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Don’t remake. “Remaster”

  I have yet to attend a movie since, I dunno, the invention of smartphones, that I'm not in the middle of a movie when suddenly multiple blinding lights emit from the rows in front of me. Sporadic and constant. I think most fail to realize exactly how bright our phones are. That.. and the courtesy is NOT in refraining from just calling someone in the midst of a movie... it's using them period. Going to the theater is essentially... ESCAPISM. So that's what everyone should do. Shut out everything else. You have up until the first preview to play Cut the Rope..  or I cut your neck. =))

52 thoughts on “Don’t remake. “Remaster”

      1. It makes me even more sad that Ellie got snubbed. She missed a chance to bond with her sister. Assuming she’s made any attempt to stay in contact with her family since she moved out…

        1. And I can’t tell if Eagan is trying to look aloof and disinterested or checking Quinn out. Possibly both?

        2. That was actually my attempt to NOT have him gazing off into the distance for once. I noticed the same once I was in the coloring stage.

        3. The eyes doesn’t look like it’s pointed at Quinn though. It looks like he is checking out his blonde friend though.

  1. Great, at least we know Launchpad’s self-inflicted wall-walking injuries weren’t fatal. Brain-damaging, on the other hand…

    1. will be revealed in the next exciting conclusion of “SHOTGUN SHUFFLE,” Same launchpad day, Same launchpad time. BUT WAIT.

      Will Ellie ever survive the snub of not being in the Hoodie Rainbow, Will the real Hoodie Rainbow Mob ever hear of this and chase down Eagan for the slight of having been elected by his peers for giving Ellie the chance to utter those immortal words. Will James’ love for Star Wars, Lucas, and all things related ever be revealed to Disney Fans around the world. And just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. .

      The world may never know.

      Until then, fear the eggs that hatch in the corner of your refrigerator. . . . . . . .

        1. Well, Quinn’s eyebrows are definitely saying something, that’s a plus. . . Hard to interpret at this point if she’s wondering more about the movie, those two or Eagan.

          What is our intrepid hero Eagan thinking of right now, besides Pillow Backpacks, Hoodies, and wondering if those two hens will shut up. No, not Ellie’s sister, Pumpkin, and Launchpad McQuack a.k.a. Ashliii

  2. I’ve been through a lot of Web Comics, and I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the satirical nature of College life, but I’m really enjoying this one.

    1. He can prop his feet on James’ head.
      Which makes me remember a time I was the movies with stadium seating. Some guy behind me decided he wanted to prop his feet up in the gap between my friend’s seat and my own. Needless to say, his feet got the elbowing of a lifetime. =P

      1. Wait a minute. You mean to say that you aren’t going to slap the phones out of their hands and stand over them in an attempt to instill fear and morals with a master’s glare only to reach behind your back and whip out your hidden cape and cowl. Having put them on in one deft stroke, you stand there, in a black cape and cowl, only to say “I AM THE NIGHT,” before running off towards the exit, Stage left even, only to appear instantaneously as Calvin from the exit, Stage right saying, “Boy was I thirsty.”

  3. This version of Forrest Gump, is it even a thing or did you just make that up? Why would it even need to be remastered? My five pound VHS of it is just fine without George Lucas.

    1. Personally I am still waiting for the Saturday Morning Cartoon show of this.
      Every episode cartoon Gump would walk around and do historical stuff.
      Basically Black Dynamite, but with Tom Hanks.

  4. I was sad to see how low on the list this was on top web comics :( you should incentivize voting with a risqué picture of mr. Fatty mcfatfat. I myself just voted, because this comic is very well done and still has a lot of potential in it. I’d really like to see this top 100!

    1. That’s sweet Feorellas. Thanks.
      I don’t take it too much to heart on being low in the webcomic rankings. The comic is still very much in its infancy. It takes time.

    2. He’s been naked in every appearance but one. How does that get MORE risque? Lucas away his hoodie?

  5. Chris, if I may ask, Why not save a file on an external drive after each stage of the comic has been finished? If I remember, you draw sketches of each panel, then you scan them (1), then you rough them in (2), then clean up the lines (3), ink (?), Color (4?), Shadows and highlights (5?), script (6 and possible fin).

    If the space is a problem, and when working with layers in photoshop I know it can be, using an external drive is an ideal folder for Shotguns stages.

    Personally, it is difficult for me (and my OCD) to be nice to my self if I mess up an original file. BUT. I did, off of my digital recorder. Had to go to Kim Komando to find an uneraser that did work, and I backed it up on my laptop before I put the files back onto my recorder.

    I used to work with Photoshop back when it had numbers associated with just Photoshop. I was writing CDs in order to save work on a daily basis. That was just before zip drives and larger internal drives as well.

    It’s a necessary evil man, but you just wait, and your encyclopedia will help. As soon as mom’s case is done in probate.

    1. This happened before with “Customer Profiling” (Caz and Tommy’s game at work) where I SOMEHOW forgot to ever save at all while in photoshop. I ended up coloring that strip for hours, almost completed, when I guess I hit a massive number of layers my computer could no longer handle. It crashed, and closed. Lost hours of work. And obviously, hours of sleep.

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