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So because my car assploded, I missed Megacon. DAWWW.

But Jessica, and several others I know went, and here's some pics for anyone who's ever been interested in going. It's pretty much getting out of control from what I've been told with its attendance. crunk_con_by_renykyel-d7bdgcg mega_mess_by_user1134-d7bc7lf megacon-crowd-032214 422138_10150624968759729_914672605_n I'd suggest, if you're going to do something that would classify as a "couples costume" that "fits together," I'd make sure one person was a girl. 734095_10151480950239729_1234039811_n25653_399267114728_452276_n10003138_10152260233909729_209954474_n

Is it me, or did that guy look more like Marty and Doc's love child, than just simply 'Marty?' It's all in the forehead.


And obviously for good measure, Martina McFly.

26873_381625169728_4501694_n 200392_10150145915549729_3533175_n

If it took five magic rings to form that, I'd be heavily disappointed.

200535_10150145917089729_6324130_n 395671_10150624970974729_344396550_n 417313_10150624970259729_465794819_n

Winner: Most annoyed at 500th picture Harley Quinn.


This Batman's mask is seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen in life.


You don't remember that episode? The gang teams up with the Harlem Globetrotters to catch Skeletor stealing a purple bra?


..this is just too many jokes at once. :/


Winner: Best Harley Quinn wig and real life ass representation.

954523_10152260086584729_614244010_n 1477579_10152260213734729_1126126960_n Obviously The Flash, Freakazoid, WonderChest, and MMA Jason Vorhees

1484969_10152260350979729_265595882_nJack Skellington + Sally = Waldo



Winner: Best Invisible-Juggling Harley

10149429_10152260363014729_851025106_n 10149955_10152260169429729_734422387_n 10150101_10152260252069729_1085063084_n

Winner: Best "sucking it in" Harley Quinn


Winner: Best Harley Quinn to look the least like Harley Quinn


Winner: Harley Quinn to win nothing but bring the best Joker


Winner: Most scantily dressed Harley Quinn


Winner: Best Harley Quinn dressed as 6 Power Rangers

megacon_2014__dandy_and_honey_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9m11 megacon_2014__female_link_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9q3m megacon_2014__slenderman_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b9e4u megacon_2014__sweet_tv__computer_head_girl_by_mewmoondeathneko-d7b8y50

652_67502009728_7142315_n 1975_64822004728_3341_n

I think this girl wins Best All-Around Harley. Something about it...


And I thought being crammed for dinner at Dixie Stampede was bad. Damn.

130 thoughts on “Dheu

    1. You think time portal? Why would X bother with a flux-capacitor if chalk would handle things just fine. I’m betting different dimension or access to something in her private lab.

        1. Maybe not every single tiny little syllable but basically I said ’em… yea, basically.

        2. Sorry, wrong quote, uh. Hang on. . . let me look up the page number,
          wait a second.
          London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling doown!

  1. For those who didn’t get the last strip, her saying STARS is a reference to Nemesis (like in the title for this strip) from Resident Evil 3 who would break down walls to kill members of a police force called STARS.

    Now I imagine that she will also go after the other sisters since they are the logical equivalent of STARS members.
    And lets keep going:
    *She used a massive rocket launcher
    *She only has one eye
    *She has a somewhat similar coat
    * Highly technical kung fu fighting and origin as someone the target knew(movie totally counts)
    *The target is trying to escape a place full of mindless peons unleashed by corporations and the place will probably be wiped out.
    *Did Nemesis ever save his target from other people who were trying to kill his target simply because they were in the way?

    1. Rusche also mentioned in the comics that it was also a reference to Anise’s eye tattoo (only time I’ve noticed a glimpse of it is comic High Tension from 22 Jan 2014, not posting link to avoid Rusche having to moderate). Can’t see a lot, but some form of burst or star-ish shape looks like a good/reasonable guess.

  2. I’m back! (slight pause while everyone says, “so?”)

    I’m surprised Terra is relying on the drawing skills of a squeaky voiced teen and his sidewalk chalk, hopefully the summoning doesn’t go awry. And that shiner she’s sporting has me thinking Sister X might have put her own eye out.

