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She obviously gypped the poor guy on his points too. =P

68 thoughts on “Cinnavictims

  1. I love how Cinnamon has a “wtf..why are you bothering me” look on her face as the kids come up to the counter.

        1. *Gives pat a internet for remembering pepsi points and the harrier jet* I still can’t believe someone actually got the points for it and then tried suing pepsi when it turned out it wasn’t really being offered. but pepsi DID end up giving the person the jet chasis they used for the commercial.

    1. So she’s taking points away from the boy and giving them to the little girl I’m guessing it’s because the little girl has the same hair style as Cinnamon?

        1. So she’s an evil twin- minus a curly mustache! Holy crap… an evil mustache-less twin… they are learning to blend in. Guard your women and children!

        2. I don’t think curly-mustache-evil fits the dumb one. Maybe not even an evil-universe-goatee. I’m not sure what meme fits dumb and evil.

  2. Well, she might have ripped that kid off, but she did have a point, that girl did really good. Though story of my life, everything cost so many tickets, more than most kids could ever get, of course that was the scam lol.

    As for the girl with the bucket of tickets, she looks familar, but I cant put my finger on it. Is she one of Cinnamon’s nieces?

        1. Wait, wasnt she also the girl whose father was buying chew/snuf from Ellies first job? I think smurfberry was the flavor…

  3. “I don’t have that kind of money anymore, I spent it on the iNimbus. Weren’t you listening?”

    Oh no, soulless redemption games! For 40 points the kid could probably get a stick of gum. Or a yo-yo without the string. Or a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” on Blu-ray.

  4. “CINNAVICTIMS” !!! good title

    maybe in a future comic you can have her strike a sexy pose and you can call the strip ……..


        1. So, if Cinnamon is soulless, and doesn’t have any pupils, will she get them after she grows a heart after seeing her bf?

        2. Cinnaman was already described as rich and useful to Cinnamon for providing a place to live. While I don’t quite consider her soulless, I wouldn’t lay odds either way yet on if her feelings for her bf are more than “he’s more useful than irritating” or not. I could see it either way.

      1. She’s got a rich boyfriend and has managed to stay out of jail despite being a dumb troublemaker who had at least one run in with the police. I suspect she can pull of a sexy move when she feels the need to.

        Well, sexy for any guy who finds the dull gleam of stupidity shining out of a woman’s eyes a turn on anyway, and there are an unfortunate number of those.

    1. Oh geez, how do I select an avatar? I made a forum acct, but I don’t see an option to change it in there. O_o

      1. Yeah, it’s going to be a random avatar from a pool of them I made unless you get a “Gravatar.” A gravatar is one you create that follows you throughout the internet whenever you comment and leave your email (most of the time.)

        1. Ah, so there’s no way to manually pick one from your set? That’s too bad. I always like to have avatars that are relevant to the context of a given community, not ubiquitous across disparate sites.

          Thanks for solving the mystery for me though! :)

        2. No problem. There’s probably a way and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Just haven’t found the right plug-in or whatnot to get it working. Thanks for joining. =)

        3. Well that explains the Gravatar Roulette comment. And here I thought people were just saving the images themselves, cropping and uploading to them to WordPress.

        4. I have found that just the slightest variation on the name will do things for ya.

          This one is – pat – lowercase “P”

          The next one is uppercase “P”.

          Please don’t ask me about the ” ool”

        5. I have no idea what’s going to happen with the ALL-CAPS, or shouting as some people will refer to it.

  5. Lol, Cinnamon works at a theme park or something?
    It somehow fits her, altrough i wonder why Ellie would bother calling her if she sees her on sunday anyway.
    Also i love how Pumpkin is into cosplay.
    It suits her :)

  6. You know, I wish this was popular enough to be an animated series. Sometimes I just imagine what their characters would sound like, this sister in particular.

      1. I felt compelled to look her up on youtube. She even looks like Ellie… hell of a range. She might be able to voice the whole line up.

  7. between the dead eyes and dull hair….can’t help but wonder what poor bastard will end up with Cinnamon lol

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