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The Untouchables... The twins.. and the one everyone gets to touch.

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  1. Twins huh? Didn’t see that one coming. Makes me wonder how their parents were so dead set on believing the dark haired one, despite Ellie’s obvious lack of involvement. Was she that much of a disappointment to them? That’s…kinda harsh.

    1. She just said she was a scapegoat, not that it was believed. Since her twin is “the dumb one” I wouldn’t be surprised if she kept falling back on a tactic that rarely (if ever) worked.

      1. Ack, so damn glad that she’s the dumb one. I’d hate to see the origin of a female Joker in Florida. But then, Chris would have a reason to put Batman in Lakeland. :D

        However, with this page, I’d wonder if she was the dumb one, demented, disturbed, deviant, jailbird one. Especially with the cruelty to animals in panel two.

        But I guess that’s what might happen when one lives in the same state as Cape Canaveral.

      1. I donno… seems to me that being a scapegoat would only hold such negative memories for Ellie if the accusation actually sticked. Just because her sister always says ‘Ellie did it’ unless there were actual repercussions for Ellie for things she didn’t do, why would she even bother to think twice about this sort of thing?

        I mean, if my younger brother went around and said ‘[Breakfast] did it!’ but I never actually got in trouble for it… I probably wouldn’t ever care or think twice about it… except to call him a doof.

        1. I think there would resentment at the continous attempts even if it didn’t work every time. There is an inherent lack of respect and selfishness to blaming someone else for your antics over and over. I know it would bug me after a while, Ellie has apparently been dealing with it since Cinnamon could talk.

      2. you say shes not dumb enough to get away with it, does that mean her parents didnt believe her when she said ellie did it?

        1. I get it. “Since we’re twins, nobody can tell us apart!” Funnier because it’s the ONE non-blonde (in a family of blondes) that that thinks that!

  2. ZOMGG SO CUTE. Ellie’s face in the first pannel forced out an “AWWWWWWWW” right out of my vocal cords when I first saw it. SO DARN ADORABLE.

    Definitely couldn’t imagine a fraternal twin for Ellie. Interesting twist though.

    Also, nice one @ “the one everyone gets to touch.”

    1. And we don’t even need the stereotypical wig for this actress. Totally different person.

      Makes you wonder though. If there had been Fraternal Twins on “Full House” would they have needed quadruplets for the baby?

  3. Ah ha ha ha haaaaa… I was suspicious of this. Yeah, I was thinking Ellie’s reaction to Quinn’s accusation of unwed babby was a little strong. I’m thinking Ellie’s never been in a relationship.

    I mean really, she’s had to deal with girls trashing her since 5th grade, and looking like she does… most guys are going to think one of two things: untouchable because they aren’t good enough for this pornstargoddessmodel or untouchable because she’s been slam-dunked by every dude with a di- eeh, you get the idea.

    I see potential for growth in Ellie. I also see much comedy potential and perhaps a little hope for Blind Guy, because even though he characterized himself as desperate wasn’t immediately assessing her as either a whore or too good for him based on body and looks alone.

    1. I love how Juniper is approaching maximum bad girl cliche density already and she’s appeared in only three strips (counting her year book photo) and the cast page. She should be a riot should she ever actually appear in more than a panel at a time.

      1. Speaking of which is it intentional that Ellie seems to be slowly morphing (visually anyway) into Juniper? The revealing red top, the wayward flyaway hair. Granted, the tops reveal different geography but the parallels taken together are interesting.

        1. Going by facial expressions, I think Ellie has mostly morphed out of Anise before the comic began (her expression in last panel is Anise-like).

