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I just flat ran outta gas yesterday. Had to finish this one up today to get it posted. Hopefully most of you are aware of some of these art memes. If not, ask your neighbor. They're amusing.  XD Claire is going to finish this blog post for me since I'm really fighting fatigue right now and need to rest. Be back Tuesday! -Chris _______________________________________________________________ Okay, so about these art memes--  Chris had to explain this one to me, so I'm here to give you a basic guide to "memes of the art world." You may or may not be familiar with the "Sailor Moon Redraw" meme that circulated the interwebz a few months back. If not, it's basically what it sounds like-- people redrawing Sailor Moon in a different art style. This one is my personal favorite: Now, apparently in the world of anime/comic/cheesecake art, there have been a few other recent-ish memes that are pretty popular. The "balance a drink on gigantic tiddies" panel from a few comics back is one example. "Cute girl pulling a baggy shirt tight over her tiddies" is another. You might notice a trend here. Cinnamon is currently demonstrating the latest drawing meme craze-- "Pose your character showing off how impossibly flexible she is." Based on that last panel, Ellie's twin would likely fit right in with the Spartan cheerleaders.  On another note, I want to thank everyone who has participated in our baby registry by purchasing an item or contributing to the registry's "diaper fund" (we are anticipating lots of poops). Speaking of diapers, another one of the items arrived today-- this super cute diaper bag:  (Duckling accessory pack sold separately) I am just blown away by the generosity. So to Tristrim M., Frederic M., Matthew W., Steven A., Scott L., James B., Dan W., and Kyle-- thank you so, so, so very much. From the bottom of my heart and land-whale sized belly, THANK YOU! - Claire    

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      1. If you’re referring to my webcomic?
        The site got destroyed because of catastrophic website collapse.
        So…I forced myself to end it. I’m sorry.

        I’ll be making a new one starting in 2021

        1. It’s going to be a whole new comic, just the main character is same bloodline as the main character from the first..with a twist ?

  1. Took me a moment to realize they were doing the “hide your power” meme and thought he meant they were going to do the Ice Bucket challenge version of a wet t-shirt contest, haha.

      1. This isn’t really showing off though, it’s her looking like a naïve idiot, all for the sake of being able to include more “fan service”, great way to neuter the character that.

        1. Oh, don’t worry– this entire party arc is leading up to something VERY important for Tarragon. She’s not neutered in any way, believe me.

        2. It doesn’t matter what else the party leads to. Portraying a character as a naïve idiot who was previously portrayed as smart definitely neuters them, especially when there was no reason to do so. It’s poor storytelling pure and simple just so you can show more boobs. I get that is part of this comics thing, large boobs to sell more shit and get more subs, but when it results in inconsistent character portraits then it becomes a problem.

        3. This was my objection as well. Tarra might be the smartest Buckingham sister, but she can’t see through the same obvious con that Cinnamon has fallen for? Amiss, methinks.

  2. It’s been many moons since I’ve began reading this comic; why does everyone think that Ellie is the one that’s worthless, when she’s the only one doing anything? I feel like several years passed for something that should have been a six-month arc at most.

    1. …what do you mean by “doing anything”?

      Because Anise runs her own tattoo parlor–though it’s a partnership arrangement with some other dude–and Ginger has been doing the stay-at-home mom bit for years. Tarra runs an evil megacorporation, and Pumpkin has a much smaller and much less evil business in cosplay and wiggery. Cinnamon, meanwhile, is probably a taxidermist as well as a bioterrorist, but no one’s paying for either. Ellie just got fired from a party planning gig, but may branch back out into that, assuming she’s not currently carrying the love child of the former love of Tarra’s life.

        1. I think she got fired from that, which is why she lives at home now. Fired about the same time she broke up with Derek.

  3. Holy cow, two weeks going, and Rusche is coming through again. Glad to see you’re improving. Sorry about the ‘beetus, but good to see you’re not dead.

  4. Whoa, you’re back! I had given up hope of seeing more here, glad to see you’re not dead! (although I do understand you’ve been in a living hell recently. I’ve got pernicious anaemia which can leave me similar to what you described, it suuuucckksss man. I feel for ya, particularly being stuck like for months :(((( )

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