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Clowns to the left of me

Working on the next Patreon and site comic simultaneously. Both ready around early am Saturday :)

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    1. You know, sometimes I wonder if Chris kinda enjoys having an erratic schedual just to see us all squabble over the first spot like Coyotes over a strip of meat. #conspiracytheory

    2. You’ll be surprised by what you see backed up on the SMF in LA.

      Also, I love the world you created because it is so damn honest. :P

  1. Glad to see you back mate, and I hope everything is okay with your…errr….family situation. Its never easy when you have to deal with that kind of thing. Always remember, family, kids especially are first. We’ll always be here waiting however long you need.

        1. Oh No! it’s Church Lady! Run Ellie, Run! Before she notices the Thoughts Of Carnal Sin brewing inside your head, you must Flee!

        2. Not sure sin is what is on Ellie’s mind.

          My take is that she’s stuck in traffic as well, so it’s not something that is happening to just Caleb…

    1. Only noticed that one on the second read-through. And yep, it is one of those awesome little details! :D

      1. I change my mind every time I look at the panel. I think Rusche likes to spur shipping arguments sometimes, so it can be hard to tell which it’s going to be.

    1. Yes. Yes it does.

      No, it’s not referring to road crews, or those responding to what’s ahead. It refers to whoever it was that caused the accident.

      1. Followed by “Zombies less far ahead”

        “Getting nearer”

        “Seriously, why the freck are you not running yet?”

        “Yeah, told you so.”

  2. Caleb, bad things keep happening to you because you’re apparently unable to figure out that people who steal your money and use it to commit felonies aren’t your friends.

    1. Yes, and just so we’re clear, neither are folks who extort you and make you buy cars. Why are you still hanging around with her, you crazy canadian?

      1. That wasn’t extortion, that was settling out of court with people who had a legitimate grievance. And he ended up involved in it due to his previously mentioned poor choice in friends.

        1. Its always awkward to try and invoke knowledge on the internet. After all, why should you believe me? That said, what happened with Ellie and Caleb was absolutely extortion. “Buy me a car or I’ll call the cops” is as simple a case of blackmail as you’ll find.

          Caleb is a fool for hanging around with Ellie, knowing what he knows of her, but its consistent with his character. As you point out, he has a problem with not recognizing patterns with people, as we’ve seen with Danny.

        2. Does it count as extortion when Caleb is the one who suggests paying to keep things quiet (comic Shhhhhhhhhhh! dated 13 May 2015 at least until next Patreon infusion), and where it is at least suggested that he negotiated something at least slightly different than they proposed (comic Dijon Ketchup dated 25 May 2015 at the moment) and they appear to have accepted it? The line between bribery, extortion, or a perfectly legal out-of-court settlement seems a bit hazy to me here with all those circumstances (including the question of if Danny’s actions are technically a crime if they agree to not press charges due to a settlement deal, so not sure if it could potentially count as covering up a crime or not).

          As for Caleb hanging around Ellie, he’s just fulfilling his side of the contract and trying to get to the airport and Ellie isn’t being petty enough to tell him to call a cab.

          I do think Ellie is enjoying hanging around a guy who doesn’t lose track of conversations due to her cleavage, and she is a social person that hasn’t been getting much company, so I assume she has that much of an ulterior motive. As for if she’s trying to seduce him, I can’t decide and am waiting to see. Even if she is trying to seduce him, that doesn’t mean that she wants anything other than a little no-strings-attached fooling around with a guy that she doesn’t have to worry about seeing again, so seduction is not necessarily anything nefarious or exploitative from her either.

        3. I don’t think she’s trying to seduce him. She met him yesterday and she was going to kill him. I took her comment as more of a “hello, someone else is also stuck in traffic, self-involved much?”.

          Now that you mention it though, maybe she’s really looking for something? I mean, she hasn’t had a guy in a long time, that we know of. I guess she could be interested. I don’t see it, but now that you bring it up…maybe.

        4. Speculation is that Ellie may never have had a boyfriend at all.

          That’s been contemplated since comic Cinnamon (currently dated 04 Sept 2013) during her make-up talk with Quinn. Quinn stated “I just assumed being asked out all the time wasn’t enough. Like monopolizing every guy was a game for you.” to which Ellie responded, “Whatever!! Guys in high school never worked up the nerve to ask us on dates.”

