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Don’t Stick Your Chainsaw In Crazy

Cinnamon never got a Sister 7 communicator intro like the others, so I owed her something. Among fans, I'm constantly told she's the most under-utilized of the sisters. Don't worry, she has many more comics off in the future, and a lot more personality quirks to cover. I have several years of comics planned. This strip is also an idea I've had for like, 5 years, and I was finally able to do it. Thanks for giving me a few extra days to get it completed. Anytime there's nighttime lighting, I hand paint it, versus my normal "gradient-cel-shading." And this was a ton of hand painting. The 8 chainsaws took up an entire day just to draw and get right.

123 thoughts on “Don’t Stick Your Chainsaw In Crazy

        1. That’s a good point. How does Rosemary judge these things? How are you not miles ahead of Cinn already?

        2. I’m really hesitant to mention stuff, but… Pretty sure Cin didn’t get held back two grades or get pregnant out of wedlock. Plus she’s somehow managed to maintain steady employment.

        3. She set a plague of Omega Pestilence loose on a crowded mall on Black Friday. She’s a BIOTERRORIST. This is somehow not worse than abandoning your kid to your responsible older sister and dropping out of high school? It’s like setting up one-time arsonist against a serial jaywalker.

        4. I believe they prefer the term ecological enhancers. But sure we’ll add genetic engineering and rocketry to the list of things Cin’s better at than Juni.

          Juni’s still got her beat on the getting people to like you front. Just not with their mom.

        5. I guess it’s that Juniper can’t help herself from making bad decisions that ultimately hurt Juniper, where Cinn can’t help herself from making bad decisions that hurt anyone else she possibly can and is apparently incapable of knowing when to keep her mouth shut (like talking about inconveniences to the sisters of the volume of her parents’ sex life in front of her mother and three other sisters).

          Maybe I’m just too libertarian, but someone who generally hurts themselves and leaves other people generally ok really has to come out ahead of someone who hurts others constantly.

        6. Whichever you choose, but to be fair, you were the one who brought up a comparison that’s like a normal sized person trying to limbo under the awning over the diesel pumps at a truck stop.

  1. That’s…that’s just wow…

    I was expecting her to fight back somehow, not creep him out of killing her.

    On a side note, while Cinn is one of my least favorite characters in the whole comic (Kat still has her beat), this arc is really piling on making me feel bad for her. I can’t even quite imagine the impact of a rejection this bizarre.

      1. I did not see this result coming at all.
        NO blood at all, NO romance at all.
        As the Love Ref, I gotta call this a loss for Cinn….

        Wait! She’s going a second round!

        Maybe he will put down the power tool and reconsider playing doctor once he gets a good look at the Buckingham assets.

      2. Don’t feel bad. You’re just displaying skill as a storyteller.

        Anyone can make the audience sympathetic to a character that’s portraying a decent human being. It takes skill to elicit sympathy for something like Cinn.

    1. She strapped a hamster to a rocket and shot it into the air. That removes any requirement to feel sympathy for her.

    2. Yeah, that’s a good point, TOG. She got shot down by a roomful of dudes in a place where the odds were 100:1 in her favor easily. She got shot down by a serial killer. This is just getting sad now.

      1. Yeah, it’s a very bizarre situation. If she’d gotten 50 dates as expected from the main con, scaring away the serial killer would seem like, “wow, good luck for Cinn.”

        With getting rejected by that massive congregation of desperate men and then going directly to a serial killer tell her that she just doesn’t make the cut to be dismembered…is weirdly complicated. Is she still lucky, or is it a confirmation of how badly she loses?

        Either way, to be clear for Rusche, definitely kudos for drawing this kind of reaction for Cinn.

    3. Actually, because of this, Cinnamon is becoming one of my favorites just on the sheer entertainment value of her “strangeness”. I do still feel a bit sorry for the character, but hey – she knows what she likes!!!!

  2. Okay… a number of things/questions/issues spring to mind with this one, but I’ll settle on two that stand out to me.

    1: This really kinda strikes me as a moment more appropriate for Anise than it does Cinnamon.

    2: If she wasn’t worried that the sound that she heard was a serial chainsaw wielding mass-murderer…. what WAS she so scared of in those first two panels?

    Also, the phrase ‘If I kill you now, I’d just be leading you on later’ is so nonsensical, it could only occur in this comic.

