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Some elaborate architecture for next comic.. Some elaborateness

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  1. Hey! I’ve been following Shotgun-shuffle for a While! I really like your artstyle! AND it always brings a smile to my Face! Keep up the Good Work!

        1. The boob window, sure, but this is the only comic to talk about creating the boob window.

    1. Maybe it’s just me, but I preferred how that top looked before the boob window was created. And not because it showed more skin.

    1. I made that my shot in the dark guess a while ago that Danny would be Ellie’s first boyfriend. Now that he’s appearing I’m waffling if it’ll be so or not. I’m leaning against, but not sure if that’s not just a false flag play by Rusche.

    2. Ship them? Are you kidding? I’m looking forward to the inevitable choice between Blind Guy and Sighted Guy.

      1. He’s just a lovable sleaze. I don’t see anything inherently bad about him. He seems like a decent fellow. So far anyway.

        1. No no no, man, I mean I don’t think you’ll need to ship anything. My opinion is that package is already beginning transit!

          Think about it. You have Sighted Guy (“Danny”), a visually-obsessive grungy guy who drives a van I’m willing to bet he lives in. You also have Blind Guy, a lonely, clean, button-down blind guy who is restrained by a sense of propriety.

          Danny seems desperate and Blind Guy admitted [to his dog] he was desperate, but both are focused on different things. Both of them are standing to Ellie’s immediate left (stage right) on the cast page. Give Danny a pet cat or a sun glass phobia and you’d complete the inversion.

        2. Love triangles are usually tropey and bad writing, but maybe dear writer can play with it just right. Personally I think it’s going to be subverted.

        3. I don’t think it’s going to be a love triangle, just a dilemma for Ellie. I also suspect her posture and pointing thumb in the cast page towards at least Danny has the potential to be one of the little foreshadowing nods Rusche puts in.

  2. I’m sorta waiting for an Alex moment down the road where this guy starts to deserve a kick in the stones. Well, I really don’t want it too (partially because I know a lotta nice Dannys IRL) and cause Alex sunk real low, y’know? Shouldn’t be too bad I guess, most we know about him is that he likes girls busty (and that makes him look sleazy) but at least he’s not terribly public about it. Jumping for joy notwithstanding.

    1. I really don’t get why liking girls busty makes you sleazy. I married a well endowed young woman. I never understood the problem. I know guys that only dated tiny girls, and guys that only date very large girls. Why is being more attracted to one thing over another sleazy? Personally, I say we should call someone sleazy based on their actions, not their personal preferences, ne?

      1. It’s not that having personal preferences make someone sleazy, but being intently focused almost entirely on physical attributes does. It’s dehumanizing.

        I’m a big girl, and I’ve had my fair share of being sleazed on by “chubby chasers”. The problem isn’t that they like big girls. Lots of guys do. The problem is that these guys openly obsess about my body to the exclusion of all else, and that is both offensive and creepy as hell.

        I haven’t made up my mind about whether this dude is a sleaze. But the brief impression we’ve been given of him so far has not been hopeful. He obviously is looking to hire a “booth babe”.

        1. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I’ve been curious about that for a while.

    2. That could go either way. His initial intro wasn’t promising, but he does have a financial motive for wanting his new temp to have a very attention-grabbing physique.

      While I don’t think it’s going to happen, I’d be amused if Rusche makes Danny gay but greedy and it’s the positive financial impact of Ellie’s appearance that he’s salivating over and has no interest in her sexually.

      Aside from that, I think “shallow” might be a better description of his apparent character so far than “sleaze.” He could still easily move to “sleaze,” but I don’t think there’s enough evidence to bear that out yet.

    3. I’m really hoping that Danny is just going to be sleazy, while not a sneaky creep like Alex. We already have an Alex after all, there’s no reason for Danny to be his clone.

    4. I am under the impression, that this guy knows where the boundaries are, and while impressionistic as such, he’ll know to keep it under his hat.

  3. He must have a lot of practice at this- I think he actually manages to make eye-contact in that last panel.

    1. Only the exposed eye is making eye-contact. That one concealed by his hair is totally checking her out (yes, he is like a chameleon, he can do that with his eyes)

      1. Err, not goatee… whatever the hell you call that tiny triangle on his chin. I’m with Anise on not calling it a beard.

  4. I am insanely curious what this guy is going to have at his booth.

    Wonderful comic. I love the jumping over the castle visual, and I can’t wait to see what the heck is going on with this guy.

