an awkward position?

  13. Another thing I’m wondering here is if they’re in the girls’ apartment after having Danny & Caleb do work or if they’re in Danny’s apartment. Anyone have any visual cues to differentiate? I think the girls do have a couch roughly that size/shade/shape, but it’s not that odd and we don’t know if it’s furnished apartments. Anyone recognize the picture above Danny one way or the other? Robert Downey Jr. is the only pic I remember for the girls’ apartment, and I don’t remember any from Danny’s.

  14. Chris, thanks for the donuts. Oh.. How about this?

    The first Friday of June is known in the United States of America as National Doughnut (Donut) Day. This is something that was relatively unknown to me. And outside of a recent ad on the door of one of my local supermarkets I still would not have known about it unless someone told me about it.

    But I think that everyone who benefited from the Allies defeat of their enemies in World Wars I & II should know about the reasoning for this day. And without much ado, here is the link for the US National Donut Day.

    1. I heard it on the radio yesterday morning and that’s first I remember. Found out a couple of guys at work remember and make sure to celebrate it too (and came close to accidentally doubling the donuts, but had to stop at another site long enough that I chose against).

      1. Yes, but getting them does require putting on pants. That can be a deal breaker for me sometimes.

  15. Hang that bumper from the front of your house with a big sign saying “Reckless Teenagers Be Ye Warned”

  16. Well by the looks of things you got their license plate and there is no way they could deny it…still, glad to hear you are okay dude, the most important thing is that no one was seriously or permenatly harmed.

  17. I’m confused about the accident- did he hit you head-on? Or run up to you from behind? I’m just curious, because I’ve been in a few fender-benders myself and I know how seemingly light collisions can lead to ridiculous costs for auto-work.

    1. He said teenagers coming from behind while he was waiting to turn left and he tried hurrying out of the way. So either straight or diagonal rear-end would be force of impact. Not a lot of visible damage for Rusche, though.

  18. Damn, that’s an annoying happening, but glad to hear you came out of it okay (with just some minor looking truck dings)

    If the cop says they’re at fault, that’s usually the end of it, and their insurance is liable for everything (I’ve been going through a very similar experience, except we were the ones going straight, and the person coming onto the road hit the side/front of the car) I’m sure you already know to document every expense that comes up from this so you can get reimbursed for everything (even just a Dr. visit to make sure nothing got knocked around too hard, the body does weird stuff with crashes)

    But, yeah, good to see your end of the damages weren’t too bad, and that the situation looks like it’ll be in your favor (and hooray for parents who active try to teach lack of responsibility)

    1. From what I’ve heard, it takes extraordinarily odd circumstances for a rear-end collision not to be judged the fault of the rear car. This doesn’t sound like that kind of circumstance, either.

      I have heard insurance companies sometimes cause people problems if they admit fault. Granted, the sane thing to do there is just not speak as opposed to making up crap. Also harping on the turn signal seems odd. I’d expect questions about brake lights working, but someone could conceivably stop in the road (the way I’ve seen people do for geese, and those bastards take their sweet time) and not be at fault, so the turn signal doesn’t seem like it’d have much weight for changing fault.

      Aside from pictures, I’d make sure to get a copy of the police report yourself. See what the cop wrote down sooner rather than later and if there’s any serious mistakes in it, get to the cop soon to ask him to correct it. If he made a mistake and you ask him to correct it this coming week, probably it’ll happen. If he made a mistake and you ask him to correct it in a month or two, he won’t remember and will assume you’re just trying to get out of something. Mike Birbiglia has a long rant about that happening to him on one of his CDs (apparently the police report states that he T-boned his own car with his own car), though granted he was also at a disadvantage for being not a resident of the state the accident happened in, and there are lots of stories about police being less friendly and helpful for people who live too far away to be likely to see them again.

      1. Yeah, the turn signal thing did strike me as odd as well. Or more of: As an indication that mom is not really a good driver herself.
        From what I see on the photos, it seems like a rather open stretch of road with good visibility over a good distance. On such a piece of road and in clear daylight, even if the car in front has no lights on at all it would be easy to stop in time for any attentive driver that is not speeding to a considerable degree.
        In other words: In such a situation, it’s the fault of the driver hitting from behind in any case. The turn signal being on does make it more obvious and thus maybe a bit worse, that’s all.

