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When you're at your grandma's and go to get something to drink: muggie I want to plug a friend of mine's comic. It never fails to make me laugh when he links me his newest. It's called Kevin No Daibouken, and it's basically just like Shotgun Shuffle but completely different. One of the main characters is a waifu pillow, so obviously I was sold on the humor. Not without my waifu So if you would, go check out Gale's comic. He's been trying to grow his audience, and I think he deserves an uptick in fans. Plus he's a cool guy. :) UPDATE: I need some more time on the next two comics. Fairly detailed. Apologies.

72 thoughts on “Desperation

      1. Blind people do go to movies, at least some times. I worked at Space Camp back in college, doing training for the shuttle simulators. For an adult camp, I was training a blind man as commander. We were taking our time, and I was going over a few extra things with him, while the rest of the team went on to get in line for that night’s IMAX movie. We finished up in time for him to go to the movie as well, because he did want to experience it (started to say “he was looking forward to it” – d’oh!).

    1. I used to work in a movie theater back around the time Lilo & Stitch came out. I worked there for between 1 and 2 years and only saw one blind person. It is rare, but they do go. Visual spectical movies need not apply.

    2. This is actually an early plot arc in the Fox Trot daily strip series.From when Peter first met Denise. It didn’t go super well, but Denise enjoyed it.

      1. Many modern theaters offer accessibility devices for disabled customers to use at no cost for the duration of the movie. Deaf moviegoers can use nifty glasses that display captions to the wearer. Blind moviegoers can use descriptive audio devices that narrate what they can’t see.

        And even if Blind Guy isn’t going to use an accessibility device, he can always enjoy just listening to the movie and ask his date anything he needs to know. Having her talk about the movie could even work as an icebreaker, get her used to talking to him.

    1. I would have paid a lot more attention in history class if it had been more about Andy Jackson and his Thug Life days.

    2. It’s definitely a good joke, and also clearly indicates that they’re supposed to be different world $20 bills and not representations of our world’s U.S. currency (and the way some of our anti-counterfeiting laws are written makes that handy to do when feasible).

  1. Andrew Jackson is on the most used banknote in the US, and yet was extremely apposed to a national bank. Go figger.

    1. And genocidal, they say. Not that there’s anything … oh, wait, … well, not enough to keep you out of the Dead Presidents Collection, anyway.

    2. Perhaps if he had actually been smoking more joints, he would have been a bit more level headed and less…well, crazy. Just maybe.

    3. That makes for a good compromise. Fans want to do something as a tribute, detractors get to laugh that it’s someplace that seems like it would’ve pissed him off. People who don’t care still don’t care. Everyone wins.

  2. Was he the date/going to see a movie with her? Or is he still stalking her and waiting to “catch a glimpse” of her on her next date? Dude’s an amazing stalker for being a Blind Guy.

    It’s been a while since I did one of these, but I’m bored at work so here goes:

    My interpretation/prediction is that whats-her-face convinced Ellie to go on the date, and so Ellie’s in the theater there in the last panel. Ellie will realize she was lied to yet again because it IS about the money (I mean come on), and Blind Guy, being Blind Guy, will be there to offer her more advice about her life choices. I really like the idea that Blind Guy goes where he’s needed, as if by instinct. Like he’s a superhero who really just gives good advice.

    In any case, Ellie will attempt to ask him to date her again (probably asking him to see a movie) and he’ll turn her down again. Angry, she’ll storm away, but her phone will start ringing. It’ll be a phone call from none other than Caleb, but she’ll promptly hang up on him because she’s so upset. Concerned, he’ll fly down to see her, with Vu psychotically following close behind this time. When Ellie sees how much he cares about her, she’ll decide he’s the guy she wants to be with and make the a move. The move will be smooching.

    Vu will witness this (even though Caleb was just about to stop Ellie and turn her down) and the rage and heartbreak will be enough to push Vu into transforming into her final form: Super Vu. Or is it Ultimate Vu? She will begin to lay waste to Lakeland, but fortunately Pumpagon will show up to stop her. The fight will be epic, with weeks of them just staring each other down and powering up. Eventually they will become locked in a power struggle that could be the end of the world. But while that’s going down, Quinn will discover Tired Guy’s paperclip, and we will learn its true history as a powerful weapon enabling its wielder to save the world or rule it. After using Tired Guy’s desired weapon against him, Quinn will go on to use the paperclip to banish Vu (with Pumpagon sacrificing Tarragon to distract Vu and save Pumpkin). It will be the fifth time the paperclip saved the world, but not the last. It is really a pretty good paperclip, I can’t stress that enough.

    Everyone will mourn Tarragon, but Sister X will return, and they will accept her as the only remaining Tarragon. These are my predictions and I think they might be pretty close this time.

      1. We need some damned spoiler tags on these comments. Now I have to go flip some tables… AND CANCEL CHRISTMAS!

        1. When in the ding dang world did you get permission to flip tables? Consarn it all to heck.

          AND CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED!?!?!?!?!?

          Great, just what in the world am I going to do with these imported Chinese firework snowball bombs?

        1. Especially with the paper clip providing the backlighting for the clouds like it so obviously is.

  3. If Ellie doesn’t go on this final date, she will remain in the dark about what has been going on, rather anti climactic.

