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Echoes Of An Era

I'll update again on Monday. This comic is technically "done" but I'm at another one of those executive decisions. It honestly needs to be longer for a better read... as in, I'll attach the next comic to it as well.  This has happened a few times with this storyline, but it's mainly due to the action sequences. Three seconds of action can take 6 panels of art to explain sometimes. This strip would only allow for two of those, and that really hinders what's going on. So expect a long comic on Monday. And Monday may actually be the ending of this story if I can get enough done. If not, certainly Wednesday's will be.

179 thoughts on “Echoes Of An Era

        1. OK, I waited a day and a half. But, as no one has replied…

          A comic with Explosions, Time Travel, Teens, Teachers with violent acts, Explosions, Romance, a surprising number of Combat Trained Young Women, a Mysterious character named David, Father Figures Pulling the Strings from Behind the Curtain, Explosions, High School Reports, Going back in time to influence your younger self to go on the path that makes you a time traveler so that you can go back and…, Flashbacks, Ninjas (OK, she isn’t a ninja, but she’s just like one).

          No, not this comic (well sort of), but Morning Glories!

  1. What window did we climb out of to end up in this universe? Or Terraverse?

    And who is Dave, other than the cleaner of Terra’s messes?

        1. Wait. It had a tune? I remember the sound, but I don’t remember it being especially musical.

    1. I missed the apology in the post, but your post made me go back and recognize. Not sure if I should thank you for that or not, as I had also almost forgotten that song.

  2. She creeps Dheu out? ROFLOL!

    Squeaky voice teen said it better than I could. So I will merely sit back and join in this David speculation. And maybe point out that the first think I thought of when I saw Dheu was “Orko!” But like, a scary Orko.

    1. When I originally designed Tarra, she was a loose version of a female Cloud Strife, so summoning and an evil-looking Orko fall into place nicely.

      1. That sounds pretty cool, any chance we’ll get to see old character sketches of Tarra like we did for Juniper?

      2. I have to comment.

        “A loose version of a female Cloud Strife…”

        “A loose version…”

        Sounds more like Juniper.


        1. (Insert *Drum: Riff*)
          (Insert *Trumpet: Wah wah*)

          I get the Juniper bit, and the Orko reference. But what I saw, was no arms, no boobs, female build, and quite possibly no legs. Could this be another Tarra? Unless Dheu’s appearance is what we would look like in Dheu’s clothing after a short millennial nap.

        2. No arms made me wonder if Dheu is creeping out the people who were creeped out by the Redd ads that were previously showing up fairly frequently or if the tendency to float and also lacking legs and boobs and being more covered up made Dheu less creepy.

        1. If Dheu hadn’t been obviously floating off the ground I probably would have went with Black Mage as well.

          Fun Fact. For Christmas one year (using our scanner and some printable iron-on decals) I made an 8-Bit theater inspired “Fighterdoken” t-shirt for my son. He pretty much wore it until it disentegrated from use.

  3. “Chaka Chaka Chaka Chakakhan!”

    “Don’t you mean Abracadabra?”

    “Naw, see, this is black magic, Ash.”

  4. here is a question is this one the only summon that Tarra can call forth? also can the other sisters summon a being of their own as well?

    1. Considering that Overkill is Tarra’s middle name, I can’t see her being satisfied with just one summon.

  5. Am I the only one wondering what Dheu is?
    The character page has him as #6 of 52…
    Is he one of the still living 72 Pillars of Hell from Solomon’s book? (and Tarra killed 20 of them to make the remaining 52 obedient)
    Is is something related to the family cheekmarks? (26 letters in the alphabet, one on each cheek, 52 total?)
    My brain hurts so happily right now.

    1. I’m wondering what Dheu is, but I’m also wondering how clear of an explanation we’ll get. I’m not betting we’ll get a lot past the name, what goes on with X, and maybe a sentence or two later on down the line.

  6. D52 -> David’s 52 -> David has 52 things he can summon, of which Dhue is #6? Who is David and what is his(?) erf level? Is David the wandering guitar person in the siloette on the cast page?

    1. Or maybe its a reference for the New 52– which means hes going to reboot 1/2 the comic and let the other 1/2 of the backstories exist (even though characters from those two 1/2 have been interacting the entire time)– and then hes going to make crappy costume redesigns and eliminate good characters for no reason..