        Strange thing is: Just on Saturday, I’ve had practically the same thing happen right behind me. I was driving my small Honda bike to the shooting range where I was booked as a participant in the Feldschiessen. A bit behind me was a car that (it turned out) was going exactly the same way. The range in question is on a quite small road, diverting from a road outside town (meaning 80 km/h maximal allowed speed) in a 90° angle. So you’re taking that turn considerably slow. Which is not really a problem, because it’s a practically straight stretch of road with good visibility over several hundred meters in both directions.
        So I switch on my turn signal, slow down and after a last control glance. I get on the small road, take a moment to greet two boyscouts wearing the colours of my old troop when I hear a crash behind me. Looking back the car that was someways behind me wanted to go the same way and had slowed down to turn. The car behind it was either too close or the driver not attentive enough and thus had crashed into it. No injuries though and damage on the front car was not too serious (the modern plastic bumper was completely busted though). The car hitting it however won’t be driving on its own for a while.

  19. I’m really glad you and the teens in the Mustang are not hurt. I hope the damage to your truck is minimal and covered, and the Mustang owners insurance covers what happened to it. Did the teens make any skid marks trying to brake before impact? They came up on you from behind, right?

    1. It should be possible for Chris to go back and get pics of that, before the rains get there from Colorado. But look at what the kid said versus the picture that the kids are standing around in.

  20. Gods, Chris! I’m glad to see everyone’s okay, and from personal experience, yes- document everything.

    I was hit from behind about 8 years ago, and thankfully documented everything so when my fuel rail started leaking 8 months later and my mechanic, without seeing any of the damage that had been done to the van previously, was able to tell me from what angle I was hit by how the fuel rail was cracked, I was able to submit the damage to their insurance and after a couple months get reimbursed for that repair as well.

    1. Also, don’t trust that the damage is minor from how it looks on the outside- my bumper looked barely touched and I had $1600 of body damage hiding that only the insurance’s insistence that my van be looked over so they could document what they thought was minor damages against later future claims spotted.

        1. Bodywork on car and trucks always seems ridiculously expensive, and I don’t know why. It’s honestly one of the few areas where I almost think that learning some auto-repair skill and doing it yourself could actually save you money.

        2. That’s what you get for modern body parts versus what a person could do with a vehicle made out of shaped steel panels and parts, with chrome bumpers and 454 Hemis.

        3. Well, part of that is that a lot of your body pieces on the car (like bumper and fender) are things that aren’t common enough or commonly needed enough for third parties to manufacture, so you’re always stuck getting it from the dealership and they can mark it up as much as they want. Another part is that something that part of the safety features for autos is “crumple zones” or other things that are supposed to break and absorb the force and keep the passengers safe. Generally a good thing for our health, but bad for our wallets as it means more things that need replaced. Next automotive maintenance is definitely a place that you can run into a lot of shady operators, but I think Rusche said that he’s living near family, so hopefully they know someone honest that he can go to.

          From personal experience, I can say that painting cars is a lot harder than it looks. The whole multiple even light coatings and not letting enough paint get on to run or drip and catching drips before they go too far. Granted, the last time I tried was with a metallic paint (charcoal color), which is heavier than normal paint and runs much easier. Quicker small touch-ups with a spraypaint can haven’t been too bad. Though I also consider it to be a feature rather than a bug if my car looks like crap (less attractive to thieves, easier to project “Try it, you’ll be at fault, and I don’t give a crap about how my car looks” to drivers you know are about to try to pull jerk moves in traffic), so possibly I didn’t do a very good job with the touch-ups.

  21. So… they rear-ended you, began trying to shift blame immediately (“I told dad to sell this car!”) That’s pathetic and annoying, but something to grimace and “Yeah, well….” your way through.

    Then the teen’s mother shows up and starts colluding with the teen, on the spot, to try to put the whole thing on you not using a turn signal? Three guesses as to how that teenager began denying responsibility for anything and the first two don’t count..

    I’m glad that everyone made it out OK except for one banged up teenager and a smashed up Mustang… but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not thinking “burn their property to the ground, salt the earth and charge them for it” deep down.

    1. I wonder a little bit from the teen saying his dad should’ve sold the car and the mom immediately trying to shift blame elsewhere if perhaps there was a known safety problem with it. Too bad Rusche didn’t try to get the kid talking about why the car should’ve been sold before the mom arrived. Might’ve been helpful if they want to try making things up.

      1. Oh, I should have thought of that: there very well could have been a braking issue with that vehicle, like the ABS chip screwing up or something mechanical. But yeah, big mama shows up and starts blame-shifting… gah, people can suck so bad.

  22. Even if your turn signal wasn’t on.. THEY hit YOU. They rear ended you…seems pretty cut and dry to me…

  23. OUCH!!

    I’ve lost two vehicles to teenagers in their parents cars not watching what they were doing! TWO!!!
    So, you have my complete understanding and sympathy!!

