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Got some odds and ends for today's post, so I'll do my poster explanation/tutorial on Wednesday. So YES! We are back to three days a week starting now. MWF. Thanks again to everyone helping support Shotgun Shuffle. By request, I have this comic's master PSD file available to all $3+ pledgers via Patreon. For anyone who owns a version of Photoshop, this will allow you to move and manipulate each layer and see how a typical comic is made. Two new fanarts today is well. One is the long-awaited continuation of Matt's spin off comic about Sister X. Sister X PArt II The other is a fanart inspired by Shotgun Shuffle's Patreon itself. Anyone who's read the $50/month pledge rewards knows what this is in reference to and I'll link you directly to the dA page so Mari-Keiyou can get the views. :P

79 thoughts on “Eventually

    1. BTW, I have been proselytizing the comic on some of the sites I visit regularly. Let others know of the good word, brothers and sisters. Sing the song of the shotgun, and bring them into the fold!

  1. So, the girls were not sucked into the void. Just their cloths.

    But, if they were naked, why were the people taking pictures of Pumpkin?

    1. That’s fanboys for ya. You can drop them in the middle of the Playboy Mansion during a bikini pool party and they will always flock to the most clothed girl that looks like ‘Sexy’ -insert anime/comic character-.

    2. Because even most fanboys know that, even when costumes have been forcibly removed by the power of a vortex generated from the mouth of a spherical cat that has recently spit up the skull of a full-on harbinger of death, photographing the results will probably get you sued and / or locked up.

    3. Well, being sucked in and being spit out as part of a hairball would result in their current expressions and a requirement for costume change too.

  2. So, I take it that Kat here, (I can call you Kat, right?) just isn’t getting enough sleep? Or does she have permanent eye bags? Or, is this the kind of thing we have to wait on, to be reviled at a later date?

      1. … she could be a hipster. Did we actually get confirmation the “DK FX” on their shirts is actually the name of their company?

  3. That’s how you do it, Pumpkin! Good girl.

    Now we’ll go over how to properly give someone a warning shot. Now, the important thing to remember is: If they’re still able to walk after you’ve warned them, you’ve messed up.

  4. Riding a dragon, kicking Satan into the sun. Yup, that’s about how I’d imagine it going.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where this conversation goes (or, from Kats appearance, this angry rant)

  5. Hmm, new comment system makes it hard to see replies properly. While the first level comment is blue, ANY reply to any comment is green, which makes it harder to see at a glance who is replying what nested comment. If you indent replies (or alternate colors) I think it’d be clearer :)

    1. The replies are indented, I increased the indent more. Also now there is a link to the comment that was replied to where it says Replied to: [Name], if you click the name.

      We considered alternating colors but comments can be up to 10 deep and 10 colors seemed too much.

      Any more suggestions or feedback is welcome.

      1. I wrote a quick script to do comment-thread collapsing, could probably be cleaned up, but works rather nicely when applied to this site.

        I can share if you like…?

      2. Well, I don’t know how much access you have to the comment outputting code, but it might be helpful to put each reply inside of a colored and bordered div that starts from its parent. Though that might make the comments section excessively colorful as a consequence…

        1. Thanks for your feedback but that might be too much color like you said. I will be trying boog’s idea of collapsing the replies soon. Any more feedback is welcome.

      3. If using two colors, alternating might help. I’d say alternating between three colors would definitely make reply level visually distinct, but possibly with two.

        1. Alternating 2 colors was what I’d meant. It’s not really “alternating” if the color changes with each reply, heh.

  6. Womanliness’hood is definitely making its way into my vocabulary somehow. I don’t care how hard it is I WILL use this is conversation! :-)

    1. On another note I already disliked Kat before she had a name, now I really hate her. This whole, “They were bullying you but that doesn’t justify standing up for yourself!” thing really pisses me off! Obviously in reality stripping them bare would be over the top, in fact it would be sexual assault but I do believe that everything in the panels of that incident was firmly outside the realm of “reality.”

      1. Sometimes people witness parody and, in their attempt to convert it from something seen or heard into an actual thought or idea, they confuse too much of it with reality and form real emotions about something that probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

        I suppose that theory could be applied in multiple ways here…

        1. Yes heaven forbid anyone have an opinion of a fictitious character or the real life situations that the fictitious story lines parallel.

        2. You talk like I was speaking out against it. Nope, just noting the similarity.

          Besides, entire genres of entertainment are centered around what I was describing. Just look at horror films – movies made to lull you into a state of apprehension and then scare the living hell out of you… despite the fact that you’re in no immediate danger.

  7. I like how Damien is just kind of looking at Kat like, “whoa, your crazy ass is on its own!”

    I sort of wonder how much of her rage is purely cosplay related (because by her logic she would be defending Pumkins right to do PG rated cosplay) and how much is being territorial regarding Damien.

    1. Well, she did dislike Pumpkin before she had noticed Damien, so while that might be a contributing factor now, it probably wasn’t the primary deciding factor.

      I am curious if it’s cannon that McFatFat literally did suck the clothes off of them leaving them naked in the middle of the con. If that’s actually what happened in physical reality and not just a metaphor, I can see how that could be a trigger for her response.

  8. Well, that happened. Also, that last panel just me laughing so hard. “See, I told them.” I just hear it in the most innocent Pumpkin voice possible hahaha

  9. She’s a Buckingham. Ending up naked after a fight with one is one of the better outcomes.

    Against Tarra you’d either end up in a hospital, or as the opposite gender.

    Juniper would shame you so hard you’d wear one of those full body burkhas thingys.

    Ellie would beat you to a pulp.

