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Contract Fulfillment

Thanks to everyone for letting me take some personal days. I'm back. We'll let this be Wednesday's post, and I'll have another for Friday. Working on Patreon as well. Bare with me on lateness (like you don't already.) I will have some complicated comics coming up in the near future. ;) You can be in awe of my Photoshop 7 skills with a tutorial of this comic found here: http://shotgunshuffle.com/tutorial/

117 thoughts on “Contract Fulfillment

  1. I’m wondering is Caleb’s comments are because he knows Danny’s personality well or if the implication is that he planted something on him.

    1. Forgot to include- I still stand by my previous theory that Danny was not informed about all the caveat’s of the contract th girls signed beforehand.

      1. Little bit of part but mostly part b for insurance. Also, I disagree and Danny knows he has to go to jail or the contract is void on his part and he get sued and arrested for greater charges.

        1. I saw Caleb type up the contract and the girls sign it. I never saw Danny anywhere near it.

        2. The auto corkboard is not anti semetic. Anti splelling when the results are hilarious, thus rendering the typical to eat in cross.

        3. So what? He seems at least a little surprised to hear about provision #6 (Fire Daniel), and he’s not pictured at all on the following page. It seems pretty easy to believe that they might have told him “go wait out by the car” before the whole “kick Daniel out of a moving vehicle…” line.

        4. Letting Danny out of their sight sounds awfully naive of them to me. At any rate, if they didn’t get Danny’s cooperation beforehand, they’ve jeopardized their plan. Danny could get back at them by simply violating the NDA (if he even ended up signing one). The paper trail for the website leads back to Caleb, and exposure of the whole ordeal would be a huge embarrassment to the girls. Sure, Danny could get into more trouble as a result of that, but you can’t honestly say that he considers the consequences of his actions. It seems to me that they would have to explicitly spell out why getting arrested on a drug charge is a better deal for him than the alternative.

          Besides, as someone who has experience with time-altering drugs, he probably already saw all this stuff happening and just skipped to his release date.

        5. That supposes that Danny is intelligent enough to not dig himself deeper into shit with each sentence to leave his mouth. He’s resourceful, I’ll give him that, but from what we’ve seen, only resourceful enough to dig himself a very deep hole.

        6. I love your fleeking Avie! Sorry, had to fanboy at the SS style Captain Marvel, If I don’t miss my guess.

  2. Now why would Quinn (presumably) leave in her own car? I know she hates the pair but you’d think she’d enjoy seeing Danny thrown out of a moving vehicle.

      1. Actually why would Ellie be driving at all. The cops may likely know her so the drive by citizens arrest is kinda pointless if poppy get word of this. Also, SEATBELTS!!!!!

        1. Caleb probably didn’t rent a car and using Danny’s ice cream truck when they had two other cars to drive home would’ve raised a lot of questions for him. So with Ellie & Quinn’s new cars to choose from I’d say the fact that Ellie’s name would probably cause the cop to mention it to Herb before much paperwork’s filed as opposed to finding out later would make it easier to be swept under the carpet. Also, Quinn’s new ride would be harder to push someone out of while it’s moving.

        2. There is a problem. This is day one of those vehicles being owned. Until Caleb sells them to the girls for $1, they are both in his name. That and the speed of buracracy won’t have the data up to date for three days at the most. So there is the double time at the DMV for the cars. 1/2 of which Caleb is likely to stay for. The girls would be able to handle the title transfer later.

        3. That’d play more to their advantage for either vehicle, because the cars wouldn’t be in Caleb’s name yet, but William’s dealership, and William would know it went to Ellie and that there were shenanigans involved with said dirtbag tossed out in front of the police station. So even if another cop called, William would tell them to let him have a private conversation with Herb about it.

        4. That assumes they didn’t later realize that it would be easier for Ellie and Quinn to buy the cars directly, but simply have Caleb pay for them. By doing so, it would help hide any association between Caleb and the girls–particularly if Caleb paid with cash.

    1. You’re kidding, right?

      The girls just got new (to them) cars that they love; why would they NOT drive them first chance they get..?!

    2. They probably threw him out of her car, its easier to force someone out of a passenger seat than of a rear seat when no one’s in the back seat to boot them.

      1. My cousin was at a BBQ last week and someone attacked him with an ear of corn-on-the-cob. Police have filed charges of a salt and buttery against his assailant.

        1. Danny’s degree of deservedness for friendship is WHY the pavement is still his friend. Pavement is the type of friend always laughing about things like, “Did you see your face when you fractured your skull on me last time!? Of course not, you were too busy clenching your eyes shut to try to avoid getting too much gravel in ’em!”

          Pavement really doesn’t make a very good friend, but Danny has to take what he can get.

    1. Black officer “should we go after those two for not wearing their belts and just throwing that guy off a speeding vehicle?”
      Bike Officer “Nope. Must be new here. That one of the chiefs daughter and that is what we call a light day. Wait until the back to school sales start”

        1. Camera angle doesn’t show if Ellie has a seatbelt or not. Passenger side mirror blocks in panel 2 and panel 3 her arm blocks enough that the lower diagonal strap could be behind it and the upper diagonal strap could be blocked behind hair & right boob. So lack of seat belt for Ellie isn’t quite conclusive (I’d say more likely than not, but it could still fit that it was just obscured).

      1. No way. All cars in the USA have had to have seatbelts since 1968 and they must be a three point style for the driver and front passenger. Jeeps have stayed roughly the same design for decades but that Jeep can’t be more the few year old.