          Since Ellie stuck around being lazy at home for a year and then the comic started, we’ve kinda’ debated the degree that means dates were few and far between and the guy too nervous for it to be enjoyable or if it’s zero dates and possibly even never having kissed someone (barring unwelcome dirty hippie ambushes and the like, obviously, which I wouldn’t count if I were her either).

    2. Caleb, lemme tell you about a little thing I learned from Carson Daly. Karma.

      Dammit, Randy! Put down that Slim Jim and get over here!

  3. I fav the title of this strip!
    AND I get to add:
    Jokers to the Right!
    Here I am stuck in the middle with you.
    (And I’m not truly sure about you. ..)

      1. I would not doubt that they passed through Albuquerque it since I was stuck there in my delivery truck today due to incompetance of someone getting into a wreck in the middle of a construction site on the interstate.

  4. And this is why you should get a motorcycle- Florida’s got the perfect weather for it, too! Well maybe not including Hurricane season I guess.

    1. Though whenever I’m in a car and see a motorcyclist breaking the rules and running up between lines or illegally overtaking at traffic lights, I’m tempted to open my door just at the right (wrong?) moment.
      Whenever I see the same when on a bike myself, I’m tempted to pull out right in front of them and blocking the way.

      You might have noticed that I hate such behaviour. First, I’m quite a stickler to the rules when it comes to traffic. They were implemented for a reason, you know. Second, people ignoring the rules in the mentioned manner give us other motorcyclists a bad reputation. And considering what a car with a pissed driver in it can do to a guy on a motorcycle, that can actually become a health hazard. People have tried to run me off the road twice now in the last four years.

      1. Lukkai… there are some states where what you’re talking about (filtering or lane splitting) is legal.

        1. Traffic law variations are one of the solid minus areas for federalism. I’m big on state’s rights, but driving from a state where U turns are illegal to a state where they’re required to get to ~1/4 of the destinations is just plain irritating.

        2. I’d say traffic law variations are a solid plus for state’s rights because it means New Jersey’s insane rules only apply there. ;P

        3. That might be true, but in Switzerland (and neighbouring countries, rules being nearly to completely identical in most things there) they’re not. What they are though is annoying.

      2. Don’t kill people, even if they are driving past you. Deliberately hitting a motorcyclist with your door is evil.

        1. And a motorcyclist gunning it through a red light because he’s on the last slot and their group is to lazy to stagger their bikes.. so they just hog the light in a single file column?

          It’s crappy driving and planning there, so. . Whatever they get. . .

        2. That…would also be bad, if not to the same level as killing a biker because they are going between lanes. Running red lights is dangerous and unlawful behavior.

        3. A driver going through his green light providing the surface for a face going 30 m.p.h. plus and doing a George Bush neck breaking but more fatal for the motorcyclist and rider.

          How would that be different. But wait, the stupidity rests with the motorcyclist doing the fatal Bush imitation.

        4. I believe the primary difference is agency and intention. Where the motorcyclist makes a mistake that causes impact with a third party’s car that costs his/her life, that’s the motorcyclist’s fault. Where a third party makes a last minute move with their car that the motorcyclist can’t realistically avoid, that’s the third party’s fault. If the third party acts deliberately and/or planned this as opposed to being an accident, that’s where the prosecutors start trading the words like “no fault,” “negligent,” or “involuntary” for words like “premeditated” or “with malice.”

          That’s where I’d see the general differences in examples.

        5. Don’t worry. I said I’m tempted to do it. (And I am!) But I would never act on that temptation. Especially because, as I mentioned, car drivers have deliberately tried to run me and my small Honda off the road twice in the last four years.

          I do tend to stop my car as far to the left as possible when I feel that a motorcyclist might come and try to illegally pass me at traffic lights. That is absolutely legal, has the advantage that bicyclists that try to (legally by our rules) pass my standing car on the right get more than enough space and finally means that anyone trying to illegally pass me left side will have to be both breaking the rules and very unobservant of traffic ahead.

      3. So Lukkai, are you telling me that you have never once exceeded the speed limit while driving?

        If it’s illegal but not dangerous, just snap a picture an send it to the police. Let them write a ticket. If it IS dangerous, try to respond in a way that doesn’t make it MORE dangerous, like causing someone to have to swerve wildly at the last second or provoking a road-rage incident.

        As someone who’s been car-doored twice while on rollerblades, please PLEASE don’t intentionally injure people. If appealing to your empathy doesn’t work, keep in mind that even at slow speeds, the momentum of a motorcycle can really mess up your car door.

