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Down the Internet Hole

Next comic will be up close to midnight. Apologies everyone. I pulled a grandpa and downloaded so horrible malware that cause my computer to crap itself. I will post ASAP. Rosemary's got this mom-spying crap DOWN.

173 thoughts on “Down the Internet Hole

    1. Does that mean in addition to ‘Not mine’ and the rest if the color coordinated crew were are going to get this dee-lightful human mess?

      1. This adds an entirely new level of meta to the sisters commenting on their own adventure around this time last year for Black Friday.

      2. If someone wants to be a meta-Kat, then I suppose she’ll appear. However there are plenty of characters that no one has felt like being a meta commenter for. Considering that we tend to be a relatively civil lot and Kat seems to have a think for an underage girl, I’m not sure that anyone would pick her and want to defend that. Seriously, defending Juniper or even Cinn is much easier.

        1. Bears. I mean, you’re a Buckingham, so you would be much more helpful in a fight with large animals than crankypants there.

  1. Oh, come now. Like you haven’t spent several hours on the interwubs researching the new manager at your part time job…

    What, that *was* just me?

      1. Nope, the manager I did a web crawl on was from a part time job I abandoned several years ago now. I don’t actually see me referencing a manager in that comment, but any comments about managers would most likely be from my current job.

        Depending on the department manager, personalities run from my best friend whom I’ve cosigned loans for, to a worthless ‘the hell does that guy even do?’ lump, to a tyrannical German (now US citizen) dictator, to a ‘recovered’ drug addict playboy with tourette’s syndrome and a $120K plus company car that he regularly beats the snot out of because it’s A.) a lease and B.) not his, y’know…

        Tourette’s-guy is the majority shareholder in the company he built with his mommy’s money. The German dictator holds 49%. We are all hoping for the day TG gets annihilated drunk and gets conned into selling 2% of his shares to the considerably more rational and down to Earth but nonetheless dictator-y German dude.

        Ah, office politics. Can’t live with them, can’t empty the place out with 55 gallons of gas and an AR15.

  2. Man…the worst part of how free Rusche is with spoilers in the chat room is that when you see a reference to something in a strip and can’t comment on it, it’s agonizing.

    1. I don’t frequent the chat rooms, but does it have anything to do with Tarra’s tutor? Because I have particular theories about Tarra and her tutor. There have been hints even here in the comments section, after all. . .

      1. I’m curious about Tarra’s tutor as well. Especially with this tutor being mentioned in the same breath as Zane & Santa. Don’t frequent chat, but David was mentioned by Dheu and Rusche mentioned Ellie will meet him at her next serious job after whatever this is with Danny (and I speculate Ellie will end up getting involved with him).

        1. Actually, Zane wasn’t mentioned, I don’t think. It’s Ginger and her “boyfriend.” Who I presume became William.

          And man, I’m curious about that as well. Mostly because I’d like to hear Rosemary yell at the ceiling “Tarragon Buckingham you stop bending reality to your will this instant! I have a CAKE IN THE OVEN!”

        2. Yeah, I realized that after posting twice. I’m not sure why, but when I see the name Ginger I think the character Juniper. This comic is not an isolated incident for me (and I did it at least once more below too).

    1. That seems like a decent possibility. I’m wondering what puts him or her on par with Juniper’s baby daddy and Anise’s Santa obsession.

      1. Rosemary doesn’t actually mention Juniper’s boyfriend, she mention’s Ginger’s. Which make me all the more intrigued.

        1. Yep, I flip Juniper’s character to have Ginger’s name a lot in my mind and I don’t know why.

          It is a good question why Rosemary is mentioning William in a negative light here. He seems fairly good natured and content to be ruled by Ginger from what little we’ve seen of him. I am recalling Rusche’s statement that “Juniper is a less responsible Ginger” (author post with comic The Honorary One – 22 April 2014) and wondering if this comment is a first hint that perhaps Ginger & William’s wedding was somewhat less than 9 months before their oldest was born (Percy I think, but I might be misremembering and Amper might be oldest). If Rosemary still holds it as an internal negative/example, I’m wondering if it took a lot of work/effort/convincing to get them married and/or to not go the abortion route. Would be an intesting card in the Ginger/Juniper tension over Tag, if so.

  3. So Juniper was booze/sex/drugs(?); Cin was passive aggressive evil; but what was Ellie’s thing, the internet [like every other teen in the US].

    1. The seven sisters to seven sins mapping puts Juniper as lust, Ellie as sloth, and Cinn as greed. Though Cinn definitely seems more generally evil, and Juniper’s let her issues spiral pretty far.