          Cleavage, no matter how fascinating we guys are hardwired to find it, is just cleavage, and Anise doesn’t have as much of it to show off anyway. Ellie’s could have a lot of reasons to show more at the moment, anywhere from a dominant/aggressive action to Quinn who’s already admitted to being jealous of Ellies boobs to Ellie making a personal/internal decision which this is an outward manifestation (such as getting over an attempt to cover an outward appearance that she associated with someone else doing something in the past). Hell, it could even be not having much red in her wardrobe and that shirt being the last one she ever wears because she wants to avoid doing a red load of laundry, with the cleavage just happening to be the cut of her one red shirt (I have a lot of red and little blue and find myself reluctant to wear blue shirts in terms of it causing me to do another load of laundry somewhat sooner than if I wore red and tossed one more shirt in the common load).

        2. Meant Juniper, not Anise. Got my flavors mixed up. You’d think I’d remember the berry for gin flavoring goes with the one with a martini glass on the cast page…

  4. Waaaaiiiiiitttt a minute. Yes, the cast page says that Cinnamon is the dumb one, and yes, everytime we see her she looks like there just ain’t a lot going on in there,….but in the first 3 panels today she appears to have always had the sense to blame Ellie. Granted, it would have been hard for Ellie to do all that damage to her own hair at a young age (hard to reach, not hard to attempt) and unlikely that it would have been believed by anybody, but perhaps that was just the beginning of a life-long attempt to get back at somebody she perceived as cuter, more loved, better body, etc.

    ya know, slow waters run deep and all that.

    1. That first panel definitely seems like the dumb one to me.

      The first lie I remember telling my mom was when I was playing with some other kid with no one else within 100 yard radius. I spit on him, he ran to tell my mom. She asked me, with him standing there with spit dripping off the side of his head if I spit on him. Of course I said “NO!”

      Mom did a good job of making sure I remembered that, and to this day it comes to mind as my personal best example of a REALLY dumb lie. First panel reminds me of that, and if Cinnamon didn’t learn enough to have at least dropped the control in the second panel, “dumb” definitely fits.

      1. OH man, this is great, he’s outside on my front porch and I’m going to go and get the slush ball and hit him upside the head.

        So, I go inside to the freezer to get the slush ball, all excited, and I open the door and

        I see that my mother had thrown the slush ball away.

        So I went outside, and I spit on him.

  5. Honestly not too surprised that guys in high school never worked up the nerve to ask them out. Of the trio, one made the first move all the time, so no one needed to, the second was a known source of trouble, and then you have Ellie in the middle of it.

    That and I know from personal experience to a degree what Ellie is dealing with, sort of. WHen I was in high school there was a rather attractive girl of scandinavian descent, a statuisque stunner of the 6’6 range with porportions you usually only see in comic books.

    She was nice most of the time, but, yeah, freaking hot, a 10/10 hottie. I found out at graduation that she had never actually been on a date because everyone assumed that she didnt date because no one could meet her standards, or they were simply intimadated by her.

    The fact that our school was out in the boonies and we were all a bunch of counrty bumpkins didnt help any I suppose.

    That aside, I agree, the first pannel here is what makes it golden. Those kicked puppy dog eyes of Ellie’s are adorkable lol. Also I stick by what I said before, Alex got off too easily, and Ellie would be the perfect teaching in the arts of revenge. No one knows payback like someone that grew up with a bunch of sibilings lol

    1. My foreign exchange student female came from Germany. And she looked like one of those hot Oktoberfest Fraulein waitresses at the Beirgartens.

      1. Dumb and Machiavellian are not mutually exclusive. A now former supervisor of mine was a classic example. His first tactic was to throw someone under the bus, even if he had to rent the bus and drive it him self. He would hire stupid people to try and make himself look more competent.

  6. When I was in high school, the same thought occurred to me. I thought that the best looking girls weren’t ever asked out, and this was practically an epiphany to me. I thought I had finally found my chance!

    Being as gentlemanly as possible, and as charming as I could, I asked out the girls that I knew fairly well… only to find out that they were all knee deep in relationships already, so naturally, I was rejected. Aside from two girls, who weren’t in relationships- they just plain rejected me.

    Ah, high school… good times!

      1. Sometimes it does. And sometimes the exact opposite is true- high school runs on diffidence and the feeling that you have to be who others want/expect you to be because the real you isn’t good enough.

