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[Patreon] Equality’s a Bitch

12 thoughts on “[Patreon] Equality’s a Bitch

    1. Is this sarcastic? I can’t tell, I’ve seen people say things just as bizarre and disconnected from anything for real. Like, a lot.

  1. Been reading this for some time, never commented. Taking the opportunity to do so now on account of how much I hate Kat. Never in my days of webcomic reading (I follow 65 diff webcomics) have I ever seen a character that so accurately depicts your average super hypocritical fake social justice warrior. The kind of person that is filled with anger and rage, possibly hatred, towards anyone and anything that disagrees with them or otherwise, and worse yet, under the guise of caring for them.
    Telling people what to do and what not to do, how to live their life, what’s right and wrong, and yet they’d be willing to bend and obscure any one of their beliefs and laws should it suit them to do so.

    By the end of this arc I certainly hope we get to see Kat fall into (get pushed into) a meat grinder

    1. But… she doesn’t… actually resemble any sort of SJW, real or fake, good or bad? I mean, even the ridiculously transparent troll accounts don’t act like this. She’s just a predator dressing it up in pro-LGBT rhetoric. No SJW elements there. I’ve seen some seriously skeevy behavior from SJWs, but I’ve never seen one try to position the “right” to prey on underage children as a social justice issue. I HAVE seen MRAs and kin do that, though.

      1. To be honest, that depends entirely on how you define what an SJW is and that often depends entirely on whether your personal experiences with SJWs have been positive or negative.

        A common thing in all political ideologies is certain elements that believe they adhere to an ideology while their actual methods would suggest otherwise. While it can thus be easy to conclude that they’re not what they claim to be, it doesn’t change that they themselves are fully convinced that they are. You seem to have a positive opinion of SJWs which makes me assume you haven’t encountered a lot of irrational people who believe that title is appropriate for themselves. I on the other hand have. I’ve encountered SJWs that are rational and back up their claims with solid evidence which validity can only be denied by people who’d disagree that lava is hot if an SJW said it was. And I’ve met SJWs that make me want to scream how every word they say only make things much, much worse.

        The sort who will assume the worst about anyone, not to attack their argument, but to attack the commenter themselves, to portray their opponents as the sort of scumbag nobody wants to agree with. They’re not interested in actually learning anything about their opponents. They just make assumptions that support their accusations. Which means I’ve seen SJWs accuse another person of being blinded by their straight cis-gendered privilege. A person who just so happened to be transgender. For me I’m not concerned with which group is the majority or the minority, because either way there’s enough prople on both sides that the irrational ones have a troubling amount of negative influence.

        These sorts of people can be found everywhere in any political ideology from any political perspective. Without going into details, my first encounter with SJWs was not what you’d call positive. Suffice it to say, one of my best friends was emotionally devastated as a result of their actions and my view will forever be shaped by that. To me, SJWs have nothing to do with leftists or feminists etc even if that’s the group where they’re most visible on the internet. A dude who tells a joke about sexual assault and upon noticing that none of his coworkers are laughing responds with; “If it had been a guy being assaulted, you’d all have been laughing your asses off!” despite having no evidence that these particular coworkers would react that way, as far as I am concerned, that dude is an SJW. I emphasize, it is not talking about male sexual assault that makes him an SJW. It’s taking the tragedy that happens to other people and abusing it to make baseless accusations to prove themselves right.

        That’s what we see with Kat here. She defends her own actions by trying to portray Rosemary as a hateful invidual. It might not be a complete description for every SJW or and probably not any SJW you’ve ever met, but it fits really well for a sufficient amount of SJWs that there’s a reason for the stereotypes.

        1. As much as I love returning to read the archives, I think I should stop reading the comments. Finding the stuff I used to say, and then noticing how recent it is, is like slapping myself in the face with my past stupidity.

  2. Kudos Mr. Rusche. You manage to put real debate into dramatic situations, I begin to understand what you meant when you said… (Darn I can’t find that “mission statement”/ theme you made about your story.)
    Anyway. Thank you for working so hard to make a story that is beautiful, funny and intelligent.

  3. Interesting. I only stopped to read these comments, because I noticed how few there were. Usually, there are lots, sometimes hundreds. This strip really does make people pay attention.
    As far as Kat goes, I thought she was just another Dumb Ass Crybaby Liberal. The reason that most so-called SJWs are idiots, is because it is a lot of hard WORK to actually be one. Like the people in the Innocence Project, who spend YEARS of their lives to get wrongfully convicted people out of prison. And they actually accomplish something GOOD by doing so, as opposed to looting and burning and assaulting people.

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