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Still waiting for the Final 4 round of the ComicMix vote. I'm going to work on a VS image for it since our resident league of investigators discovered we won. Any fans of Girl Genius, feel free to tell me what three characters you'd like for their team. Also got some art of Pumpkin from Krizeii on DeviantArt. Pump it up

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      1. However, the odd thing is that this poll was registered on the poll maker since 4/30/2015 at 22:17 server time. Poll maker and it’s related server planetdomain are registered to an Australian address. So, could the poll have been made, saved and then edited?

  1. Ouch, a strong dose of reality upside the head can be painful.

    Caleb uses DISDAIN vs. Ellie’s ego, it’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!

      1. Caleb gets +5 on disdain attacks vs Ellies +4 ego so that’s two saves and a failure, followed by a sense motive on Calebs part cause because he doesn’t realize he just set off a critical counter attack.

    1. Don’t look behind door number two, Monty!
      It’s time to play “End of the Line, My Valentine!”

  2. For Girl Genius vs art it’s getting close to the final battle so I would assume the main players would be in effect plus a high ranking underling. Agatha, Gilgamesh and Maxim the Jager (one of my favorite minor characters) would have my vote.

      1. I’ve been hiding in the comments section pretty regularly again, my schedule has settled down a bit and I also got one of those new fangled smart phones what let’s you use the interwebs almost anywhere. It’s like a portable computron.

        1. They still make computrons?

          Retro is cool and all, but I love my interdex.

  3. Weasel? He wasn’t involved. This was Danny’s doing.

    Wonder if there are any odds he actually gets the girls to go along with keeping the scheme on a limited basis? It has made good bank so far. Could never see Quinn going along with it but easy money may convince them to keep at least some cameras.

    1. Some one needs an international attorney there, Ellie. Too bad the iNimbus can’t be there, it’s useless as an incorruptible recording device went out the window when Danny boy hacked/cracked it.

      However, who thinksthat Caleb is going to get out of this unarmed at this moment but with all of his money?

      1. That may be Danny’s doing, but the company is still legally responsible for its employee’s behavior.

        1. This is true, but one question, no that can’t be answered, because the site was still active while the girls were in the closet together. Vu was not told to dismantle the site from her end, and because Caleb did not trash the system upon completion of spaghettifying someone’s guts with a nice chianti, Vu may have assumed that the site was assimilated into the parent company.

          Or she could have just been playing whatever video game was on her system the night Caleb found out. . . . . . . .

        2. I think that depends upon the nature of the employment agreement.

          For example, a city contracts a construction company to build something. Construction company wrecks some personal property in the process. The degree the city has any liability for wrecked personal property is entirely up to the contract (generally no, and the construction company will have to carry a certain amount of insurance for such things).

          For a general employer/employee relationship, yes the company would have some liability. However, part of that would be based upon the assumption of supervision by management. With the degree of independence Danny is showing from Caleb, their agreement might qualify as such to give Caleb significantly more liability protection. Especially considering that he disallowed Danny to pay Ellie at all (if he’d just put that in writing he’d be in a lot better shape).

        3. Assuming Danny isn’t a contractor rather than an employee.

          Assuming we’re not operating under Canadian rather than United States labor law.

        4. Seeing as how this incident is inside the jurisdiction of the Tenth Circuit Court of Florida, then it would definitely fall under US Jurisdiction.

          As far as the companies involvement. Using a municipality vs. a corporation is not quite a good example. For the most part, you can not sue city hall. However personal a person thinks that a major league ball park should be torn down because of property taken by a municipality that occurred because of Imminent Domain abuses should be placed at the feet of all who were involved from the state capital if tax grants or benefits were granted by the state, to the county government for allowing the Imminent Domain abuse to occur, the city government for granting the licenses and permits to tear down the privately held property to the owners of the ball club. But that would depend on how corrupt each respective level is.

