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Downhill From Here

There's a breakfast burrito crapping itself somewhere. We're finally at the point that we're no longer needing to build tension, it's just going to collapse on itself from here. I spent Saturday solidifying my Chapter 2 notes into actual strips. I made sure to squeeze in Quinn’s reasoning for dating Alex, which was originally a jumping off point for a future story. It actually worked itself in well to the dialogue I had loosely planned. So strip 170 will end the saga we’re in now (in DBZ terms, we’re at about Saiyan Saga.) Quinn (Vegeta) is about to go on a super (giant ape) rampage, before her ego (tail) gets completely severed (severed.) This strip is 145 for those keeping track, so for you who’d like some very vague spoilers/teasers, read on for what you have to look forward to. I’ll be putting closure on most of the things the characters have alluded to thus far... ((and obviously covering the majority of what I set up takes time. Hopefully some of these won’t run too long with dialogue and have to be split for timing.))  


Awkward Proposal Revisited


Awkward Proposal Revisited


Awkward Proposal Revisited


Awkward Proposal Revisited






+1 Cast Page (finally, right?)


Final Meltdown


Final Meltdown


Final Meltdown


Final Meltdown


Final Meltdown


Final Meltdown


Video store


The first roommate


The first roommate


What should've been done a long time ago.


What should've been done a long time ago.


What should've been done a long time ago.


Why I even dated him/All my other sisters


All my other sisters


All my other sisters


All my other sisters


Fifth grade


Going home again.

61 thoughts on “Downhill From Here

  1. Hmm, if Quinn is Vegeta, does that make Alex Nappa? Someone whose uber important early in the story but then gone and never mentioned? Does that make Ellie’s mother Raditz? The early enemy that forces Gok-er Ellie to work with her enemy Quinnicalo? ;P

    Though on the other hand that means Pumpken is Goten and Ashliii is Trunks lol

    Still I am glad this page turned out the way it did. Ellie really does have some of Goku’s key personality quarks now that I think about it. She acts dumber than she really is, and goes out of her way to avoid conflect. The most striking feature though is how even when someone has done little more than cause her trouble, she does try to help them. She’s trying to warn Quinn here because she knows what will happen if she doesnt act.

    I only hope/ask that Ellie not go out with/give Alex a pity offering. No smelly hippe for Ellie! lol

    Keep up the great work dude!

    1. I have to agree with you there dude. Ellie is so Goku I’m surprised I did’t see it sooner. Just thinking about Quinn turning into the Great Ape is freakin’ hilarious.
      And Raditz is Gokus brothers, so it wouldn’t make sense that Ellies mom is Radits. She would be Burdock, Gokus dad, since his mother was never revealed.

      1. I meant as far as their connection/importance to the plot. Ellie’s mother forced her to work with Quinn….whih would actually make her Freeza wouldnt it?

        The thought of Pumpkin and Ashliii as Goten and Trunks has given me a rather large grin though, Pumliii’s Galactac Donuts! lol

      1. What? Pumliii? I dont know, I think it would be kind of cute.

        Though we never did see a female fusion in the series…likely because the only one possible would have been ChiChi and Bulma, who are in turn the only mortals Goku and Vegeta fear lol

        Seriously though just one little suggestion, its a minor thing but it could be important later down the road.

        Dont let the characters fall into the trap of having a single item wardrobe. I know this is just a little webcomic, but its very detailed and very good artwork. Most web comics like that focus on guys, which makes it easy to handwave the characters only wearing the same outfit all the time.

        No woman wears the same outfit twice in the same week unless its a uniform.

        I’m not saying to go out of your way to make a huge wardrobe for the characters, but if you took the time to design say, four or five different tops for Ellie and Quinn, and pratice with them, it would make the comic that much more realistic.

        You dont need to pratice much for pants since people own multiple pairs of jeans (I have like five pair) and for the most part the same is true with shoes. Might have a pair of flip-flops for the summer though.

        Only reason I point this out is the last frame of the page. You have Ellie once again sporting her blue top, the one we’ve seen most of the series so far. I hadnt noticed the characters wearing the same thing up to this point outside of work due to Ellie having two different jobs, and the guys wearing jackets/hoodies. But the last panel here kind of hit me between the eyes.

        So, nothing huge or major, its just a suggestion for a small detail that could improve the series in the long run.

        1. I purposely gave Ellie a “Sunny Day” color scheme, while Quinn is “Violet in the Woods.”
          I do plan on them wearing different outfits at different points, but only for certain reasons, i.e. change in character, weather, etc. They’re not entirely stuck with the outfits I gave them, but those are the ingrained looks I want until I move on to anything different.

        2. Could always just vary the colors, as if they went all Einstein and got seven of everything they own, maybe eight or nine, but not all at once, which would allow for the variations of color hues on each outfit because of randomness in the batch vats colors, combination with different fibers, etc.

        3. Nothing wrong with the color scheme, just saying to give them different clothes. There is a difference between the two lol.

          For example, I am very partial to the color red, and have a number of red shirts as a result. Long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, etc. All the same color (might be different shades, never paid that close attention) but still the same color.

          Like I said, its nothing overly serious, just a detail I noticed and thought to point out. Characters always have a color scheme, I know that, but they dont have to wear the same outfit to keep it going. You already gave her a sky/baby blue hoodie after all. I wouldnt be surprised if a simple google search of ‘blue shirts for girls’ could turn up some ideas.

          Either way, keep up the good work dude.

        4. Forgive me, I dont mean to come across as rude, its just something I noticed. I’ve been an editor over on fanfiction for a few years, nothing major, just edits for friends, and I’ve developed an eye for details that stand out that could use tweaking to improve the story.

