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Finally finished. I have only named one of these 18 assassin girls, soI'm open to suggestions. Fire away. If I like it I'll post a confirmation. Sword Squad needs it more than the others.

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  1. I see the heroines from the patreon side of the comic. Anyone not supporting really should so they know what I’m talking about. ^_^

    1. I’ve been a supporter for a while and don’t recognize any of them from the patreon comics… are the other comics I’m not aware of?

  2. Well, at least Tarra isn’t the only one who causes a lot of damage with a dramatic entrance. The hotel will have a lot more people to point fingers at than just the Buckingham clan.

        1. Laura
          Charleen (there’s always gotta be that one)
          And, of course, Tarra

        2. Honestly, I think that girl in Team Swordy with cutoffs and the front half of a shirt makes a better Charlene.

        1. so wait you want to watch the japanese dub with english subtitles (yea you read that right it was english in the first place the JPN version is the dub)

        2. Except I’m petty sure Band-Aid Girl wouldn’t just stand by while a bunny girl was getting harassed for her race.

          Plus if she were trying to conceal her identity she probably wouldn’t dress exactly as she did when she was hanging out with the people she was hiding from. Or use her real name, even if she isn’t related to a major world leader.

  3. That is a lot of quasi super-powered people in one place. But aren’t they pretty much out of the league (no pun intended) of any mouth breather from the dating site?

    1. Just realized that all of these groups (if you count Tarra) have seven members. Is Tarra trying to recreate the sisterhood but in iterations where she’s the dominant one instead of Ginger?

      1. Also the more I look at it the more similarities I can see between the assassins and sisters. Like color schemes for instance. Interesting…

        1. I think you’re onto something here. I don’t think these groups were created by Tarra, tho. I think they’re just… potential versions of the sisters.

          BTW I’m sure that the girl that has a name is the leftmost mage with the elaborate dress. And she’s incredibly Ellie-like

        2. Let me clarify my own post. When I say they’re potential versions of the sisters, I mean they were crafted by Rusche in that sense. Same way that every sister is a variation of Ellie (Mom Ellie, Super Ellie, Goth Ellie…). In-universe they just happened to form a group with each other and Tarra

        3. My guess was that one of the girls that helped Quinn in Patreon was likely to have a name. I didn’t go back and check if one was named, though.

        4. I didn’t see that these girls (or at least one of them) have appeared before. Now that you mentioned I noticed her in that patreon panel to the right. I stand corrected.

          (Hmm I can’t remember the capitalization I used so it’s time for a new avatar)

        5. I didn’t notice either, just noticed other commenters mentioning.

          As for capitalization, I take advantage of browser history for what I put in.

        6. So do I, except when I’m in a different computer, like right now. (BTW new avatar again)

          Don’t mind my unwillingness to stick with one specific avatar, I’m just using every other post to experiment what comes out of the avatar roulette. I just try not to change too much in a single thread for the sake of my fellow commenters.

          Possibly I’ll settle with one after hundreds of attempts one day before Rusche updates and shuffles the avatar pool. :)

        7. I was considering playing around and experimenting with avatars, but then Rusche shuffled them and I realized I kinda’ like knowing what my avatar looks like across all comic comments, so I decided to just stick with what luck gives me.

        8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

          Slashing Squad: There’s a Ginger wearing red on the top left. Below we have, from left-to-right, a Pumpkin, an Ellie, Anise, a Juniper face hidden behind all that hair and a dead-eyed troll Cinn.

          Firearm Foregather: This one is by far the hardest because several faces are partially hidden. At least it’s pretty easy to spot a Cinn with the rocket launcher and Anise to her side in the middle of the panel. I’d say far right is Juniper, dual pistols is Ellie and coin toss says Pumpkin uses the sniper rifle while Ginger gets the bow.

          Casters Collective: The Ellie-ness of the leftmost mage is undeniable. Using last panel as reference because we can see all girls it’s very easy to see a Ginger behind a crouching Pumpkin, green-haired Cinnamon getting up and an Anise-like witch in the far right. Scythe girl doesn’t really look like Juni with that mask, but since she’s the only girl not identified that must be her.

        9. Yea, the Lara consortium is the hardest to try to find correlations to. I think you’re spot on with the rest though.

        10. It looked right to me but I couldn’t really get good full mappings. I’d agree Ellie’s the flower dress mage, but I don’t see Ginger standing in the background like the redheaded mage, and honestly the skull mask and oversized scythe really says Anise to me. I debate if the redhead or the right-most is more likely to be Juniper (color scheme the redhead, but outfit is more right-most with scythe girl already spoken for). Personality-wise, Ginger, Tarra, Ellie, or Pumpkin make sense to help another one up, so I could see her either way, so I’d see Ginger as either the one helping the other up or the right-most. The one who fell would either need to be Cinn as the klutz or Pumpkin as the youngest. For the redhead, facial expression suggests Juniper or Pumpkin, positioning suggest Juniper or Cinn or Pumpkin, and outfit suggests Pumpkin. So I’m having a hard time coming up with a good final mapping there.