        5. Danny probably falls almost entirely within US jurisdiction. However, Caleb’s culpability in this whole mess would be somewhat dependent upon Canadian law regarding employment, incorporation, and contracts. The situation here is a (presumed) US citizen is doing work for a Canadian company and has disobeyed directives and misappropriated company resources to commit a crime in the US. I think the cross border aspect will provide Caleb with some shielding and Danny with a bit more liability. If Caleb had violated US law in filming the girls, or directed Danny to do so, I don’t think being a Canadian citizen would protect him past possibly being able to get some funding for legal council from the Canadian gov. However, since he is also technically a wronged party (theft, if nothing else), I think he’ll have some ability to take advantage of rights granted to him under both Canadian and US law. Granted, I’m not sure what rights he’d get under Canadian law, but there should be some lack of overlap to make it greater than just rights under US law.

          I agree that crossing gov vs corporate interests for the purposes of contract law isn’t a one-to-one comparison. There’s also the question of the degree that an employment agreement has less protection due to generally being a contract of adhesion. It’s hard to say how it would all shake out, but in general the more Caleb can prove that Danny was acting against his wishes and that the employment agreement didn’t stipulate supervision that would’ve caught this, the better Caleb’s case will be.

          A lot of this goes out the window if Danny did a good job of sowing traps and false evidence against Caleb and if the girls end up getting arrested for assault, though.

        6. To open an account, either a SSN is needed or an E.I.N. (employer identification number)issued by the state’s department of revenue or a feed issued one from the IRS. Caleb opened an American account. An American back will most likely tell him to, “Take off, eh? ” The American back needs a local representative.

          Hell look at comicmix, has anyone gone to look at their papers with the secretary of state office in conetticut? Local agents of the business. More than likely Caleb might have had to incorporate in the USA as well as Canada separately. With Danny boy being the contract person in America, and Caleb in Canada.

        7. But we already know that the law was broken. Because Danny boy was borken from before his first scene. Caleb will have backspatter and collateral damage. Now we’ll see just how good Ellie is at A.P. sponge learning as well as extra curricular osmosis via parental sources.

        1. To quote Sheldon.

          Scissors cuts Paper
          Paper covers Rock
          Rock crushes Lizard
          Lizard poisons Spock
          Spock smashes Scissors
          Scissors decapitates Lizard
          Lizard eats Paper
          Paper disproves Spock
          Spock vaporizes Rock
          (and as it always has) Rock crushes scissors

          Not sure why that’s needed, but Great, now I have to look.

          Out of Rock – Paper – Scissors – Lizard – Spock

          Rock won.

        1. I have heard of conniptions, but I’ve never seen one. It was at that time that my wife looked at me.
          Her face split, and one eyeball was larger than the other one. Her hair turned to fire and her lips became jagged edges of metallic death.

          Then she ate the monkey in Lukkai’s gravatar.

  4. Well, with Danny boy down for the current count, Caleb may be able to convince the girls that he had nothing to do with creeper site. Now, if he offers to pay the girls to let himself off the hook, they may take the money and just press on with tearing Danny a new one.

    1. He can’t get himself off of the hook, because as soon as he and Danny boy was done with the toilet, he became a co conspirator at that time. However, since he did nothing but supervise while impairing himself with $h*tty beer, he is still culpable for the actions that “HIS” employee took against the girls. I so want to quote the line Silent Bob uses, but I don’t feel like looking it up. Actionable to say the least.

      1. Um, she’s the one on the hook. She just assaulted Danny with a deadly weapon, in front of a witness, leaving material evidence. If she calls the cops he might get a year, more likely community service. She gets 10-25.

        1. She’s the Police Chief’s daughter. 1) He said that he’d let that one slide. Ergo, he would be just as complicit, what is that, fait accompli?

        2. Plausible deniability? She didn’t MEAN to hit him with it. He just failed to catch it! She was simply returning his laptop, no assault intended, right ladies?

