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Date Swag

It's all coming together for Tiredguy. UPDATE: I had a resurgence of sickness the last two days and felt like garbage. Comics should be up late Thursday night for both sites. Sorry for the delay, guys. This cold is frustrating.

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    1. Certainly Blind Guy. Caleb is probably calling her now and then, but stalking her in person would be much more difficult to pull off from Canada.

      1. Remember the punch. Revenge is a dish, best served when there are witnesses to prove you had nothing to do with it. You know, there should be a snapper way to put that.

        1. There is something else going on if they’re looking for who WE think is looking for Ellie… so there is a ton of background going on here that we don’t know about.

          Does this mean that Nena stole the nighty?

    1. The box pictured is also different than the one the lingerie came in.

      The gift I would’ve liked to have seen pictured is something from grandma’s funeral. THAT would’ve been an impressively poor taste gift.

        1. I was thinking a floral arrangement, but the urn would be even better in terms of poor taste.

  1. So, it’s seeming to me like Tired Guy is looking for more than satisfaction for getting punched in the face. I wonder what the full connection is.

    Also if drawing out Blind Guy is the target (and following him home from his very public job doesn’t work), I wonder what’s going to happen with Ellie’s new “job.”

  2. Well that’s certainly disconcerting! I wonder what Tired Guy is up to, between scouring her apartment and being on the lookout for Blind Guy…

  3. I believe that’s Blind Guy in panel twelve (with the lyrics “Why cantcha see?”). Apparently either he *is* keeping tabs on her, or he just passed by during one of the ‘dates’.

    1. The framing is too perfect. I didn’t see it before, but he wasn’t hard to find once I started to look. The eye is clearly drawn to him by the way Rusche drew it (very well, I might add). So, assuming the “Dynamite 52” to be some form of syndicate, then Tiredguy/Mr. Night is, to some extent, calling the shots. But if we were work with that assumption, we still have #1 to find.

      Also, where is this Doya Doya pictured?

  4. “Revenge is a… *wheeze* … dish best… *gasp* *huff* … served… *gasp* … cold.”
    — Klingon Ancient Proverb

  5. Plots such as these tend to catch many in the crossfire. I do hope Miss Buckingham can depart in haste to avoid such convoluted mechanisms of some chaotic development. It is worrisome to see her vexed in such straits to the point of indulging in malevolent melodic medicaments while engaging in superficial, sacrilegious courting with shifty eyed brutes, mischievous malcontents, and social inept ignoramuses with but a few exceptions (such as our good fellow James). I attribute this to the skill of the author who is able to perform narrative transportation of such a high degree that makes me wish I could step in and help in some way. By my beard sir, you are talented!

    1. Hark, good fellow, but my intuition tells me you spent some time trying to recall the word “machinations” and I felt it was by duty – nay! – my obligation, to relieve your subconscious of the endless strain.

      1. Indeed. I was contemplating to use “machinations”, yet I know not the intentions and prior deliberations of Tired Guy thus I decided to go with something more…”rough” and mechanical I suppose? Almost as a set of gearing grinding rather than seamlessly rotating. It seems that he is employing sudden and strong actions within a short period of time with Miss Buckingham as opposed to a more drawn out and fluid strategy to coerce events into his control. What do you think on the matter?

  6. 6″1. BROWN HAIR. DOG!? Excuse me while I toss my manliness away for a moment due to my excitement. . . SQUEEEEE >_< Ok, now back to your regular dose of man.

    1. Maybe you should look into Dave Barry’s definition of Men vs Guys and aspire towards guyhood. I generally aim for over 50% Guy. Much less chance you need to toss Guyhood aside.

  7. Not to be picky, but…panel 4 (not counting swag panel) discription should be description. But, how can Blind Guy “see” on the computer? I guess he could have a reader on there that talks to him. But that wouldn’t let him see what the person (body in this case) looks like. Even a spoken description of said body could be for many “women” on the site. How would he know which one was her. As for him stalking her…he knows what she smells like and what she sounds like so that is a possibility. Though, I don’t think he is stalking her, just happened to be in the right place at the right time…so to speak. And does Blind Guy own any other clothes…??

    1. A lot of blind people sometimes get others to help them out with computers. If he got a photo of her from the yearbook from when she went to school (I’m assuming she went to the same school where her little sister is now enrolled), he could get a friend to compare it to the picture in her profile to confirm that they match up. He doesn’t seem so inept as to not have ANY friends – we just haven’t been introduced to any of them yet.

      1. Recall that he went and talked to Tired Guy about giving Ellie & Quinn a break and then punched him in the face when he refused (comic Guy vs Guy, currently dated September 25, 2013), Barrel noticed him frequently come into O’Jacks and wait around a bit and not order anything and leave when she wasn’t there (comic Little Lies, currently dated September 18, 2013), and he asked about Ellie at Kohl’s after the holiday season (comic Temporary One, currently dated April 28, 2014).

        So Blind Guy’s “keeping tabs” on Ellie certainly goes beyond the accidental.

        Aside from picture, depending on how many of her dates he spied on, he might’ve heard her fake name from the site and looked it up too.

        1. “Wanna crash some planes?”
          … but yeah, I remember Sneakers. Damn good movie, and one of the least inaccurate media portrayals of hacking ever made. Their Blind Guy had a device that pushed up metal dots to form brail letters under his fingertips, shifting letters to allow him to read without moving his fingers (or shifted when he finished each line; I forget which).


    I love the use of background color and side profile on the last panel. It really brings out the personality for both characters: he’s menacing and plotting, she’s just along for the chocolate :)

    1. She seemed pretty sensitive about Tired Guy calling her a relative too close in generation, so even if she is his granddaughter, she’s sensitive enough about her age that she’s quite possibly got a pretty nice figure for her age, too.

