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Collateral Damien


Here's the two-part question to win the following: 7 ORIGINAL ART SET Open to all readers. Please include your email. Neither Ellie nor Quinn go by their first names. Both hate their first names. Ellie so much so, she legally changed her name to "Ellie." Sprinkled throughout the comic's run, I have included their original full names. What are the >>FULL<< first, middle, and last names of both Ellie (pre-name-change) and Quinn?

CONTEST OVER! WE HAVE A WINNER! Dame Helsing commented both names correctly. names

Contest is now closed. Anyone who guessed before the correct answer, even if it was wrong, gets both posters mailed to them! Check for an email from me. Thanks to all you wonderful readers. :D

122 thoughts on “Collateral Damien

        1. I have no idea what you’re talking about- my guess were perfectly reasonable.

  1. Ellie’s original name was Lavender Erinn Buckingham

    Quinn’s full name is Quince Nicks…and I cant remember her middle name T.T I know by now its too late and someone has probably won, but I gave it my best shot *slams head on desk*

  2. Wow, megaphone dude is dead.
    Wasn’t he part of that cosplay group Pumpkin had… “incidents” with?

    1. Yeah, but he was the good part that disowned the bad part. Kat’s the one I would’ve felt much better about having had incinerated.

    2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get what happened with the megaphone guy, or who he is, even?

        1. The things I’m taking as assumptions/evidence are:

          1) Pile of ashes with megaphone beside it on ground next to Durkin on the ground in this comic
          2) Last we saw of the two of them (in comic Instant Transmission, currently dated February 16, 2016) it appeared Durkin was being somewhat intimidating and the sky got darker.
          3) The other guy’s name was introduced as Damien (way back in comic Making Friends, currently dated October 6, 2014) and the title to this comic appears to be a play on the phrase collateral damage mixed with his name.

          From those bits, it looks suggestive that Durkin may have incinerated Damien.

          There’s still room for him to have done something else, like burn his clothes and tell Damien there was a school bus scheduled by in 10 minutes and he’d better make himself scarce if he didn’t want to have to fight being tossed on the sex offender registry for flashing the kids.

          It’ll be interesting to see how things are clarified in a later comic.

  3. Going to take another shot at this:

    Ellie’s original name was Lavender Erinn Buckingham

    Quinn is Suzette Quince Nicks?

    Quinn is the tough one, her middle name only came up once but I don’t remember where….

      1. I’d assumed the name in the reference comic was just Ellie being a pain to Quinn rather than her actual middle name. Duly noted now, though.

      1. But just for a shot and hope that you are wrong!

        Lavender Erinn Buckingham

        Suzette Quincelynn Nicks


  4. Going to try one last time because I think I got it, if it needs to be an original message and not a reply then I aint taking any chances!

    Lavender Erinn Buckingham

    Suzette Quincelynn Nicks

      1. And of course my fat fingers hit an extra key *slams head on desk* And no prize for second place lol

        I had a pretty good strategy going for this too, had two windows open, one from the start and the other from the most recent comic, one working forward and the other working back until they would meet in the middle.

        Oh well, always a next time lol

        1. What stings the most here is that the part I got wrong I specifically mentioned the page and was looking at when I wrote my answer. Could blame it on autocorrect but meh, I lost fair and square, spelling was key here after all lol

        2. I will as soon as I get home, cant access email at work, so I couldn’t even if I won lol

          Ah the joys of evolving firewalls, cant even get to Google here, I have to use…Bing *hisses*

  5. Well, Vampire guy just went to full “villainous henchman ” mode.
    Too bad for loudspeaker guy though, he didn’t do anything horribly wrong.

    Ellie’s name is easy since it’s mentioned alot
    But I’d fail so horribly at guessing Quinn’s name I’m not going to try.

    1. Rusche said no one dies during Black Friday (which is much, much worse for Sister X than if she’d been able to). He didn’t say anything past that in my recollection.

      1. Do you mean just during the Black Friday sales events? Because Matthew received a death dealing wound from Tarragon. And he didn’t die. So, could it be just as equally assumed that megaphone guy didn’t die outright? Or is the outlier just residing with the main characters only?

        1. Its only -implied- he’s been reduced to a pile of ashes.. Walk it off, ya Nancy!

        2. Matthew had his head twisted backwards before Black Friday as I recall. Most lethal looking things I remember seeing are X’s final moment and X ready to hand Tarra Wheelchair Ninja’s traction gear.

          I mainly just didn’t remember the “nobody dies” statement as something that was intended for past the Black Friday arc.

        3. Well, Matthew received his injuries before the thanksgiving that Ellie’s girlfriend came to dinner. I just remembered that he got altered when Ellie got her iNimbus. Any one else would be dead, irl. We aren’t owls. But yeah, I think that I’m off the opinion that no one dies at the hand of the off screen characters who have been seen in the story.

          Speaking of which, two things. 1, has anyone checked the cast page lately? 2, the “can you hear me now guy” switched his cell phone provider.

        4. I can think of two dead pictures in the comic. One killed by a character on the cast page (the other is the viewing/funeral date).