        3. Yeah, that’s the thing, she was just tossing it to him. It’s his fault that he can’t catch and slipped and hit his head on the corner of the desk.

        4. Emotional duress/temporary insanity might be a good defense direction. Finding out about the site and the camera he’d tricked her into taking into her bedroom had her angry enough she didn’t recognize her own strength. Not sure with state laws how viable that direction would be or not, but I don’t suspect that convincing anyone that she was furious would be too difficult.

    2. I don’t know that offering money as a specific figure is a good idea. We have no idea how solid that account number is and how many will end up being reversed credit card charges.

      I think Caleb would be best to avoid mentioning money and when they bring up the question, he brings up the uncertainty about if the money collected will be kept or seized, mention the $20k Danny blew through, and offer them whatever is there after he gets his $20k back on the condition they hold him and his site legally blameless for all of this, and offer to sign the paperwork to make paying them binding.

  5. Well, even if Ellie was wrong her theory actually makes a lot of sense. The whole conventions-thing was obviously fishy, and in her place I would think that any employer worth his beans would shut down those kinds of shenanigans damn near immediately. It all would smack of one big setup, and finding him with Danny in the creep-lair would cinch that theory for her. And she knows VERY well how some people (specifically a certain person whose name also begins with a C) wouldn’t think twice before trying to shift the blame on to someone else to save their own skin.

    That being said, I dunno but I think Caleb will have to do some very fast talking next update now, because with that smack on her ego she could very well be even more willing to destroy them both. The girls do have the upper hand here, and giving them his usual attitude could end up with them contacting parents and getting those custom-made felonies he predicting rolling.

    1. I don’t think Caleb could get charged with many of those felonies. However, even while I suspect he’d eventually be found not guilty in court (assuming Danny didn’t fabricate a lot of evidence against Caleb, anyway), I don’t suspect he and Vu will be financially survive the legal proceedings.

      1. When he didn’t flip the table after finding out that the girls did not know about the cameras, then he became an unknowing member of the crime (I can’t think of the damn word, and if I do have the correct word, I can’t think of how to spell it.) accomplice. (I had to look it up) And it was after the fact, especially since he did nothing to correct the issue until the girls found out. Same goes for Vu.

        1. No, once he found out that the surveillance was non-consensual he immediately stated it was illegal and that Danny (who still has some degree of employment relation to him) must take it down. That could be enough to qualify as removing his culpability as an accessory. Granted, he has no solid evidence of that if Danny rebuts it, and relying on Danny might open him to some sort of negligent accessory type charges.

          I don’t believe we have any reason to believe Vu knows the surveillance is non-consensual. Without that knowledge and with the knowledge that Caleb went to deal with it, she should be clean.

  6. The reaction from Ellie could go one of two ways. Either she decides to murder the Cannuck for proactively firing her, before hiring her, or she continues murdering D-bag because she missed out on the long term job at the hotel. Or both. She might just do both.

    As it has been hinted at a future level of animosity towards Ellie from Vu, and it is unlikely that Vu would give two loonies if Ellie started to creatively remove parts of the D-bag, Ellie will probably decide to murder the Cannuck, just a little.

      1. Yep, if Ellie’s smart enough to avoid assault charges, then she’ll probably still end up bankrupting Caleb & Vu in the process of going after the voyeur site.

        1. They have a Guest Art section in their Extras link. If he sends them the link (after the contest) I’d imagine they’d post it there.

      1. I’m wondering on your match-ups, now. I’d thought that McFatFat vs Krosp was a shoe-in. Then again I’ve never even looked at SSSS, so maybe they have a better match-up for McFatFat.

  7. I hope that Caleb keeps his 20k and gives the girls the other 20k. Imagine the fun to be had.

    Ellie: “All I had to do is strut on camera for a bit? Hey Q-
    “No. *preps another whisk*”

  8. Did I miss something? It seems like some think Caleb actually wanted to keep the site going. Yes, when he saw the profit he was ecstatic, but as soon as he saw it wasn’t on the up and up he wanted it shut down.