        1. I don’t think he meant “tempted” as in “planning to do it any day now” so much as “guilty fantasy about something he wouldn’t actually do that pops to mind as he’s watching someone else be an asshole.”

          I frequently fantasize gaining telekinetic abilities and flinging really irritating cars ~100 feet off the road. To the best of my knowledge, this isn’t going to ever happen (the part with me doing it through telekinesis, remotely possible that wind could do it in a bad enough storm but I’ll probably follow them in that case).

        2. Exactly that. And honestly, that is what that expression means.

          I had hoped making clear that I’m riding a motorcycle myself (and as an additional information: more than ten times as often as a car), made it obvious enough this wasn’t a “me versus motorcyclists” thing. And that the “stickler to the rules” badge I applied to me made it clear I wasn’t planning to ever act on those urges.
          I don’t. And I won’t. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have those fantasies.

          And as to the speeding question? Four times since acquiring my license. Always by accident. Once I forgot that a “30km/h” zone was extended for a few hundred meters and still had 50km/h for the first about 50 meters. The other times were dropping the speed too late entering a 50km/h zone coming out of a 60km/h one until I noticed the sign I was going by was actually the second one and there was another one not quite 100 meters earlier on the road.
          And yes, I still remember all of those, because I heavily chastise myself when catching myself going too fast (or make any other mistakes on the road). I do hold myself to the same standards I demand of others here.

  5. Ellie, dear. I don’t know whether that was something you intended. But that phrase combined with that position does kind of send a certain message.

    1. Yeah, seems pretty deliberate. I’m wondering what her intention is here.

      As a hot 19 year old girl with less sexual experience than she is generally assumed to have, the thing that would make some degree of sense is taking the excuse of a guy that she considers reasonably decent and capable of thinking past her boobs that she’s likely to never see again for a little experimentation. Not so sure about the “in a vehicle with large parts open to the air in the middle of a crowd of fantastically bored people probably averaging around one camera per person” part, though.

      1. I could also see it as her getting self-conscious. As someone used to being the center of male attention, she might be wondering at this point if Caleb isn’t merely treating her like a person because he’s a good guy, but because he is entirely unattracted to her. I mean he’s bordered on forgetting she’s stuck there, too, in the same sentence he’s addressing her in.

        1. True, though for that matter it’s still quite possible that she’s just calling him on complaining about his own bad luck at being stuck as if everyone else on the highway weren’t also stuck (with the starting point of her being stuck not three feet away from him).

        2. The main reason that’s not my first interpretation is I’d expect her to mention that lots of other people are probably late and/or missing commitments as well if that’s where she’s heading, rather than reminding him that she’s sitting right there. It’s certainly still possible, though.

        3. I am considering that (and currently giving it about a 50/50 chance against “trying to be sexy”), but I’m honestly not sure about either. And I couldn’t resist commenting about it.

      1. She’s a smart girl. I’m sure she could come up with something unattractive. At least to the majority that is. There’ll always be a fetish, after all.

        1. I wonder how many cardboard box robot suit fetishists there are out there. Probably some.

  6. Rusche – It’s always good to take a coma now and then. Enjoy it.

    Also it’s interesting to see that signage is more honest in the Shotgun Shuffle-verse. I’d actually feel mildly better about a traffic jam if the sign said “Dumbass in a BMW forgot he wasn’t bigger than a semi. Scraping him off the pavement now. May take a while.”

    1. We are trying to get the laws in California to put messages like that up, but there are some people who think it will detract from the child abduction notices. Also the signs will need to be larger.

      1. Many freeways here in CA have those signs.

        The problem stupid people who slow down to read them, causing even more traffic issues…

    2. In a town near mine, Zurich, there’d often be signs “idiot thought that the tram would give way” and “dumbass thought his car was bigger and stronger than a tram train” then.

      Newsflash for people who are not in the know: My brother saw the result of an average car hitting a tram slightly aslant sideways with about 50km/h.
      Car? Total wreck, passengers all between heavily injured and only barely surviving.
      Tram? A few bruises on passengers who fell down upon impact. Slight dent on the wagon hit. Some damage on the paintwork.

  7. For those of you who haven’t spent extensive time in Florida, the state’s motto should be “Under Construction”. This is particularly true of Central Florida, where this comic takes place. If you’re not seeing road work while you’re driving, it’s because you’ve hit a lake.

