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But you didn’t do anything..

I actual had to cut this comic is half. It was supposed to be twice as long, but the work was too time consuming, and it features a lot of characters. Second half will be up Friday. It's nearly 60% done. So yes, two comics this week. See you then. UPDATE: Alright, I have to admit defeat on this Friday comic until Monday. There was certainly no lack of effort. I set my alarm to get up at 1am this morning to finish this coloring, and I'm still hours away from being done with it. See you then.

81 thoughts on “But you didn’t do anything..

    1. More questions:
      * How did he throw a rose?
      * What held his mask on?
      * How did Starbucks afford an Unobtanium-reinforced windowsill?

        1. It’s true. I once saw a Starbucks that was right next to another Starbucks. The two of them were actually contained wholly inside a third, larger Starbucks. I think Starbucks Left is going to get closed down next month. Hopefully, the baristas can find work at Starbucks Right when that happens, though.

  1. I must find a way to turn this into a meme, gif, user pic or all of the above. I laughed so hard at the last frame.

    1. You’d have to be both mysterious and a fatass. Neither is hard to accomplish, especially the fatass is very easy. I suppose you are working at these goals?

      Then you have to be able to pick the girl’s interest. That’s the part I’m having trouble with. If you have any advice I’m all ears. I think I need a cape, a mask and to become able to embed a rose in the ground.

      1. I wouldn’t say I’m working for those goals, but I’m certainly not putting any noticeable effort in working against them. Though, there’s a fine line between appearing mysterious and crazy, and some might say that my not working against appearing mysterious also ignores that line sometimes.

        My best advice regarding women is that if I think something sounds really funny, it’s probably a bad idea with a significant other. So mainly, any advice I give regarding women should be triple-checked, at a minimum, before considering implementing it.

        1. I do not triple check women, because I can barely even ice skate normally let alone with all those pads, and triple checking someone would require good timing. Besides it would be hard to justify later.

  2. Lost how this does anything with the comic. Is this like a joke strip that has nothing to do with the comic as a whole?

    1. No, I’m guessing Pumpkin’s walking home from the sister summons.

      I’m wondering where FatFat got the costume from. Pumpkin makes all the other ones, but she didn’t seem to know who it was (Clark Kent syndrome). Of course, that’s typical for Sailor Moon, too. Just wish she had the silly bun things on either side of her head, no extremely long ponytails needed. :) My daughter loved Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network back in the 90’s, so I appreciate the references.

      Looking forward to Friday!

        1. Note the author post that this was cut in half (or maybe 60/40). It’s quite possible that the other half will assist answering your question.

  3. My work here is done!


    Get in, losers, we’re going shopping!

    (My two favorite dumb-ass screencaps involving our masked friend)

  4. So if the cat is the mysterious masked knight does that mean the older love interest will be a lady with a British accent and a crescent moon on her forehead?

    Also, this provides some insight into what McFatfat gets up to when he’s out past curfew.

    1. Apparently, this isn’t the subbed version. But the dubbed version just sounds like meowing. Must be a Gainax release.

      1. With all the ace bandages Pumpkin can’t do the trademark Gainax bounce. So it’s probably some cheap knockoff bootleg company like “Studio Gainaks” and this is the only awesome thing they ever do.

  5. Clearly Fatfat is a very powerful telekinetic. That’s the only thing that explains the costume getting on / staying on, the rose, the flying at the end, etc.

    1. New Dominion Tank Police. That was mine. Years later I would discover there was a Dominion Tank Police that was actually quite different, and I was stunned that I went right to the sequel.

  6. Maybe, I’m missing something obvious, but why is there such a large white gap in the comic? At first I thought I had a loading issue, but it seems to be deliberate. What am I missing?

    1. I believe that is a Dramatic Pause so that you don’t immediately see that that mysterious fatass is, in fact, Tuxedo Fat. Even though literally all the readers know that’s just McFatFat in a costume he must have found somewhere.

  7. I think I translated the second speech bubble. It said and I quote “Bow chicka bow wow, now….” But I may have lost something in the translation.