    As for Ellie’s ego, it took a big hit there. Who knows how that can turn out. I think the real question would be, why does Caleb even allow Danny such access to his money.

        1. The whole thing blew up the planet, and we’re all just figmented imaginations of some Disney Imagineer who was figmented by the fragmentation of the planet when he tightened the nuts and bolts on the Mickey bot too tightly and caused a China Syndrome in Orlando which resulted in the oceans penetrating to the center of the Earth, thus causing the planetary catastrophe that resulted in the fragmentation of the Erf?

        2. Of course it didn’t go to court. Everyone knows the firm of Shovels Shallow & Graves settles things with binding arbitration.

    1. Only when he thought that things were on the up and up. For what reason would Danny boy want to keep Caleb quiet if he was on the straight and level legally? The first and foremost reason for keeping quiet would be to not distract the stars while they were working. Unless they were singing a Monty Python song or something.

      But Danny knew that he was in the wrong with corralling Ellie into the web site, but he’s breaking oh so many laws by having Quinn on camera without her consent. So, unwilling co star is just putting so much butter on a pile of $h*t and calling it bread pudding. Legally speaking. But it does seem that Count Imperious might have a better analogy on that than I. (ooooh, nice grammar, eh?)

      The thing is, Danny boy was setting Caleb up before the account was created. For this purpose alone. Why else would Danny boy be needing access to money that wouldn’t come back to him. But that account was set up for some purpose that Caleb and Vu agreed with, or just Danny alone, considering the way the he blew up, up north.

      So, if you don’t mind my saying so, I don’t think that he was so ecstatic as his murderous rage was just subsided by losing the reason to kill Danny boy. Will there be a three way tag team dance on Danny boy’s cranium? Doubtful, since the indentation implementation of the external device to his skull

      1. Yes, Danny knew. His beating makes perfect sense. Caleb of course went down there to get his money back. Thing is, as soon as he found out Danny’s website was using people who weren’t in on it, he wanted it shut down.

        His real failing was not making sure it was shut down right then and there. Instead he got drunk and passed out.

        1. Right, he should have overturned the table as soon as he saw Danny boy’s name on the bottom of that paper.

          Cue Uncle Joey!!!

        2. Actually, he should’ve called Vu to have her take down the site and then taken Danny out of his apartment to let Danny pay a higher price somewhere else to get him drunk and let Vu cut off all of Danny’s access and shunt the site to a maintenance page without Danny being able to actively interfere.

          Though that’s if he wanted to be subtle, I am also still for Caleb should’ve just hunted down Danny’s breaker box and flipped he main breaker off as he called Vu. Also it doesn’t allow getting drunk to become part of the primary plan.

        3. That’s if Caleb knew enough about it all to call Vu. He has Danny as an employee for some reason.

        4. Vu noticed the site, which is what set the whole thing off. And if she’s just trying to take it down, she can just rename the directory with all the site content and make a new directory with a “Site maintenance”-sort of index.html page. She should be able to do that quite easily.

      1. Comment repeated made of repeated comment to comment on comment made to root statement. Alert status: WTF?

        Just checked on the ComicMix site. No mention of the Final four at this time.

        Not even on their front/home page.

        1. Yeah… I expected to come back from all the doctor’s appointments today (I’m in the process of spawning a minion for the gamestore ;) to find a very active final four round, not crickets on the ComicMix site. The guy running the tournament has posted a short article today (the Archie video), but nothing else.

        2. That Archie video mash up just doesn’t seem to belie their interest in the tournament at this time. At least when he was MIA, they had someone else to step up and conduct the Sweet Sixteen.

        3. Comment to the comment of the comment on the comment of the root statement:
          Alert Status: BLUE IS CRAY CRAY

          Just checked on the ComicM!x site. No mention of the Final four at this time.