  24. I’m shocked they can even try to fight this. In Canada if you rear end some one you are almost assuredly found at fault regardless of what the car in front of you is doing. Doesn’t matter if they stopped suddenly or cut you off, you hit the back of their car, must be your fault.

  25. Is anyone else looking for a comment from the troublesome teenagers? I just keep picturing a comment along the lines of “Wait… I hit CHRIS?! OMG!”

    1. Only regular commenter I remember stating being a teen is Janobii, and she also identified herself as female, so it wasn’t her due to driver gender differences.

      I’ve generally assumed we don’t have many teens commenting based on the way people talk.

  26. Oh yeah, I wanted to comment on how cool it is that the Minnions and Shufflers get along so great.. like peas and carrots, and we met each other’s communities through a competition! It’s been one of the best internet surprises I’ve seen.. we go together like peas and carrots!

    The Goblins community and Gunnerkrigg Court guys, though… that was reliably annoying. Those guys: Hot oil and a frozen turkey! O.o

    1. Not every fandom is a toxic waste dump of possible exothermic reactions waiting to happen. :)

      1. I got a giggle, so you get a Squirrel Cookie (may or may not be made with real squirrels) from my stash!

  27. Too much internet has been consumed. Read Daniel with the scissors as ‘ship ship’ at first.
    Now then, Why was he trusted with an edged object?

  28. Glad you and everyone else involved is OK, for the most part.

    Also love that his ‘stang is pretty much screwed, and your truck looks like the bumper is maybe dented.

    1. I thought the issue with whiplash is more the brain sloshing around inside the skull more than the spinal injuries. Maybe I’ve just been hearing to much about micro-concussions for football players, though.

      1. That’s some of it, but the spine (which is supporting your approximately 8 pound head) gets whipped back and forth in the accident, and gets pulled forward (past the usual degree of motion) by the momentum of the head. You can definitely mess up your neck in car accidents, especially if you’re already torqued (if you’re looking to the left or the right at the time of impact).

        Definitely get it checked out if your back/neck is bothering you more than a few days after the accident. It should be covered through your auto insurance, even if you don’t have health insurance (though I can’t say whether it would be applied to your deductible). Any health care provider should be able to check on that for you if you’re concerned about the out of pocket costs.

        Glad you’re ok, and that the teenagers are mostly ok. The laws around here keep kids under 18 from driving in groups because the more people you have in the car, the more distracted the driver is (especially when you’re new at driving). A driver under 18 can only have one passenger under 18 with them here. It seems kind of restrictive until something like this happens.

        1. Actually, most people’s regular health care won’t cover whiplash until they confirm that there isn’t an auto insurance policy they can get away with dumping it on (either the driver at fault’s or the patient’s non/underinsured policy).

  29. On the contrary, when the teens see how miserably Big Momma fails to pin the blame on you, maybe they’ll get the lesson they need? Teaching by counter-example = parenting win!

    Also – Ellie – panel 3 – wat? – Monopoly you say? – he’s her *dream* guy!!
    Then again, it looks like Quinn’s pretty much found her place in panel 1, so…

    1. Considering the driver has roughly 50% genetic similarity, I’m not betting on him learning the lesson. She may be teaching some of his friends a valuable lesson, though.

  30. A Minnion who is a bit late to the party but now read this all in one go!

    Totally worth it. You’ve definitely got another reader on board! :)

    1. Welcome.

      I haven’t gotten over to go through SSSS yet, though it is on my list. At the moment I have 1184 comics to go to get through Datachasers, and I try to do only one random catchup binge at a time.

      1. Thank you!

        Wow! Good luck with those haha. Well, there will be a welcoming party for you. We like those.

  31. I somehow get the feeling that the traffic accident will somehow wind up as part of the current or a future story in the comic.

    But also yay for people that have inattentive driving capabilities (such freaking morons), I hope that the teenagers learned an important lesson about paying attention.

  32. I wouldn’t worry about the fault for the accident. Even if the cop didn’t side with you, you were struck from behind. No matter where you live, the person behind is always at fault, the turn signal is irrelevant.

    1. Unless the fault is further up the line. I witnessed an accident where a delivery truck made a sudden right out of traffic, with no turn signal. The car following had to brake hard, to avoid hitting. The one behind him, though, didn’t stop fast enough. I was behind, and saw the whole thing, so did the civic thing.

      Glad you were OK.

      1. Still at the very least partial fault of the one hitting from behind there. One of the general rules of traffic is that you always have to be able to stop, even if the car in front of you makes a sudden and unexpected emergency stop. If you can’t do that, you’re too close and that’s your fault.

