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Deservedly Undeserved

Sorry guys. I got stuck on that last panel for a whole day. I think it's fine now, but yeah. Blergh. Kinda the problem with characters having a long conversation, or spending time in a car. It's not like a sitcom, where it can be a straight forward shot for five minutes. Each panel has to be something different. Otherwise, it's going to get real boring, or real copy-pastey seeing the same angle over and over again. Definitely a challenge having characters in such a confined environment. Also, for anyone who won a set of Patreon drawings from our last round, I have not shipped them yet. With the truck getting repaired from its accident, I haven't made it to the post office yet (closest one is 30 minutes away.) I let you know when they get sent, and it will be two day air. :P Thanks all.

88 thoughts on “Deservedly Undeserved

        1. Just looked it up, it allows you to transfer power from the front axle to the back axle and vice-verse when in all-wheel drive mode.

        2. In m experience, that’s usually a button or something on the dash rather than a stick.

        3. The handbrake? Operated solely by a button?

          That both seems very unsafe to me and completely defeats its purpose.

          I know it only as either a lever next to the gearshift or a mix of a pedal to activate and small lever to disable it.

      1. C’mon now, Rusche. I can believe the time-travel, the DBZ style attacks, and the interdimensional demons of the Tarraverse, but working Aeorcars is just to much. That’s a total deal-breaker.

        1. Drawing the line is of no use against flying cars. They’ll just hover over it.

          No, what you need is a strong net! Or an old German Acht-Achter, though the latter might be illegal to obtain.

        2. I don’t know why someone draws the line with hover cars, we’ve got hovercraft and giant fighting robots. Lexus supposedly has A hoverboard….

        3. Not to mention that drawing the line with hovercars is harder than it sounds. Unless they fly really high and you can try your hand at drawing contrails, the additional distance to the ground does not make the painting any easier. And don’t even think about leaving skid marks! The only way to do that would be to crash the whole thing at high speed and low an angle.

    1. The shifter on the right is for the transfer case, which engages the driveshaft to the front axle and can engage low range as well. The shifter on the left is for the transmission, which in its position in the last panel would have the jeep in park. A small thing because the drawing is superb.

      1. you have that mixed up
        in the newer model gear shift is on the right and transfer case is on the left so he has the proper positions

    2. Nerd/

      It’s for the transfer case, which is how the four wheel drive is engaged. Someone else had to get that before me.

      The really interesting Jeeps have four levels sticking up.
      1) Transmission
      2) Front axle low range/neutral/high range
      3) Rear axle low/neutral/high
      4) Doubler – which sits in front of the transfer case and allows crawl ratios so low you can get out of the Jeep and walk around it while it’s idling in its lowest gear.

      Depending on terrain, owners will drop their crawl ratio to anywhere between 100:1 and 160:1. A normal Jeep like Ellie’s is around 45:1, but don’t quote me because I don’t have the first year ratio of that specific transmission memorized.


  1. Really love how committed you are to your art. It makes this comic alot more enjoyable since its not sloppy or lazy.

  2. It probably would be acceptable to most of your readers if you needed to do only one type of shot in a vehicle in a strip, but from what I’ve seen/read I suppose that really isn’t your style.

    1. Having played a number of infocom games when I was younger (text-based adventure, for the young), I’m more in it for the story. In many cases, the nuances are lost on me. But this is Rusche’s story to tell, and he can do it however he likes (and I’m sure there are others who appreciate that he doesn’t copy/paste for this sort of thing).

    2. I especially think that re-using the same background and viewing angle and just changing the directions the characters are looking, facial expressions, etc is perfectly fair.

      Then again the occasional copy/paste comic doesn’t bother me and I usually notice it on other comics due to the author pointing it out than anything else.

      But also sometimes webcomic artists get bored and decide to quit. It’s always seemed to me that doing these sorts of things is part of Rusche’s enjoyment of making the comic and not doing it would take some of that away.

  3. Don’t sweat it, boss man, we understand. Justifying new and interesting ways to look down Ellie’s shirt is hard work.

  4. Okay, now see? This is how people end up making the same mistake over and over. Somebody stabs you in the back, walk away. Don’t wait around for them to stab you in the back again. Some day you won’t be able to get up again.

    1. Well, he is taking precautions to not get stabbed in the back again. And most likely warn any possible future employer of Danny’s that he talks with to keep him on a short leash.

      He just doesn’t see a need for anything more than reimbursement and some punishment for the damage done.

  5. It might be fun / save time to draw one big picture, & zoom into different parts for different panels. Pete Abrams did that for the story about “Gunman Stan McGurt–I Shoot Evil in the Face”. We never saw the whole scene until the end of the little story arc, until it was offered as a T-Shirt. ;)

    YMMV. IIRC. Void where little or no matter exists.

  6. Could it be? AM I ALL CAUGHT UP?????????????

    ….An d is my avatar actually some weirdo voyeur cam watching girl? DX Ah, well, at least it’s not a weirdo voyeur cam watching guy.

    1. Your avatar definitely had the most unique hair of all the voyeurs, though. I think she was the only one from outside the US too.

  7. So, Caleb apparently worked with many of my old co-workers.

    Great colors from Jess (I’m assuming she did colors on this one since her name is on the credits) keep up the good work team.

