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Exclamation Point

So Tired Guy's stated observation is that Quinn ran off yet ANOTHER roommate before the wasted teen we saw at the beginning of the comic. I'm sure whatever he didn't hear specifically, he witness through a narrow break in his blinds. =P

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  1. I’m glad I don’t rent an apartment cause I had a neighbor lady kind of like him, knew the comings and goings of the whole neighborhood.

    1. Oh I had ones like that too.
      The worst was the guy that lived under me in my second apartment. He worked at some bakery, so he’d get up at 4 in the morning, right.. Only, he wouldn’t take his alarm off snooze (or maybe it was a secondary alarm he didn’t deactivate for the day.) Either way, he’d leave for work, and this thing went off for a solid 59 minutes after he left. Every single weekday.

      I’d call the super constantly to go shut it off, figuring they’d warn him since they didn’t want to get up then either. Nope. Warnings didn’t help.
      After about 3 weeks of this, I went to the store, bought an air horn, and would sound it outside his bedroom window around midnight. Every single weeknight.

      End of the story: He learned his lesson. Also the inspiration for Ellie shocking the ex-roommate with the same device. ;P

      1. Here’s a character headshot idea for ya, that girl from “RED”, the one who just wants to get away. I can’t think of her name, but when she says, “Awesome” for the first time, if anyone can say that, that’d be “AWESOME.”

        Oh, kudos on the sister’s Buckingham. But I count seven silhouettes.

        1. I noticed the extra as well but based on the height I’m betting it’s the child of one of the sisters.

        2. I totally knew Ellie was in there but unless I’m seeing things there is at least one, probably two nieces/nephews or some combination thereof.

        3. I am pretty sure you’re right, though if they are arranged in age order there is a sister between Pumpkin and Ellie which I didn’t expect.

  2. Just read every single one in a straight line. New favorite webcomic, seriously. Adding it to my list of awesome, intelligent, and funny distractions from real life. Thank you for the char Ellie, and this story.

        1. *slips on sunglasses, raises neuralizer* Sir, if you’ll just look into this device you’ll see where…

        2. *kicks Zed in the crotch* grabs the neuralizer and says, “Dude, where did you get such wonderful toys. Help out the unemployment situation, would ya?”

        3. I wonder why it was that nobody was ever smart enough to realize that if they wore sunglasses too, they wouldn’t be affected…

        4. It had to be sunglasses provided exclusively by the MIB quartermasters. If they aren’t company issue, then they do not have the “anti-flashy” protection.

  3. Tired guy is kind of intense in that last panel there. And it has to be awkward to have your bad behaviours and failures shoved in your face by a relative stranger. I imagine when faced with outright confrontation Quinn will be in extreme denial, her attitude overall speaks of someone whos self image is seen very much through rose colored glasses.

    1. Makes me think of Dead Winter – the reflection in Monday’s sunglasses frequently gives insight into what he’s thinking.

  4. Ouch, looks like Tired Guy is a rules lawyer, or at least a long time abuser of tenant status lol. Only people that know the laws that well are landlords and squaters.

    Nice to see someone back Quinn in a corner, though I do wish it was Ellie I admit lol

    1. Section 83.46(2), F.S.
      If the rental agreement contains no provision as to duration of the tenancy, the duration is determined by the periods for which rent is payable (week-to-week, month-to-month, etc.). All other terms are either those specifically addressed by law or those that are part of the agreement between you and your landlord.

      1. The Tenant
        Section 83.52, F.S.
        A tenant, at all times during the tenancy shall:

        – Comply with all building, housing and health codes and keep the dwelling clean and sanitary.
        – Conduct him/herself, and require other persons on the premises with his/her consent, to conduct themselves in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb the tenant’s neighbors or constitute a breach of the peace.

  5. Can this guy make a threat like that? As long as the rent is paid up, there is no damage to the property and there is no overt breaking of civil law, Why should the land lord / rental manager care how many roommates she shuffles through the apartment?
    If, (big if) I were the land lord, I wouldn’t care who the lessee has living with her, boy, girl, gay lover… so what. It boils down to pay the rent on time or get out. Tired guy should mind his own business and find his incestuous (?) niece/grand daughter somewhere else to live… perhaps even with him.

    1. Also: don’t be a nuisance to your neighbors (doorslamming, screaming, etc.). Most leases seem to include stuff like that.

      It’s not just about who the roommate is. Annoying behavior, when loud and unavoidable, can scare away other tenants, make it harder to procure new tenants, in some cases involve the police, and inevitably cost the apartment owner moneys.

      That said, while Quinn’s behavior might be mildly annoying to an obsessively-attentive third party (such as Tired Guy), he might not have much of a case. Even if he’s been filing complaints, her reaction doesn’t convey that the landlord has ever informed her of any kind of probationary status. She should be safe (doesn’t mean she is though).

      1. For what it’s worth, many apartments here have specific verbiage in both the rental application and the lease that forbid have overnight visitors, subletting, keeping roommates, etc. without express approval from the management. Most require all additional roommate to complete their own rental applications, pass the background and credit checks, and sign their own leases.

