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My thanks to commentor Banena for offering suggestions about Ellie's future outfit. One of which was used. We'll see all of it when we get back to Ellie. Quinn still has one last person in her dwindling support system to lose.

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  1. I’d like to think there’s some significance to the color of Ellie’s new shirt, but maybe I’m reading to far into things.

    1. I dont think it’s so much the color as the style. Ellie’s usual t is simple, relaxed and the sort of thing that you would wear to bed. This shirt is cut more sophisticatedly and makes her look more mature. Also, red is generaly consived as a more “mature” color for women as well. But I could be reading to much into this as well so…

      1. I think it was a TMNT costume. Which would have had great comedic value. And this is an excellent compromise between her blue t shirt and the tank top I wanted to see again. You and Banena have my appreciation.

  2. Interesting. If an eviction were to happen. I wonder just how happy Quinn’s father will be about the situation. Especially if his name is on the lease as well.

      1. That does seem to fit her character. She seems to react rather fast than to think things through as of late.

        1. He was really asking for it, though. ;)

          I’m not condoning the scissors, but it was really stupid to poke at her twice. (“I’m going to have you evicted for sure now! Mu-wha, ha, ha, ha!” “Oh, I want my freebee now, and not when you’re done bleeding.”)

          I mean, she just got into a nasty fight with her roommate. It’s just not bright to poke at tigers like that.

      2. Ah, so it WAS Quinn…. I was unsure for a while as to who had done it. But now that I think about it, it would make more sense for Quinn to do it, because Ellie would have no idea about what the tired old man was talking about.

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. I know she’s an asshole, but that could have been full-on murder (assuming the guy even lived). (He did live, right?)

      1. True, though if he fell down the stairs I would have to say Ellie came out on top. It appears she does not have a scratch or bruise on her.

        1. I liked her old shirt. It reminded me of Nami in Grand Line 3.5 (oddly not Nami in One Piece; maybe because I got used to the orange shirt she wore during the Arlong’s Crew arc). The red works well with her shift from cool to warm/hot colours, though, and matches her O’Jacks uniform… not that I expect her to stay there for long, given hints dropped by the author and spoilers dropped by archive rereaders.

  3. Wow. Ellie must have had some truly epic battles with her sisters. Will we get to see them in future flashbacks?

    I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’d let Quinn pack or touch my stuff, but I can appreciate Ellie’s desire to get out and cool off overcoming any concern for personal property.

    Poor Tired Guy. He should have left discreetly instead of trying to push all the wrong buttons. In secession.

    You’ve got to respect his super-villain instinct to twist the knife, though. His face when

    Quinn cut his hose is brilliant. :)

  4. Wait a second…

    “Quinn still has one last person in her dwindling support system to lose.”

    Unless you’re talking about Ian (which he doesn’t really seem to be in the support loop quite yet) the only person Quinn has left is her dad. If he dies it will end her. Now I’m going to be stewing on this until I find out.

      1. I don’t think he’d die; feels a bit too convenient, timing-wise.

        Him not swooping in to rescue her to teach her a lesson, though, is a possibility. We don’t know anything about Quinn’s relationship with her father, but it’s entirely possible that he’s well aware that Quinn is very poorly socially adjusted and specifically engineered the apartment situation (complete with the roommate requirement) just to force her to learn to get along with other people.

        If that’s the case he might choose to let her flap in the wind for a while, just so she gets a taste of how bad things can be when you make a serial habit of burning bridges.

        1. I would vastly prefer this option to his passing. Stuff like that makes me cry like a little baby.

        2. We’ll all hold you to this comment. Don’t you pull a Stephen King on us, later though!

          Also, I am still laughing over the “Snip!” panel. That look on his face… oh man.

          And… I know I’m insane, but for some reason, Tired Guy really seems to remind me of “Old Man” Bruce Wayne, from the Batman Beyond series. Just the facial expressions, attitude, and personality. It’s crazy, but it makes it even funnier, when I think of him like the really old, old, Batman.

        3. Batman can breathe in space, but Old Batman can ONLY breathe in space? I like that idea ^_^

  5. Uh.

    Jeez. It may not be Ellie who winds up in jail. Tired Guy is already fed up with her/petty enough to try to get the landlord to throw them out, at least as presented; I don’t think for a minute that he’d hesitate to call the cops after she cut the line on his frikkin’ oxygen tank. (Can’t say that I blame him on either count, to be fair; Quinn is way too shouty for apartment livin’, sez I)

    Wasn’t sure before if he’d be able to get her evicted, but now I won’t be surprised if this ends with Quinn huddled in her crappy lemon calling her father to rescue her…

    Who knows? Her dad might be able to talk the landlord around to giving her a pass. Heck, Ellie might well be able to charm him or talk him into not kicking them out; sometimes people can be reasonable.