      2. My high school experience was that 4/5s of the hotties were eggheads and still said no when attempted requests for a date were revealed. And the ones who were flirtatious hotties not of the Einsteinian levels still said no.

        no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

        And people ask why I brought a flare gun to school and kept it in my locker.

        1. My high school experience was girls complaining to me about how awful their boyfriends were.

          “You could date me instead and not be miserable,” I would say.

          “You’re so funny,” they would say.

          I would say I hated high school but that behavior certainly isn’t limited to only high school. Some girls like being treated like dirt? I still haven’t figured it out.

    1. I can top that. Had a couple of close friends who were rather attractive and being that we were friends I thought I had a chance.

      Well, I was wrong, of course I soon discovered that no ‘guy’ had a chance with them. Still not sure if that counts as a loss or a tie though…

      1. Oh… that’s rough, buddy. Can’t say that I’ve experienced the same thing, but my heart goes out to you all the same.

        If you couldn’t be friends after that, I’d say that was a loss. But then again, trying to be friends after asking out someone you like usually ends up being awkward. At least for me.

        And since we’re trading stories, I’ll add just one more to the mix- there was a girl I liked in junior or senior year. She was really cute, and we had all the same interests. We talked all the time. I never told her that I liked her, but I think she knew. Anyway, one day in conversation, it came up that she had an “almost boyfriend.” Curious, I asked her what that meant. She said that she was attracted to a guy who just got out of a bad relationship, and she was willing to wait for him. Then I told her how I felt about her. She was quiet for a second and then told me that she’d basically rather wait for a ghost of a chance with that other guy than be with me. I was pretty crushed after that. I tried to remain friends with her, but really, how can you go back to being friends after hearing that?

        1. Uh, what now? I google searched that, and came up with the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. I never watched it though, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Could you please explain it to me?

        2. Sorry, I’m not going to give that one out. FBI might pummel me for divulging critical relationship secrets and copyright infringements.

    2. I was on the other side of the spectrum in a way. Turns out the girls actually LIKED me, despite being a complete and utter nerd. But my stupid friends thought that wasn’t right and convinced me they were just fucking with me.
      Found out when I threw a party to ‘celebrate’ joining the Air Force that all these cute girls actually liked me and were going to miss me. And of course, since I never returned their affections, they had boyfriends.
      Least it finally gave me the confidence to ask girls out.

      1. Haha, good for you!:D I mean that with no sarcasm- I’m happy for ya. I guess your gravatar is rather fitting then, isn’t it?

      2. You are hereby notified that you have been awarded the posthumous high school award of Duke of the Nerds. Had you actually had a date or two with one of these women, you would have been King.

        1. Hottest that she was Miss San Francisco in the Playboy Pageant two years after we graduated. The best part is my college buddies and I watched it on TV and they knew she was my GF. We weren’t into cheerleading/prom stuff…

        2. I have to say, that unless she went out with you exclusively during High School, forsaking all others, ala Sixteen Candles and Jake, then you have no claim to the crown of Nerd King.

          That, and Chris wants to keep this in at least a PG-13 realm, so, due to associations with the Hef, you are disqualified.

        3. We were indeed exclusive, and to sweeten the pot… she pursued me! (go figure…)

          So, if I am indeed disqualified, all I can say is… it was worth it!

        4. hahah. I remember my first girlfriend in high school. Looked like a mini Courtney Cox, she was only like 5’1

          First time ever meeting one of her friends, she introduces me. They go “Oh, ANOTHER Chris? This is like the third one this year.”
          Needless to say, that didn’t sit well. She apparently went through boys like water. And on an unrelated note, first family I ever knew that put their clean dishes in the fridge.

          Now someone ask me why…

        5. Okay, I’ll bite. Why did they put their clean dishes in the fridge?

          I’m going to guess the answer is “roaches”. As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of homes in Florida: those that have roaches, and those that spray poison around and have fewer roaches.

          I suppose somewhere in Florida there might be a home with no roaches, but it must be made out of solid concrete or something.

