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Can’t Go Back

Sorry for being so late today. I had this done so early, but I totally effed up the last two panels. Had Ellie opening the door the opposite way. I was ready to post and caught it.  Had to redo all the art for it. I am still super swamped on moving stuff, but I'm going to really push for the next comic to be out this Friday. See you then. =) Update 5/10/19: Couldn't quite get the next comic finished in time, but it will definitely be up Tuesday. And it's gonna be a long one. =) 5/14/19: Another quick update! Chris has been killing himself trying to get the yard and outside maintenance done so the house is ready to put up for sale, working in-between the rounds of constant thunderstorms. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the next post will have to be Friday. <3 Claire 5/17/19: Still trying to get this done in the middle of all the moving and house prep. Next comic is 13 tiers, and I will post it the minute that it's done. Could be Saturday or Sunday, could be later. Thanks for your patience and bearing with me because it's really important that I get this one done right. 

53 thoughts on “Can’t Go Back

  1. Woooooooooow so kudos to whomever guessed a few strips back that it was for a future kid. Was his wife preggers at the time of the crash? Cause that suuuuuuuuucks.

    Also first hi.

    1. And here I assumed it was going to be his Action Center where he did all the work cleaning up Tarragon’s collateral damage.
      Or is that in a different room?

  2. It’s a nursery?
    Starting to get a feeling that the crack in the door (as well as the ones around the frame) weren’t there when David bought the house.

    1. Wait, are you saying what I think you’re saying?

      WiBbLy WoBbLy Do YoU kNoW wHaT tHe CrAcK iS?

  3. I’m gonna do something I don’t normally do, and plug a thing. It isn’t MY thing, but the kind of thing I like. And, I think this crowd might like it, too.

    It’s a Kickstarter for a RPG. One that miiiiight also fit with this comic, so that’s why I’m doing this here. It’s called “Big Eyes Small Brains Anime Pocket RPG”


    It’s part of a series of games made to be sold out of a vending machine. They are roughly 4″ x 6″. They use regular six sided dice, so no phunky dice needed. The first two were musically inspired. This one was going to be based on the cooking competition anime shows, but seems to have out grown that.

    Take a look. If it interests you, great! If it doesn’t, well, I tried. I have no vested interest, except to see it get off the ground.

      1. I used one until I ran out of refills, but it wasn’t any better than a regular diaper pail. My husband liked to call it the poop sausage machine. :)

    1. I’m guessing you’re right.

      Mack: If they made that door a secret, we proooobably shouldn’t try to open it. Right Blue?
      * looks around for Blue, sees his imaginary friend pulling on the door’s handle *

    2. [Alec Horne]:
      The fact that the door wasn’t locked says to me:
      “This Was a Test.”
      “By Opening This Door You Failed This Test.”
      “Before You Ask — Yes I Did Hear You Open The Door.”

  4. Bad Ellie, BAD! You just had a great romp with the guy and have strong connection, why must you tempt fate when things are looking up…
    *Retreats into Cheyenne Mountain complex for proceeding fallout*
    *Also brings several cases of twinkies because… Twinkies*

    1. If you’ve ever seen Mortal Engines, they are called “Inkies” since the TW part wore off the wrappers.

      1. Thanks for the heads up, it’s on my watch list. Sadly that list is as long as my arm and written in micro dot but I’ll bump Mortal Engines closer to the top now. I love it when future based films take things from reality we relate to and use them as artifacts, and the running joke twikies will out live us all is gag that ages just as well.

        1. Actually, Mortal Engines actually surprised me when I finally watched it. It was BETTER than I thought it would be.

          If you like vague references to artifacts of the present day, wait until you see what they call the “American Deities” in the London Museum.

        2. Oddly, the book was pretty much trash. I get that it’s YA, but wow. This was pretty low-rent YA.

        3. I think the overall idea was really expanded on by Peter Jackson. The world messed itself up with powerful weapons, creating an energy and resource crisis that forced people to survive in a wasteland together in moving “cities.” I say “cities” in the loosest sense, because none of them are a standard anything. London is basically a giant battle tank, complete with giant cannons and everything. Sure, there’s a romance thing lingering in the background, but the reality is all the crazy ass shit humanity cooked up before they screwed themselves over. The movie did a really good job of visualizing that future.