    1. And, as I just saw a Nova program about sinkholes, which took place largely in Florida, it could be the road is becoming a lake.

    2. That’s what many people are complaining about on Swiss motorways these days. That has to do with many of the network being built within about a decade though. At a similar rate of attrition, it is obvious that a lot of track will need maintenance at a similar time. Especially since no one seemed to think of maintenance until it was absolutely necessary.

  8. Caleb’s flight leaves in 45 minutes? He should have figured out that he wasn’t going to make it about 90 minutes ago.

    1. Yep. What are the rules about latest possible check in in the US? If they’re simlar to ours here, he’s too late already anyway.

      Unless of course he used online check in. (Is that a thing in the US?) Even then he would be rather pressed for time.
      Of course they have not moved for at least an hour and we don’t know how far from the airport they still are.
      Hm… Considering his lack of luggage, Caleb might have been able to walk to the airport by now.

  9. They have a jeep, how come they haven’t gone off road yet? Outside of the fact that Ellie is going to be paying for her own tickets now. But then, have the titles been transferred yet? But then, it seems that Caleb has stated that he doesn’t have a license or something to that effect.

    1. I’d like to think seeing a jeep go off-road and approaching an international airport from a hill would get said jeep riddled with machine gun fire from the National Guard.

      1. Not to mention that they appear to be on a raised highway. Jeeps do much better off-road when there’s ground off the side of the road. If you want to off-road in the air, I hear you need a Model T.

        1. Depends: Are you a tourist?

          As to the off-ground driving (and possibly a solution to the fired at problem as well): I’ve heard a Harrier works rather well in that department.

  10. “Incompetence Ahead”
    We need more road signs like this! At least in Cali, where idiots think that everything in the Fast and Furious movies must be easy.

  11. I can’t remember where I read it (or I would link to it) but some dude proved that human error is the cause of traffic jams and civil engineering can only do so much to mitigate that. He took a closed circular track, gave his test drivers directions on speed and following distance to maintain and they should have all circled until they ran out of gas. Instead, traffic jam. Incompetence indeed.

    1. Also, if his flight leaves in 45 minutes, he already missed it. Unless FL does things differently you need to check in to your flight a minimum of an hour before it departs.

        1. Yep. He should be on his phone trying to figure out his alternative flight options because he isn’t getting on that one.

    2. They did a test on Mythbusters. Driving in a circle at 25 mph. Lead car taps his brakes (doesn’t stop or slow down, just lights) and the whole circle pretty much came to a halt. Pretty cool. All it takes is one idiot in the lead to screw over everyone else.

        1. Indeed. Though when you take psychological features, such as frustration, into account, you likely get more than a linear scale-up.

  12. I’m pretty sure someone in that mess has Weird Al’s “Traffic Jam” playing on max volume, I know I would.

  13. I have this feeling she’s trying to flirt with him and he’s not having any of it, either he has an idea of what she may be like or he’s seeing someone already.

      1. Besides the body posture or trying to just be comfortable, it just seems like she’s interested in Caleb.

        1. Part of the question we have there is degree camera angle is relevant to what Ellie is thinking versus a tease that won’t come to anything by Rusche versus just Rusche wanting a different angle again (as he mentioned on a recent post for problems with long conversations between two characters in a car). Any of those would fit.

        2. A responsible adult is required to use a teen with learner’s permit. If you had a responsible adult, you wouldn’t need the teen.

        3. Yes, I’ve also been party to enough frank conversations with girls to know that some of those positions and offered views are not always accidental.

          Ellie could be going either way here, and as I said above, I change my guess as to her intention practically every other time I see the panel.

  14. “Yes, of course I’m alone, because you obviously don’t count, Elsie.”


    “Why do I keep hearing a female voice?”

  15. Oh no! This needs to end! Ellie and Caleb have been together too long, and i’m starting to… ship it. Ugh.

    1. Seriously? Just a few pages ago Ellie was ready to lay the same beat-down on Caleb as they laid on Danny, and he obviously doesn’t think very highly of her.

      1. I don’t know. They’ve been having a pleasant conversation, Ellie offered to let him drive her brand new car, she seems to get that he wasn’t responsible for Danny. Although maybe ship isn’t the word to use. Let’s say while i don’t expect anything to happen between Ellie and Caleb, he is now stuck in the US a bit longer and i wouldn’t be surprised if something did happen… Yeah. i think that sums up the gut feeling that spurred my earlier comment.