        6. Was it because their refrigerator was lead lined, and they wanted to be ready for the third one and not have to break out the iodine dishwater, which is hella expensive?

        7. What were your courses. You need to have had at least a 95% nerd course load with a minimum of gym and obligatory home ec class during the four years in high school.

        8. I’m definitely not Duke of Nerds. In high school I decided my title was probably Prince of Bad Timing. I didn’t think I was King because I always thought King of Bad Timing must be a posthumous award.

          I’ve stayed friends with several girls whom I asked out that turned me down. Some through my effort, others it was an equal effort, and one actually might’ve been her effort. It can certainly be awkward sometimes, but I find that when I ask out someone who actually qualifies as a friend, it is worth it. Granted, sometimes when I’m thinking of asking someone out I kid myself about her qualifying as a friend and only realize I’m kidding myself years later…

        9. Wouldn’t the King of Bad Timing show up either at Weddings, funerals, or after the newest girl friend thought that she just had a physical thing with you when it turned out to be a freshly dead encounter with a dead Jewish guy?

        10. I always considered the King of Bad Timing to be the one to say “I think I can make this left turn” or “Do you know how rare it is to get struck by lightening” or even “That looks like a meteor heading right for m—!”

          An exceptionally dumb King of Bad Timing might also say things like “I don’t think a pack of dobermans can run fast enough to catch me before I reach that door” (and considering the shelf life of a King of Bad Timing, there’s plenty of room for the dumb ones to cycle in).

          On a not unrelated note, I decided a long time ago that when I get around to writing a will, there will be a section in it stating that if I die in an amusing way that everyone should feel ok about laughing at me and anyone trying making someone feel bad about laughing is going against my expressed wishes and shouldn’t do so or they’re the real bad person in the situation.

  7. So wait, what spice is Ellie’s name a play on? Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Ellie, Juniper, Anise, Tarra(gon), ???

    Maybe I’m just dense but I can’t think of what spice her name is based on. Ellie, Elliot… are there other names that Ellie is a nickname for?

        1. Okay, so it is “La….” so my bad. Can I at least point out that all the sisters have a letter written on the top of their cheek, of has that been noticed before?

        2. Think that was picked up *before* the herb theme – simply because of Chris’s sample sketch when we met Anise.
          And I know two who didn’t pick up on the herb theme until cinnamon…

        3. I picked Lavender over Laurel due to Ellie being the Lazy One. I figured lazy calculus to strongly favor a nickname almost half the letters and one fewer syllable over one fewer letter and equal syllables being worth changing common name.

          Yes. I’m frequently told that I overthink things.

        4. I picked Lavender because Laurel actually isn’t a “bad” name to have. Comic character after all…

          As a bonus, Chris said the nickname “Ellie” was due to not wanting to be called something so weird, so another point for Lavender.

        5. I kinda like the name Lavender. Sounds more normal than Laurel, anyway. Plus- Lavender is a pretty flower, a nice color, and produces a fine scent that perfumes are made out of.

          But I guess it’s all opinion, after all.

        6. Ack, Laurel and Hardy. Not sure which one of them was the lazy one. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Stan was doing Oliver’s bidding, so that doens’t make him the lazy one, just the dumb one. Buuut, that doesn’t equate to Chris’s definitions on this web comic, so I guess that’s not a decent attempt at a link up.

        7. I’m also guessing Lavender, but not for the same reason. “Laurel” is a name a girl could live with, but Lavender?

  8. Not wanting to spoil the search for others but, I sense a nice moment when Ellie’s real name is revealed. Maybe some bonding-razzing from Quinn…assuming of course that Quinn doesn’t already know it…which could be a stretch possibly…

    Ah, what the hell. I won’t bother predicting, just will enjoy reading!!

    As always Rusche, keep up the awesome!

    1. Quinn didn’t know Eagen had a first name. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if she didn’t know Ellie’s first name since she couldn’t tell the difference between her and Juniper and apparently didn’t know Cinnamon was her twin.