        1. I never actually liked the 7 sisters – 7 sins parallel and argued against it until Rusche stated it was canon. He has the mapping listed in the author post of The Honorary One (22 April 2014) which is also where he talks about the sister loop with degradation.

    2. I don’t think Juniper would have gotten a mention, because nothing she did could qualify for a “just a” in front of it.

  4. Man… Pieces of the forth wall everywhere. Probably gunna need a Time Lord, a Watcher, and 5th dimensional entity to fix this.

        1. Yeah. Besides, I’ve been drinking too much of the moments when the blackness would hit and the void would be calling. I’m bordering on Juniperian levels of doing the Time Warp again.

      1. *Mr. Blue climbs on top of a desk and acts out the lyrics as they happen, in a family friendly manner.. that of a film noir fog machine obscuring everything.*

        It’s just a jump to the left!!!

    1. And Ginger too (though I had read that as Juniper on my first read through). Almost makes you wonder how many things she’d bring up for #4-6.

  5. I am LOVING Rosemary and Herb!

    I admit I have been a little concerned with how Rosemary would react to the idea of Pumpkin perhaps being interested in women, but the way she is keeping tabs on Kat definitely makes me feel better. She’s not worrying about her daughter being gay, she’s worried that this older woman may try to take advantage of her daughter. She’s treating Kat like any other suitor. This will definitely come to a head eventually, and I admit I really REALLY want to see a confrontation between Kat and the Buckinghams, especially with Rosemary leading the charge. If Kat thinks debating with Pumpkin could be tiring, she really does not want to meet the rest of the family.

    Also, it’s really cute how she acknowledges the fact that as Pumpkin is their daughter, she will be prone to obsessive behavior. Good to know Rosemary is not unaware of her own faults. She’s a bit obsessive herself. I’m kind of wondering what makes Herb tick, though. Other than how he deploys his daughters like paratroopers on Black Friday we have yet to see any real odd/obsessive characteristics from him yet. I’m guessing his claws will only come out when there is definitely a damn good reason for it, and God help you when he does get his hackles up. You don’t raise all those girls AND lead the police station without having some real iron at his core, after all. It’d be damn cool to see that iron come out. . .

    1. Well, Ellie did mention that Herb “went crazy years ago” in Ginger’s intro comic. I could see him having depths or being a pushover, either way.

      I also liked the recognition of obsession being a family trait. Looking at the sisters, I’m not sure I see hints of that trait in Cinn (too dumb to hold a train of thought), but I can see some from each of the others.

    2. I think Herb is like a lot of upper-level law enforcement people. He has troops at his disposal to point and release at problems. And there is a hierarchy of response to threats, and I am sure that the culmination of his threat response would be releasing some combination of Rosemary/Tarra/Ginger on the problem.

      And if that didn’t work, he would have to deal with it himself.

      And if anyone presents such a threat that ROSEMARY/GINGER/TARRA can’t deal with it? I think the gloves come off and Herb starts chewing ears.

      I think the poor security guards that were attacked by Hannibal Lecter would be looked upon as lucky compared to whomever makes Herb respond in such a way.

    3. He’s also the only guy in a household full of women. He likely has taken a lightly sardonic view of life because he is largely unable to understand it as they do.

      1. Having spent the last 40+ years raising women (got mailed @ 19 so I include SWMBO), this is not uncommon in mainly female households. Figure out what they need; do it. Bury the residue.

        1. And I would say Roseys response is, so far at least, relatively light, probably to keep those lines of communications open twixt her and her horde….
          (mailed = married, damned auto-correct!)

  6. Ashliii Torii Abaddon. I believe this is the first time we have seen Ashliii full name in the comic. I smell a PUN!!!

    I do not understand the pun though.

    1. I didn’t notice the last name. I wouldn’t have expected Ashlii’s last name to be that dark of a reference.

      Looks like Bubbles’ name is Bethany.

    2. It is quite a curious name.

      And now I wonder how well she’d do as an ornamental gate in front of a shintoistic shrine. Probably depends on the availability of web access.

        1. Nope, wife had a baby last month. I’ve been reading along, but haven’t had the time to devote toward properly trolling your site.

  7. Considering his profession, Herb is pretty chill about the way his daughters live their lives. In his job as Chief of Police, he rubs elbows with nasty sociopathic scumballs every day. And then when he’s done interacting with city government, he might also bump into a few street criminals as well.

