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Cake Safe

Appreciate the patience. That was a rough bout. tl;dr Covid sucks and it exponentially sucks if you're diabetic. Everyone is doing fine. Claire and I are still suffering some fatigue but I feel like we're mostly back to normal. So, long overdue plug: Friend of mine, Steve, who I met through this comic has been doing a Twitch stream for quite a while. He's frequently in the comments. Plays pretty much anything and everything. Streams every night at 7:30pm/8:30pm central.  Did him some banner art around 6 months ago while he was feeling out a schedule. Figured it's overdue to share. This guy has supported me for a really long time, so if you'd all be so kind, please give him a follow if you're normally on Twitch. I know he'd really be excited about it. He's super funny on stream, an encyclopedia of Zelda lore, and as a bonus for watching, you get stream points you can redeem to watch him do hand farts. His mastery of these is legend. You can find Steve's Twitch here: www.twitch.tv/magus62m

27 thoughts on “Cake Safe

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re recovering! I hope you all feel well soon, and I’ll pass on the twitch link to my friends who live on there!

  2. Please be well. COVID sucks. Did you get vaxxed? And what’s up with getting the bug for the second time and it being worse? All the credible sources I’ve read says that if you got COVID and recovered, that your immune system is better able to fight off COVID than if you got jabbed and if you got jabbed and got the bug you should be Ace. Don’t want to pry but I try to get all the data points I can on this disease.

    1. …turns out there are an awful lot of Steves in this joint. Me, Steveha, you….

      I’d accuse Mr. Blue but I know he was originally Wolfgang Pat.


  3. I don’t know what’s better here; the look of disgust on Anise’s face or the fact that the cakes are kept in a wall safe.

  4. Well, Herb, when the plan backfires, it suuuuuuure do backfire, don’t it?!

    Should have figured that Cinn really was dating Florida Man.

  5. Ach, so sorry to hear that you had to suffer through covid, but I’m happy to hear you all are doing better!

    Who else thinks Rosemary waited until Anise was right there to open the safe?

      1. I’m guessing that the fruit pizza has already been served. And Anise had to come some down as well. Maybe that could be a third reason for that face. Or that she’s going to need to learn another set of skills.

  6. Ok I can identify most of the banner the 2 I can’t are prob stuff I’ve never played but 1 I know I know and it’s bugging me

  7. When you binge the comic from post one within a few days, but you get current at the good part. Glad I came back to this though!

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