  9. I still have the haunting question of why. . . Why are they trying to pull him out? Why couldn’t they just meet him at his work place, a public school? Why is he going about this strange round about way of getting in touch with Ellie? Also, what text to audio programming does he use that allows him to actually use dating sites? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

    1. Why not apply a list of scenarios that would necessitate the actions that they are taking? Magical body guard? Cheeseburger procurement officials? Pugilists? Several people showing up on the D-52 (Great, now I’m thinking of hard hitting heavy metal anti love songs by the D 52s.) who may be diametrically opposed to the forces representing Index Man?

      1. I’m very excited for whatever the answers are. The deeper secrets of Mr. Stevens revealed! Is he a defected member of TiredGuys organization? If so, what was his Code name; The All Seer, The Blind Eye, . . . I can’t think of any more off of the top of my head. Was he a leader of an opposing group, does he lead a resistance? Does a resistance even need to be lead? I’m still not even sure the purpose of Tired Guys Organization, but I am so excited!

      1. I would like to answer your question empirically, if not emphatically.

        Primarily, most of the core readers were hooked on the comic in the time frame of the first two days. Where we are introduced to Ellie and Pumpkin primarily. A sibling dynamic over several issues: Those being social interaction vs. Education; proper use of shared resource; the dynamic of sibling relations when viewed as stated earlir as well as when filtered by high school graduate vs. kid in high school. Rusche’s writing and art demonstrated an exquisite portrayal of all so well that we see immediate re-percusions with the introduction of Rosemary along with a blunt look at her dynamic with Ellie.

        From there, the story goes on a roller coaster bolted to a tilt-o-whorl ride welded to the top of the tea cup ride. Reality breaks into insanity, the occult and other aspects. Aspects which were not dumped onto the readers via editors notes, pasting the character into the situation and hope they fit but aspects which were layed out with breadcrumbs so fine, not even Hansel and Grettle could hope to find their way back. And it’s those same breadcrumbs that even make the core group of N.A.R.S. (re: MIXMARCH WEBCOMICS TOURNAMENT FINALE) go back and say, “oh, yeah. That was the four gold medal day.”

        The author artist is not only a dedicated father, but also a consumate storyteller on par with any of America’s creme de la creme.

        He is the next Hughes. He will do for Florida what Hughes did for Chicago.

        For those who have faith in him and his abilities, the TWC is our battle cry of devotion.
        To vote, we decry is to declare thus, excellence be here.

      2. If update schedule is part of your criteria for being willing to vote, then you certainly shouldn’t vote here. A person shouldn’t be pushed to vote against their conscience, even for something as minor as enjoyable webcomics.

        For me, the irregular update schedule isn’t something I ideally like, but on the one hand, I understand how life doesn’t do what we’d like at times, and I’ve seen enough examples to know there are other people with better luck in that than me and people with worse luck. Having been on the worse luck side, I have a hard time holding it against someone that they’re on a worse luck side to me. I know there are times when I, being on the worse luck side of something, have just given up and walked away. When I look at Rusche I see him keeping going. Personally, I respect and want to support that.

        Next, for me, is that when I look at a comic like the last one, while I wanted updates all that time it took to draw the comic, having seen it, I can’t find it in myself to believe that I would’ve wanted it one row at a time rather than have the impact of the whole thing at once. There are other times where a comic delay is more from Rusche wanting to push himself artistically but isn’t strictly necessary by my view (think conversation between Ellie & Caleb in the Jeep, I would’ve re-used A LOT more art there instead of having every panel from a different angle), but that’s part of what makes him satisfied about the comic, so it’s just a price to pay for having an artist who isn’t afraid to take the time to get things right and put the extra effort into tying things together just right rather than considering the deadline to be almighty.

        Past that, I like the comic and want to see the end of it. I’ve seen too many other comics where the artist quit.

        There are a lot of webcomics in the top 100 that I can’t really understand why people enjoy them. There are some that’ve never cracked the top 100 that seem great. I just consider it a difference in my own taste and preferences.

        I’m quite willing to respect that you have a different opinion in the matter than I do. I hope you can respect the opinion some of us here have in contrast.

        1. I can tell you why some of those comics are in the top 100. Lousy writing, fan service, porn, sex, pandering to the politically correct/social justice crowd or the niche crowds. Oh, and some adult situations. I don’t read all of them.

          I just had the thought of those people led by Daniel by the web camera having a similar following for similar reasons. But I think that TOG and I would be in agreement that Chris has brought in adult situations in a manner that seems to be respectful to the characters, story, readers (for the most part however some readers have thin skin. I kind of feel sorry for that one father in respect to the dialouge Quinn used with Ellie in respect to Ellie having three boxes of loofahs) in that the characters ARE plausible and believably as the neighbors next door.

      3. Really? That’s your criteria for voting? An update schedule? I doubt this, seriously.

        *trip trap* Wait a second, I’m going to head up to the ford. I smell a troll under this bridge.

        1. Guy’s got a point though. I mean, some of us, we’re gonna stay right here as long as it takes and wait for some of the sweetest webcomic candy around to slip through the gates like it was just wrapped by Oompa-Loompas. But we’re not that many by ourselves. Plenty of more casual readers are gonna get fed up with an update schedule that’s less specific than a Soviet-era train schedule (It shows up when it shows up. You want go to Siberia? Special train for that.), and that’s going to drag on the numbers who vote on TWC.

        2. This, Thank you. Less rabid fanboying and more brutal honesty. The content is amazing I don’t disagree, but since the patreon started the only consistency it’s had is the update schedule getting worse.

  10. Get well soon Chris…those of us dedicated fans don’t care about the update schedule. We care about the health and well being of the artist/creator and wish him only the best. Keep up the good work and Shuffle on!

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