    1. I think Herb’s sufficiently good at reading people that he sees next to no likilihood that Pumpkin will screw her life up as badly as Juniper or be as much of a potential danger to society as Cinn.

  8. I’m pretty okay with the ideas put out at the end. All solid guidelines given the points seen by the parentals of the new friend. Who’s never been properly introduced to the family. Though I gotta say, even if Kat means well. Daily visits, especially from that far away, I’m surprised at how low a defcon the parentals are.
    Also now I’m really curious about the tutor story, I gotta imagine it’s nothing we can imagine! ha

    1. I’m wondering how much time has passed. On the one hand we have Danny’s “convention” montage, on the other Pumpkin mentioned the fifty-some people telling her she was cute and/or hot yesterday (which I’d assumed meant a con, but maybe she was just talking normal life or something separate).

    1. I abandoned that ship just in time.

      (Whether or not that pun was intended I leave up to the reader to speculate upon.)

  9. Uh-oh. You know what happens when you tell teenagers they can’t do something- it only makes it that more attractive to them.

    Also, I have a question for people- if you where trying to do some…background research, lets call it, on someone, and they had very little or no internet presence, would that be a red-flag to you?

    1. How old are they? Where are they from? My sister’s family lives out in the middle of nowhere. The best internet she can get is slightly better than dial up (yes, they regularly see Amish go by in buggies). Her kids are in their teens, but have next to no internet presence. It’s not ominous, by itself.

      I have a facebook that’s never used, and if you didn’t know my internet handle, you’d have trouble finding out much about me, I think. Though my husband was annoyed to find out that my college roommate put both our names and our internet handles in a post on a forum from 20 years ago, and a google search turns it up. He’d made an effort not to do so, apparently.

    2. Also question of how common the name and how much someone else with the name seems to have tried for as massive of a presence as possible. If you look up my name 95% of the hits are a retired teacher in California who apparently a lot of people wanted to talk about on the Internet. But if you want to look up John Smith, well good luck (which is also fun when you look up a foreign name you didn’t realize was in the “John Smith” vein for another large country).

      Second part is how private of a person they are. If you see them obviously concerned about privacy in general and/or hear them make statements about never joining social media sites, then it could be a deliberate choice to try to reduce footprint. I don’t consider that ominous as I make that choice quite a lot (which actually makes me appreciate that California teacher, as people have to wade through way too much about him to get to me).

  10. Man, good thing that Photoshop doesn’t throw errors for recursive content calls the way Excel does, or this comic might have crashed! ;)

    On a more serious note, while there was no fan service or outright insanity this update, I really enjoyed getting an outside perspective on all the sisters by their parents. You know when the author has done an excellent job at characterization when all of the readers are discussing the cast as if they are real people. :)

    Great job as always, Rusche!

  11. Rosemary is surprisingly internet savvy. Good for her.

    Also I admit to equal parts squick and lol when I saw Toriii’s full name.

    In fact I now declare squicklol to be a new internet meme. Kind of like Rick Rolling but instead being the sort of thing that initially makes you chuckle, at least until the deep seated unease sets in.

    1. And I feel obligated to keep beating the dead horse that is my less than stellar opinion of Kat. Almost daily? Really?

      If I were going to wager on the future happenings of the comic I’d say that Pumpkin is going to contribute to the dissolution of DK FX. Probably not her fault though.

      1. I’ve been hating on Kat long before it was mainstream. ::Adjusts his Problem Glasses haughtily:: I’d tell you which other secondary characters I hate, but you probably never heard of them.

      2. Sometimes a dead horse is just asking for it. What else can you do?

        Though on a more serious note, I do appreciate Rusche choolsing to give an abrasive personality to the first person with a tendency to hit on underage people as opposed to a character that everyone likes thus causing the whole comment section to be, “No!!! Say it ain’t so!” variations for a week (this appreciation comes from reading the Wapsi Square forums lately, though I never comment there as it requires registration).

  12. Fantastic level of detail, Rusche! I can’t imagine Kat’s militant atheist remarks (in the fine print up there) are going to go over particularly well with Rosemary.

    1. Is it ever NOT awesome around here? I mean, really. The details are just staggering in pretty much every strip. There’s minutiae for days.

      1. Yep. I also both really aesthetically liked the layout for this page and found myself completely uncertain if I were reading the speech bubbles in their intended order or not. The conversation works well enough as slightly disjointed, though, as Rosemary’s researching and Herb’s watching the tube (and they’ve been married 30+ years so probably can communicate whole conversations with a few glances and inarticulate noises), and the layout is sufficiently visually pleasing enough to justify some confusion.