      Please don’t go this route….

      52 is now my most hated number in the universe..

      1. 52 will always have a soft spot in my heart for being the number of cards in a deck (not counting jokers or blanks).

      1. Over 9000 is a very common joke in our house. Pretty much any time the kids are talking about numbers, apart from math homework. And they giggle when the math homework produces an answer in the 9000’s (it’s a Dragonball Z reference for anyone who hasn’t seen it).

      2. Either that or David is so grounded he’s at Erf’s core to balance out Tarra. You know, underground, where the real monsters live. 8)

  7. …well there goes my Bayonetta theory out the window I suppose lol. Might be Lolypop Chainsaw reference but thats highly doubtful. I honestly dont have a clue who or what this Dhue being is…reminds me a bit of Mind Snare from Sugar Bits, but other than that, not a clue.

    Other than I am fairly certian the individual on teh cast page sitting on the pier is David.

      1. See, I picture Tarra being Cordelia, Pumpkin being Rosalind, and Ellie being Juliet Starling.

        Someone fanart this /now/.

    1. Oh, and Kenju…kinda doubt it. I seem to remember the guitar on the pier credited previously as the “Wandering Girl.” I suppose a girl named David is technically possible–life wasn’t easy for a boy named Sue, after all–but it’s kind of a long shot.

      Like “buy a lottery ticket” longshot.

        1. But then, I don’t think that Dheu would have problems with English grammar and the proper use of pronouns. Which are nouns that lost their Amateur status.

        2. Should’ve known better than to…

          ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

          …talk smack about NCIS.

        3. Hee…mine’s actually a CSI: Miami reference. Gibbs is a character from NCIS, by the way, so we’re having a bit of fun. Gibbs has a set of rules he enforces within his team, so a bit of a domineering sort, that one.

        4. I actually make a considerable effort to avoid watching CSI: Miami, but I still got that reference. Zing?

          Also google already told me that Gibbs is a character on NCIS, but thanks.

        5. NCIS is really weird to watch at first if you remember the type of character Mark Harmon always played a decade or two before that show. VERY different from Gibbs. At this point I think it’d be pretty funny to see him in some of his earlier stuff due to the contrast, though.

        6. Ok, looking at his wikipedia page, it looks like I’m just remembering a minority of his roles from the mid-to-late 80’s other than Gibbs. So maybe not surprising to someone who knows his work better than I do.

        7. Gibbs tends to tap his team members slightly on the back of their heads with an open hand when they misbehave or make mistakes. An action that has already earned the name of “applying a Gibbs” with some people.

        8. Sorry, I have been trying to NOT flood the comments mercilessly, as I may have done in the past. So, with that said. .


          #1:As Lukkai said, Gibbs will apply a small correction to the back of the offenders head ever not so lightly. I suppose, that it’s the most that a former NCO in the USMC could do in light of the newer NO TOUCHIE PC junk in the modern military of Iron Ships and wooden men. Especially the flag officers who sit down to go pee pee, unlike Wimp-Lo.

          #2, I don’t seem to recall Hastur. But my impression is that perhaps Dheu either takes on the physical approximations of the person Dheu’s after, or who called. But then, I just took the future’s Sister X, extrapolated the possibility of an extended timeline, more cancer, and the loss of appendages to allow for a more spectral interface for battle. Perhaps lost to cancer and such as well.

          But then, Tarra knows of Dheu through David, and possibly knows some of the characteristics of Dheu as well, specifically those that we don’t.

          But then again, there are the aspects of either “Death” or worse off than “Death.” Going on with the premise that perhaps Dheu could even be a more distant future Tarra, or distant alternative reality, depending on which way that the quantum/tachyon vibrations are pinging. Since it’s not witchcraft, but then, science can be mistaken for witchcraft, and perhaps vise versa.

          Since Rusche said that it’s not witchcraft, we would have to assume (damnit my “M” key isn’t working properly, stupid java script updates and other stuff forcing Windows XP out of date next month (Sorry)) that Dheu is not an Eldritch Horror, Ch’thulu, The Nameless Ones, They are an unholy curse from the beast we call The Desolate One, The First. . . well, no. wait. Those two are different angelic entities.