        1. I changed my mind. I think in Caleb Ellie might find somebody capable of valuing her for more than just her chest, unlike Danny. And while i wouldn’t mind if they were into each other, i think more important than a boyfriend, Ellie needs a job. By the end of this Ellie will have Calebs contact info, and know what social media he frequents(b/c you know, she’s Ellie). And I wouldn’t be surprised if he offered her a job.

        2. I could be wrong, but I don’t see her being after a job here.

          Recall her reasoning and concern about their names getting attached to the site by taking Caleb & Danny to court. We don’t have any reason to believe Ellie has any particular belief in her own technical skills such that she’d be trying to get Danny’s job doing web development and/or site upkeep (and if she did, it’d be odd for her not to have tried applying to those sorts of jobs before going with retail & fast food), so the only thing she could be trying to take would be Vu’s job, which would make it much more difficult to avoid tying her identity to Danny’s site and negate all that concern she had when talking to Quinn. Especially when you consider that Danny stole Caleb’s user base.

          If she is thinking in a seductive direction, I think she’s looking for a guy she considers halfway decent that won’t drool all over her boobs and that she won’t have to feel embarrassed around later or deal with him stopping by all the time and wanting more. Looking good doesn’t change that she might be nervous and embarrassed about lack of experience in certain ways, and if that is something she’s been worried about, Caleb is potentially a useful opportunity.

        3. I don’t think she’s after a job. I just think that she may get the offer after Caleb realizes she isn’t just a hot blond. She displayed some knowledge during the convention arc that might be useful. Was it in marketing? Idk. And Caleb similarly wouldn’t want his name connected to danny’s site. And the long distance thing would make any romantic relationship difficult. Caleb seems too practical for that.

        4. i just won’t be surprised by anything is what i’m saying. except if nothing comes of it. that would surprise me.

    1. I don’t know, I think she was laying it on pretty thick in comic Hidden Agenda Part VI (05 Sept 2014 until a future Patreon infusion comes before it and moves it).

  16. Jokers to Right,
    Here I am,
    Stuck in the Middle with you…

    And if you is Ellie, then that’s not a bad thing…

  17. I think I’m going to start keeping a portable grill in my trunk just for situations like this. Instant tail-gating parties would be a great way to pass the time and diffuse everyone’s tension.

    1. A superlative idea with only two minor flaws. First, you don’t have a way to keep meat cool. Food poisoning can happen from cooked meat if it has spoiled. Second, you do not have any beer. Now, I know that technically you need a way to keep the beer cold as well but that is a problem solved by solving the first.

      1. Clearly what I need is a freezer built into the car with an external electrical outlet (or extension cord). This way when I’m at home I can just plug it in so it stays cold and I can leave it stocked. When I want to travel I just unplug it and drive away.

        And if I’m spending the night away from home….
        “Excuse me, do you know where there is an electric outlet around here for my car?”
        “Oh, you gots one of them fancy eletric hy-bird veehicles, dontcha?”
        “Uh, sure, something like that.”

        1. Not sure for freezers, but they definitely make coolers with refrigeration that runs off 12 V.

        2. Coolers/Freezers (no DBZ refs, please) have been made that can tap into a car’s electrical system. They are incredibly handy for those who demand ice cream two days into an off road adventure. ARB’s low amp draw freezer runs $830 on Amazon, so … yeah.

        3. I wonder what they’re doing to your battery though. That or fuel consumption, if you’re leaving the motor running. Which again would mostly ruin the party.

        4. Well, fuel consumption when wheeling is … sillybad. One gallon per mile isn’t unheard of. But it might take you there hours to go that mile.

          The ARB fridge/freezer is designed to be a low amp draw so you needn’t constantly run the vehicle to keep the battery charged. But when you compare the amp draw of the fridge vs. the amp draw of a winch… most off road vehicles run dual batteries anyway.

        5. So what I’m hearing is that what I really need is one of those food-trucks outfitted with shocks and balloon tires for offroading.

          I see absolutely nothing wrong with this plan.

      2. The problem with bringing beer to a traffic jam tailgating party comes after the traffic starts moving again. Can you say DWI?

        1. Which is why you keep a teen with a learner’s permit stuck in the school locker welded to the back bumper. Either that, or just hire a teenager to go with the food truck.