  13. “Pumpkin’s at a very impressionable age.”

    All I heard was

    “Yeah, stop corrupting impressionable little Pumpkin, ya dumb sluts!”

    (reference? Hit the archive for Mob Mentality.)

  14. I really only picked up on it the third time through, but when Mama Buckingham is reciting all the various personality quirks of her daughters she only mentions the successful 3. I’m calling back on this to Rusche’s post where he explains how Juniper, Cinnamon, and Ellie are really just bjorked copies of Ginger, Anise, and Tarra.

    Apparently even though the oldest 3 sisters are all various levels of successful in their professional lives and social interactions, Rose still worries about them or wishes she had done something differently. (or maybe wishes they turned out slightly differently?)
    And if she’s looking for examples of things not turning out well, why not pick on the 3 girls with considerably more problems?

    Also also, I just realized that Mr. and Mrs. Buckingham are not on the cast page.

    1. I wondered that as well. Though from a marital harmony stance I could see the necessity of an agreement being made to limit the complaining about Juniper and Cinn (“…and then with the abominations of nature bred in OUR house! As if the living in sin and bragging about it in front of me on her birthday wasn’t enough!”). Complaints on Ellie might’ve gotten that bad enough during her post-high school residence as well (especially if she’s well versed in cyber-stalking/investigation).

        1. I don’t think a board game for Ellie. I’d say something from a time wasting stance. Just a few more minutes, just do that tomorrow, just a little longer on Facebook.

  15. As an artist, getting criticized by ours own Original Characters and creation is always something.


  16. The thing that just hit me looking back yet another time at this, is just how creepy that Shotgun Shuffle logo would be to Rosemary considering that McFatFat can’t be confused as not Ellie’s cat, and she probably remembers seeing Pumpkin in the outfit she’s wearing in that picture.

    “Oh my God! I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl. She’s apparently not only infatuated with our youngest daughter, but also Ellie’s cat! Is there a law against that in Florida that you could pick her up on and lock her up for a decade or two?”

        1. Mr. Blue has constant sadness from chemical imbalances, lack of a social life, no girlfriend and constantly getting beaten up in Grand Theft Auto V.

        2. So I don’t even have to mention the possibility that Rosemary omitted Juniper, Ellie, and Cinnamon because they’re such complete screw-ups no one thing led to it?

  17. I saw “mom-spying crap” as “Spycrab” , I think I’ve played enough TF2 for now. Do a reference on something else that’s funny, (Like Spycrab or Nyan Cat) next please!

  18. If Kat didn’t come off as having the hots for her daughter, I have a feeling she’d just agree with the father, that an older friend is good.

    While it doesn’t seem confirmed either way as to how Pumpkin see’s Kat (she may not even realize the interest, just that Kat is gay) I love how the mom treats Kat as if she were a guy trying to date/hang out with her daughter a lot.

  19. Haha, posted this on the wrong day.

    I….I don’t see the “Kat wants to hook up with Pumpkin” vibe that some people have mentioned. She’s obviously gay, but that doesn’t mean she’s just automatically attracted to Pumpkin. Is she necesarily a good influence? Maybe yes, maybe no, depending on what Pumpkin takes from her (teachings about make-up and costumes as opposed to “men suck”), and I’m not saying she doesn’t come across as negative to other characters and that Mom shouldn’t want to know more about this new “friend” of Pumpkin’s….

    I mean, maybe her mom thinks Kat is trying to “recruit” Pumpkin to the gay side, but, well, I would think this family knows better about that. Granted, she’s completely within her rights to only let Kat be over with supervision, but every friend probably had to go through that process, even Ashliii. “I don’t trust a girl who texts all the time and posts so many selfies online.”

    1. I think part of that question that’s been a bit vague in the certainty of answering is just how much time Kat’s spending with Pumpkin. With it being “almost everyday” for Rosemary and that it’s an hour drive (not sure if one way or there & back), I can see how there could be concern that the interest is somewhat less than innocent. Especially when you consider the age difference (23 to 15, I think).

      For us commenters, it’s a question of how we interpret Rusche’s Ellie-Danny to Pumpkin-Katrina parallel.

      I agree that I don’t think Rosemary is concerned about Katrina “turning Pumpkin gay” or something along those lines.

      As to your comment below, I hate laptops that aren’t even thick enough for an RJ-45 (Ethernet) port. I saw a Dell one that expanded downward so the laptop would never actually sit level with Ethernet plugged in.

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