          And well, Dheu’s got no legs.

        9. @Blueman

          1) Yeah that was all pretty easy to piece together from your original post and about 2 and a half seconds talking to google. No explanation necessary – in fact as I don’t ever intend to watch the show, it’s really a non issue.

          2) Your impression of Dheu is awfully specific for being devised entirely of speculation. Not even a bit of wiggle room to allow for new information after he appears in more than one page of the comic? No?

          Oh well, I didn’t really have a point in bringing up Hastur, I just didn’t know what your point was about Dheu not walking. Whether Dheu walks or not seemed irrelevant to what I was asking, which was whether an unspecified subject (a variable, if you will) might walk and (jokingly) quack like Dheu. If he does not walk, then other subjects that do not walk might still be considered. I mean, but only if they also quack like Dheu.

        10. Boog, I was just speculating on the possibility of this incarnation of Dheu being one of two things. 1, an entity that takes on the look of the corpse of the individual who called them. I think that something like that would make death a “hell” of a lot ore frightening to some individuals. I mean, why should Ebenezer Scrooge be afraid of a bag of bones, walking in front of him.

          But then, shouldn’t death be seen as the inevitable conclusion for everyone. I mean, great, I can’t remember who put the grim reaper in the movies, but still. Okay, I suppose that corpse-ifying the actor of who the character is/was would cost a heck of a lot more money and lengthen the amount of time back then. Even now, with the blue screen technology and “Kung-Pow” style acting, there is going to be missed cues because of the lack of ability on the part of the actor to act and interface with the surroundings via a computer screen. Even the weathermen have to take a pause when they go to the monitors.

          I was just thinking, what if Death took on a personal look for everyone?

        11. Pat, the “no witchcraft” doesn’t mean that Dheu can’t be a Lovcraftian Horror from another dimension (aside from lack of visible tentacles), just that the method for breaching dimensions is science based instead of magic. Same way the TV show Fringe was not magic based at all, just wacky, futuristic, implausible science.

        12. All I’m saying is maybe we need some lines connecting comments so we can see what comments respond to what. I mean, personally I can see how comments stack with indentation, but I’m not everybody, and I guess lots of people still have trouble? No reason it can’t be made clearer for them.

          Or maybe from now on I should just include the name of the person to whom I’m responding?

          @steveha: Yes, everyone knows about that meme.

    2. The person sitting on the pier on the cast page is Wandering Girl, whom Rusche said was a bit farther off Erf than Tarra, but in more subtle and restrained ways.

      So I’m guessing that’s not David, though can’t say for certain.

  8. Oh look, it’s the eldritch horror.

    I was expecting a bit more Cthulhu and a little less Final Fantasy, but hey! Maybe he takes off the hat and it’s all calamari-style up under there.

    1. She did say it wasn’t witchcraft – the other day you indicated that was the source of your concern for an eldritch horror?

        1. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably isn’t a Great Old One?

          What if it walks and quacks like a Dheu? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s under that hat.

        2. The point being that if it looks like witchcraft and it has results like witchcraft, you might not necessarily call it witchcraft but it’s probably at least close enough for government work. It’s the difference between a duck and a mallard drake.

        3. What? Again I was talking to Blueman – is the comment-stacking really that confusing here? I was asking what Blue’s point was about Dheu not walking. As in, maybe “walks like Dheu” = “not walking”. In other words, The Unspeakable One may walk like Dheu. Though admittedly I have no idea if he talks like Dheu so not a perfect example?

          I got your point, sort of… although my original point was that Tarra said “not witchcraft” but you seemed surprised not to see Cthulhu enter through the portal… but yes, to your point it kinda resembled witchcraft, so that’s why I took my response in a different direction, agreeing to wait and see about Dheu’s true nature (although in reality I don’t think there are really any surprises in store for us under that hat).

        4. The thing that comment stacking does for me with regard to replying is I may reply to the reply of the comment I’m talking to because I’m betting otherwise it’ll get lost under another conversation and be unclear what I’m referring to.

          Also I consider witchcraft orthogonal to eldritch horror status or not. If they’re beings from another plane of reality as opposed to creatures conjured from the caster’s imagination, then there should be science-based methods to reach them as well as magic-based methods. If they’re conjured from imagination, then you could go the nanomachine-assembled or solid holography route for the science-based equivalent.