          If you have trouble remembering the other one, look closely at the cast page.

          As for your question, I haven’t noticed any new additions since Doya Doya.

      1. I was trying to remember and checking for “winner” on this page every so often, saw there was a winner and just posted what I had, seemed a waste to not.

  6. Montgomery Scott, Commander, Starship Enterprise – NCC — 1701, 1701 — A, NCC — 1701 — B. United Federation of Planets.last location on dvd, battling zombies at the Winchester.

  7. Oh my God Ellie, that could not be a more blatant foreshadowing of “things about to horribly wrong” if you had said, “at least it can’t get any worse.” GAH!!!

  8. Now that the matter of the trivia is resolved on to analyzing the comic.

    Oh man I really hope Damien isn’t dead since he was a likable reoccurring character. If he is dead Durkin… well he’s still a cool badass, but he’s considerably more evil/ruthless than he’s been shown up to this point.

    Also, I feel like if I trusted my phone to drive I’d have it do that all the time.

    1. Given how most people in Central Florida drive … letting their phone drive them can only be an improvement.

      1. I hear one of the dilemmas for autonomous driving is what to do in a situation where available courses of action cause different tradeoffs in terms of danger for the driver versus bystanders (think plow into a crowd or drive off a cliff). Having a program someone else made make that kind of choice for us is difficult either way.

        1. That kind of scenario seems a bit far fetched. Can you offer any possible parallels that are currently present in today’s world? The only thing that pops into my head is either the Indian union carbide disaster, or the carbon dioxide volcano?

        2. A cliff with a crowd near it at non-trivial speed is far-fetched. A sudden accident in front of a self-driving car in a crowded city area isn’t. Even if all cars on the road were networked and perfectly functioning, you could have a structural problem drop part of a building or bridge in the road, so some degree of accidents are always a possibility. The available options might be a crowd or a building (though there are certainly overhangs and scenic areas that might be similar to a cliff too, some of them not at low speed).

          Momentum doesn’t disappear so the car has to go somewhere and if it’s self-driving then the algorithm decides. The question is does it attempt to minimize total loss of life, even if it sacrifices the occupants (and would anyone buy a car that does that), or does it save the occupants at all costs and screw everyone else (also not ideal, and might cause more of a chain reaction accident too).

          We’re used to that for human drivers, and we normally don’t hold it against people if their survival instinct overrules caring for others, but we do generally call people heroes if they do sacrifice themselves to save others (I heard a sound bite in that direction regarding the Blue Angels pilot who died a week or two ago, that he probably could’ve ejected and lived but he stayed in his plane to steer away from a neighborhood, though I didn’t look that up to verify or anything).

          The concept that a thing we buy would make that kind of choice for us is . . . uncomfortable for lack of a better term.

          My favorite title from a quick search for articles was this one: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/542626/why-self-driving-cars-must-be-programmed-to-kill/

  9. Wow. I can’t believe I missed the fact that Quinn was not, in fact, Quinn’s real first name for so long. I can’t blame her for not using it, Suzette isn’t the worst name it sure as hell don’t fit Quinn.

    Now that embarrassing full names are being revealed, I am sorely tempted to try and make a character page in tvtropes just to use those names in their entries. Incidentally, what is Ellie’s current full legal name again? I could have swore it was brought up before, but for the life of me I can’t remember it.

    1. I would bet, that given that they were living in Florida, and she would have gone with her middle name because of the nickname “Crepes Suzette”

      1. Actually, the worst part of Suzette tends to be the people who can’t figure out how to spell it. I find the Quinnlyn along with it to be somewhat appalling, though. It’s almost like they wanted to name her after a Hostess confection.

  10. Man, I was up early enough to participate, but I totally blanked on it today (I’m rarely up before 10:00 PST these days, being up before 8 was crazy). Oh well, congrats to everybody who was up early enough :-D

    Looks like David won’t be getting his date today (and the movies yet again, how original of him)

    The cloud is using the seat belt…good for cloud.

  11. ..and Ellie dodges Blind Guy unawares yet again. I wonder if Durkin’ll go check on if it’s him or not, as Tired Guy was trying to determine his identity. I’d think by last panel that he’d follow her, but she does still live in Tired Guy’s apartment complex, so I’m sure there are plenty of other henchmen around to keep an eye on her if he cares.

    This does greatly simplify the question of plot consequences of said date, though. Also shows Ellie is not as mercenary as might’ve been expected, as this may mean she’s skipping out on a pay check for her hell week.

  12. How would That work out if pulled over by a cop? The Phone’s Driving so it is hands-free.
    Better if it was one who knew her and Quinn..
    ‘Lavender Erinn Buckingham! Pull Over Now!’
    ‘Uh huh I see, Failing to wear a seat belt, impersonating an officer? Care to explain young lady?’
    *One explanation later
    ‘I See. I’ll let you off with a warning for now, provided you go straight home to Suzette Quincelynn Nicks and tell her everything.’

  13. I’m bummed out…wasn’t able to get on this morning so I didn’t get to guess…and now I suffer the pain and agony of not getting the runner up for guessing but not winning prize. Sucks to be me today.