    Cinnamon would sick the Ratchantulas (after having mixed them with some sort of posionous thing. Either a scorpion or something that can spit poison) on you.

    Have no idea for Anise though.

    1. Also normally a brawl with any of the sisters results in a goofy haircut for the loser THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW LUCKY THEY WERE

      1. I don’t know, Pumpkin’s gaze stage left at the end of that panel just might be her looking for scissors, just the crowd of admirers distracted her until they could get to safety.

  10. But she didn’t strip them naked nor humiliate them in public- that would have been considerably different and I doubt Pumpkin would have walked out of the con in anything less than handcuffs. Did I miss a page or five?

    1. I’m trying to decide if McFatFat literally sucked off their clothes (possibly leaving undergarments intact) or if Katrina is speaking figuratively. I could see either, as that’s within the level of reality bending the comic does upon occasion.

  11. I had to go back to the fight to realize that’s what happened lol, though I notice now that both girls have their cleavage covered lol.

  12. I hadn’t checked on the site in about a week, thinking “I’ll probably come back and he’ll at least have a comic up, and a not of thanks about patreon or something.” I obviously knew you’d get enough support to continue the comic, but when I saw the relatively large makeover to the site, I checked the Patreon… and did a double-take at what people were willing to donate. Clearly I missed something along the way, because a lot of people must like this comic. Congratulations and here’s to apparently indefinite continuation!

  13. I dont believe it o.O I thought this place was gone after that last post as it seemed to go that way…something…soemthing actually turned out GOOD for me? *runs outside to buy lotto ticket*

    *runs back in* WELCOME BACK FRIEND! Glad to see you were able to keep the story going thanks to your friends :)

  14. Being possessed of a Y chromosome, perhaps I am not the best judge of the importance of preserving the sanctity of one’s womanlinesshood. But given as manlinesshood can be preserved by anything up to and including machine gun jousting, I don’t think that Pumpkin’s out of line here.

    And she totally apologized too! Way to go, Pumpkin; way to show the kind of maturity in victory we’ve come to expect from the Buckingham name.

    …oh wait….

    1. I’m going to have to go with SMBC’s most dangerous game as the up to.

      (for those who aren’t familiar, this involves playing tennis against a ninja with both of you riding noticeably enraged grizzly bears and you’re using lit TNT in place of the tennis ball)

  15. Gaaaahh….so much happy comment fodder!

    And as for that fanart–before you open it, go to YouTube and search “Now You’re A Man”. Get that playing BEFORE you look at that awesome link.

  16. I’m actually glad I waited to continue the Sister X comic. My original intention for the next strip was to have the two booth babes port in and crash right behind Dheu as he was about to rant at X for her crazy behavior. On second thought I still might do that :P

  17. I feel the flow from the previous page to this one is slightly wonky. Like part of the conversation is missing. Still great to see you back Rusche and Pumpkin’s looks great in these last couple of pages.

    1. Well if you want every breath of every conversation we’ll never get through this comic. Pumpkin knows her type already. She may as well cut to defending herself. Anymore lead in to this comic and it’s just reiteration of stuff that’s already been said, or just overly obvious.

      1. Missing Comic..
        Katrina “That was you the whole time! I can’t believe it!”
        Pumpkin: “So what!? Wanna fight about it?”
        Katrina: “Yeah. Cause that’s my type. How dare you do that stuff you did! What would make you do all that aforementioned stuff!?”

        So to me, none of that is necessary at all. Why waste your time as a reader. You’re all smart enough to get it. :)

        1. …lousy kids stepping on my Simpsons references with dated thirties lingo….rotten, stinky, hate world, revenge soon, take out on everyone….

  18. Ha, ha!

    For some reason, I don’t want to agree with Kat, but she is right.

    Pumpkin, was being a very big jerk-arse about the whole thing earlier.

    And I’m glad to see the two booth ladies are not D-E-A-D!

    And I love there new cosplay outfits!

    Wait a sec, Cloud and Tiffa are a couple latter on…

    1. I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say she is right. She’s not completely wrong and she does have a valid angle for her point of view. She possibly could be right if she calmed down a bit about it. I usually find that being right tends to include conceding a point now and then, and Katrina has redirected a point or two but not actually conceded one yet (which tends to go with being worked up).

  19. And after holidays and various work have limited my webcomic time considerably for quite a while, I finally have caught up again. Phew. Sorry it took me so long.

  20. Katrina falls into the area of presenting a theoretically valid argument (cosplay range, self-expression, etc) while ignoring context and gravity. Pumpkin and her friends were privately (seemingly) discussing the cosplay choices of others (which surely must occur constantly), while Katrina believed it was her right to drop eaves and subsequently join the conversation to champion her cause. If Pumpkin and company weren’t very private in their critiques, that’s unfortunate and problematic. Katrina is more in the right there for her interjection. As to the argument for slut-shaming and victim-blaming with cosplay … it’s always been unclear to me how someone steps out of the moment enough to believe that choices, including clothing choices, can be foreseeable connotations and consequences. Of course, for third-parties to take malicious or criminal acts against unrealistic first-parties is inexcusable.

    As for the sword shop ladies, while an awesome comic, was entirely Pumpkin’s wrongness in failing to control her temper, just as angry-Katrina failed to do with flesh-and-Iron-Woman. Then again, that skit would have certainly gone a different direction of not for the surreal consumption-lust of McFatFat. No one expects an animated lifesize squishable to devour an enemy’s garments. Physical conflict aside, Pumpkin was in the wrong for violating the con’s vendor regulations. A vendor would have been in the right to remind (since it was a problem before) an interloper that the paid-for space was being compromised by displacement of genuine customers and/or lack of visibility of their “upgrades.”

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