        But maybe it’s just especially bad here.

        1. Not so bad that they forbid overnight visitors where I have lived, but as I understand it the background/credit checks are the primary reason they want all tenants on the lease (whether sublets, roommates, significant others, etc.). Management’s gotta make sure they get paid! And also that they aren’t harboring criminals or something.

        2. That’s pretty much the angle I’m going with, Mary. I’ve lived in multiple apartments, and many of them were very strict about knowing who was there, and when. Even to the extent of needing a guest parking pass just to park on the property without being towed. And one in particular would evict you if the pet security deposit was not paid up front before the pet itself moved in.

        3. I would suggest that some of that wording is un-ethical, un-moral, ambiguous to the extent that it could interfere with judicial due process, and possibly in some cases, not being fully forthright in being made in good faith.

          Forcing someone to accept a clause in the lease is not good faith if it circumvents their rights to due process. However, tiredguy could be exageratting on the religiously slammed doors and such. Does it only happen once every 28 days, or every 28 days later
          _ _
          /(o^o)\ — oh noes, zombie references!!!

          If he’s the only complainant, then it could just be one tired old codger against one bitchy female and her possibly approved sub lessor who forgot about the cat.

    2. there are actually laws regulating the length of time a person has to be in an apartment before being considered a co-lessee. It’s to prevent people from renting a room to vacationers (or for other…seedier…purposes). So yeah, she could be in real trouble.

    3. It seems less like he’s making a threat, and more that he’s pointing out (aggressively, I’ll not contest that) that Quinn is potentially breaking a number or lease/rental agreement conditions, which are generally pretty black & white, usually with removal of violators as the end consequence.

      Without knowing the exact terms of the lease/contract one couldn’t know how in-the-wrong Quinn may be (the lease could allow subletting, in which case she’s golden, so long as pets are okay) It could go either way, though I’d figure Tired Guy would have a decent idea as to what the contract would contain, as he’s a tenant in the same building, and probably has a similar lease (to a degree)

      That aside, huzzah backstory and Tired Guy becoming Tired (Of Your Crap) Guy!

    4. O M G!!! I think that you found the source of the other half of the web strip title!!!!

      Christ, how many points is that?

    1. I think that someone needs to….

      “Brush up on yer Shakespeare!”
      “Brush up on yer Shakespeare!”
      “Brush up on yer Shakespeare!”
      “Brush up on yer Shakespeare!”

  6. i love how you are doing a mini arc with tired guy in the middle of the main comic for some tension relief. the drama was starting to get suffocating. i was near having an aneurysm.

    1. And I just noticed the exclamation mark in Quinn’s roots on the last panel. Quite a creative way to mark Quinn’s surprise.

    2. This is a clever ploy to pile on more drama though. Think of it as a drama pressure cooker, this is being added before resolution to the last drama which is still seconds away from the bursting point. The icing on the cake would be to have Alex and DJ Cornbread show up at the same time in the middle of this argument.

      Then tired guy would pull out his shotgun and hijinks will ensue. Delightful hijinks. All the best hijinks have a body count.

        1. I’m not sure but I think it’s close to the crossroads of “not enough sleep” and “too much caffiene.”

        2. Would that be the intersection of Gunpowder Street and Rhubarb Pie Express Parkway? Commonly known as Exit 42.

  7. So I don’t think there’s much grounds for Quinn to be evicted (except maybe having a tenant whose name is not on the lease, or having an unauthorized cat on the premises).

    BUT – if Quinn does get evicted, and if Ellie is allowed to stay (we know the termite inspe-err-the landlord seems to approve of her), Quinn is going to hate Ellie even more. And the aftermath will be terrifying and entertaining.

    My prediction: the exclamation mark in Quinn’s hair will morph into the shape of a skull, her eyes will turn red, and she will go on a screaming spree, taking down all who are near her, not to cease until Ellie is destroyed. Alex’s testicles will be the first to be crushed, followed by Eagan & Company’s feelings, leading them to unfriend her on Facebook, for which Quinn will also blame Ellie. The rage will consume her, and she will become a near unstoppable force.

    Ellie will have no choice but to call in her sisters, forming a League of Blondes to fight the rampaging Quinn-monster. In the end, one of the sisters will be paralyzed from the waist down, three will lose their powers, and two will die (don’t worry, they come back; one as a villain even) before Ellie is able to summon the strength to put Quinn’s foot in her mouth (her only weakness, as we’ve seen), once and for all. After Quinn returns to normal, they will become best friends and go shopping together or something.

    Only Ellie’s sisters, McFatFat, and Blind Guy will know about her secret identity. Tired Guy finds out, but then he forgets before he can tell anyone.

    1. I love it boog. Love it.

      Also, if anyone can get Quinn to say “meep” backwards, she disappears into the fifth dimension for five minutes.

    2. lol. You start with the “technicalities” Tired Guy won’t have enough pull with to get her evicted, then you follow it up with Superpowered Sisters.