        I did see an accident that definitely wasn’t the rear driver’s fault though. At a junction there were two cars waiting. And suddenly the front car backed up, right into the car behind him. I never learned why he did it, but it might be he thought to be in first gear for a reason or so.

  33. Been there, done that, three fractured vert. lost an inch in height…

    We were stopped, making a left, turn signal on… teenager that hit us hard enough to tuck the rear end up and under claimed the same thing… no turn signal… Highway patrol checked the car… left blinker was still engaged…

    Too bad for us… no insurance. Lost everything with the resultant medical costs… I hope yours turns out better.

    See a lawyer. Usually first consult is free.

    As for the boys? Caleb doesn’t necessarily have to be guilty by association. Danny has proven himself to be rather glib already. Caleb could be a fine, upstanding individual who made a mistake in hiring Danny… just as Ellie made the mistake of “working” for him… and inviting him in…

    1. Stories like that make me wonder how some people don’t get us Swiss gladly living in a country were both health and car (or motorbike) insurance aren’t an option, but mandatory. It simply means, we’re always covered if something like that happens.

      Now if people don’t want that for their own countries, that’s their choice and I won’t judge. But I’ve been called all kinds of things just for saying that I consider mandatory insurances for certain things a good thing.

      1. I should clarify that there’s one thing that insurances will not cover. That is if you’re causing an accident by excessive speeding (and yes, the law is specific as to when it’s just speeding and when it’s excessive speeding), your insurance won’t cover and you’ll have to everything out of your own pocket. And if that means your vehicle, tv, computer, furniture save the basic necessities and your salary have to be impounded, they will be. Some Cantons will have already confiscated your car anyway.

  34. Mothers are often overprotective, but trying to convince your kids to lie under oath just to keep them from being blamed is… Well… Actually I’m starting to expect this sort of stuff out of people these days. : (

  35. Once Grrl Power won the March Madness tournament last year, they practically skyrocketed to the top position on TWC. Maybe we need to wait longer into the summer to see if we can get our daily vote count up. Considering that the numbers are nearly four digits in terms of daily votes. . . . . .

  36. Hey, I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t matter if your turn signal was on or not. By virtue of being stopped, your BRAKE LIGHTS would have been on, which is all the signal that’s needed to indicate that anyone behind you needs to slow down. After all, if you weren’t making a left turn, but were stopped behind a car that was making a left turn, your turn signal wouldn’t be on, yet you wouldn’t magically be at fault for getting hit.

    Anyway, here’s a little tip I’d like to throw out for anyone interested. I drive a LOT of congested freeways, and many times I’ve been scared half to death by someone behind me who doesn’t realize that traffic is stopping rather than just slowing down. So whenever traffic suddenly slows down by a large amount, I either turn on the hazard lights temporarily or start pumping the brake pedal to force the brake lights to flash. I do that until the car coming up on me has obviously slowed down enough that they’re not going to run into me. Since the time I’ve started doing that, I’ve noticed cars don’t come barreling up on me so fast. People seem to react better to flashing lights, as it’s a clear signal that something is wrong up ahead, as opposed to brake lights, where too many people just assume a car is slowing down slightly, rather than coming to a stop.

    1. If you’re driving a manual, you’re not necessarily on the brakes in such a situation though. But even that does not really matter. The rear driver is still responsible for not hitting anything in front of him unless it’s something that appeared so sudden that it couldn’t be avoided. A car standing on a clear stretch of road in broad daylight is none of that.
      Technically you’re even responsible to slow down on blind bends in case a car (or something else) is standing still right behind it. So that you would still be able to prevent a collision. Though in such a case, a judge might decide in your favour if the one who put the car there was acting in a really unjustifiable and irresponsible manner. Might, not certainly will.

    2. I do that and one other thing that I got from watching CHiPs. Go all Indy 500 style warming up the tires by weaving over the center line. That with the hazards and the red color of the vehicle should get a bunch of attention. I actually had to do that a couple of times.

      But what is even worse, is when traffic is backed up because of an accident, but it’s backed up for at least four miles from the accident to the point of clogging up traffic on adjacent roads via off/on ramps etc. Then you get some people who have not been paying attention to the situation and they try to merge into the traffic that’s already stopped. Where the lane that you are in, next to them, has not slowed down enough to account for the stopped lanes of traffic to the right of the lane of travel.

      That’s one of the times that you are happy to have brakes. Oh, and I put the hazards on when at least 35 m.p.h. on a road with at least highway speeds of 55 or more. 45 for Interstate highways.

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