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Cinnamon Inc.

And she had them hanging on her every word..

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  1. Poor kid. Probably for the first time in her life, she had all the boys attention, they all seemed to be interested in HER for a change instead of her sisters or any other competition. For once, she knew what it felt like to be “popular and desired”.
    And then, it was gone in a flash.

    You can really feel her pain.
    Sorry, Cinnamon….

      1. She stopped givin him sex whenever he wants.

        Though the fact that he describes her as “too manipulative and controlling for him, but mostly creepy” likely has a closer claim on truth to it. Especially since this is Cinnamon “Release an Omega Pestilence into a Black Friday-Crowded Shopping Mall Out of Spite” Buckingham we’re talking about.

        1. I suppose we don’t know how long they dated before the break-up. But if they went to the step of living together I have to believe he knew her well enough that he should have known what he was getting into. So I’m thinking there must have been a straw that broke the camel’s back. Probably it was her trying to deny sex in order to get what she wanted.

    1. She’s a pretty girl. She likely has plenty of attention, until possibly, she opens her mouth.

      Though, I’m not convinced she’d lose all these guys attention just about farts, seeing as how these guys signed up for a dating site.

      1. I’m unsure how utilizing a more efficient means of finding a significant other equates to an interest in discussing bodily functions.

        It should be noted that she only lost her audience once a viable alternative became available. So they were willing to tolerate sub par conversation in exchange for the opportunity to be in close proximity to a cute girl.

        1. It’s obviously not efficient. :p They had few women on the site to begin, that was part of the problem with it :p

          Also, some girls showed up that still left them with 40 guys to 1 girl, so the guys where still going to have a hard time meeting a girl.

        2. This site obviously has issues. But that doesn’t mean that dating sites in general aren’t an appealing alternative for individuals who don’t have the time to go out to a bar to look for prospective romantic partners.

        3. It’s always been my understanding that dating sites can help with some problems but just make other problems worse. Same as the way that going out to a bar to meet people works for some people and not at all for others. Just a different vector.

          (and yes, the site here is a scam and/or a front and wasn’t even remotely trying to be legit)

        4. I got the impression this was trying to avoid blowing their cover as long as it didn’t cost too much rather than being legit (likely a consequence of Ellie being involved as her notice of blown cover might be particularly bad, at least based upon Nena’s reaction when she first showed up).

        5. Still, he’s trying to keep up appearances, which (to my way of thinking) falls within the realm of “remotely trying to be legit.”

        1. You know, to answer the question, it’s almost certainly the case that her farts are waking her up. It’s not like she needs to be conscious to fart.

        2. …and then I just remembered that she’s big on Grape Nuts. She might actually be getting too much fiber.

      1. I was pretty surprised by that myself.

        The concept that Cinn might not be one of the characters that won’t approach any kind of redemption by the end of the whole story was almost surprising as stubbing my toe and then having a bucket of ice water thrown in my face.

  2. Aww, poor thing. Getting called “disgusting” was completely unwarranted here… she hadn’t even gotten to tell them about Ratantula™ yet.

    1. If I recall, the next (and possibly final) evolution was going to be the ratchantulapede as per a comment from Rusche from years ago.

    1. I like and agree with this comment, but I’m not sure how much it’s my dislike of Cinn that’s talking here.

      For example, I wouldn’t think Pumpkin should feel bad if Juniper was ashamed at her poor performance with body shots or something like that.

      And I’m not sure that Juniper’s presumed scorn for Cinn wouldn’t have some kind of “so quickly” clause or “sure, the next morning when he’s sober again” proviso in there.

  3. Aww, poor Cinn. Keep trying – somewhere among the 800 guys there, there’ll be a few who enjoy a good conversation about farts. And at least a couple who think the ratchulas are cool.

    1. Among all those (allegedly loser) guys there has to be at least one that find Farts Interesting. Relations Sometimes Take luck to start properly.

        1. Once you start looking at the statistics concerning the average “guy”, you swiftly come to the conclusion that most guys *are* losers. Myself included.

