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Excuse My Dejavu

Nothing like a flashback within a flashback within a flashback. =P OBVIOUSLY, this isn't a tag team event with Quinn's breakup with Alex. If you'd like that, just picture the scene from Office Space, with Alex as the copy machine. I do personally find it funny, but it seems too convenient for me. Quinn: "Now that we're friends... let's go kick his ass!" Ellie: "OK!" But then again, we haven't seen how this finishes up. By then, you'll see why I didn't pursue that altercation. =) Also, Karissa isn't done with the obsessive behavior. See you Friday.

61 thoughts on “Excuse My Dejavu

  1. Dude… a flashback, within a flashback, within the flashback… this is some “Inception” level crazy… only… you know… without the sucky plot twists, and actually, you know, there are characters here that aren’t garbage.

    I’m starting to really feel less annoyed with Quinn, than I was before… you’re doing a great job making me not want to just cut off the rest of her hair.

    1. And shift it all over to Alex. Seriously, it will blow my mind if Rusche manages to redeem Alex, if he even plans to. Right now he might as well have “GIANT DOUCHE” tattooed across his forehead.

        1. The avatar is from a comic known as “The Wotch”. It gets a little wierd for instance the above smoking hot redhead is actually a blond male nerd that gets changed into a girl by magic. How ever if oddball fantasy is your thing you might want to give it a looksee.

        2. I believe that my first frame of reference for this type of character, from memory, as it serves is Frank Burns, Maj. U.S. Army assigned to the 4077 Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, Korea.

        3. Did you ever read the book? There was actually a book by the name of M*A*S*H by – I kid you not – Dick Hooker. It wasn’t exactly like the movie or the TV show, but it was still pretty entertaining. There was a great line in it about making love in a minefield potentially being a permanent coitus interruptus if one person became too *ahem* vigorous.

        4. No, I didn’t read the book, but I did know about it. I suppose that I should. Coitus interruptus permanentus sounds perfect for Alex, but I think that Chris would have trouble putting him in Korea right now unless the draft was instantly re-instated.

        5. Yeah, sounds about right. And Haha is correct, it’s from The Wotch, and the actual picture itself is a cropped bit from a wallpaper done by the comic’s current artist. It’s main character kinda-sorta mixes Willow’s magical ability with Buffy’s DESTINY schtick, using BTVS as a reference point. Though, by the current point, her magical abilities are actually probably somewhere between Willow’s HIGH end and, well, Q-level shenanigans (adding a fandom to further complicate this comparison! XD).

          It’s a pretty fun webcomic, though it suffers from lack of regular updates, and has gone on hiatus twice, I think, during it’s run.

  2. Oh dear… This WAS a regular occurance. And we can see this happened even befor KK was a manager, so it’s been going on for some time too.

    Such a pity.

      1. Uh what? I wasn’t really talking about nerdy guys.

        I was just… I dunno… lamenting(?) over the situation concerning Alex. Here I was feeling bad for Alex, when everyone else was quite assuredly telling me “he’s a dick. Don’t feel sorry for him” only to now see that it’s true. I suppose everyone else saw it but me. I guess my people skills are certainly not what I thought they are! :)

        By the way, I noticed KK color coordinates her ribbon color. A nice little detail.

        1. I was hoping to call dibs on that detail as well. She has decent fashion sense. I would like to see how KK continues that trend as she climbs the corporate ladder.

        2. I just thought of something. When Alex approached Ellie at the drive through, he had concerns over Quinn possibly cheating on him, wondering if their relationship was over. Was Quinn doing what she did with Eagan back when Alex came to Karissa?

        3. I don’t think Ian Eagan was in the picture when Alex bugged KK at the drive through. I think that’s his overture for putting the moves on his girlfriend’s roommate. The girls are interchangeable to him. You know, laying the ground work for why she SHOULD feel sorry for him, he certainly feels entitled to her attention. I have no doubt that he came up to the checkout looking for her, just as he did Ellie. I’m expecting that it will be revealed that he also put his suave moves on Karissa.

        4. On the topic of nerdy guys, are we gonna see Richard or James again? And for that matter, what of the crew at O’Jacks? I hope we get to see some of them soon!