  18. Well… you knew your friend was a scumbag and an idiot. Instead of kicking him to the curb to starve or get arrested years ago you let him do this. (By the way, even if Ellie had signed her name on that contract it still wouldn’t be legal. A little something called “false pretenses” here in the states. Difficult to prove but the fact that her roommate didn’t sign a contract and is the primary holder of the lease would probably be the last nail in the coffin.) Then, instead of contacting those people via email, gathering evidence, reporting your “friend” to the authorities, you flew down to the states to be the alpha male. Why does this happen to you? Because you are made of stupid.

    1. He didn’t know Danny didn’t have consent for placing the cameras until comic The Chain Part X (29 March 2015 until next Patreon infusion moves it), which was after he flew down.

      Not to say that he isn’t making mistakes trusting Danny too much, but the only thing illegal he knew Danny had done when he flew down was stealing his money, and it’s fair to want to confront someone you consider some degree of friend before turning them in to the law. The cover-up attempt before the girls walked in was certainly ill-advised, though.

      1. But his statements about Danny suggest that this also isn’t the first time that Caleb has been screwed by him.

        1. Yet the same statements make it clear that never was even close to this level of screwage.

      2. Actually, that statement explaining how incredibly illegal Danny’s actions actually were was more about making sure evryone who glanced at the comic and don’t realize this don’t end up getting screwed like that. A sort of “The More You Know” moment. As for letting him get arrested or just not being friends with the douschebag Mechwarrior has it right. This does not in any way seem like the first time Mr. “WHAT EVIDENCE” has had something like this happen.

        1. Caleb shows a combination of surprise and panic about them not knowing they’re being recorded in the comic I mentioned above, so I think his thought in flying down was Danny drained $20k from his account to try to get in Ellie’s pants.

          I fully agree Caleb is too trusting and loyal and probably should’ve kicked Danny to the curb before any of this started.

          However I put the “probably” in due to the exchange in comic Deservedly Undeserved (currently 07 July 2015) where Ellie asks “Has Danny done something this bad before?” and Caleb replies “Not this unethical.” So while Danny’s crossed him badly enough for Caleb to fire him twice before, it wasn’t for anything in this class of screw-up. Though I doubt it’ll ever be spelled out and become canon, I kinda’ suspect one of the two firings was for him embezzling to use the money to try to get in Heather’s pants (supports Caleb’s quick conclusion, Danny having Heather’s number, and Heather being comfortable telling Danny where she lives at least enough for him to ship something to her–but that’s pure speculation I don’t expect to ever be solidified).

        2. No, he spent 20,000 to get a website going to get people to buy from him to get money. Getting into the pants was the secondary benefit. Neither of which came to fruition, thankfully.

        3. Caleb did know about the website, but based on what he said to Danny at the first con and to Ellie when confronted with Quinn’s mixer, he seemed to put the “getting in pants” as Danny’s reason. Remember not all of the cons were for mall walkers or prison inmates, he did do the renting out a room at Chucky Cheese and he was paying off the Magpies and whatnot. Since Caleb apparently didn’t look for two months, we don’t know how much he drained when.

  19. Has Ellie’s boobs been getting larger during this airport trip, or is it just me imagining?

    Don’t answer that!

      1. Not for Ellie. It’s gotta’ be irritating to outgrow all your bras and start getting more back pain from such things.

  20. So… no one else is going to do it? Really?

    Am I just old?

    Oh well. *deep breath* *sings* ‘Cause Eeeverybody huuuuuuurts. Sooooometimes… eeeverybody criiiiiies…

    Seriously, though. I’m enjoying the interactions between Ellie and Caleb, though I seem to be in the minority of not thinking that Ellie is deliberately or consciously flirting (in the last panel, for example, she looks like she’s just leaning/reclining while waiting for traffic to move, not that she’s striking some sexy pose for Caleb). She does seem to be enjoying talking to him, but that may be in part just because she’s a very social person and, well, she doesn’t really have a lot of people to socialize with. She’s probably enjoying that someone is actually conversing with her and doesn’t seem to be staring at her chest the whole time.

    1. I was thinking of it too. Though me finally writing about it someways further up actually came after your comment.

      We’re not old. We’re well matured.

  21. Caleb would have to be a 7 on the Kinsey Scale to not be having SOME sexy thoughts about Ellie after that last panel.

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