    1. No I didn’t do it. I did tomorrow’s patreon, foreground only.
      For now I only will be doing one comic a week and it will probably Thursdays patreon. Once I get faster at coloring I’ll be doing more. Chris is just putting my name on every comic just because he is Chris.

    1. She’s gotta be careful. Look at all that frozen rain outside. I originally thought speed blur, but no… frozen rain.

      Caleb was right to not want to drive in it.

    2. hahaha. I don’t know how to stick shift!
      I can drive a motorcycle, cause I had one, but that’s just shifting up and down. Carwise, I have no experience.

      1. Less difference than one might think between the two. Remembering the positions of the gears does not take long.

        That’s with a manual of course. I don’t know squat about automatics by virtue of never having driven one.

        1. You forgot the obscene hand gestures and muttering. The hand gestures are possible, of course, because you don’t have a hand on the stick shift (unless, of course, you’re holding onto something else).

        2. Yeah, that comic freaked me out a bit.

          It’s cool that those Patreon comics are in the archive here already. For all the complaining when the Patreon started, you’ve been incredibly generous in moving them over.

        3. I feel like the punching covers the rude hand gesture territory. Fair enough about the muttering, though, but… I’m always muttering.

        4. You know, people spend a lot of time maligning The Simpsons, but it’s given us so many exciting and cromulent quotes.

        5. I have to wonder, do people use their phone as much in a stick shift as they do in an automatic? Otherwise, we can probably ascertain half of the cause of modern road rage incidents. Which is because they didn’t get a tweet back within 30 seconds.

  8. No I didn’t do it. I did tomorrow’s patreon, foreground only.

    For now I only will be doing one comic a week and it will probably Thursdays patreon. Once I get faster at coloring I’ll be doing more. Chris is just putting my name on every comic just because he is Chris.

  9. Ah I knew I liked this guy, and not just because he was Canadian. Smite with a righteous fury but don’t hold a grudge because we’re all animals driven by the same base desires.

  10. Can’t help but like Caleb’s attitude. Guy almost got sent up the river, but he’s still not holding a grudge. It all worked out reasonably well in the end, except probably for Danny, and so Caleb’s just considering it all another consequence of being human and carrying on.

  11. Given what the actual nature of Danny’s screwup, I can’t help but feel that Caleb just crossed the line from forgiving to naive.

  12. Had a feeling about 10 strips back that Danny had a friend in Caleb, even if he is woefully undeserving…

    1. Seriously undeserving. The guy has no concept of the Bro Code. <_< Caleb would be best off letting him learn the many and various ways the world has of screwing over ungrateful bastards with the planning skills of mayflies before being there to help pick the pieces back up as a friend. -_-

      1. I’d say that Caleb would be best off by further distancing himself from any potential future blowback from Danny’s behavior.

        1. Depends on who the friend is and what the site is, I suppose. Danny could wind up having to support a site made by that eyeless, soulless furry.

  13. Caleb is talking about setting Danny up to get a job with someone he knows. I have to wonder if this is someone he knows that he wants bad things to happen to, or not. Panel three dialog suggests otherwise, but I do wonder.

    If not, I wonder how he’ll avoid the other person he knows coming to him sometime in the next couple of years furious about him recommending Danny.

    1. I’d say he would be avoiding this by being upfront about Danny obviously needing close scrutiny with his work.

      1. Yeah, but “close scrutiny” and “so he kinda’ sorta’ committed several felonies in my company’s name and thought I’d be happy about it in the end” aren’t quite equal statements, and it’s probably hard to convince someone to hire a person with the second statement.

  14. I don’t know why so many people are commenting on the lever to flip the headlights forward and extend the machine guns. Did no one see Clueless?

    1. Sir, I take offense at that.

      Some of us like the thought of a vehicle with the depth of a car, the undercarriage clearance of an SUV, and gas mileage somewhere between the two. That does NOT make us “hipsters.”

      Oh, and your parents are DEAD.

      1. Bruce this is your father calling. It’s time we had a talk. You know, about the dressing up thing…


        See, it’s funny because they’re dead, heheheh

    2. I’m not sure if you’re the one to be criticizing other peoples lifestyle choices there Mr. “Themed Everything.” Not everyone can afford to put jet engines in their daily drivers.

      Stuck up one percenter… C’mon, loosen up, live a little. Stop being so judgmental, be willing to overlook a littler hipsterism here, a little mass murder there, it’s all the same Bats.

    1. a chapter and change.

      As per author post under comic Pick Your Paranoia (dated 18 May 2015 until Patreon injection moves it out), Rusche states that Pumpkin’s 16th birthday party is chapter 6. Chapter 5 is getting to Ellie’s next job and first real love interest (I’m still betting David there) and tying up any loose ends to get to the birthday party. This is somewhere towards the end of chapter 4.

      Taking chapter 5’s title (My Other Me), and recalling that Rusche said Ellie’s next job after this thing with Danny would be with Tarra’s David, his statement in the post there that a Cinn/Ellie storyline would be part of next chapter, and the mention on Patreon that Pumpkin would be a better Ellie than Ellie at some point makes me wonder if the chapter title will refer to one of those pairings or all of them.

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