    1. I’m less surprised that Tarra “is relying on the drawing skills of a squeaky voiced teen and his sidewalk chalk” as I’m astounded that the squeaky voiced teen is too dumb to have run away when he had the chance. I mean, I know Tarra’s hot, but the instinct for survival of the self generally outweighs the instinct for survival of the species (unless it’s your own offspring or a LOT more people involved).

      1. I most certainly wasn’t at Megacon (not anything against it, but I’m WAY too lazy to travel there). Guess again.

    1. If Jody guessing below that you’re the cartoon-style Harley Quinn referenced as having the best costume in Rusche’s comments, then I’m guessing the guy with you would be the real life James (though I don’t recognize his costume).

      1. Yes that’s me. But that isn’t James.

        The guy next to me is a reality tv celebrity. I guess I’ll just tell you that he is from the 2nd season of Who Wants to be a Superhero, the Sci-Fi reality tv show hosted by Stan Lee. His character was Parthenon and he was 4th place.

        1. Oh wow…that IS Parthenon. Man, I loved that show when it was on. Stan Lee starts each day with a big brimmin’ bowl of Crazy Flakes but that show was a treat.

          That and “Estate of Panic.” Wished THAT one wasn’t a first-season cancel.

    2. YAY. It’s Jessica in Disguise!!!

      That sounds like a reality tv show that should be made after “Shotgun Shuffle: The Movie Blockbuster” becomes #1 for the 5th year in a row.

      Ok. Maybe I overkill the enthusiasm just a slight bit. . .

      But it’s better in the morning than Crazy Flakes, because it smells like Victory.

  3. …wow but there were a lot of Harley Quinns at this event here. What IS it about a homicidal former therapist with theme costuming that the ladies just can’t get enough of?

      1. And we enjoy pictures of Harley Quinn.

        But what’s getting all the Harleys interested in the concept? You like taking pictures of Harley Quinn, but what’s driving the large number of Harleys on hand to take pictures of in the first place?

        …course, maybe there weren’t a lot of Harleys at all. If the pictures you got are all the Harleys on hand–especially given that crowd from earlier–then that’s a statistically slim number of Harleys. Lot of food for thought, I suppose.

        1. With the crowds shown, you’d expect a large number of Harley Quinns. There were probably more Jokers than Harley Quinns, too, when you think about it.

          The thing that came to mind for me seeing all these Harley Quinns was a friend recently mentioning someone she met in the course of her job who had confided to her that she really strongly identified with Harley Quinn. I’m both extraordinarily curious about how this girl I’ve never met thinks, and somewhat trepidatious that she might someday reproduce. I mean, there’s just an enormous difference between liking Harley Quinn (which I admit, I do) and identifying with Harley Quinn.

        2. I agree with your assessment. That is indeed terrifying. She either indentifies with…

          Being the lackey of someone who is using your undying affection to twist you to their ends.

          Giving up a promising career to become a criminal.

          Losing all grasp of reality and sanity.

          Being the hapless sidekick of another criminal sociopath but with the additional of ambiguous same-sex subtext.

          Or some combination thereof. Though I do think Harley is the best characters associated with DC created in the last 20 years. Her story of ascension from cartoon character one-off to official DC canon and fan favorite is awesome beyond description.

        3. What if she used to work in a bar, met a guy, told him she wanted to go to medical school, he payed for her tuition and … London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling doown!

  4. I wondered for a minute if that was the same clerk from “The Seven Wonders” and to my astonishment, it was. I also wonder if the phrase “I’m not even supposed to be here today” went through his head at any point in this latest Buckingham brouhaha.

        1. I would assume they are. Pee dribbles could ruin the chalkwork and it could be read that he’s only doing this because he’s afraid of Tarra and doesn’t want to anger her further.

          Dribbling urine (not for sale either) onto her portal would probably piss her off.