          Since people rarely describe clothing in a story its not an issue, but there are similar aspects, such as reusing a plot device or setting over and over instead of changing things up. I never offer blind praise, only the praise that something has earned along with anything I notice that could be improved.

          After all, if the author improves that means more people will read the story, which means more reviews, which means the author is more likely to continue the story, which will also be better due to the improvements. In the end, everybody wins lol

        5. You don’t come across as rude at all. Your comments are among the most insightful on here. I’m not opposed in the least with the characters wearing different outfits. It’s just not something I’ve gotten to yet is what I’m trying to say.

  2. Holy crap the hippie has eyeballs!

    Wow… heavy conversation. While Ellie makes some excellent points I probably wouldn’t have ran straight to Alex after this conversation. Quinn should have been given a bit of time to think on it and possibly make the right choice herself. Though I suppose it’s hard to tell how much time passed before the last panel.

    Speaking of the last panel a minor critique is that the trailing word bubble that leads into it from the panel above made me want to read it out of order. Not sure if it’s just me but my eye was definitely drawn that way.

    Also do you have your comics auto load at a certain time or do you do each one manually? I ask because sometimes I can catch the update before I leave for work and other times I can’t. Just curious.

    1. Because this one is on the longer side, I literally had about 10 minutes before work to letter and word balloon this whole comic, so yeah… sometimes I have to sacrifice for time and tinker with them later. Otherwise this wouldn’t be posted until 6pm at night. =P

      1. If you did all that in 10 minutes then I bow to your mastery, I hate lettering/word bubbling because it always takes me a ridiculously long time.

        But since I started out asking questions today I have another one. Well first a statement then the questions. James has roscea which you’ve explained in the past is the reason for his perma blush. What the deal with Ellie’s “n”s on her face and Pumpkin’s “G”s? At first I thought Pumpkin just had a swirl as a type of shading but they look like deliberate letter G’s. Since they’re sisters I guessed their mom might have something similar but I went back and looked, nope. So yea… I guess I notice bizarre stuff.

        1. Excellent edit, the conversation still flows, the lower panel problem is gone and dare I say… Ellie’s tank topped figure is even less obscured. I (and I assume boog by extension) am pleased.

    2. That’s how you know the denouement is being planned. That or it was one hell of a bombshell.

      Could mean lightsaber duel with souped up free flashlights.

  3. Whao! Geez, talk about the “accused straw”.

    Shocking to be sure, but after a good portion of blond-victimization-gags popping up in her life, but Ellie has ever right to go super-saiyan and blast away this BS; That feels she has no private life.

    B) I must say ‘Rusche’ you know “release” the tension with style!

  4. Quinn… your anger has gotten the best of you. Never tell someone they ‘can’t do’ anything. 99.9% of the time they will do it simply because they were told not to.

  5. She won’t talk to him, and she won’t let anyone else talk to him. Does she really not see how leaving things unresolved with her old guy will come back and ruin everything with her and her new guy?

    This is not going to end well.
    Let’s watch!

  6. OH SNAP.

    Okay I am really torn here. First off, Quinn is a butt and obviously wasn’t paying attention to what Ellie was saying. She was bugging me and my insides are saying that she totally deserved this because: brat.

    However, it also goes to show that Ellie, while having made some very mature decisions and seems to be growing, definitely is still in an immature mindset in many ways. I mean, this could blow up in her face too and she might definitely have to find a new apartment after this.

    But apparently I’m still a little immature too…GO ELLIE. hahaha

    1. Right. That’s the intent. Ellie wasn’t completely right, and not completely wrong… but wrong enough to aggravate Quinn more with her actions. I think for the most part, she was appropriate in telling Quinn to do something about the situation before she divulged anything herself.

      Since Quinn kept her back to her during all the advice, and only turned to face her to tell her what to do, Ellie assumes this problem is never getting resolved and Quinn will tow the line indefinitely.

      Or she’s just getting sister-like revenge. Either viewpoint the reader takes works.

      1. If I may offer another point of view, perhaps Quinn’s attitude is directly descended from her position of an Army Brat and she is merely copying her father’s manner of interaction from what she could gather from the “Take your daughter to work and let her see how you handle all of the bs because everyone else had their brain’s removed” day.

  7. One thing one adult should never try to do to another adult they have no authority over is tell them they can not do something. It is almost bound to happen then.

  8. Nice one on the dialog. I bet most of us have dealt with someone who could use Ellie’s advice. Am I correctly noticing that Quinn’s dressing nicer since Eagan came into the picture?

  9. Way back in like strip 4 we see Ellie’s screen name is the 9th sister. And she says here that she has 6 sisters. So she has 2 brothers?
    I guess these two brothers were saints compared to their sisters because they never cheated. Or they could be total studs because they gave 100% to all their lovlies.
    Or it could mean anything because this is just random guessing.

  10. Makes me wonder why Dante isn’t over in the video store….. dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn

  11. Wow… Ellie’s anime “annoyance” vein pop was so extreme it shows through her hair! :-). I know it’s really just a style thing, like when artists draw an eye even when it’s behind hair, but it’s kind of funny to think Ellie is just *that* annoyed.


    You have the plot careening along nicely, and I am looking forward to seeing the fireworks by and by.

  12. Love the expressions all through this one. The really get good at the end, but even more than the body language or the dialog, the expressions made this one work for me.

  13. Just found your comic some time last night on a buddy’s facebook and proceeded to read every strip till just now (7:47am)

    This is by far the most addictive comic I’ve ever come across, so many laughs.

  14. You never say that to someone, you just never do. Unless you are just using reverse psychology to make them do something.

  15. If Dirty Hippie had two brain cells to rub together his first question would’ve been “How did you get in my house?!”

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