      1. I knew a guy named L.E. He sprayed mom’s house for bugs once a month. He was also known as the “Orkin Man”

        So, I guess we know now what he did after “He Man and the Masters of the Universe.”

    2. Demonstrably, if Quinn had bothered looking in a yearbook, she’d know it.

      While she didn’t know “Ian” was the first name, she also didn’t recognize him as a class mate, so I’m not sure what direction that counts as a sign of her obliviousness (names or entire people).

  9. Wow, looks like I may have got the twin’s personality wrong. To be fair, she had a Quinn like expression in her school photo.

    Looks like she’s more of a troublemaker than I expected. I’m going to go ahead and guess that no one buys her shit, though. It’s weird how she looks rather emotionless, yet is an apparent hellraiser.

    The more I see of Ellie’s sisters, the more I like Ellie. She puts up with a lot of shit, and takes it mostly in stride and keeps a positive demeanor regardless. She could be bitter like Quinn, but opts to remain bubbly instead.

    As for her ‘dateless’ situation in high school, as a lady with six sisters I can confirm guys in school would find them intimidating as you do not want to risk angering the pack. Only sisters get to mess with one of their own. An outside party will face dire consequences for their crimes. We were not entirely dateless, but were approached with caution.

      1. Her mention of Alex’s drawing as only being modeled in his “gravity-free” imagination makes me suspect she considers item three at best slightly better than neutral. Having boobs that big and habitually wearing a V-neck that doesn’t reach cleavage level suggests that to me too.

        1. I just had an impression of Christmas Snow from “Three’s Company” and she was bubbly, and I’m wondering if bubbly could be considered an evasive tactic of a sorts. I mean, Ellie didn’t have to worry about the boys always fawning over her because of Dirty Blonde and the Twins reputation.

          And I don’t think that the term bubbly can be applied to a man. Maybe on Saturday Night Live, but no where else. However, I wonder if not having much attention in high school of a social sort could have given Ellie a slightly negative appreciation for #3.

        2. I’ve definitely seen bubbliness and cleavage used as evasion tactics in real life. Also from the laziness stance, conforming to a stereotype that will make people view her as less capable is a way to get them to be less likely to expect much from her.

          Of all the large breasted friends I can recall, more than half seemed to consider their boobs somewhat of a negative, though most only as a slight negative.

  10. Cinnamon’s eyes are definitely deadpan. Hahahah. Oh man, I feel so bad for Ellie in the first panel. AWWWW ellie!! I would cry like that too if it happened to me.

    I was also going to say that for “the dumb one” Cinnamon seems to get away with a lot, but it seems other people have already voiced that assumption and perhaps she never actually got away with it. I do like how similar yet opposite she seems to be in regards to Ellie.

    1. If their parents also thought she was “the dumb one,” then they probably had lower expectations, which Cinnamon was sure to live down to…

      I find it interesting Ellie & Cinnamon are the same age, yet “dumb” Cinnamon moved out first… I wonder what happened – prison sentence? touring groupie? disappeared while hitch-hiking? got lost after seeing something shiny? or (my hope) maybe she got her life together and is a functional, contributing member of society…

      1. I would assume based on their mother’s disparging tone when giving Ellie the boot that Cinnamons moving out is at least relatively positive. Maybe she went the rich boyfriend route?

    1. They are letters; each sister has one. They seem to spell “SHOTGUN” but you have to shuffle the order a bit to see it. Check out the picture of the sisters on the cast page:


      We have seen the younger sister, Pumpkin, so we know her letter is “G”. That leaves “T” for the remaining mystery sister. Hmm, if you don’t shuffle the letters you see “GUNSHOT”. (“The Perfect One” has rosy cheeks that double as her letter, “O”.)

      1. Should I comment on the letters on their cheeks?
        Seriously, though.
        For awhile I thought she had ‘W’s under her eyes, which is also a shorthand for youth in japanese comics. I guess I saw what I expected to see.

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