        11. Actually, situation-wise, Ellie & Juniper would also fit for the one who falls and needs help back up, though.

          I think my final guessed mapping for mage girls is Ellie = flower dress, Pumpkin = redhead, Ginger = purple hair helping up green hair, Juniper = green hair that fell, Anise = scythe & skull mask, Cinn = right-most dull blue color scheme showing no guilt/concern and a “it was them” vibe at the scolding.

        12. I’ll be forced to disagree mate, and you know what that means. Pistols at noon. You bring your Wii Zapper and I’ll take my SNES Super Scope. We meet at TheLastOutlaw’s for a faceoff at neutral ground.

          TheLastOutlaw: “Uh, guys, I own an XBone and a PS4… neither weapon will work.”

        13. Now that you mention…
          I’m in Brazil. I actually don’t want to go either (unless someone is paying the trip for me, in which case I’ll start packing immediately).
          Okay, we’re postponing this duel until further notice. My lawyers will call your lawyers.

  4. well, naturally all the gun squad are named Laura C.(different last names except 2 which causes confusion)
    all the sword Squad are named after Berries (juniper, Razz, Aoi, etc.)
    all the mages are floers

    1. Lara Clark
      Laura Cruiz
      Laura Culver
      Laura Cambel
      Laura Cooper
      and Laura Smith (she is or was Married was originally Cruize)

  5. So much building damage already….and not a single male in sight. Love how quickly Tara has already made it about here. Don’t even know where to start. Golf clap for your Rusche, anything louder might break a window or collapse another floor. Girl in the second panel…so much hair…does she even have a face. It would have been funnier if she was facing the wrong direction.

  6. 1) NO CAPES!

    2) You’d think they’d use HipChat, or something! Yes, I’m still on about that. Dramatic entrances are great and all, but at least do a little recon, or something. Sloppy is right. What if this was a stealth mission? And, what if they set off the team in the other room, that Tarra may or may not be a former member of? Hm?

  7. The sword sister facing away from the camera inn the back with the high collar, Auria after Auron from final Fantasy X.

  8. I suppose if you don’t mind a little cheese in the cooking up of this:

    Panel 6, 2nd from left: Legola, because if she’s killer with a bow and has elfin ears, well, naturally…

    Panel 6, 2nd from right: Barrage, which seems likely considering the number of shells she could fire with one trigger pull

    Panel 7, left-most: Druidia, as (a) she seems to have a flower motif going on, and (b) we need a SPACEBALLS shout-out, damnit…

    These suggest themselves immediately on sight. The rest, I’d have to see more of them action t get a sense of where to go…

  9. Ginger-haired magical girl in panel 7 (who’s looking at ME, not YOU) has a sad, because Tarra is being a big meanie. I must comfort her (ME, not YOU).

        1. Annie A Aaronson., big sister of Aaron A Aaronson?

  10. I wonder how many guys are going to survive for a second date? I also ship Scythe girl with the guy from the Zippo.

  11. Blade Girls: Tatsu, Angela, Jade, Illyana, Elizabeth, Rose

    Gun Bunnies: Yoko, Revy, Laura, Maura, Samantha, Raven

    Magic Squad: Jessica, Emma, Amishu, Emiline, Damienna, Macy

  12. Which one has been named? And are nick names allowed, such as Bomber for the dark complected one in the bomber jacket?

  13. Sword squad girl with hair over her face never has her face uncovered and goes by “Cousin It” as an homage to the Adam’s Family. No one, not even Tarra, knows her real name, and they’ve all been trying to figure it out.

    One of the mage squad (my first preferences is the one that fell, second the one with the scythe) should be named after her grandfather. All the rest of all the squads give her crap about it. She always defends how great of a wizard he was. He was truly an amazing mage, but for the last sixty years of his life he refused to cast any spell but illusions of roadkill (which were absolutely amazing and impossible to distinguish from the real thing, even to those who knew to investigate). I think his (and her) name should be something like Ernesto or Archibald or Jebediah.

    To round out one from each, the gun squad girl with what appears to be either some form of shoulder-fired missile launcher or a flash bulb array lost a bet at age 19 and has legally changed her name to Chuckles Sunshine Rainbow-Lover. She made the bet with one of the other assassins and has to one-up her to win her right to change her name back to something she doesn’t hate.

    1. Technically most of the mage squad fell, I meant the one in foreground falling and still getting up from the ground (light green hair & lavender dress).