  4. That’s some ballin’ cash there, yo. Straight gangsta?


    Looks like stubborn female will be swayed by stubborn female, leading to some fun chaos in the near future. Also, how much time are we looking at having passed here; is this maybe an hour or so after the last date, or has Blind-guy/Mr. Stevens/David been sitting outside the theater for a few days now, in the way of Hachiko or Seymore (pre-emotive apology to anyone who gets the feels remembering THAT episode)

  5. I feel like I’m opening a can of worms, but I can’t help pointing out… If this is slightly in the future shouldn’t someone else be on the $20 bill? Or is this presuming that that change will be undone and the new art is Jackson’s attempt to appeal to the youth of today? Regardless I think the cigar and sunglasses are a nice touch.

    On a somewhat related note I feel it’s relevant to mention that Andrew Jackson is responsible for Florida becoming part of the US (by almost starting a war with Spain several decades before we actually went to war with Spain, but still).

    Also, I like the crab on your grandma’s coffee cup It reminds me of the Crab Clan symbol from Legend of the Five Rings. http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=12257,#hashid=bdef075ebddf17f44d0ee490b784d4bb,#cardcount=0

    1. I think the new US $20 isn’t coming for about another 10 years (and the current $20s won’t be replaced overnight; the average life of a $20 is almost 8 years), so there’s still plenty of future to fill before that changes.

    2. With the other “swag” memorabilia on that 20, I don’t think Jackson is smoking a cigar (ifyougetwhatimsayin). Smoking plant material out of a paper wrapping of sorts, but probably not tobacco (or only partially tobacco)

    3. I believe the time scale is intended to be “future-present.” I recall that being described as “similar to the present time, but with odd little things being more advanced.”

      As for the redesign, I seem to recall Jackson will still be on the $20, just moved to the back, so in that future day she’ll just be holding them back up rather than face up. That or Shuffleverse stuck with Jackson instead of changing things up.

      1. @Red Hat: The idea of a transition period did occur to me after I posted. Mostly I’ve been wanting to joke about the change since I found out about it and this seemed like an opportune moment.

        @White Rice: If you’re saying what I think you’re saying then the government issuing currency that depicts a former President parting in said substance would be monumentally idiotic. Therefore it’s totally I could see the government actually doing.

        @That one guy: That’s also my understanding of the setting ‘current problems in a slightly future place’. I suppose we could think of this money as being similar in nature to parody brands like Getmart and O’Jack’s.

  6. No, fools, no — Blind Guy is the date! Thus the lack of a picture in his profile! He has some superpower that the evil ones want to keep away from the apartment. I always knew there was more to him than his simple facade of being a school teacher! There’s a Daredevil hiding behind that green sweater, believe me!

    1. Blind Guy is way too much of a responsible adult to be Daredevil. He’ll probably turn out to be the Sensible Hulk.

      1. I think I mean DD more in relation to his radar sense (he can find anything in the walls, maybe?). Although he may have swung that stick around when he was younger — you never know.
        Besides — Chris said the Con was leading him to do more super hero crossovers! Perhaps this has been his evil plan all along!

        1. Oh, no, I was just making a bad pun. I’m not genuinely disagreeing with you. :D

          As an aside, have you ever checked out the “Supplemental” tab in the site navigation? There are some Marvel jokes and other assorted goodies Rusche drew/subtitled in there. (The tab links to: http://shotgunshuffle.com/extra/ )

  7. Chris, it’s your details and attention to those details ((unless you work for an enemy of the HSUS) but I don’t care about them) that we just absolutely love.

    1. Hey, I’m the creator of Kevin no Daibouken. That “To be continued” is indeed a little JoJo reference, because I really love the manga. I like to hide stuff like that on almost any page, just to see if people can actually spot it.

    1. Yeah, I’m really curious on directions this is all going here.

      We’ve had early and continuing hints that Blind Guy is looking for something from Ellie (including keeping aware of her movements to a degree that could be described as creepy).

      Tarra may have been pissed at getting whipped by future her when snapping at Dheu that David (likely Blind Guy) wasn’t the one calling him to clean up her mess but an additional wrinkle between her and David could’ve been part too, and Rosemary mentioned “a tutor” when talking about Tarra’s example of Buckingham obsession.

      Rusche has said that Ellie will have two serious relationships over the course of the comic, and that in terms of sisters harming Tarra turning her into X, Ellie was listed as being the cause of Tarra’s speech balloon changing color (which seems like perhaps an emotional wound to me and I suspect that event will be related to when we see Tarra seriously start manifesting Envy).

      To add wacky hijinks, Blind Guy shows up in the Royal Buckinghams picture, which is the notional cover for the chapter that includes Pumpkin’s birthday party that’s coming up in this or next chapter (and may or may not suggest that he’s actually there, which would blow his cover as the teacher Ellie got Pumpkin in trouble with).

      Quite a lot of interesting dangling threads to hang over us at the moment.

      1. I find myself wondering if there’s any symbolism in the position of the view relative to the bench. Like in the first Desperation, he’s shown from the front with Ellie behind him (missed opportunity), whereas here his facing ahead into the future?

      2. There’s also the lovely symbolism of Tarra pointing a shotgun at Blind Guy’s head.

        I wonder about Blind Guy’s desperation. Is it merely romantic or something else. Maybe he’s aware of what the D52 are up to, but knows he can’t beat them by himself so he’s desperate for allies. Admittedly that’s a bit of a stretch given current data, but I kind of feel like many character’s motives and end goals are highly suspect.

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