          Not even on their front/home page.

        4. Mr. Blue is going to go with the possibility that the vote will be up by sometime tomorrow morning, EST. We will be able to guess what time they concocted the poll that they are using by the responses timeline. The publishing of the poll at the site will be the first time listed, and when the poll closed, that will be the scheduled time that they end it.

  9. If Danny’s still out cold, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that she hit him with a Dell Latitude.

  10. While Caleb’s comment to Ellie may be technically true and a little hurtful to her he and his company are done for. He may not have know what D-bag was doing until he got there to beat the crap out of him, but when he found out he didn’t do two very important things. 1 – call Vue and have it shut down immediately at least from his servers. 2 – call the police himself and let Danny twist in the wind. Because he tried to just shut it down and hide it, he has made himself complicit in the concealment of a crime and in his own words probable felonies. So no dice Caleb! say what you want to Ellie you and Danny will be bunk buddies in the state/federal pen.

    1. Well, some of those things might lessen his culpability. Having “negligent” or “involuntary” slapped onto the name will do that. Also, if the hit to Ellie’s pride is enough that she physically attacks him, he might have something that he can bargain as a “I’ll drop my charges if you’ll drop yours.” Telling Danny to take down the site instead of Vu was definitely stupid, but it might wash from a legal stance since Danny technically works for him in some way and would be more familiar with what was involved for the site, where it would potentially take Vu longer to hunt everything down and root it out. Granted, this could also potentially get him on attempting to destroy evidence of a crime, though.

      Not that I think he’s thinking of the second one at all or the first one more than peripherally. This is likely his knee-jerk reaction and a continuation of his anger at Danny over sinking $20k on Ellie which he’d thought was an attempt to get in her pants until he found out about the site.

      Also with Rusche’s comment above about it being very loosely based on a real situation that didn’t go to court, I’m suspecting that may increase the odds that this may be settled out of court as well. Which probably means the girls give in to the impulse for some more violence and the police respond to Tired Guy’s call and catch them in the act and Herb negotiates a dropping of all charges on both sides and letting Caleb and Danny have 24 hours to get out of town.

  11. Honesty: it gets reactions.
    404 TKO, Danny not found. Please reload and try again.

    It’s Vs 3 so the Jager trio of Maxim, Dimo & Oggie . If not them, then Agatha Clay, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, and Tarvek Sturmvoraus

    1. If you look for the two images posted in comments by Rusche above, you’ll see two of the three GG characters (Agatha is mentioned as the third and center one).

      1. Very Nice!! I think the Phil Folgio just found a substitute artist for Girl Genius if he ever needs one!

        1. I am voting for SS in the tourney but I couldn’t pass up this awesome pic as an avvy.

  12. HEY!

    The next round of voting is up and we are getting our ASSES handed to us! Get to work, people! Vote from your home, your car, everyone’s computer at work! Knock kids down on the playground and steal their phone to cast another vote!


  13. And may I add on a personal note, after seeing us patently blow away every other comic combined on the donation scale–and yes, I knew this yesterday thanks to Stoirmcriostal’s mathly diligence–that I am damned glad to be a part of a community like this.

      1. Not a villain gains 10 votes with SSSS bucking ahead with 100 votes. Girl Genius almost matches that surge with 99 votes and SS almost double their position with 78 votes.

  14. I just read straight through to now. The one thing Caleb may have in his defense is that he told the Border guard that he was coming to commit murder. Also for the record Danny boy pirated Caleb’s customer list and the chat logs would have made clear that Caleb was out of the loop. Caleb did FSK himself when he didn’t drastically pull the plug, call the cops and arrest Danny for embezzlement once he finally found out what was going on. If a business that is hourglass shaped suddenly goes pear shaped you want all sorts of deniablity. Also Danny is about to get his meat Beaten.

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