    1. It depends on which season. If its the season where the kid’s arms and faces were so bloated that looked like they had glandular problems, the you be ashamed of youself!? If its any season where the Bays were made of metal instead of plastic, then good on ya!?

  14. OK the gun squad, twin pistols and rose colored glasses, Laura Knockoff.
    Sword squad, pink jacket, hat and swords, Buffy Knockoff.
    Made squad redhead, Samantha Knockoff

  15. Shotgun Shuffle #42 ( / ) w/ 1837. Avg:/day – 76.54 RATE: INCREASED. /hour – 3.189, /min – 0.053, /sec – 0.000885
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  16. From behind blue glowing sword one seems to be wearing Tifa’s outfit from Advent Children with Cloud’s Ultima Weapon cut down to a pair of long swords. I request her last name be some combination of theirs. Strifeheart maybe?

  17. So many cute girls. Augh, my heart.

    Redheaded Mage makes me think Slayers, but I like Lita better than Lina for her.

    Scythe Girl screams Moto death priestess to me. I like Ming-Gwok (technically a boy’s name) best for her, but Rani, Nergui, or Chizura also work.

    Heterochromia Girl I like as Dove or something light and fluffy like that. (Also, that shirt length on her… *covers eyes, peeks through fingers*)

    Pink Sword Girl I like as Sam because girl w/ baseball cap=tomboy=gender neutral name.

    If we’re never going to see Light Blond Sword Girl’s eyes then I like Lucy for her.

    Band-Aid Girl I like as Akio since Hiruma Akio had a scar on her cheek.Even though the original Akio used a spiked war club more than swords, but Band-Aid Girl’s the cleaver on a team of katanas so I’ll give her some slack.

    Bat Wing Girl is Lilith because succubus.

    Naginata Girl I’ll go with Lily because I can’t find any spear girl with a cute enough name to give her. But if she an Sam are ‘partners’ then definitely name her Luna.

    Long-Barreled Machine Pistol Girl should be Simon Häyhä since she has the most snipery weapon of that group.

    Dark Redheaded Gun Girl should be Gwen because her outfit reminds me of Gwen from Ben 10.

    Bow Girl I’d say Artemis, but that’s cliched. Maybe Tsuruchi (another boy’s name) or Naga as in Ashinagabachi. Or Naga as in the snake people, they’re pretty into archery too.

    I’d also like one of them to be named Jadwiga since I don’t think there’s enough Poles in fiction. Maybe Green Sword Girl, Cigarette/Missle Girl, or Green Haired Mage Girl.

    1. Some more logs I’m gonna trow on the fire with no real idea who they’d go to…

      Hitomi and Ayameko

      Technically Hitomi should be bald and Ayameko should have an eyepatch, but I wanted to suggest them anyway.

      1. A wig isn’t impossible, so one or more could be bald. Even if not normally, Tarra might’ve shaved a head or two as a Buckingham-style punishment.

        1. Well Hitomi is bald in a monk ascetic sense. So a wig would kind of defeat the purpose.

          Not to say that all female monks shave their heads. If they did certain pieces of artwork wouldn’t have been appropriate for distribution to the general public.

  18. The gun girls seem like they’d be all variations of Lara (like many have said before)
    Can’t come up with anything catchy for the sword girls
    BUT here’s what I can come up with for the mages:

    White dress Mage: Gwendoline

    Red Head Mage: Alexis

    Purple Haired mage: Trixie

    Green Haired Mage: Veronica

    Badass Scythe Mage in Red: Lenore

    Blue Mage: Cindy

  19. Name three of them Ali (or Alexis), Kala (or Kalae) and Zale (or Zamantha).
    I could not come up with anything cool for Zamantha so but that just makes the name more forced which is kinda funny.

  20. I love it. but got 1 question.
    in panel 7, red on the left with the long barrel pistol .is it just me or is the back half of the gun missing? what is her right hand holding onto?

    1. Almost looks like a blowgun with a magazine. Compressed air with a button anywhere convenient would work for that too. Normally I’d think that wouldn’t be it, but the trend seems to be weapon diversity, so maybe it is.

  21. Everyone wants the Gun 7 to all be named La(u)ra something, but I think just the one who’s clearly inspired by Ms. Croft should play off her name, like Carra Loft.
    And leftmost of the Mage 7, Ywanna or J’wanna, either one pronounced ya-wah-na, since I see some Jaina, some Janna, and some Yuna in there… and yes dammit, because I wanna.

      1. I see it now… must have been distracted by the variation in hair colors…
        Also just noticing what the one in the jacket is holding, and clueless as to what it is. It must be some sort of projectile weapon to match the theme, but what in the world?