  8. *after the event is over*
    “mrow murrow mroow mrow mrow” (my job here is done)
    “but you didnt do anything
    *swirls away on his fat ass-bellly/ball/body*

    1. You can never, NEVER, fault Chris Rusche’s sheer dedication to a quality end product. You’d have to be some kind of idiot or insane.

      1. Well no. I was merely, albeit inadequately, stating my surprise at the levels with which Chris has gone towards being able to find an unencumbered work time. Just now I thought that he might be going to sleep when his kids go to bed, waking up at 1 a.m. to work as well as being up in time to get the kids ready for school. Then a nap, and adult style business in the afternoon. Repeat, rinse off the dinner dishes and ymmv.

        1. I figured he worked from bedtime to school time and collapsed after the kids left. Adult style business. Yeah, I guess you have to fit that in somewhere.

        2. Yeah, I know that with online banking, a lot of stuff can be done online. The Equifax hack and theft only emboldens the strategy that I have in using a credit card as little as possible. That, and some of those hacks that were perpetrated at fast food places, grocery stores, etc. Hell, I even walk inside the store to put pre paid gas on the credit card. And say hi to the people in there behind the counter.

        3. Actually, in the US, a credit card is one of your safest methods to pay (not at all true in Europe, as I understand it). Basically federal law limits consumer liability in the case of credit card fraud to $50, and market forces turn that into $0 most of the time (the extra $50 back is generally not worth the bad feeling/press & hassle and probably >$50 labor for dealing with complaints/arguments is my assumption). One benefit with that is if you dispute a charge then you don’t owe the money and the worst hassle is the bank may tell you they’re sending you a new card and to destroy your old one.

          As a side benefit, I recall hearing that having 3-4 credit cards is apparently optimal from a credit score stance (large part of credit score is available credit vs amount used, so 3-4 cards with $5k-$10k and you only actually charge normal expenses makes that ratio look good for you and you aren’t paying interest since it’s paid off in full each month). Also that helps as you have relatively unused cards to rotate to for a month or two if you have a big maintenance bill you have to carry a balance on for a month or if one of your cards gets disabled for fraud for a few days.

          As long as you pay off your cards in full every month, have a decent method of determining if there are out of line extras on your statement, and don’t mind the loss of privacy with your financial transactions, then credit cards are the way to go in the US (and you can still use cash for odd transactions that you prefer not to be used to profile you by credit card company). This does all assume spending discipline, though.

        4. It’s not the only way, just an easy way with relatively passive activity for a few years (assuming you have the discipline to view credit cards as “convenience for not carrying around money I have” rather than “excuse to spend more than I can afford”, which isn’t universally valid assumption-wise).

        5. The Equifax hack doesn’t just affect credit cards, though. Any line of credit you have (car loans, mortgage, etc.) goes through the credit reporting websites. If you’re late on your energy bill, the utility company can also put something into those credit reports.

          It’s fairly irritating how much of our information is reported to third parties without permission or real accountability. If it were my credit card company that were hacked, I could simply get a different credit card. With the credit reporting companies being hacked, what recourse do we have? I do consider switching to cash purchases, but I’ve grown used to not carrying cash. It reminds me of when gas got expensive. I said I’d stop using my car when gas got to $3. Then $3.50. Then $3.75. Then $4. I was pretty serious about $4.50, but it started to drop after it hit around $4.35. If using debit cards becomes more of a credit hazard than a benefit, I’ll transition, but clearly, it takes quite a bit of personal irritation to bump me out of my bad habits. :) I’m still old school about writing checks for bills, though. It forces me to spend actual time verifying that everything the bank says happened really happened.

        6. In the US, checking account fraud and debit account fraud are more of a hassle than credit card fraud. Primarily because even if you can eventually get your money back, you don’t have it while you’re arguing and end up with scrimping for low cash flow and probably late fees or other non-ideal things to make ends meet. Also I don’t recall if there are as good of federal protections for those forms of bank fraud as credit card fraud (I think debit card is entirely voluntary/market-driven).

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