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Enemies of Enemies

Holy crap, sorry this one is up a bit late. We're having some power issues in my city. No long outages, but constant drops in electricity. I lost good chunks of work on this file three different times. Nothing like redoing something you got totally perfect once already, again and again. It's all good though. Up now. I'll have to post the poster stuff Friday if at all possible. Jessica also wants all the interested "colored word bubble" parties to know she's still tinkering. So love it or hate it, she still has a real job until the weekend. She's mess with it more then. :P

60 thoughts on “Enemies of Enemies

    1. Woo-hoo! Once again flagellating the F5 key has led to joyful victory!

      And yes, I know the pain of power outages firsthand. Maybe consider moving to a laptop? Good cheap ones on eBay, lightly used; been on this one for better than a year and I’m rough on computers. They come with their own battery backup, too, so even power outages don’t kill them immediately!

      1. I have a laptop. The tablet is hooked up to my PC. I float between both computers. The laptop has too much coming out of it. It looks like Tetsuo’s arm from Akira. I’ll probably look into getting a line conditioner.

        1. …must resist urge to shriek “Kaneda”….

          But clearly you have it well in hand, sir. A tip of the hat in your savvy direction.

  1. “You ever feel like life is like a hurricane?” … … …Here in…Duck-burgh…
    …first thing that popped into my head…

  2. …I cant help but wonder if my mistaking her for Aria in her first apperence is whats being poked at here.

    Still I love how Pumpkin totally gets into the ‘Bat’ mentality here. Its about solving problems. That doesnt always mean going in and busting a gang. Sometimes its simply making sure another gang learns where their hideout is *evil smirk*

    1. More like at myself for making her costume look like a combination between Liara and Aria. I’ve never played a Mass Effect game, so I thought they were all the same blue girl. I try folks, I try…

      1. No worries mate lol, it takes a little getting use to since asari are an unusual race in that they are all female, and will always give birth to a asari regardless of the species of the father. Because of this asari have two things that are used to tell them apart visually (since the comics dont have voice overs lol)

        First and easiest to spot is their facial markings. Each asari has completly unique tattoos on their face and scalp. These markings are not specific to a clan or a family (like turian facial tattoos are) but rather unique to the individual. They can be a varity of colors and styles.

        Second, and slightly more difficult to go by is their skin. Every asari has a unique combination of hue/color in addition to a unique skin apperence.

        Liara has very light blue skin, bright even, and her skin has an almost snake scale like apperence.
        Aria has a dark, almost purple shade of blue skin that looks like half dry clay.

        If it seems odd that i would notice this, I’ll point out that both of these characters get a LOT of screen time in the game, particularly Liara. Aria got far less, but her scenes were…by far more memorable lol

        1. I wouldnt say that exactly. Their species has a lot that makes them…kinda sad in the long run.

          Asari have extremely long lifespans. Liara is around 121, while Aria is over two thousand years old. The only other species that lives that long is the krogan.

          This might not sound like a big deal, but humans still only live around a hundred or so years at best, same as turians and most other species aside from salarian (who barely live to be sixty).

          So think about it like this. What would it be like growing up with a close friend or loved one, knowing you are going to live to see their great great great grand childrens die?

          Because of their long life spans asari have a mindset of never getting too close or too attached to anyone. I mean really, imagine living for thousands of years while most others only live to be a hundred or so.

          Then you have those born as Ardat’Yakshi…thats…thats pretty much life in hell. The condition has some known factors that increase chances of it, but there is no way to insure it doesnt happen. When someone is confirmed to be one (usually when they are around a hundred and something) they are then given two choices. Death, or spend the rest of their lives in a monistary on a dead planet with no hope of ever leaving, forbidden from ever having any kind of relationship, and under the watch of guards that *will* shoot without hesitation if they suspect anything or if you show any strong emotions.

        2. I thought the skin designs were just like birthmarks, in that they just had the designs, instead of getting them added later. I recall skin tone was based on the “fathers” species (father being in quotes, as females could be the other parent half too)

          I do remember they put a lot into the lore/history/biology of those games (heh, any time krogans mentioned “a quad”)

        3. No, the patterns are tattoos. You meet a few asari children in the game and none of them have the markings. One of the dialog trees with Samara also goes into detail over the markings.

