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Cold Shoulder

Hands don't always land on their feet. I felt inclined to show Quinn making some kind of sly excuse to touch Eagan, only to put her foot in her mouth over it. This also ensures Eagan hasn't given up on intentionally not caring. lol My kids have come under the notion that my tablet was bought for the sole purpose of 'entertaining them' rather than me using it for anything productive. They naturally thought of it as just another computer (even my secondary monitor hooked up to my laptop is magically a computer in itself as well.) But then I showed them how I can draw directly on it. This instigated me taking requests for 20 minutes of stuff they wanted me to draw for them. Being that they've become obsessed with (among¬†other things) Mario... it was mostly that. So now, what kind of good father would I be if I didn't draw him purposely different just to aggravate the hell outta them? WoMario Now you or I can smirk at that and move on... but my kids couldn't stand it. Girl-Mario was not accepted. Period. The end. This is when I get up, leave the desk, and start making dinner. Them following me with their dire insistence I draw Boy-Mario, ASAP.  

Lol... kids r fun.

Line weight   An example if some of my line wonkiness learning the tablet, pre-tweaking. Putting the correct amount of pressure going into, and coming out of, each line is certainly an art unto itself. You can see on Eagan's jaw line in the last panel, where an unsteady hand can leave your art. If my arm had a voice on my first try with this, it would be "Pimply-faced teen."

14 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder

  1. I like this one a lot. Quinn put her foot in her mouth up to her knee, her look of mock horror in panel three is almost a punchline unto itself and… girl Mario might have been TINY bit less squicky without the stache. I cannot unsee…

    1. I can’t tell if it’s girl mario, or mario fabio. But, I think it’s mario with his arms folded in front of him while waiting for a haircut. Meh, whadoiknow, eh?

  2. I am quite surprised to see Quinn so playful like this. Personally, I’m at a loss for words. Is this meaningful pack behavior? Or just behavior based on a pending relationship that a girl may be building up for a decent amount of future conversation with her target du jour por amour.

    1. I’m sure I’ll dispel the “loaded” thought soon.
      Eagan is mostly trying to describe a basement using a word that would NEVER be associated with it. =D

  3. Panel 3 fascinated me. At first I thought that Eagen had teleported, then I noticed that his hat and eventually Quinn’s hair.
    Poor Quinn. She tried to play a clever hand, but in the end it was a flop.

    My god, even Femario has a more glorious mustache than me.

  4. I thought it was hilarious, and I live in my mum’s basement and attend college even during semesters when I’m not actually enrolled. I’m surprised I would ever think this, even after Quinn’s “I have no friends” moment, but: “Poor Quinn.”

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