  22. …and we’re going to set this brood loose on a roomful of lonely, horny men.

    Yep, Lakeland’s not going to have to worry about its unused luxury hotel much longer!

    1. Are you sure that isn’t Ashliii herself? It sure looks like her, and I would pick her to be the one to fight in a hoodie!

  23. Why is Tarra in three squads of _sexy_ assassins? Don’t they have any standards? Oh well, I guess every group of women has one of those.

    1. I noticed what I mentally classified as a stuffed animal (and assumed it was the green haired mage’s comfort toy) before reading your comment, but I completely forgot about Ham-Ham easter egg being a thing and didn’t put that together.

  24. In addition to the obvious Carra Loft, how about Vera Soft?

    I thought the redhead on the right was a nod to Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield.

    I’m surprised there’s no Bayonetta homage here. Or maybe it was too hard to choose between Gun and Mage?

  25. Yeah, none of the attendees here is getting out unscathed (and statistically speaking, quite a few are going to be more than okay with that)

  26. So… these girls are all assassins? They kill people as their profession. For money? I wonder how much in the public eye this magic and super powers stuff is. Could it be common knowledge that all this stuff exists?
    This event is a who’s-who of the most regular unassuming average men. I mean, granted, all these girls are super attractive… but do ‘super’ people have trouble finding relationship partners? Are their relationships naturally rife with betrayals, drama, and tragic destiny? Do they long for the simplicity of a regular life or are they all high octane thrill seekers who could never settle for anything other than a ‘super’ life? Do super people only date other super people? I can already see one of these super human girls talking to some ordinary dude named Greg who works at Home Depot and he’s just like “Uh. So. Did you see that one movie that came out recently?” and she responds “I don’t have time to watch movies. The deadly ghosts of my assassin ancestors come for me each night and I must fight them off to stay alive and prove myself worthy of their legacy” and then he’s like “Oh. Cool. I guess. Sounds rough.”

    1. “I told you already, Greg, I can’t go to your mom’s house for dinner tonight because I have to destabilize a South African dictatorship. If I don’t, there’s going to be full-on genocide by the end of the month.”

      “How come the South African dictatorships only seem to need destabilizing when my mom invites us for dinner, huh? Can they never be destabilized on some Tuesday when I’m working late?”

      1. “Well why do you always seem to have to pick up an extra shift every time I have a social event from work? Why is that so much to ask?”

        “The last ‘office party’ I went to with you had us on the run from the law for two days! I was worried we were going to get caught!”

        [doubles over with laughter] “The police catching me…” [wipes tears from eyes and chuckles a bit more] “You’ve got such a sense of humor, Greg. That’s what I love about you .”

  27. Personally, I think the Seven Samurai Sisters should have blade based names like Rapier, Cutlass, Saber, Claymore, Katana, Kukri and Jian.

  28. For Gun Squad: The lady with the weird rifle/blow dart gun is Balalaika, bow and arrow girl is Maya, the girl with glasses is Fake Laura Croft, the lady with the pick is Lita, the lady with the rocket launcher is Bobbi Joe, and last we have Scarlet.

  29. Blade Squad: Spear Lady is Ainsley, lady with wings is Shura, baseball cap lady is Paige, dressed in black is named Sunny, the lady in bad need of a hair cut or at least ribbon tie some that hair back is Pepper Ann, and last we have Patience.

  30. Hmm…First Group: Traci, Treasa, Tressa, Toni, Tamala, and Taryn (Tactical Assasinarium). Second Group: Aline, Adeline, Anette, Arminda, Ashley, and Andera (A+ Team). Third Group: Raisa, Rolanda, Rubie, Rozanne, Regine, and Roselia (Rune Regime)

  31. Okay….here I go…

    Bladed Crew from left to right…
    (Anna, Kira, Brittany, Lena, Summer, Georgie)

    Gunz Crew from left to right
    (Amber, Donna, Clara, Laura, Brittany, Christie)

    Mage Crew from left to right on bottom panel
    (Liriel, Turiel, Luviel, Angielle, Farielle,….and Jane)

      1. Dammit, I forgot to fill in again…anyway.

        That’s what Georgie is for. Actual name is George because Mommy and Daddy wanted a boy and filled out the paperwork early.

  32. So with these ladies, the sisters, Nena, and the single moms, we’re up to like… 27 women for the 800+men?

  33. the far-left redhead in the Gun squad is carrying an M8C spotting rifle? It doesn’t have a trigger or a stock…

    “A spotting rifle or ranging gun is a small-calibre rifle used as a sighting device for artillery. The ballistics of the spotting rifle are matched to those of the artillery piece,[1] so that if a shot from the spotting rifle lands on the target, it may be assumed that the main weapon will also do so.”

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