        5. Mr. Blue would like to take some umbrage to your reply.

          First, we have to consider the Erf Status of Tarra in the Tarraverse. Furthermore said status should be equally if not have some increase due to experience and adaptability of current levels of Tarra’s capabilities. I.e. Tarraforming in version Tarra.Present is analog/dial-up. Whereas, Tarraforming in version SisterX.Tarra.Future is Digital/DSL or faster.

          Now to parallel that to Dheu and the possibilities (please don’t quote credit card commercials) the Eldritch/Lovecraft horrors should be to a level so far off of the charts, even a logarithmic scale could not to even hope to equate or even attempt without losing their own soul in order to quantify the attempt if we were to face off one of the other sisters against the horror called.

          The only known possibilities of defeating said horror is through the logic bomb (Tarra level knowledge and Tarra level manipulation required) and at least twenty three chess moves ahead for that to succeed. Or, the Ghostbusters level of technology given to Ginger, Ellie, Anise and Pumpkin. Quinn can be Jeannine. But then again, Gozer was only a demon from a ghetto dimension. Which should explain the way that she was dressed etc. I’d have to find the “The Real Ghostbusters” Comic in which that came from.

          If the entity came from the conjurers imagination, then perhaps “Weird Science” might have an ability to contain the possibilities of this, but then, the phrasing would have to be exact perhaps in order to know the capabilities of the entity conjured. So, there could perhaps be no off switch for protection.

          But science based models are constrained by the laws of physics. Nanomachines can only perform up to the tolerances of the materials that they compose the entity of, and holograms (solid force fields) can only perform up to the point where the harmonics will allow it.

        6. War of the Worlds aliens killed by normal Earth illnesses. SpiderMan’s symbiote that became Venom has trouble with either loud or high frequency sound. That’s aliens in fiction, but extra-dimensional entities can have similar weaknesses that are normal for us. For example, oxygen is actually fairly caustic and different earthly materials have different reactions to various frequencies of EM radiation, so you can have things in that vein. Also, if something has a physical manifestation in our world, then that physical manifestation has weaknesses of the components that create it (for example water molecules in it can still be vibrated with microwaves to create heat and cause them to transition to steam and burst cell membranes).

          There are always ways to destroy things. In fiction, it’s really just a question of how difficult those ways need to be for the story.

        7. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”
          — Arthur C. Clarke

  9. Something that has never really occurred to me. There may in fact be someone in this universe that is “better than Tarra”

    Whom David is seems rather interesting. The giant D 52 page now has a lot more meaning and mystery behind it.

    I wonder just how beloved David really is. =D

    1. HEEEEYYyYyy. I know. . .

      But when you said death, I thought

      “D I S M E M B E R M E N T”

      So, could it, you think, perhaps, possibly, explain maybe why there is the supposed “ORKO” reference?

        1. Of course, there’s a tradeoff here in that Orko would have two visible eyes instead of one. Orko also has two visible arms, but Dheu here seems to have routed most of his arm mass into an elongated trunk.

        2. It was just now after reading your comment that I finally noticed we only see one of Dheu’s eyes, and it’s the same one we see from Anise and X (and is currently open on Tarra).

      1. I see a character who floats, has glowing eyes and big floppy hat, I default to Orko. If Dheu didn’t have the hat my first thought would have been “Free Floating Full Torso Vaporous Apparition.”

  10. …I like him. ANOTHER! *throws mug on floor*

    But seriously, it makes think that tarra avoids death so well not because she is really that amazing, but because death can’t stand to be around her. ha ha

  11. hmmm in retrospect I think I would have liked Ginger’s story arch better. This is all good, but its missing that emotional drama, with Tarra Rusche has to do crazy stuff because thats what we should expect with her. But I voted for this arch so I cant complain.

  12. Oooo… now this makes for good entertainment.
    The sound effect made this one. Obviously the big floating armless horror is a nice touch, but it’s the little things.

  13. Hmm well this should be fun Dehu might have a conflict of interest when it meets the “Jerkass”, and I think David might be the only guy that can handle Tarra.

    1. Rusche did mention in the comics that Tarra will align most with the sin Envy and it’d be due to her being interested in a man she can’t have. So I’m guessing either that’s David, or David isn’t the only man that could handle her.