    1. 1) They’re both equally perverted.
      2) She was scared it was a serial killer she wouldn’t find attractive.
      3) I’m a fan of absurd humor, yes. :)

      1. I guess the part that most points me towards Anise more than Cin is the fact that she actually recognized (with detail) the power tool in his hands.

        I’m just kinda shocked that Cinnamon knows more than simply ‘It’s a chainsaw’.

        1. One of the themes of the sisters is that the second three mirror the first three, but with flaws. Well, more flaws, or at least different ones. So, seeing Anise and Cinnamon as similar in this case is completely normal. It’s why they were put together during the post-Thanksgiving looting, er, shopping.

        2. Cinnamon is the more violent form of “fringe sister.” That’s what we’re seeing right now, I suppose.

  3. Well, that plan backfired right in Zeds face.
    Just let this be a lesson people, if you think you’re the most crazed one ever, there’s always someone worse.
    And in this comic..that would be Cinn.
    Unless Anise does something.

    1. Yep. Second place for enjoyment from Cinn is turning the ratchantulas loose on unsuspecting Christmas shoppers.

      I feel like this is telling us something about Cinn.

      1. If running after guys in a less-than-fully-dressed manner requesting makeouts is what you’ve seen to generally exemplify femalekind in your experience, I find myself wondering if I live too far away from you.

        1. Dork.
          1. She’s twirling her hair.
          2. She’s acknowledging the other person.
          3. Firefly reference.
          4. Playful innuendo.
          5. Coy finger in mouth pose.
          6. Shoulders back, chest out, running like a girl in the last panel.

          Now shut up before I get the baseball bats out to beat your tires to a standstill.

  4. Well, after this strip, I want more Cinnamon even more. Seriously, if I ever had a favorite sister other than Cin before, she’d of been kicked to the curb in two seconds flat after this. If your patreon comic followed Cinnamon instead of Quinn, I’d immediately have to sign up.

  5. If you can ever say “You’re just some sort of doctor” to someone following you through an alley, it’s a safe bet they’re not actually a doctor. I found this out the hard way with my last proctologist.

  6. …I just can’t read that orange panel without hearing The Tick.

    “And he says to me, he says to me, you got Style, baby! but if you’re gonna to be a real villain you gotta get a gimmick…and so I go I says Yeah Baby! A gimmick, that’s it! Horrible rat hybrid monsters! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

    1. I find hearing The Tick in random places to make life more enjoyable, though for that panel I’m hearing more The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight than The Tick.

      Personally I like hearing Human Bullet in my everyday life to make thing more amusing.

      I don’t know how many inane things at work have been made better by me hearing “Fire me boy!” and imagine either me or the person I’m listening to running to jump into the business end of a large cannon.

      1. “Fire me, boy!” is one of my all-time favorite lines from the show. The Human Bullet managed to be more useless than everyone else in an intentionally-mostly-useless cast.

        1. I think he was slightly more useful than Bi-Polar Bear. He at least was part of more jokes.

    1. Well, from what I can tell, her alignment is Chaotic Stupid. And that’s just sad. She’s Cobra Commander. And let’s be honest, who DIDN’T get kind of sad about Cobra Commander?

      1. Just to amplify, look at her. First it’s the stupid, then the chaos, then the chaos ramped up to 11, and then back to the stupid.


      2. Actually I would lean towards her being stupid/evil aligned as opposed to Chaotic/stupid. Chaotic/stupid may do “bad” things but it’s not usually with evil intent, it’s usually just a side effect of overall poor decision making (stupidity in other words.). Whereas Cinnamon has demonstrated that she’s willing to be purposefully evil.

    2. I don’t know. Because we’re inherently wired to feel sympathy for cute girls? Just got to keep repeating the mantra ‘She has a bad personality, she has a bad personality…’

    3. I feel bad for Cinn partly out of confusion. A bit of the, “How is a person supposed to feel in this situation? On the one hand, not getting murdered. On the other, being told you’re not deserving of being indiscriminately murdered and running after the murderer like a groupie.”

      It just rises to a level that I have a hard time even processing.

      1. To be clear, I agreed Cinn was repulsive before this comic and that hasn’t changed (aside from noticing there’s nothing wrong with her physique in the last panel, for those who don’t know her personality, which isn’t particularly surprising or unexpected).

  7. Umm. Did Zed’s hands trade places on the saw just before and just after the third row?

    So his day job is a chainsaw juggler? Can he work an Omega pestilence into his act?

