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Crisis Of Conscience

This is only Ellie's second real conversation with Alex, other than initially saying "Hi" then presumably walking away. I made an effort to always show her in defensive stance when conversing with him. Her arms were either crossed, and in this case, in front of her in some manner. This forms a subconscious bar between her and him, which is what she wants. Once he puts her integrity on the spot, she's now dropping her isolating stance, and beginning to feel sympathy for him. I'm no master of body language, but I love the opportunity to write the story without it being dialogue.  This reminds me of the Hoodie Rainbow gag in which Ellie wore a red hoodie. This subconsciously placed herself between Quinn's purple hoodie, and Eagan's blue hoodie if we follow our color wheel. Blue > Red > Purple. So either, Ellie's placing herself directly in Quinn's romantical path, or Quinn fears she'll be merely subordinate to the primary colors of Ellie and Eagan. It works both ways. I think this comic is what many of us have encountered at some point. Do you insert yourself, or don't you? Especially when asked to do so. Whether you think Quinn is officially cheating or not at this point is debatable. She's not being forthright with someone she's established something with, which is leaving him in limbo. Now he's just looking for answers. Good, or bad.. sometimes the best result is simple closure. Now if he has ulterior motives, which some of you have speculated, will have to be seen. >:))

27 thoughts on “Crisis Of Conscience

  1. Darn it, stop making Alex a sympathetic character. I had expected him to be fully creepy but instead that was just kind of sad.

    If course if he breaks with Quinn and tells her it was Ellies idea I can’t even imagine the aftermath.

    1. You could look at it like that, too.

      Blue + Red = Purple (Ellie is directly in the way.)

      Red + Blue = Purple (They’re on either side, in equal competition for him.)

      I invision your way more like:
      Red > Purple < Blue (Quinn is their illegitimate child.) =D

      1. I had the initial impression that Ellie’s red hoodie was a “warm” color which made her the odd one out of the muted or “cool” color scheme that Eagan and Quinn had going on but Ellie being construed as being “in the way” of their color wheel positions works to. I seriously don’t think with that sort of depth when choosing colors or drawing. Good work with that extra bit of effort you put in.

  2. Weirdly, I’ve always been kind of sympathetic to Alex as a character. He kind of reminds me of one of my friends, scruffy and slightly unwashed-looking but pretty much well-meaning. Well, except for the total instant attraction to Ellie but that’s understandable. I mean, he’s a (maybe virginal) college guy and she’s a blonde with big blue eyes and boobs like tractor beams.

    Quinn, on the other hand, has this sense of entitlement that makes me want to shake her and tell her to get over it already. Obviously, not super-fond of people with a chip on their shoulder. Makes me wonder if some of her attitude problems around most people and awkwardness around Eagan might be somehow traced back to her relationship with her father. But that’s just me.

    By the way, this was my first comment ever. Love the update!

    1. I agree that the thought came to my mind that her father has played a huge role in her life in some way or another. It seems that she had a good relationship with him, and yet something seems wrong. He is in the military of some sort it seems. My personal opinion is that he passed away and she is not quite over it. However, he seems to be paying for her apartment so maybe they have just grown distant in some way that we don’t know about. Hmmmmmmmmm

    2. @sylvanfirestar
      Well thanks! Not virginal, since Quinn is seen kicking him out of her bed in one of the strips. And yes, she’s socially inept. lol
      I’m glad you’re here, since we’re about to get to some strips I’ve looked forward to since I started planning the comic. =)

    3. I’m not quite sure of where the entitlement comes from, if you don’t mind, could you explain?

    4. She has blue eyes? *looks up at the comic, gets distracted by boobs*

      Nah, but really, despite my jealousy and appreciation of her looks (better than me everywhere below the scalp), there are a lot of interesting things about the characters’ looks in general, but especially her. As TheLastOutlaw says below, and I noticed yet again on this page, that stray lock of hair is one example. It always makes me think of some kind of impish devil horn, and because of that she reminds me of Lowroad’s Gisele while in the O’Suckyrestaurant uniform.