      1. Yes, thank you. That is a 100% completely non sarcastic thank you.

        I’m thinking Doviculous from Brutal Legend specifically. :D

      2. Great, you say Tim Curry, Dhue in my head starts calling himself the “transcendental transsexual from Transylvania”. Thank you.

    1. I hear it as Max from Sam and Max for some reason.

      But if I concentrate…Maybe Patrick Warburton. Or James Roday.

    2. I actually hear a whispery Asian male voice that I don’t associate with anyone I actually recognize. I think it’s his phrasing, I can’t hear Tim Curry, but have to hear a strongly accented voice instead.

  14. I just realized something. Tarra did not specify which jerkass outside for Dheu to go smite.

    It will be like jerkass russian roulette, we just need to wait and see where the bullet lands…

    Quinn, oh no! You’ve fallen victim to Tarra’s non-specific death fiend. Oops…

    1. Actually, I thought the obvious problem that is going to manifest is that Tarra has just told her bound demon to attack a target who is also Tarra. So, either Tarra just told Dheu to kill Tarra’s own self, or she just sent Dheu off to battle someone that may have equal authority to command Dheu.

      If Tarra is very lucky, Dheu’s revocation of her power to summon him just saved her ass.

      1. You sound well-versed in the ways of demonic binding. Or at least how much word choice actually works. In which case you’re either familiar with demonic binding or you tried to use a wish in DnD and had an evil DM.

        Nevermind, redundant post is redundant :P

      2. If Dheu would so easily confuse his summoner and his target over such a technicality as them being the same person (despite being two separate instances of the same person), I’d be just as worried by the phrasing “take care of” – what if he ensures the jerkass’s safety (if even needed?) or treats her to a nice meal or a day at the spa or something?

        1. Cease this fighting at once. We’ll have to hurry if I’m going to get you to the spa on time, that Hans is a wonderful massuese but can be VERY testy and he simply ADORES punctuality. And we’ll take care of that hair of course, my god the split ends are horrendeous. Do you use hot oil? Of course you use hot oil, maybe try more oil? Or maybe less? Oh my goodness, put that rocket launcher away this INSTANT. No wonder your nails are so short and chipped. This will never do. If you keep this up I’ll just have to kill you and let the embalmer see what he can do with whatever’s left.

        2. I dare say, good Sir, that this narrative of yours has contributed in quite noteworthy a way to my making of this very fine day. Indeed so it did. I tip my hat to you, good Sir, in a most respectful manner.

      3. Tarra specified “outside” so even if X is identical to Tarra, as long as O stays indoors then there wouldn’t be confusion to allow Dheu to kill O instead. The question of X having equal command authority might be interesting, though.

        Also, I’m not seeing Dheu as trying to wiggle around provisions, or Tarra would’ve been MUCH more specific than “jerkass”.

  15. And now for the waaaaaay-out-in-left-field-tin-foil-hat-edition:

    Psalm 52:6 “The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him”

    This verse, INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH is connected to, yep ya guessed it! DAVID. So conspiracy theory goes kinda alike dis: The righteous (the poor store clerk) saw and (probably) feared Death-i-mean-Dheu. Laughing at him? That would be Tarra not taking him (Orko) seriously enough. It goes downhill from there.


    1. The Angel of Death came to David’s room
      The Angel of Death came to David’s room
      The Angel of Death came to David’s room said friend it’s time to go….

  16. Ok, I am even more lost than before. Did Terra just summon a demon to go kill her future self? Is this a form of suppoku? Is she some kind of Time Circle, with her future self responsible for the injuries that made her kill her future self? Did Chris used to write for LOST?

    1. Also, is the ‘Wandering Girl’ on the cast page a broken Tarra, wandering the world in an effort to find herself- knowing she must avoid the road that caused her future self to return to kill her sisters? Did she cut her own hair, acknowledging that she techinically kicked her own ass? Am I just babbling on incoherently now?