  14. I can see why Quinn decided to go by Quinn. Not that Suzette is bad, but I can see why she goes by Quinn. I just can’t figure out why Ellie changed her name instead of just going by Erinn :p

        1. I’m not sure you quite misremember. In comic Kerfuffle (currently dated October 7, 2013), Ellie told Tarra why she didn’t like Lavender (“Lavender was neither normal, nor cute enough to be acceptable.”). I don’t recall any question for why she didn’t just go by Erinn. It’s not clear to me that she gave Erinn a chance. On the other hand, I like an informal version of my first name but not the formal and my middle name doesn’t feel like my name and would be weird to be addressed by (even though I’ve known people with that name), so I can understand not considering a middle name as a viable alternative.

          I believe the explanation for Ellie was that she’d been going with “L.E. Buckingham” and the L.E. turned into Ellie.

    1. Terrible rant at that. The TL: DR version basically looks like “I succeeded with my own original characters, what’s YOUR problem??”

      1. I read that rant. I’m not sure if succeeded is the word I’d use. If that’s his profit, he’s still doing something else, and that’s generally what people would consider a success.

        I think you’ll see less web comic creators at cons because it costs money to do and you’re more likely to lose money than make money, lucky to break even.

        Easy thing to risk when one is young. Harder to risk when one has a family to support. Harder still, when the family starts giving up on backing the risky venture that isn’t paying off.

      1. The businessman in me really enjoyed this discussion.

        Upon consideration I think the closest comparison to this situation is the tech industry. You have proven successes like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, but you can’t really follow their example as a new start-up because a lot of it depended on being in the right place at the right time.

        Also, after making that comparison I realized someone in this discussion is Caleb, but I’m not sure who. Possibly those webcomicers who used to go to Cons but don’t anymore.

      2. What if you had your OC’s battling some of the other characters, reminiscent of the mic match madness battles and such. Also, the SS v SSSS as a background poster for the booth. Limited numbered reproduction, three available per convention, $2,500 signed, photo included shaking hand worth the artist, autographed, delivered to any address. ..

    2. NAV’s artist is REALLY pissed that Ellie is attractive. Multiple mentions about how they didn’t pander to the “sex sells” crowd.

      …. nnnnnnyeah.

      1. …dude. It’s not a good idea to “Nnnnyeah” around here unless you’re ready for the Weeoooo! to follow.

      2. To be fair, sex does sell. We are hard wired to notice that kind of thing (similar to the way some colors catch our attention more than most others, like red & yellow). Main thing is you have to have something worth continued attention, which some people forget (and Rusche certainly isn’t one of those who’ve forgotten).

        If I recall correctly, it was a Hot Girl 180-themed ad that I first clicked to find this comic. I did find enough of substance to hold my interest after, obviously, but it was a picture of a hot girl that made me curious enough to look to find out.

        As far as I can tell, Not A Villain has a pretty big audience built up already. I started reading her comic a year ago and got through a few hundred comics before I stopped (still haven’t gone back to it). I think in her early style she would’ve had trouble pulling off a sexy character, so she might have some points of personal pride in terms of building up a large fan base without that. It can be easy to point out points of personal pride, too. Though maybe it’s just sexy art pisses her off for some completely unrelated reason. I seem to recall a regular commenter here mentioning he was her cousin, so he might know. I certainly don’t and can just groundlessly speculate (which no one here would be surprised to see that I enjoy doing).

      3. I haven’t read the comic in a long time (truthfully, I found it dull) but I always got the impression she was drawing to make the character attractive, her art just wasn’t eye catching at all.

  15. Damien isn’t dead, he’s just very dehydrated. People forget how important it is to stay hydrated in the presence of vampires. Get a little organic coconut water in him and he’ll be right as rayne.

  16. Completely off topic, but am I the only one who thinks Shotgun Shuffle sounds like a bad dance?

    1. You’d have to ask K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Or just the Sunshine Band. Or anyone who inspects a loaded shotgun while looking down the barrel.

    2. If danced with real, loaded shotguns, it’s certainly not a dance I’d want to try my hand at. Or even watch in person. I’d probably watch a video of it at least once, though.

      1. You mean this one?


        Note: this individual was extremely fortunate. Do not do this at home. Always open the action when inspecting firearms. Never look down the barrel of a loaded weapon. Always assume that every weapon is loaded.

        And, he’s around to laugh at this. . .

        1. I wasn’t thinking of a specific video, also my mental picture was something more like a square dance sort of setup with several couples in patterns and formations and whatnot.

  17. Huh. I think, in her dismay, Ellie may have forgotten her clothes on the bridge railing. Ditto for… *rummage* *rummage* Owen.

  18. Here I go posting on a non-current strip again, but considering your penchant for using musical references in strip titles, names, etc., I just recalled an old song, “Bob Dylan’s 115th Nightmare” in which the following lyric is found: “I ordered a Suzette, could you please make that crepe?” Song reference, same spelling…sooo, can I have that picture of Juniper if I’m right? Pretty please? :)

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