  3. Brilliant strip! The difference in KK’s expression in the last two frames is subtle, yet profound. The look on her face when she was in Ellie’s shoes was spot on.

    As for Alex… there is that sense of entitlement. And it’s also clear that Alex has been relying on the whole kicked puppy routine till it’s become a part of his personality. It must have worked for him in the past. Personally, that attitude makes my skin crawl…I had to go to the police over a stalker with that attitude.

    1. I’m not quite certain whether or not this approach of his would have ever been successful. My feeling towards writing this, is this is the only thing he thinks gets him any traction. =P

      Sorry for your horrible experience. Hope this guy goes to creeper jail.

      1. Don’t worry about it, it was years ago, before the internet made stalking really efficient. I took the letters, cards, threatening notes, and the full answering machine cassette(tells you how long ago this was) which he’d filled up with ranting calls, to my towns police. They paid him a visit at his home and told me that if he made any contact at all they would arrest him. Fortunately for me it worked. Problem solved.

        The thing that stuck in my mind, and the thing that gave me an instant hate-on for Alex, is that my stalker had that same entitlement/pathos as a tool pairing.

  4. KK in the last two panels is awesome. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.

    Not sure where the Ellie thinks Quinn is prettier thing is coming from though, she projected a much better self image. And call me shallow but I don’t want to see a “No YOU’RE prettier” conversation between the two.

    1. No, that was it. =P

      I hear ya tho. Self image, personality, and so on, is one thing. But Quinn has always alluded envy over Ellie’s figure. Ellie’s statement of “prettier” is associated with Quinn’s face. So it’s just Ellie’s way of saying, “You think I have all this, but YOU have THAT.” It’s an attempt to level the image-issues playing field on her part.

  5. *eyes wide* THATS WHY!? It all makes sense now! I was trying to figure out just why it is KK is the way she is, how it is she puts up with the night shift group, now I get it!

    SHE WAS ELLIE! Of course everyone ‘is’ or ‘was’ Ellie at one time or another, but this is a far more literal case in every sense, the job, the roommate, even Alex hitting on her. She hasnt forgotten that time in her life and because of it she is far more flexable and tollerate of others.

    Though I have to disagree with Ellie on Quinn being prettier than her. Ellie has the personality to go with her body. She’s friendly, bubbly, cheerful and outgoing. All around she’s the perfect package. It doesnt matter how genetically gifted someone is, if their personality is toxic then it means nothing. Even a best case scenerio with Quinn making a 180 I think Ellie will have her beat.

    Toning down and chilling out would do Quinn a world of good. But that warmth Ellie has, that only comes from your past, from growing up. If you dont grow into that quality, you cant ever gain it. Same is true with snarky wit or a comedic persona. Those are traits that take a life time to develop and grow.

    Still this is a great page here mate, love the flashback of KK’s, though now I have to wonder just how long Quinn and Alex have been together…or how long KK has been a manager.

    1. I’d guess Quinn and Alex met in college. They’re still freshmen, so not horribly long. Ellie’s mother said they gave Ellie 6 months to get her life together, so both girls are probably about 19, and the school year is around half over. So sometime within the first semester they probably started dating.

      So KK and Quinn share the apartment > Quinn does school, and KK works > Quinn dates Alex > Alex tried to move on KK > KK moves out > Quinn finds a squatter for dad’s visit.

      KK was probably already working at O’Jacks upon the initial move in. She most likely became a manager fairly quickly, since that’s the advancement pace in fast food for competent people. This would be here means to move out and afford her own apartment. I’d assume she strived for the position just for that reason. The revelation of Alex here is only more incentive to get out fast (on top of Quinn’s difficult personality,) and work hard to do so.

      1. Ah, thanks for the breakdown. I was thinking that perhaps Quinn was older than I thought, in her early 20’s perhaps based on the perception that there was some time between KK, the squater and Ellie moving in then moving out. Alex also looks somewhat older as well, like 25ish, I always assumed Quinn was a few years older than Ellie.