      1. I like a well written time paradox. The alternate timelines theory to me was never able to satisfy the edict of “matter can be neither created nor destroyed.” In a universe ruled by the laws of entropy creating an infinite amount of timelines, each with a series of less and less subtle differences never quite made sense to me. I tend to gravitate more towards the conservation of energy/time is somewhat elastic school of time travel fiction. I once took part in a collaborative writing effort where I spun a portion of the story off into a time paradox I quite liked as part of a way to impose limits on an all powerful wish fulfillment macguffin another writer had introduced. Good times. But I seem to have digressed from the point I was striving to make which is this. You are doing a superb job with the writing and do carry on. Certainly don’t change on my account.

        1. Yeah, good time travel paradoxes make for fun storytelling – Futurama did that well.

          But the “many worlds” theory makes more sense to me realistically (you know, because time travel is realistic to begin with?). If it eases your mind, consider that instead of one universe with infinitely many timelines, it is simply infinitely many parallel universes, each with one timeline.

          Of course, then I wonder how the one who’s traveling “back in time” to stop an event from occurring in the past always manages to land in a nearly identical universe where the event was still destined to happen until they intervened. I mean, with infinitely-many universes to choose from, that’s a pretty lucky draw, don’t you think? Because if they chose that universe deliberately, then they would already know about the many-worlds theory and that preventing it in another universe wouldn’t prevent it in their own. But maybe they are just trying to save us the trouble in which case that’s mighty generous of them don’t you agree?

        2. I never saw it that way – I saw it as the individual actually DOES travel back into their own timeline, but his/her introduction changes it, thus splitting off into its own alternate universe – a universe from which that individual did not originate, thus killing off or diverting his/her progenitor destroys the future in-universe instance, but not the current intruder.

        3. Captain’s Log, Stardate 45652.1.

          The Enterprise has entered an area of space known as the Typhon Expanse. We are the first Starfleet vessel to chart this unexplored region.

  17. and I’m still sitting here wondering who the dude with the guitar on the cast page is above the 52 summonings.

    and also how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, snarky owl’s with master’s degrees notwithstanding.

    1. I never made it without biting. But don’t ask that stupid bastard Owl. He’ll just bite right through and give you back an empty stick. I didn’t warn the last kid about it and that poor kid lost his Tootsie Pop for it. Every night in my dreams I hear that kid sobbing. Every night.

      1. I asked the Educational Council of the Sisterhood of the Walking Trees to revoke the degree on Mr. Owl’s diploma, to where it would only be 21 Celsius, with no degrees for the temperature, he’ll have no foot to stand on.

      1. I gotta go to the can, man. Heh.

        Though it is a well documented internet fact that I am ancient beyond the reckoning of all things. Before this universe was born I was already old. I merely pose as a mortal human because it amuses me to do so. And I like booze. You guys are really onto something with this alcohol thing.

        What I’m saying is I probably skew most demographics, adjust your statistics accordingly.

        1. You know, it’s been around 30 years since I watched a Cheech and Chong movie. I should rent one for my video tape machine. Wheres my cane, I have to walk down the street. There was a rental place I remember… Do they still have those?

        2. Good luck getting Randall to help you. Every time I go over there he’s normally yelling at some poor schlub about how the rebels blew up a bunch of innocent contractors.

        3. But that’s the thing. They knew who they were getting into business with when they accepted the contracts. It’s not like they were dropped off at the Las Vegas airport, boarding a non descript aircraft that supposedly flies off to Groom Lake where they then deplane and work for an unspecified number of hours on an alien spacecraft in order to find out if space pron is worth the introduction to humanity or not. But then again, I suppose if we were in Holland, the weed would have taken care of it all.

  18. Seriously, I friggin love this comic lmao only here can you summon spirits and have jolly teenagers in the same place XD

  19. And the bass keep runnin, running.
    and running, runnin
    and running, runnin
    and running, runnin
    and running, runnin

    Let’s get it started in here!!!

  20. Um, thiss story line is by now so recondite that it’s about to disappear into itself. The strip is in danger of becoming an in-group indulgence.

    1. Rusche has said it’s almost over (this storyline). It reminds me of the movie storyline. It eventually goes back to normal. Relax.

      Rusche, it’s Monday. Rough weekend?

    2. Not to be “that guy”, but I can’t help but smile that you’ve used the word “recondite” correctly yet misspelled “this.” It’s like you built an airplane out of a new super-light material but forgot to add wing flaps.

      And Muria–I’m figuring this is one of those “around noon” days.

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