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    1. Nah, it must be intentional. After all- if you remove weight from the car, it can speed faster. THAT’S why he cut out the seatbelts. :D

  1. Hey, he can find the fun in anything. I’d say he may not be the smoothest, but he might be worth the time.

    1. Considering he’s currently out with a girl who made a bed out of stuffed animals and a bedframe she found, they may actually work well together. This can either go pretty right or horribly wrong, depending.

      1. Well, I mean, I’m not rooting for him. I am hoping that he crashes and burns, but in a comical way that allows them to mutually go their own ways. After all, Ellie and Blind Guy are my OTP. Hahaha

        1. OOh, Mine too. But I got distracted and almost forgot about Blind Guy. I am ashamed. My fan-ships are not usually so easily steered otherwhere. >< But yes. I hope they depart friendly like at least.

        2. My money’s on this guy. He’s got that likable loser vibe going for him. Also coming from a guy who lived similarly, sometimes all it takes is the right girl who is willing to stick with you and who believes that there is greatness in you even when your at the low point, that makes you turn things around. True story.

  2. Park it over a manhole and it’s also an escape route.

    I’m amazed at how trusting Ellie is. I think most people (not just young women, really anybody), when faced with the inside of this truck, should get a vibe along the lines of “so this is where they’ll find my blood and hair samples for the murder trial… yeah I really need to get out of this situation, like, 10 minutes ago”.

    1. You, sir, are not alone in this assessment.

      Of course, is it naivete, or confidence in her own skill? After all, we’ve seen previously how Ellie’s taken a level or two in badass, so to speak, so she may not be terribly concerned about the creepers and assorted other nasties afoot in the field. It may be that she doesn’t know enough to be concerned. It may be that she knows enough to not care.

      1. She was being adorkably naive in the last scene, but lets keep in mind she’s still basically a teenager. If she where perfectly logical and mature then she wouldn’t be the Ellie we know an love.

        But maybe she’s just hoping for one night of fun and relaxation where she doesn’t have to worry about work or making rent. Remember her last conversation with Mr. Stevens? To paraphrase “I want to do something other than work once in a while.”

        1. Keep in mind, her family bends reality on a whim. Her older sister summoned….Something…to eat her future self. Her younger sister summoned her cat to deal with the skanky cosplayers.
          We don’t know what Ellie summons yet, but it may well be world-ending.
          When the cops find that van, the first person in is likely going to fail their San check…

        2. you mean something like…

          Oh no! I’m pregnant! I can’t have that again!
          “Summon Abortion demon!”

        3. Mr. Blue really has to ask that if you have read the archives, with a decent grasp of the story line and its comprehension thereof. Then you should realize that the girls were not brought up to acknowledge that step.

          So, while the humor might be there in your statement, it seems that by hiding behind the cloak of the internet’s veil of anonymity that you statement thus belies a seemingly glaring grudge towards something in and of itself. Perhaps…

      2. Naivete. I’m sure Ellie’s fairly confident in her ability to handle a creeper, but it’d be way foolish of her to think that means she can handle any situation.

        I mean, how many ice-cream murder-mobiles has she ridden in? So far? Probably only a couple.

        1. Ha! Well as you pointed out, she’s right over the escape tunnel (depending on where they park).

    2. I’ve known a couple of women who were waaaaay too trusting of overtly-suspicious, complete strangers. I’m amazed they didn’t give me grey hairs with how much they worried me…

      That said, let’s not overlook desperation as a motive. Ellie’s had a lifetime of intimidating men from a distance and, as far as we can tell, has been doing nothing outside of work besides activities with her sisters and Quinn. The only man in her life refused to take her out or explain what the problem was. So between job(s) stress(es), the oyster fest, and an entire year of unexplained rejection, Danny may as well be the last man on Earth right now.

    3. what they should be thinking is “this is where they will find his blood and hair samples tomorrow.”