  5. A part of me wanted him to say, “You must be Ellie, Barrel mentioned the birthmarks under your eyes.” Maybe that would’ve been too smooth, though.

      1. I was actually going for Danny looking her in the eyes saying hello and referencing her N’s as opposed to her … well, whatever cup size those would be (I’m going to say 34 H, or maybe 32 K, as a shot in the dark at something that I doubt I’m any good at guessing).

        Not that she’d think he was failing to notice her prominently displayed assets, just that he was being gracious about not mentioning the obvious and trying to make her comfortable and feel valued for something other than her body despite the fact that she was hired to display her body.

        That’d also work for him personality-wise either as trying to be a decent guy or being a sleaze trying to hide his true nature.

        1. Barrel: “She will have long, blonde hair, big, blue eyes, world class breasts, ass that won’t quit… and legs that go all the way up.”

        2. Definitely not first, but after the expected part if he was trying to come up with a fairly unique, easy to describe, and hard to misinterpret feature (with the possibility that there might be multiple unknown booth babes to distinguish from, potentially some of similar hair color, age, and general figure), the birthmarks seem to me like a solid choice.

  6. Darn, I was wrong. I figured when he first saw her he go and fall to his knees in worship. But a double-fist pump and jumping for joy is great.

    1. That thought makes me laugh. I think yes she would. Hopefully the hypothetical boyfriend will be smart enough to draw some lines so he doesn’t turn into a blimp like all the other critters in her care.

        1. haha. Could you imagine if she dated him? They’d have to cut out a hole in the wall and airlift him out of his house.

        2. “So she likes them big?”

          “No, they just all end up that way. Kinda’ weird really. I swear they all have ankles and wrists when they ask her out. Give it a couple of months after and *POOF*!”

  7. From how his van looked, I was expecting Danny and Ellie’s first conversation to go like…

    Ellie: You couldn’t put on a clean shirt for this?

    Danny: I’d have just gotten them dirty cuz I didn’t have time for a shower.

    1. I’m almost inclined to believe he is a clean freak. If you notice where he is jumping over the castle, he doesn’t have armpit hair, which implies he obsesses about his appearance enough that he shaves his pits. Either that or Chris decided he would be hairless under the arms. Lol

      1. @Matt: That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. I’m *surprised* he looks so clean in this comic. His van practically screams, “This guy lives in me down by the river!”

        1. I’d expect Ellie to think it, but not say it. At least not yet. Remember she’s trying to make a good impression and wondering about repeat gigs right now.

        2. He does look pretty clean & put together, for having such a van. My thoughts were on the lack of stubble, stains, and rips on anything, which leads me to think Danny actually cares about his own appearance, even if his mode of transport doesn’t look so hot (could just be a loaner for the gig, maybe he has a nicer car for everyday use)

          Heh, I love that old SNL bit.

        3. Maybe, but it is Florida. A van is basically a solar oven without a working A/C. Then again, I think this happens in February so maybe it wouldn’t be cooking him. We did have an extremely mild winter this year.

          (Glad you remembered the skit, too)

        4. Here’s you, here’s Danny. There’s you, there’s….*falls through a coffee table.*

        5. Tripping through furniture injuries are common for motivational speakers, after all.

          (I knew someone would catch the reference.)

  8. /shrug, I think most of you are wrong. I think he’s going to be a (mostly) harmless nerd. He’s probably had a table at the last couple conventions and did ok, sold a few, signed a few, but overall it was a loss. Now he’s just scored his first personal, umm, what the heck do you call them. I’ve seen them at cons. Cute things in costume that hand out flyers/draw in the masses.

    In this case, I’m betting they went to high school together. It’ll be interesting if they have history, or if he was ‘just a nerd/d’n’d’er’ or what. I’m betting they are both of their first firsts. Whatever, real boyfriend for her, second base for him.

    Only remains to be seen how Rusche deals with Blind Guy. Should be eeeenteresting.

    1. Considering that Ellie recognized Ian, I’m suspecting that she’d recognize Danny if they went to school together. I’d also think he might’ve introduced himself as someone she went to school with or even told Barrel to pass it on to her.

      Otherwise I don’t disagree about the possibility.

  9. *sniffles and wipes tear* Its beautiful man, absolutly beautiful *Juryia double thumbs up*

    Something I noticed, aside from the color of her top, you did make Ellie look like Faye from the Knocking on Heaven’s Door Cowboy Bebop movie, and I have to say that the title is very fitting :

  10. Wow, that upcoming background is awesome.
    Ellie is looking pretty good too.

    I do enjoy your art style.

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