    One thing I do know is that it’s rather unlikely that Quinn could do the same. It’s surprising to me, sometimes, how often a reasonable attitude (and, in a case like this where you’re genuinely in the wrong, a repentant one) can yield dividends. But the problem is that she’s more likely to barge into the landlord’s office firing on all cylinders and trying to shout, argue, or bully him into submission; there’s places where that might work (some retail managers might accommodate you to avoid a scene or get you out of the store, if you’re not annoying enough to just eject from the store in the first place), but… trying to bully or browbeat someone with whom you have a contract, one which you’re in significant violation of, is not liable to end well. Ya know?

    Obviously this is more my musings about the situation in the comic than anything else, but I still stand by something I said a few pages ago: it’s interesting how thoroughly self-destructive Quinn’s behavior is without seeming completely unrealistic.

    1. “Jeez. It may not be Ellie who winds up in jail.”

      Good point. Quinn could easily call the cops and get an order of protection of Ellie right now. The bite-marks are solid evidence.

      “Wasn’t sure before if he’d be able to get her evicted, but now I won’t be surprised if this ends with Quinn huddled in her crappy lemon calling her father to rescue her…”

      I’m not sure. It could go both ways. I guess it depends if the managing office has had serious complaints about Quinn & her previous roommates before. A lot of management offices will turn a blind eye if it’s not destruction to the apartment and serious criminal offenses, and no one has called the cops on this fight, yet.

      I’ve had a couple of friends who have lived in similar complexes, with rowdy neighbors they reported repeatedly to the cops & the management offices, and nothing happened to those parties unless they were visibly trashing the place or got caught with illegal paraphernalia. Looking back on what happened with them, the only time rowdy neighbors got evicted was when they stopped paying their rent, which had nothing to do directly with their loud, violent behavior.

      ” or bully him into submission; there’s places where that might work (some retail managers might accommodate you to avoid a scene or get you out of the store, if you’re not annoying enough to just eject from the store in the first place), but… trying to bully or browbeat someone with whom you have a contract, one which you’re in significant violation of, is not liable to end well. Ya know?”

      Speaking from personal experience with property management, when a tenant tries to bully/threaten me, I know I must get rid of them, no matter how much money & time it might cost. Once they show; that lack of respect to the property & my person, a flagrant disrespect for the law, and no regard to their own legal agreements & responsibilities, it will get far worse with them. They’re attitude will never improve, and they will look to see what else they can get away with. I’ve learned this the hard way.

      The professional relationship is already dead, and losses need to be cut immediately.

      To me it’s not a “I don’t like this person’s attitude,” and instead “this situation is already past the point of no return, and now that I know this it’s on me to stop it before it escalates further.”

      1. Regarding Ellie and Quinn and jail: What I mean is that, where originally some of us were theorizing that Ellie might have gotten arrested for beating the crud out of Quinn, at this point it seems like Quinn is in bigger danger of that. Sure Ellie threw the first blow at *Quinn,* but I can’t see either of them getting serious charges over that fight; I was just wondering if Ellie would wind up detained for a short time or removed from the apartment by police.

        Depending on Tired Guy’s medical condition, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was ready to drum up some serious assault charges.

        Regarding the landlord: That was about my line of thinking. What I meant was that sometimes people get away with bullying some assistant manager at a Wal-Mart, but even lower-level managers who aren’t as willing to deal with the complaints an ejection would cause have their limits. My line of thinking is that the situation with the apartment may not be beyond repair for anyone else, but that the odds of Quinn being able to fix it herself are far lower than the odds of Quinn just digging herself deeper.

        I may have misspoke, but I mean that it’s not so much about attitude, and more about attitude being a signal of whether the situation can be rectified without resorting to eviction.

  6. *snort* werebimbo
    Also: ^________________________________________^iamsohappy!

    Also: I see Quinn wants to add murderer to her small list of abilities.

    Lastly: I wonder what Quinn’s new hairstyle will be like, unless she’s going to go with the half-chopped-off look.

  7. I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, but never got ’round to it, but does anyone ever read the dialogue in a specific character’s voice? Ever since the start of their scuffle, I always imagined Ellie to have the SLIGHTEST hint of a southern accent. Like she was in Texas for a year in her childhood before she moved away. I sometimes imagine that Quinn sounds like someone from Boston- again, with only a very slight accent.

    What about you, Mr. Rusche? How do Quinn and Ellie sound to you? If they were voiced, what voice actresses would you cast?