  3. I’m torn on whether I want these two to go out. They seem to be very similar, but maybe what they each need is someone different? I dunno. Up in the air, leaning pro on the basis of the fact that they both seem to want to not be single anymore.

  4. Danny seems alright, but the fact that his buddies from work have stated they’re not paying Ellie (and that he hasn’t told Ellie she isn’t getting paid, unless Danny pays her out of his own pocket) makes it seem like there will be some tension down the road.

    1. Agreed, he fails the first test by virtue of lying to her about her payment. If he pays her out of pocket however it would almost be enough to make things squar.

      Dont forget, she came here in the first place looking for WORK not a date.

      1. Or maybe he’s paying her with a room, dinner, and some D. Givin I don’t think those were the agreed upon terms, but does Ellie even know what those terms are supposed to be in the first place?

  5. Well, it could be worse, at least that hole is the basement, not the bathroom…though…I dont know, something about this guy just…meehhh I dont know. I dont get a bad vibe off or him, but i do get a weird one. There is something going on and he isnt being completly honest, but I dont think he has malicious or harmful intent.

    if I didnt know any better I would say he is an idiot that causes trouble without meaning to as a result of not thinking things through…oh gawd, its a male version of Elie *face palms*

    1. Well said, Kenju. I’d also like to point out I’ve gotten the distinct sense he’s paying for everything on the company card. I am definitely getting the sense he’s very broke.

  6. He might call it a trash chute, but a hole in the floorboard means that donut bag is going to end up on the road, and I HATE litterbugs…

  7. Riding in a car with a dissolving floor is a unique experience, especially the first few times. Ellie’s reaction was not unlike mine. I’m guessing Rusche has gone through it as well.

    On a side note, I am guessing Danny hasn’t been in Florida long. Basements are as mythical here as seasons and that… flaky… wet sand stuff… that falls from the sky.

  8. Well, at least it isn’t a convertible with a “piranha tank” in the well where the top retracts into.

    Rainstorm + hitting the brakes while driving after the storm = SLLLLOOOOOSH!

  9. I see this being a few things
    -Hes giving her a nice time, a room to stay in as “payment”
    -Hes doing all this to take the edge of telling her that she wont get paid- so maybe she wont kill him
    -Hes doing this because he wants to milk it for all its worth before shit hits the fan
    -all of the above

    that being said I think they would be cute together, but Im still rooting for ol’ blindy (even if he second bf down the road)

    1. I’m gonna toss out another possibility:
      * He’s trying to make a really good first impression as quickly as possible, because he’s is normally short on money and is actually charging everything to his employer’s card.

      1. super true- again with the milking it though
        I also just read through the whole thing- when she rejected hippie loser she said that him taking her out to subway was not the same as red lobster
        Dun dun dun! She totally sees this a kiss (maybe more?) worthy date.

  10. Danny and Quinn, Ellie and some guy to yet be introduced. I imagine Mr. Stevens as more of a mentor to Ellie, helping her along the way. Although, if I’m wrong, prefecture happy with that, too. I get a feeling that Ellie and Quinn wind up with male versions of each other. Just seems how real life works, and this comic is mostly about life to me.

  11. Mr. Blue’s pick for Ellie’s hotel and it’s possibilities.

    1. Florida Hotel – Florida Mall. Closest Walgreens, 34 minutes walking time by round trip.
    2. I can’t match any more up. .

      1. Maybe not a perverted joke. But a cop would be watching as Danny tosses the bag into the floor, and then he sees the bag appear on the road. Goes to pull Danny over, finds that the tags are expired, no insurance, and a warrant out for his arrest for aggravated assault as well as a bench warrant for failure to appear. When the cops search the van, they find five pounds of pot, three kilos of coke, twenty dime bags of heroin. . .

        I’m not thinking of a Cheech and Chong movie am I?

        1. We’re Perverted Joke Search Squad Force Go.

          We aim to please.

          And that’s your SECOND perverted joke of the day.

          You’re welcome.

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