      1. When the Sisters come in to rescue Fatty McFatFat, the building will be the victim of collateral damage, and the sister’s must be brought up on charges in order for the building’s insurance to be paid out. Of course, Quinn and Ellie will then be ruined in not only their credit reports, but also on any rental references. Quinn will need another name, be it dirty hippie or DJ to live at college. And a reputation like that may keep her out of the school’s dorms, if that hasn’t gotten her put out yet already. However, if there are some single unit dorms for a higher price, then perhaps daddy can help there.

      2. I like making predictions based entirely on really specific conditions (e.g. Quinn gets evicted, Ellie gets her apartment). That way, I’m rarely wrong.

  8. Why do I get the feeling that the person heading home soon (from shown list of events) might be Quinn and not Ellie?

    1. That statement makes me wonder if Quinn and Alex will actually be signing an agreement of sorts that may have to come from a county office.

    2. Now, if you’re following that teaser I made, I will tell you the “Final Meltdown” strips are running long. I think I’m looking about 2+ strips for that segment since the dialogue is requiring more panels. Therefor, more work.

      1. You could use the U.S.S. Nimitz and then just go back in time, just in time to get to the “Final Countdown” for your comic to hit the inter-webs.

  9. Chris,

    I heard an invisible, meekly stated “meep” when Quinn was confronted by Tiredguy. Is this a correct assumption, or just wild fantasy by the audience?

  10. I just noticed that for an old guy on Oxygen he doesn’t gasp or wheeze much and he has enough air power to yell pretty loudly. Maybe the Oxygen bottle is a prop, a sham to evoke sympathy and get his own way.

      1. I bet it’s where he stashes his shotgun and other weapons. He’s a walking arsenal using his status as an old man to divert attention.

  11. You guys do realize that he’s probably the lease-holder and the owner of the apartment/complex, right?

  12. Tired guy better not be the owner or lease holder. Because if he is; he is probably in violation of some tenant rights laws by confronting them without notification or a lawyer present. Eviction doesn’t happen at the whim of the owner or overnight. Regardless of what little violations of the miscellaneous contractual restrictions, unless there is evidence of unlawful conduct or rent being grossly in arrears. He can’t just throw someone out because they make some noise or have a pet. There are legal steps that must be followed.
    At worst for the lessee a court can order her to follow the contract and get rid of the cat. Noise issues will be investigated and any other tenants in the building will be interviewed. Especially if these girls know their rights and get a tenant’s referee (free in some jurisdictions) to plead their case. These cases can drag on for months before anyone gets evicted, unless local laws are violated or rents are not paid.

      1. ….except it’s not white text anymore I see! Well then:

        He’s the downstairs Neighbor from Hades, not the landlord. So no worries on that account.

    1. Rent can be withheld by the renter if the landlord/owner are not complying with their side of the rental agreement. And the renter does not face eviction, by law, under those circumstances.

  13. Tired guy might be Alex’s grand father trying to harass Quinn or Ellie and scare them in leaving their home. If so Tired Guy is an ass and Alex is a bigger ass.

  14. Personally I find the niece/granddaughter thing fairly interesting. For her to be both would require him to have slept with his own mother and produce a child.

    1. That’s only one branch of the tree that may happen like that. He could have been raped as well. But why is it that when a man is involved, every one assumes that he was the instigator.

      It’s hate crimes like that that dissolves the bonds of the Equal Treatments Codices in Fake Law that threatens, through Reverse Osmosis, to perpetuate the never branching tree of the fabled Red Neck curse.

      1. I had made no assumptions in my statement as to instigation. Only noted that it would require a child had with his mother. I admit I had considered adding an Oedipus complex joke in there.

        1. Never been a big fan of Wil. So whatever reference was made I missed it. Had it been a Dumas or a Swift I would be all over that.

  15. My personal prediction is that Ellie, conspicuously absent in this comic, has gone to fetch the landlord. Upon returning with same, Tired Guy will successfully get Quinn evicted, at which point he’ll declare Ellie his niece and granddaughter and rent the apartment for her. Ellie, realising that this leaves Quinn with nowhere to go with Alex, will then (to Tired Guy’s oxygen-bottle-shaking horror) properly sublet the apartment to Quinn, thus reversing (one might even say /shuffling/) their positions. Much snark and schadenfreude will be had, and Mr. Fatty McFatFat will somehow manage a “just as planned”pose.

    1. *nowhere to go but with Alex

      I accidentally a word there. Sleepy, tired, up to long. *breathe* Caffiene needed.

  16. I was wondering what happened to “tired guy” after he stopped commenting. Good to see he’s still telling it like it is….

  17. I don’t really like “Tired Guy” but I’m really glad to see someone put Quinn in her place. I particularily liked the “Shrewd alienating attitude” part.

  18. So for his granddaughter to be his niece, does that mean one of his own children had a daughter with one of his siblings? I don’t know how many times I’ve re-read this comic, but for some reason this particular part has escaped me.

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