    1. Well, Ellie’s a composite character based off several women I know, while Quinn has a real life counterpart. So Quinn typically sounds like real-Quinn.
      I would imagine Elie sounds somewhat cutesie. But not obnoxiously so. (I’m sure that helps alot, right?)

      No notable voice actress would likely satisfy me if it were ever a series. I’d insist on unique new actresses so you’re not focusing on “Oh yeah that’s Tara Strong from blahblahblah…”

      1. Alright then, fair enough. I suppose a character who was designed with a specific person in mind would sound like the person who inspired her.

        On the other hand, there are plenty of decent voice actresses that don’t do a lot of work. Tara Strong and Grey Delisle do A LOT of voice work, and are instantly recognizable, but I still think there are some decent ladies that could play the part. Christine Marie Cabanos comes to mind. Or, alternately Cristina Vee.

    1. If I’m not correct, then Florida State Contractual law stipulates that any party that has a Disney theme to it, must give the DJ cake first. Of course, the parent could be stupid enough to not even look online for something like that.

      But I’m pretty sure that Eagan put that as one of the clauses in the contract that he had the parent sign. Just like Van Halen and their brown M&Ms.

    1. I think that would make Quinn look adorable, and maybe even scarier when she goes were bitch. . . But not if she goes were-bimbo.

  8. Heh, this will turn out bad for Quinn, more thanks to Tired guys charges then anything else, since he had some good points, and if he end up dead, oh well, i won’t miss him.

    But i am curious to who his Grandoughter/cousin is, and if it might end with Quinn getting kicked out and Ellie and her living there.
    Anyway, great update! can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

    1. lol. Alot of people took that as truth. Tiredguy was lying. It was an ill-thoughtout lie he couldn’t even keep up with, as a guise to view the apartment and interrogate the tenants.

  9. i wonder where ellie will go next. i highly doubt her mom will let her back in the house. i cant wait for monday!

        1. You might be mistaken on that. Think of a physical interface with a fax machine hooked up to one of those pin face boxes at Spencer’s.

  10. Alright people, lets break this down

    Ellie’s outfit is chock full of intense meaning and symbolism.

    Lets look at her outfit. Red, the color of victory and empowerment. She has basically won this fight with Quinn and is displaying it. Red is the color that one looks to first when viewing a painting and obviously Ellie is the main character so we should be drawing attention to her, especially now that she has come through victorious. Also the shirt has a much more mature look to it on top, being fairly constricting, showing that she is immovable now in certain areas. while this symbolizes her maturity throughout this intense growing-up ordeal, the shirt also flows out at the bottom, showing that she still wants room to have fun and be herself. The fact that she still wears shorts is a nod to her past life and how she is still the same person, but the change of style shows that she has grown up and is ready to be an adult.

    That’s Grade A stuff right there.
    Also, it is apparently a sneak preview at the rest of the outfit. Surprise!

  11. I hope that you don’t mind the nitpick. But for an oxygen tube, it goes around the ears and down the front of the neck. OCD on my part I guess, but my mom had Alpha A1. So….

    1. You may be right, buuuuuut you don’t know Tired Guy. Maybe he likes it that way. Maybe he’s a rebel. Or maybe not.

      1. true, but the physical action required to pull it over the head to wear it like that is more exerting than it would be to just hook the tubes behind the ears.

    1. I don’t think that’s as much as a typo as much as it could be Quinn actually hesitating and drawing out the syllable on that one when she realized just how old the guy is and she might be in even more hot water.

      It’s probably why she’s not packing Ellie’s stuff right now and is talking to Eagan.

  12. I just had the thought that Ellie and Quinn might come to an understanding in order to stay out of jail and say that the both slipped on a banana in the kitchen where Quinn’s head accidentally hit a pair of scissors that actually did that to her hair, instead of some girl with a broken string of pearls and a bear can while wearing a fur coat.

    And if they collaborate on that to discredit Tired Guy, then what can he say on Monday, unless he complains about the cat. But then, Quinn already mistook it for a plushie, so maybe someone else might as well.

    However, there is one thing, and that might have to do with kicking out a renter. A person needs a minimal amount of time, and I really don’t think that’s enough for Ellie with what Quinn has in mind. . . .

  13. My question would be, who owns the MP3 player that Mr. Fatty McFatFat is listening to. It looks like a sansadisk mp3 player at that.

  14. I kinda feel like the best part of this comic is the disinterested look on the little girl’s face. She’s at a birthday party, about to eat cake, and she just looks so bored. You can just see her contemplating something in her head, completely out of the situation.

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