  3. What I don’t understand is that Ellie seems to be a fairly friendly person and very accepting of people. I guess what is confusing is how very non-friendly or accepting she is of Alex. I’m curious to know why she feels that way as I don’t think Alex has really given her any reason to really dislike him. I understand not wanting to get between Quinn and Alex’s relationship (especially since it could mean her getting kicked out of the apartment she just got) but the overall dislike/apathy Ellie has toward Alex is mysterious to me.

    Also, Ellie looks really guilty at the end there and I can’t help feeling like it might not just be sympathy for Alex but also that she knows something that we all don’t know about Quinn. After all Ellie and Quinn knew each other growing up so it is very possible.

    I’m in such a speculating mood today. haha

    1. I find Ellie’s unacceptance of Alex to be based on one, or all, of the following reasons:

      Meeting him initially swimming in his own flop sweat, all googly-eyed at her, was an off-putting first impression.
      She’s maintaining a line in the sand attitude about fraternizing with someone else’s boyfriend.
      Or she’s taking the low road, and is so unattracted to him, she can’t bare to be in the same room.

      Regardless, the distance for her is to avoid making waves… and creating a love triangle would probably cause a deathwave. That, and I would assume someone that looks like Ellie will make every effort possible to spurn future ‘unwanted’ lovesick puppy dogs obsessing over her.

      I take alot of this from real life, where a woman has found something off-putting quickly with a certain guy, and their personality around said person rapidly descends into AVOIDAVOIDAVOID. I can see why, since young men are quickly obsessive, and any future signs of friendliness from her are perceived as mutual attraction. Blah blah etc. We’ve all seen it. (IF you haven’t, just visit a Hooters.)

      1. Totally have seen it. I take no shame in admitting that I’ve learned a lot about relationships from watching others fail at them.

    2. I’m kind of thinking that Ellie is somehow, unknowingly, thinking of Plato’s use of “honest lies” in which they are either used to usurp the power of the people from the people, or to just let people down easy. Either way, oy.

  4. I’m a new-ish reader and I have to say, I really love the flaws you’re giving your characters…I like how you are already showing a lot of growth, especially with Ellie. I am finding it really fascinating how she is showing the most change because of the sudden change in her circumstances. Out of curiosity, has Quinn stayed with Alex for any particular reason? She doesn’t seem to actually even like the guy…

    This is really well written! Thanks for putting it out there!

    1. I appreciate that. Thanks for the newness.
      I’m getting asked that question so much I decided to move the explanation of it up. Maybe another 20 strips or so I’ll plug it in. =)

    1. Actually I now notice the wayward hair she has on top of her head more than the size of her rack. Once you notice how consistently it appears you end up fixating on it. Or maybe it’s just me. But yea, even with the visor it still refuses to be tamed.

  5. I like the way you use body language as well as dialog to convey characters. It makes it much more interesting visually. (Certainly Ellie has the body for any language!) The way you are allowing these different characters to develop more nuances is wonderful.

  6. As far as I can figure it, the problem is Quinn doesn’t think Alex has any right to know where he stands. She doesn’t seem to see any long term potential in their relationship, and he only serves a purpose as a placeholder for her long-term crushes.

    If she did start getting serious with others, she’d probably just ignore Alex, much like she does now, and figure he’ll get it eventually. If he has a hard time figuring it out, that just shows how immature and foolish he is.

    She doesn’t believe in any personal accountability because she assumes she’s right.

    Right now, I think she’s giving him the cold shoulder to try and put him in his place and teach him not to question her. I don’t think she can stand him having the moral high ground, for once, and so she’s getting petty. Meanwhile, she might not be sure where this is all going, and wants to get a feel for what it’s like being semi-single. She can make up with him on her terms, if she deems it worthy an effort. He’s brief period of ‘control’ is nullified, and she feels back in control.

    1. Dr. Z, are you the same one I remember from the Shortpacked/Dumbing of Age comment threads? If so, good to see you again.

      1. That is very kind of you to say. I have had a very long day, and it is nice to read your welcoming comments.

      1. I got something right? I mean, of course I did! I’m always right! I am always the genius of me!

        Oh, ho, ho, ho!

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