      1. Yes, in fact I’ve used the term multiple times to describe events in real life even.

        Not sure what that has to do with witchcraft specifically, though. I mean, unless Tarra intends to sacrifice an innocent (that store clerk looks virgin-y enough), but even then the weight of the many something something I forget how the rest goes.

        1. Well, when you call in an eldritch horror from beyond–the kind that might make a toy store clerk lose his sanity by seeing it–it tends to do a lot of collateral damage. Course, that assumes this portal IS calling an eldritch horror from beyond.

        2. I don’t know, I didn’t consider an eldritch horror because that’s kind of an outdated art – seems like all modern witchcraft does is summon ghosts of rodents and smaller livestock and make you less popular in high school.

        3. Well, this IS Tarra we’re talking about. Everything’s a little wilder that far away from Erf.

        4. You know, now that you mention it, I’d REALLY like to see all the sisters’ reactions to Tarra summoning an eldritch horror.

          I’m seeing Ginger either irritated at Tarra showboating or shrugging as expected since X won round 1. Anise I’d bet would be excited, though I can’t decide if she’d cheer or be held back by the others from trying to go pet it. Juniper I’m guessing would start patting her pockets for a flask that isn’t empty or possibly just turn and walk away in disgust. Ellie would probably either sigh and comment about she thought Tarra had promised to not bring THAT ONE back again since the ill fated Homecoming incident or be occupied trying to calm Quinn down. I can’t decide if Cinn would salivate at the evil or be terrified that Tarra was going to finally send it after her. I don’t have a guess on Pumpkin’s reaction, though my closest would be mirroring Ellie’s with possibly a bit more concern of the outcome.

    1. Have you ever seen the menu at a Swedish restaurant? I haven’t (I haven’t seen a Swedish restaurant, either, that I’ve been aware of).

        1. Left!? In your shoes I would’ve changed my order to chocolate mousse and asked if I could shake the chef’s hand.

        2. Well, I would have stuck around but there was something wrong with the coffee maker. Something about the chef’s head?

      1. We have a little European place down the road that serves a themed dinner every weekend where they select a country or region and feature foods from that region. I guess that’s not technically a Swedish restaurant, although one time I went when they were doing Scandinavian cuisine and they had a choice of Swedish meatballs or Swedish beef rolls for the entree.

        No human heads though. FWIW I didn’t think to ask.

  5. *face palms* I dont know if its on purpose, but I have to ask, is all of this a reference to Bayonetta?

    I couldnt figure out why but the last few days I’ve been itching to play the game, and the more I played it the more I started thinking about this web comic.

    Terra’s hair, X’s outfit, her remark about the sisters ruining their future, the curbstomp battle and now the summons. It really does seem to add up rather well if that was the intention lol

    1. I’m not seeing an association the way you are, but I did get the impulse to put Bayonetta in and start playing it again a few weeks ago (though I think that impulse has mainly passed).

      1. Well first you have Terra using her hair in her fighting style, something Bayonetta pretty much intented if you dont count Scream from the Venom Seperation arc from Spider-Man.

        Then you have Sister-X, everything about her just screams Jeanne, from her outfit to her hair to her attitude, not to mention her curb stomping Terra. Seriously, there isnt a single person on earth who didnt get smacked down by her the first time they had to fight her.

        Combine her cryptic statements with her over all attitude along with Terra being not too far from Bayonetta and you have a solid possibility.

        1. Poor phrasing on my part. I didn’t see your association before you pointed it out in your original comment. It made sense after, though I hadn’t considered all your explanatory points. I’d meant to say it hadn’t jumped in my mind of its own volition.

        2. It didnt really jump out at me either. I’m a gamer, I own hundreds of titles, and I will at times take a random fancy to one in my collection. So my itching to break that game out wasnt anything odd given how well made it is.

          But after playing it for three days streight, then coming back to read over the Sister-X arc, I just happened to notice things because the game was still fresh in my head I suppose.

        3. If you’re going with comic book lore Medusa of the Inhumans pre-dates Scream by quite a bit when it comes to characters who fight with their hair. But I haven’t played Bayonetta so the similarities between the game and Shotgun Shuffle escape me.