        1. Beg to differ with you. SEATBELTS may have been required since 1968; but three-points weren’t mandatory for quite some time after. The car I learned to drive in was a ’72 Catalina and it only had lap belts.

          Douchenozzle county cop in the early 90s had it in for me and (among other things which eventually led me to file harrasment charges against him) repeatedly stopped me for “not wearing my belt” knowing full well my car only had lap belts.

      2. Too add to what others have said, based on the interior style, and the roll cage style, that is a Jeep Wrangler TJ, which places it from 97-03. So definitely has shoulder belts.

    1. She could just be resting her hand on her leg or something other part of the car. I very rarely keep both hands on the wheel and at 10 & 2 at all times, and from what I’ve seen neither do most other people.

      1. I usually keep both hands on the wheel. But I tend to shift position on the wheel around on long drives to keep my arms of getting cramps. That and a break after one and a half to two hours at the latest keeps it from becoming uncomfortable.

    1. It just dawned on me they’re probably going to find Danny packing Montage, After School Lesson, and maybe even a one-hitter of Knowing is Half The Battle.

  3. Say, I wonder if the contract says anything about Danny playing just dumb enough to get the police’s attention on the girls…

    1. Also, quick question: am I the only one who calls this site “The Shuffle”? *thinks it sounds kinda cool, but is biased of course*

  4. Glad to have you back, but also glad to hear you took some personal days. The pace at which you keep this comic going, you’ve definitely earned it. Also, Ellie driving is awesome lol.

    1. Doesn’t the academic possibility of the Matt preclude the theoretical improbability of the Matt, rending the absolute into a probable situational singularity breaching into the hypothetically known universe?

  5. People keep forgetting: the girls never asked to get Danny arrested “on a lesser drug charge”.
    That was Caleb’s gift to the girls :reparations for all they’ve had to put up with (and payback for Danny Boy for getting him stuck in this situation).

    “Get ’em!”

  6. Danny didn’t actually get thrown on the ground in front of the police station, he walked the whole way there on his hands and is in the process of collapsing due to exhaustion.

        1. Why would anyone use a tree bucket to launch things? That sounds destined for failure.

          Now, if only there was a Medieval mechanical device specifically designed to launch heavy payloads across far distances.

      1. Pro website apparantly. My guess, either the wal mart photos or Jerry Springer and that effect on their loved family members possible guilt and humiliation.

        1. I see all of Ellie’s arguments to settle instead of sue in the comic Pick Your Paranoia (currently dated 18 May 2015) as applicable for reasons not to want to go along with the website as well (some overlap with what you are stating in that).

          Also noncommercial terms are common in leases, so going along with it could be problematic from the “Tired Guy trying to get them evicted” stance. Tired Guy trying to get them evicted is actually one of the things I have in my mind for ways the contract with Caleb might come back to bite them.

    1. You know, for someone whose cast page description was fairly negative ( the disdain, if I recall correctly), Caleb’s turning out to be a lot more likeable than Danny. Unless he stops acting like a decent human being, he’s going to get quite the fan base accumulating.

      1. Just remember his motivation: “I don’t want to get sued!” People will often do wonderful things for completely self-centered reasons.

        1. Yeah, and I suspect that there will be some fallout from the site that the contract with Caleb interferes with their ability to defend themselves. I suspect his response will be along the lines of: “That’s not my problem, I did my best to make Dumbass’s mistake right even though I was a victim in the whole thing too. You signed that I don’t have to deal with this any more, so sorry for you luck but it’s not my problem.” That’ll probably hurt his popularity, though I don’t see any reason to believe it’ll be unreasonable on his part, just sucky for the girls.

  7. He’s gonna need some better glue for that eyebrow if this keeps up. It’s come detached again. Maybe an eyebrow piercing.

  8. Hold on, the most important issue of the last comic was totally left hanging: did they or did they not get dessert?

    1. It most likely was implied that they were not getting dessert. Or at least it’s being saved entirely for Danny boy as he gets a taste of flat foot flavored front walk.

    1. Good catch, and good style for Toyota on the announcement date. However the fact that they’re releasing it as Lexus instead of Toyota suggests it’ll be quite pricey.

      Also being Japanese, maybe it’s intended only for use by robots. I seem to recall hearing in multiple places that the Japanese are much less easily creeped out by robots than we in the US tend to be.

      1. If by “much less easily creeped out” you mean “built robots as caretakers for old people’s homes” among other things…

        Then yes, they are. And they have.

  9. I wonder if he still has those drugs on him he wanted to slip to Ellie on one of their earlier dates?

    1. Oh, that wasn’t for her. It was for him. He wanted to skip to the part of the date where they got back to the hotel room.

        1. True that, considering his Ellie-vision was not going to be PG-13 if Ellie had not broken into his train of thought as she actually was.

  10. Step 1: Throw Danny in front of the police station yelling: Drugs!
    Step 2 : Put the boots to him at a minimum level of medium.

      1. I am glad that you picked up on it. My humor generally resides in the clever nature of the situation presented. However, I sometimes find it in realm of the macabre specifically the more “metal” variations of it. When it come to Metalocalypse, I find that I enjoy the music as well as its surprisingly good message portrayed from the story. While it seems to circumnavigate most ideas of morals, it then shows what the repugnant reality of being debaucherous is. You can see how the characters struggle and suffer from their decisions and later on they gather the resolve to fix themselves and start a better life that realizes the importance of comraderie. They have made choices that I would never dream of making, yet because of this I can learn from them by seeing their mistakes from a unique perspective.

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