  8. I will admit, I had expected her to be saved by or to summon the rat-roaches, but in retrospect, this outcome makes perfect sense. With her propensities and cold, dead eyes, of course she can creep out the serial killer.

  9. This also makes me wonder if Derek lost any hope of getting his security deposit back trying to get Cinn in the mood prior to dumping her.

    1. I never thought of that point myself. But what that must have eeen like! It’s like that bit from Beetlejuice: Cinn has seen The Exorcist 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every time she sees it.

  10. On the last page, someone said that if they got together, maybe they’d produce a child with exclamation marks on its cheeks.
    I now vote her children will have eldritch symbols that double for summoning things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

    1. As the person who came up with the exclamation marks idea, I can frankly say this is better, and my idea can go in the garbage. :D

      “What’s your name, little boy?”

      “Everyone calls me ‘Sy’!”

      “Is that short for something?”

      “Elder Sign, cuz I’m the oldest!”

    1. My guess is that it’s more like she’s sufficiently into blood and violence that it’s arousing no matter what. The fact that she wouldn’t survive it hasn’t occurred to her because she is, as you’ll remember, the dumb one.

    1. I think Dumb still outweighs Creepy here.

      While it’s definitelyh creepy, she’s also missing the point that she wouldn’t survive what she’s cheering for (as Steve noted above). That puts Dumb front and center.

        1. I don’t think we have enough history to know if Netflix is going to cancel good shows as quickly and indiscriminately as Fox yet.

        2. Fox has done that (or used to do that) too. It’s just that when a new executive came in they tried to kill off all their predecessor’s risks to try some new ones of their own that they could get credit for.

        3. This is actually why I stopped watching broadcast TV; some new guy coming in and saying “Why, old Bob’s show is really pulling in the numbers and making *him* look good! We can’t have that!” So, Bob’s show gets shunted to another night, or pre-empted one too many times, or has the episodes aired out-of-order.. so that the new guy can pull the plug and air *his* show.

          Something similar happened with Chronicles of Shannara. It began on MTV, was kicked to Spike TV for season 2 without announcement. It was a good show, pulling good numbers, but some greedy jerk on the inside knew about the coming Paramount buy-out and saw their chance…

        1. Oooo, Marvel! I hear they could use a good comic book after having driven theirs into the ground with constant cast changes.

  11. “If I kill you now, I’d just be leading you on further.” Uh, wut? To where, precisely? Expectation of a happy relationship with one’s urn? Does he not urn enough to support a steady gf? (I’ll see myself out.)
    (This, for me, is even more hilarious than the fact that Cinn knows the make and model of the chainsaw.)

    1. Cinn was already a bioterrorist. That makes her not quite as bad as Juniper?

      Worse, you believe that Juniper is so bad that you have to be a bioterrorist with a sexual attraction to chainsaws before you’re JUST AS BAD AS JUNIPER? Really?

  12. Just a bit of a constructive criticism here. You needed to draw 8 chainsaws, and 7 of them came out perfect. The last one looks a bit off tho. Its blade seems a bit bent to the right and not parallel to the chainsaw’s body.

    I get that depth is incredibly hard to portray. Sometimes, even if you draw it correctly the limitations inherent to a 2d medium showing a 3d scene would make it look off. In this case it’d be “where is the blade and what is this very thin silvery stick in front of the chainsaw”?

    So, uh, maybe you could rotate the chainsaw’s body a couple degrees to match the blade’s inclination?

    1. Actually, he did draw the chainsaw correctly. The reason you can see the gray “label” on the side is because he drew the chainsaw body at an angle. It’s also why the side of the handle isn’t directly behind the guard. The Home Depot website has a Ryobi chainsaw of very similar design with a 360-degree view option, and it’s possible to rotate the view to an almost identical pose. Based on that, it’s clear he was working from a visual reference. Not sure if my image link will work, but if it does, keep in mind that the Ryobi chainsaw in the image has a shorter blade than the one in the comic allegedly has. I’m sure that would change the exact perspective slightly.


  13. i love this. never even heard of this comic. this does need to be animated. a tv series. i was cracking up. i’ve a gargantuan psychopath fetish but am not spose to put this on own page cos family have tried & do try to talk me out of it — tho it’s widely known & a running joke where i live. she looks disabled in some way. i am, & i think she’s my fav. cinnamon??

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