  6. Oh hell… I lost it at Best HQ dressed as 6 Power Rangers.

    And wow, Tarra got her ass beat. But at least she still has her hair.

    1. Considering that it’s a near-certainty that X is a time traveler and extraordinarily likely that she’s also future Tarra, it’s not that surprising that Tarra got beat. If not Tarra, she still probably knew she’d have to incapacitate Tarra and might’ve gotten future Tarra’s help on that. If she is Tarra, then she’d have a good general idea of what she knew, her capabilities, and weaknesses that less perfect individuals couldn’t hope to exploit.

      I’m seeing a hard sell as how this summon can actually stop X if X is future Tarra. She’d see it coming. If X is, say, future Pumpkin, then maybe. But if X is future Tarra then I can see her originally stated goal being a bluff/misdirection being more likely than present Tarra’s summon defeating her before she accomplishes her mission.

      1. Come on. Sister X was/is Tarra from the present Tarra’s future. That stopped as soon as Sister X appeared, thus skewing the time line into an alternate 1985, wait, no. 2013. Sorry, I had visions of sugar plums and wild eyed scientists.

        But since Sister X is no longer Tarra of the past from the point where Sister X appeared, allowing them both to progress from that point in time forward, every new memory that Tarra comes up with is no longer stored in Sister X’s grey matter for the reason that they are no longer temporally linked. Therefore, anything that Tarra does to retaliate against Sister X is not in FEWCHER Tarra’s memory. Ram, Rom, white or greys.

        It’s a paradox baby.

        1. Tarra’s actions after X interferes wouldn’t be knowable to X. However, if X is future Tarra, then X would potentially know all of Tarra’s capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and general game plan for events like this. Which, when combined with the concept of X having in-the-same-class abilities with Tarra, would strongly suggest that she can anticipate 98+% of what Tarra throws at her.

          Now this is where if she’s a future Pumpkin, or some other non-Tarra party, Tarra’s actions could catch her off guard and unprepared. If X is future Tarra, the best present Tarra could manage would be an, “Oh, that. Didn’t think Tarra would pull that one. Oh well, time to deal with it.”

        2. No, No, this is a total “the Borg knows what Locutus knows what Picard knows, so you use it against them” situation. Tarra is doing something she would never do, because future her would never expect it, because she would never do it. So, she will do it. Got it?

        3. He knows that I know that he’s knows but he doesn’t know that I know that he knows I know. So I’ve got the edge.

          And yes, I agree that Tarra is probably doing something greatly out of character to try to pull off a win.

        4. Well after a brief glimpse of what spring may look like it’s been back to ice and snow again. Which I think came as a shock to a lot of people because everyone promptly forgot how to drive in it again. So my commute to work yesterday morning was full of such excitement as an upside down pickup truck on fire and blocking the south bound lane of I-55 while in the northbound lanes less than a mile away some other accident had the interstate shut down for miles causing me to detour through the city and thus arrive to work late.

          tl:dr Despite what the calendar says Winter is still here.

        5. Certainly possible, but X isn’t a machine and would be likely to recognize the same line of reasoning. However, that relies on Tarra recognizing X as her future self for her to feel the need to do that.

  7. So Chris what you’re saying is that cosplay is not quite as popular at Dixie Stampede? Or just fewer ladies sporting Harley Quinn get-ups?

    1. I’d always thought Dolly Parton was partial to Harley Quinn and had assumed all female serving staff were required to cosplay as her. Male serving staff obviously had to dress as Gandalf.

      1. I can not envision that, as it would degrade from “Batman: The Animated Series” Harley Quinn, and that voice. Pure Angelic Jersey. Ah, such sweet bliss.

        *shudders* makes me want to puke to think of Harley Quinn talking like a hick.

        1. While I’ve heard her voice acting more often with an East Coast accent, I could imagine it being done with a southern twang without too much difference. As long as you don’t require “like a hick” to imply uneducated but just different regional dialect it could certainly work and stay in character.

          Now Gandalf with a southern drawl I’m not so sure about.