        This however shows things have moved quite a bit faster than I originally thought…a lot faster actually lol

        1. Ugh, I shared a house with an “Alex” type. I don’t know how he treated his girlfriend at the time, but I had an easier time talking to her than I do unattached females. And I’m trying to recall said relationship. He was a bit advanced in the degree program than being a freshman. Could it have been that Alex, and being a sensitive art hippie (dirty) student have had some sort of appealing thing to Quinn in some place, and in placating himself in her abuses, she allowed him to continue to come around. However, he was more than likely continuously trolling the women (trait taken from a previous art instructor who more than likely is still a philandering chauvinistic pig).

          Long story short, the girl had some needs that the guy was able to take advantage of and make work for his situation. However, for this webcomic, I’m giving Quinn the reasonable doubt and suggest that she hasn’t put out all the way. I’m going to go as far as to suggest that the pissy attitude that she has had on all fronts was a passive aggressive display towards all, including Alex, that she despised her mother’s loose morals and choices.

        2. But weren’t Quinn and Ellie in high school together? Yeah, in the June 21, 2013 strip ‘Toeing the Line’ Ellie says she, Quinn and Ian were all in the same high school. Not necessarily the same class, but the same school.

          So potentially there’s a few year difference between the ladies, but I was getting the impression they were in the same class, but totally different classes given Ellie’s ‘Lazy One’ monicker.

        3. It has been stated that they went to school together, and it was stated they had at least one class together, but that doesnt mean they were in the same grade because we dont know what class they had together. Its possible it was an elective that didnt have a specific year requirement, likewise its possible that Ellie was in advanced classes though this is unlikely (yet still plausable).

        4. Perhaps earlier. It’s just that she’s been hating Ellie since nature gave her the winning ticket in the genetic lottery of day shit manager eye ball magnets.

  6. Heh, it shows that Alex has indeed become adept at screwing girls over(in more then 1 way..) and that KK was also a victim of him…

    Still, i don’t get Ellie’s comment about Quinn being more pretty then her,sure Quinn is’t bad vsiually, but having that acid personality pretty much ruins her image…
    Altrough she is inproving :)
    Can’t wait to see how the rest will work out, something tells me the real story begins now :)

    1. I know, right? Not to mention Ellie’s last words before previously leaving were, “dye your roots they look like ass.” And now she has a chunk of hair missing.

      Maybe Quinn could be prettier, but there’s a lot she’d have to change, inside and out.

      1. Quinn is envious of Ellie’s shape, not personality. Ellie’s comment was specific to Quinn’s exterior.. not interior. Thats what Quinn wants to hear over ‘how cool she is.’

        And besides, you can still be pretty and have assroots.

        1. Obviously she’s jealous of her shape and not her personality. The whole “I’ve hated you for as long as you’ve had boobs” comment gave that away. I was commenting from my own point of view – seeing how Quinn was treating people was making her very not pretty.

          Though your comment about “what Quinn wants to hear” raises a question: Is Ellie just telling Quinn what she wants to hear?

        2. That’s not surprising. Ddn’t Alex dream of a romance with Quinn’s head on Ellie’s body?

      2. I suspect that Quinn is ‘model hot’. She’s got a fairly strong baseline of looking good, which means that if someone took a photo of her, she’d come across as sophisticated and worldly, as well as generically attractive. Ellie’s looks and personality are both more earthy, giving her a different perspective–and, honestly, a different set of problems.

        A lot of people are likely to look at Quinn and assume that she’s aloof and cold–which turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy–while they look at Ellie and assume that she’s somewhere on the spectrum from “available” to “easy”. Basically, women get shit no matter how they look; it’s just that the flavor changes.

        1. Wouldn’t it be more stereotypically correct to say that Ellie is the Barbie Doll that men want to play with, if there was a toy like that.

          Gack, how do I even keep this discussion on the level without degrading it into the gutters? Or should I just give up and let Chris delete this if it doesn’t meet his quality?

      3. Not sure I can agree with you on the outside part. I would say that Quinn has a natural (almost) look about here that lends itself to the “girl next door” stereotype.

        I’m almost thinking that her new hair do some how seems to accentuate her facial features along with her chest in that it seems to be some type of 3-d Escher visual effect. The eyes are drawn to the face, yet all three hair tails point down at the same time. And that they are shoulder length, the eye would be drawn down to that level of anatomy, and while not suggesting anything sexual in Quinn’s facial appearances would then therefore lend support to the demure “girl next door” appearance.