          Typically they start off with just one, and over time add more when they experience something significent in their lives. This isnt always the case but its their tridition.

          It came about after they made first contact with the turians, who use facial markings to identify clans and families.

          After first contact with humans, most asari got eyebrow tattoos because they found that the markings helped a great deal in convaying emotion.

      1. There ended up being two Selphie refs in this convention story, which I wanted to avoid, but Rinoa didn’t work for our Asian Cosplayer above cause it’s a shoulder-up thumbnail and the hair was just too similar to Tifa’s.

  3. Pumpkin: fountain of wisdom. Hahaha
    And I dunno why but the “lol, lol”s above the chick’s head while she’s cussing is just absolutely hilarious to me

  4. You know, Rusche, as much as I’m glad to see things progressing again, I don’t think you should feel pressured to jump right back into the 3-a-week schedule until you actually got that first Paetron check (or however they do it).

    I think most people would be understanding if you took it easy a bit, and if you built up a little bumper the everyday kind of crises might be less stressful.

      1. Also, I second the “take it easy” suggestion. As long as you put something out at a schedule somewhere between “Sluggy Freelance” and “Megatokyo”, you’re doing fine.

        1. Take it easy suggestion third-ed. Burnout is bad, and can take a lot longer to get rid of than it does to develop.

        2. As long as we don’t hit Megatokyo speed I think I’ll survive, but I always hope to get my Shotgun Shuffle fix.

    1. Agreed. It sounded as if a large part of the problem was burn-out and too much time spent. We aren’t going to push you to meet a hard schedule.

      As to the power issues, have you looked into buying an UPC. I recommend CyberPower, my self, over APC. This should give you enough time to save your work, before the power runs out.

      1. I actually like APC, I don’t know about the other companies but APC has a recycle plan for the big honkin’ lead acid battery in their UPSs. You have to register it first, but you can ask for a replacement and they’ll send a new one for the model you have, plus pay for shipping the old one back.

        At least they used to, I took advantage of it years ago.

        1. I’m pretty sure you buy the new battery and they just include shipping label to send back the old one. However, I believe you can also take those to any Batteries Plus store for free recycling, regardless of vendor.

          I tend to go APC myself, but I will state that I paid insufficient attention and got a BackUPS line (battery backup only) instead of a SmartUPS line (battery backup and electrical conditioning) unit. Granted, without power conditioning they’re much cheaper.

  5. Man, I am so happy it’s back. Imagine how pumpkin feels having the super power of mind reading… I mean access to twitter/facebook.

  6. Good to see that Social Justice Warrior lady got a dose of reality. Defending girls and their cosplays at a con is noble, especially when you got creeps around, but it’s silly to believe any sort of confrontation with a female cosplayer is sexually charged. Now it looks like a truce is in order for the sake of good cosplay. They could probably do great things together.

  7. The enemy of your enemy is your frenemy.

    Kat has a broad definition of *public* shaming, but SHE’S LEARNING which is what’s really important. Maybe if she just *tried* shaming some other cosplayers (not publicly, of course), she’d realize how much fun it can be! Perhaps start with the popular a-holes.


    1. My thoughts exactly. Or as my grandfather would say, the kind of person who would complain if they were hanged with a new rope. lol
      Some people just have a fountain of venom inside and have to spit it at someone,in over to avoid drowning in it.

  8. Love how Kat still missed the whole point that she butted into a conversation she had no right to butt into. Nevermind she’s saying people at a convention can’t have a conversation or opinions at a convention, she’s basically saying everyone has good cosplay and can’t be critiqued or just thought of having a suckie outfit.

    Kat so far, seems to be an idiot. :p

  9. Congrats on breaking into four figures for your Patreon. I noticed that from my phone yesterday, but I’m way too lazy to type comments on my phone.

  10. Hey, am I the only one who thought the #HerMassAffects insult was rather Clever? It was a pretty Dick Move, but Very Clever.

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