        4. Given the trash fire that was the book, Jackson couldn’t have gone too far amiss.

        5. There is also an steampunk styled un-dead soldier who provides excellent thriller elements & emotional pathos for the protagonist.

          I was very happy with the movie & surprised it didn’t do well at the box office with Jackson attached to the project.

  5. Sooo…is the crack in the door the result of an “I’ll-never-see-my-child-alive” fit, or the result of “I-contracted-an-eldritch-horror-to-bring-my-kid-back-from-the-dead-and-had-to-kill-my-kid-all-over-again-myself” event?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s the former of the two, but then again, if it’s the latter, I would not be entirely surprised.

    2. [Steve]:
      The former would be a better ‘fit’ for this Author’s style.
      “IMO”, the latter is more of a “Stephen King” style of story.

    1. I’m not 100% sure that her curiosity will be bad, at least, in the long run. He has clearly not taken any steps to cope with this for a long time leaving him emotionally frozen. He needs someone who loves him enough to allow him the space to cry and accept the grief he has shut away, because she will help providing him the strength and confidence to know that his entire life isn’t over if he let’s this go because there will still be someone who loves him and he may have been holding onto his grief because he’s afraid to lose a tie to the greatest targets of his love. Elle broke through on barrier when they made love after forever of festering want for each other that had been leaving him static in that relationship. Now, she can break through another and allow him to grow and become worthing of her so that they can share a deeper relationship that is capable of growing and not just festering. If she’d taken her time to enter his life, she would have learned this anyway. And, it almost seems like he was baiting her to do it. He isn’t Bluebeard. He isn’t hiding a murderous side that is a threat to her, he’s just hiding his pain.

  6. Why isn’t anybody talking about the white elephant in the room?
    If our favorite couple are going to the Buckingham castle for Pumpkin’s birthday, this means the long awaited reunion of Tarragon with Mr. David Stevens (AKA Mr. Blue Sky).

    Remember that scene when he was sweating bullets when Ellie asked if he knew any other sisters and he inadvertently lied by saying “Can’t think of any”? (http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/the-wedge/)

    Ellie hates liars; let’s hope whatever relationship those 2 had prior to his getting out to be with Megan doesn’t torpedo this relationship with our favorite Buckingham.

      1. The knowledge is the Balrog. Which is the point in both this comic and the Fellowship of the Ring (the dwarfs in their ignorance learned a deadly truth).

  7. What’s that blue and green thing over Ellie’s hair in the bottom right? If it’s an emote, I’m unfamiliar with it.

    1. An earth ornament on the mobile. You know? Those things with the arms from which decorations are hung over cradles. Sometimes used in schools for models of the solar system.

  8. I’m really feeling dense now. It took someone else calling David “Mr. Blue Sky” for me to realize that of course! Mr. and Mrs. Blue Sky would have a sun/earth themed baby room. It’s very blue in there. With clouds. And I completely missed it.

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Well, she went in and what I suspected is true. David is Benjamin Buttoning and he’s prepares this room for his soon to be child-phase.

  10. A lot of people are saying oh no shouldn’t have gone in there but I doubt it was something David was trying to hide from her seeing as I don’t think he actually ever said to not go in there, just thay it had a bunch of stuff that he needed to get rid of, I figure he was probably going to tell her eventually but just didn’t want to immediately

  11. I don’t mean to nitpick, but…
    Isn’t Ellie holding the blanket with the wrong arm in the final panel?
    Walks past the door, backs up (holding the blanket with her left arm, extending right arm)
    Opens door with right arm
    But in the final panel holding her blanket with her right arm, and what looks to be her left opening the door?

  12. Omg, Ellie is to have two great loves in this comic, right? What if David is one, and the baby room is foreshadowing the second. What if she’s pregnant. You guys, what if the bag guys get David and leave Ellie to raise their kid. Noooo.

    1. And in the Farlands, the shriek of disdain grew to a volume and intensity that made even Justin Trudeau weep for loss.

  13. I’ve always found it weird when people store toasters away on a shelf or cupboard rather than have a designated place for it on the counter.

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