  4. I’m always definitely down for a good conversation about farts.

    I have a long lived litmus test of farting in bed with a girl to check how they react. If they freak out and leave they’re no longer a candidate. If they join in, they’re keepers.

      1. That’d be hilarious.

        “Hey guys, this is my new best friend, Loose Cannon! She taught me how to talk to boys and now I’m teaching her how to make a weasel that will kill anything it sees!”

    1. Well Cin is too young to buy alcohol and she just lost anybody she could have tried to convince to buy it for her so the barkeep doesn’t really have any reason to stick around.

  5. Wow, that no filter between brain and mouth has never been more off putting. I totally sympathize with those guys since I don’t want to read what Cin’s saying any more than they want to listen to it.

    Still, I do feel bad for Cin in panel 3. Which is kind of emblematic of the paradox you get with Cinnamon, she can be super cute but then she opens her mouth and just the grossest stuff comes out.

    So Scorp Tarragon is going to tag out for fire chicken Cinnamon as sort of a consolation prize.

    Also, I like the medieval dungeon design this bar has going for it.

  6. Most of what Cinnamon does is just… unflinchingly, even ingenuously honest. Her tastes and interests are kinda weird, she doesn’t pick up on a lot of social cues. I have been wondering for some time if she’s on the autism spectrum. Her actions seem like she hasn’t a clue how people work, more than her being truly stupid or evil. I don’t think many or even ANY characters in this webcomic are meant to be totally one-dimensional. Even Tarragon the paragon has a very dark side (sister X) and Juniper may be a major screwup but she’s still got feelings and can be useful in a role suited to her. No doubt we’ll discover in due time that The Urine Salesman is a deep and conflicted soul, and his urine-selling is symbolic of a conflict within the deepest, butteriest nooks and crannies of his soul.

    1. Austism spectrum would make sense for Cinn, but she does have some malice/narcissism too.

      Ellie’s memories of her while sisters were intro’d talking to Quinn & tormenting kids in the arcade seem at best amoral, & trying to rub salt in Juniper stealing away Quinn’s BF might be lack of social awareness, but ratchantula release was the only time I remember seeing a light her her eyes that she was enjoying herself and seemed to be suggesting beyond amorality.

      The other thing that comes to mind for me in that direction is that colloquially sociopaths are generally described as being “without empathy.” Realistically, there are a lot of people that fall in that direction that aren’t what we’d call sociopaths, and one big difference (included as a necessary part of the DSM definition) is strong narcissism.

      So Cinn seems autism spectrum in her social interactions, but she appears to go past just that (though social frustration from autistic tendencies could certainly make the “past that” worse).

      1. I’m wondering if there’s some mild form of Asperger syndrome in the mix with Cinnamon, too; it is considered to be part of the autism spectrum. Hopefully we’ll find out more if/when we finally get to her backstory and feature.

      1. Maybe. It’s also possible that she spotted the perfect centipede to take home to breed with her ratchantulas. Her eyes do still have their dull gleam of soulless stupidity in that last panel.

    1. James and Cinnamon? Yipes. James’ dad would probably stop watching Rockford Files long enough to throw her out of the house, Uncle Phil-style.

        1. I don’t know, but it won’t be complimentary.

          And there will be NO pecan sandies at the end of the tour, either.

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  8. why does it feel like one arc we’re gonna blink and suddenly she’s gonna act like a proper girl lol…….either that or she’ll meet peter griffen lol

    1. I’m hoping this rolls over into a My Fair Lady situation, although why two middle aged confirmed bachelors would be hanging out at an e-date convention is a stretch.

        1. Not likely. They have all of the DVDs categorized alphabetically. And grouped together. The only bad thing is that they are all below waist level.

        2. Another fine film. My Fair Lady is pretty good, but I’ll warn you. It’s one of those where you’ll get to 75% of the way through and start wondering why it isn’t already over.

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  10. Cinnamon now has a tough choice to make. A) Take this as a clear sign to work on her social graces a little, or B) take the ‘haters’ route and decide she’s perfect just the way she is and the reason everyone avoids her is because of everyone else’s personal problems.

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