        2. Generally, when I mean, “Like a hick” I mean that they use the mannerisms, colloquialisms, speech impediments and emphasis so much more than Jeff Foxworthy does in his act. More than Bo and Luke Duke and any other TV and/or Movie icon. Worse than Bobby Boucher’s mom, or that one coach who was pure Cajun drawl. More drawl than a person at the dentist. More Johnny than Johnny Reb or Jonah Hex. Uhm, I can’t think of any others in order to make my stereotypical point. And it’s not HiFi, but Stereotypical. Thinking of Dolly Parton as Harley Quinn just makes me think of her dressed up as Roy Rodger’s wife in one of those high falluten cowboy movies and sounding worse than the bar maid in “The Blues Brothers.”

  8. Does anybody understand the title? I googled “Dheu” and all I got was this:

    Dheu i Lehtë is a settlement in the Hajmel municipality, Shkodër District, Shkodër County, northern Albania.

      1. …oh that’s not creepy or nothing.

        Oh, wait. No. I mean the OTHER thing.

        Yeah. That’s SUPER creepy. Right.

      2. Hmm, so now the question is “is it the proto-Indo-European stem … or the Bengali term?” I rather hope it’s the second, since you can do a lot of play with that and portals.

      3. I’m going to go with what I found on Acronymfinder.com : “Dex Health Exchange USA (Denver, CO)”.

        Why? I seek to remain confused until further comics explain.

  9. Wow, talk about your self fulfilled prophecy. I wonder if that’s how Tarra losses her eye… It’s the same one, ya know. But Chris, I just wanted to say that the Tarraforming effects were great. Kind of like our Tarra’s analog vs. Fewcher Tarra’s Digital.

    And that was just, (I wish that we could use that one girl from “RED” just to say AWESOME. I like how you had the rings set up at various distances along her hand, wrist and arm. Both of them.

    Wait, PORTAL? Are we going to see some people with those crazy arse boots?

    1. Since she is the proto-Harley which inspired every other incarnation you’d be hard pressed to find someone to argue with you.

  10. I’m just imagining Tarra summoning a superhero version of herself from a parallel reality. It doesn’t fit with the title but it’s a fun thought.

      1. I’m just hoping this doesn’t cause her to get messed up and become Sister X in a never-ending time-loop. That would make me sad.

      2. There is only one of the sisters who could be Power Girl and it’s not Tarra. The role would require someone who is more… well rounded…

        1. While it would be assumed that the Tarra of this Earth is unable to modify any dimensional discretion that are under discussion, Tarra of Erf 52 has acquired the resources of self improvement through heroic flight.

  11. I am completely lost right now, due to my serial non-gaming (haven’t owned a system since an n64 and I quit playing the original Resident Evil after 20 minutes). Thanks to whomever explained the ‘stars’ thing, because I couldn’t find online why he said that- if he was supposed to be retarded or something. He is apparently the evil, more twisted version of Othar Tryggvassen.

    Great Harley Quinn costume, Jessica. As someone above noted, the cartoon Batman was the best version. At least no one went at ‘Bathtub Suicide Harley Quinn’. That would have just been awkward.

    1. The short story to the STARS thing is this.

      A genetically modified, nigh invulnerable, living weapon was sent to eliminate the members of the Special Tactics and Rescue (STARs were the local version of SWAT in the early Resident Evil games) team following the outbreak of the zombie virus release in Racoon City. It was Chewbacca sized (if Chewy was on steriods) but hairless and hideously scarred/deformed. It only ever said one word (if you guessed “STARS” you win a cookie) and liked to enter scenes dramatically like breaking a wall down or something. It suceeded in killing at least one STARS member but eventually slowed to a near stop long enough for Jill Valentine to escape and was hopefully actually destroyed by the nuke that was dropped on it shortly thereafter.

      The sheer amount of punishment the Nemesis could take had to be experienced to be believed and if you factor in the additional battles it was involved in (through spin off titles like Operation Racoon City) you can only shake your head and wish the Terminator wasn’t such a freakin’ wuss.

  12. Panel 3 Tarra is a good example of a facet of American sensibilities that I find amusing. With Tarra’s outfit from two comics ago, if portraying her beaten and bloodied a bit, what’s the absolute necessary and near-definite feature for a PG-13 or stricter venue?

    Ripped/torn/fallen-off shoulder/bra strap.

    I’m not sure why that amuses me, but it does. I understand the reasoning (if you’re going to have her walking around much more before chance for clean-up, it’s irritating and potentially distracting to place strategically placed objects to keep her covered), and were I drawing in Rusche’s place I’d do the same thing. It’s still one of those things that makes me laugh at the consequences of relatively arbitrary cultural boundaries.

    1. There’s only one problem that I can think of.

      The sprinklers haven’t gone off. And no, that’s not from a wet T shirt point of view, it’s from a building code point of view. I mean, we had the M202 FLASH Rocket Launcher, M74 Rockets, M235 Warheads, utilizing TPA (Thickened Pyrophoric Agent) of Tri Ethyl Aluminum (TEA) thickened with Polyisobutylene. The TPA burns at about 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit, so the metal in the sprinklers most definitely should have been melted, causing the extinguishing system to kick in. . .

      Oh, wait. But then you can’t have the clerk drawing on the floor with chalk.

      ok.. Sorry. I guess the fire safety controls were wrecked with the explosion then?

      1. Sprinkler systems in toy stores are much more likely to be expecting a more causal type of fire than explosive ordinance. I wouldn’t expect your common sprinkler system to do much in that environment. Rockets likely busted at least one ceiling sprinkler pipe, and they’re probably just normal copper pipes, so the damage done in that store could’ve easily sealed many of them off or blown them out of parts of the store (leaving other parts without fire suppression and relatively dry depending on floor slope).

        It’d be quite feasible for the area Tarra was knocked to being dry, flooded, or anywhere in between.

        Remember also that X might be choreographing events to cause Tarra to react in a certain way. If she’s future Tarra, then she’d be very able to do so. Maybe she WANTS Tarra to summon whatever she’s about to summon.

        1. Sprinkler systems as found in retail buildings typically use heavy-gauge steel pipe, not copper. An explosion big enough to seriously damage the pipes would also be enough to bring the roof down. Also, such systems use a series of parallel lines; damage to one pipe isn’t going to have a big impact on overall sprinkler coverage.

          That being said, sprinklers will only go off in areas where the heat is actually present, so it’s not out of the question for the fight to move to a location that isn’t being sprayed with water. After all, people do have a bizarre tendency to move away from raging infernos.

        2. If you know about retail building codes, I freely admit mine was guesswork.

          It does make sense that retail buildings would want to not have water cover and ruin inventory all over the store for a small isolated fire, though.

  13. Rusche, if your car issues hadn’t interfered with your going to Megacon, would you have cosplayed, and if so what was your costume plan?

  14. Ohh man…Tarra really took a beating..yikes.
    Hahah I feel so bad for that kid that got roped into doing the symbol, he looks so freaked out.

    Really though, I’m curious about this portal……

    1. With him not running away already, I’d consider any misfortune from this to be Darwinianly appropriate (though Rusche did say nobody dies, so I guess he won’t quite unselect himself from the gene pool).

  15. has anyone suggested that x is tarranise? hair color is about right for that blend. it also then might not matter if tarra’s eye is damaged since anise hides hers all the time. just a thought…

  16. so, Rushce, were you just being funny with the “wonderchest” comment, or are you one of the sever-… hundre-… thous-… milllio- … *sigh* uncountable hordes of people who don’t know who Plastic Man is, much less a female version?

    not trying to sound snarky, I’m just trying to figure out whether you are one of the “enlightened” making a joke, and hoping to bring the total number of people I know who also know PM up from three….

    1. Sure, rush to Plastic Mans defense but let everyone who doesn’t know better think Bane (of Batman infamy) is MMA Jason Vorhees. After all, in this context it would be luchador Jason Vorhees :p

      And believe it or not I actually remember back when Plas had his own cartoon on the TV.

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