        Some people would think that is the four of a kind in the lottery while Ellie has a full house, so to speak.

  7. McFatFat ice cream face!

    I don’t think pretty has anything to do with it. Quinn mostly had a shitty personality around Alex (“I’m always pissy”), so it’s easy to look at any girl as “trading up”. That said, like Quinn, if he was unhappy enough to be looking to “trade up” then he should have just broken it off in the first place. “My girlfriend is an evil ice queen please rescue me” is a pretty pathetic way to pick up chicks.

    Though I’m curious, did he hit on all of Quinn’s roommates? Maybe he helped Roommate No. 2 with her hobo chili cookoff?

    1. Alex is a pretty pathetic person. He wouldn’t break it off with Quinn. Why would he give up his means of garnering sympathy? Especially when none of the other girls seem to take the bait.

      1. I never said he would, just that he should – and obviously he didn’t. But “none of the other girls seem to take the bait” would be a good reason. Alex just isn’t smart enough to figure it out.

        I was, at one point, kicking around the idea that Alex’s real reason for staying with Quinn was the apartment. Like he was only trying to sabotage Quinn’s relationships with her roommates so he could move in with her (something he suggested several times), or get her kicked out (if she couldn’t keep a roommate) and steal it from her.

        What is it about that apartment? All the villains seem to be after it (well, Alex and Tired Guy, that is… so far).

        1. You might have something there–as an alternative, he might have been trying to get her kicked out, not to get the apartment for himself, but so that she had to move in with him. Again, a way to control the relationship and make her more dependent on him.

        2. I hid $640 million in bearer bonds underneath the floor boards, in the walls, and put $30 million in the freezer.

        3. It’s always good to know where you can get some cold, hard cash.

          But I’d rethink trying to steal it back, after all, they left Ninja McKirbyCat behind to guard the place.

  8. I think some of Ellie’s “you’re prettier” comment comes from something a few of my girl friends pointed out to me long ago; girls who “won the genetic lottery” usually feel like sex symbols. That is, yeah they get guys, but it’s only due to their “assets” rather than their personality or actual cuteness/looks. You can actually be an “uglier” girl and have a big chest and get guys.
    We all look at Ellie and say both Quinn and Ellie are good-looking girls, but we prefer Ellie ’cause of her personality. And true, Quinn’s “bitch” attitude could probably be seen – if not felt radiating – from a distance. But if both Quinn and Ellie looked happy and approachable, and you couldn’t see their figures, Quinn *might* be better looking than Ellie.
    At least, that how the girls explained it to me a while ago lol. Personally, I end up chasing red-heads and blonds, so I’d prolly go after Ellie first.

  9. Ugh, alex is pathetic, and I thought that I was pathetic because I have a very hard time talking with the opposite sex in any kind of manner that doesn’t contain two syllable words that don’t start with uh, uhm, erm, >gaspcough<, and the ever popular "passout"

      1. I learned everything about flirting from being a nerd in high school. Put your hand over their shoulder during the biggest flirt pictures and watch her grimace.

        Take the physical punishment from the teacher for one of the hot chicks who loves Prince and can’t stop singing “like a virgin” and “Raspberry Beret”.

        Help the girls in math. Have no idea what to do at the prom. Stuff like that.

        1. Yeah, right. Seven math classes in high school, I held up the wall at the prom, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was at the coke machine or the punch bowl.

  10. I don’t really understand why everyone is confused by Ellie’s “you’re prettier than me comment”. It seems like a natural flow of conversation, especially for girls, and especially for girls whose focus in life and in others viewing their life, have been about their looks. Some might call it shallow, call it what you will, but I know lots of girls who have that conversation. It seems to me to be a fairly normal girly girl conversation, which Ellie is. However, Quinn’s response was, I felt, perfect for her personality. If Quinn was another GIRLY GIRL she would have been ”
    like OMG NO WAI, you are liek soooo much prettier!” but that’s not her personality. So I really enjoyed how that played out.

    Also, Alex taking his time, hunting down women in hopes of finding that “one” that will believe his story so he can “upgrade” is pretty scummy and I highly dislike him for it, but it doesn’t seem that far off to what Quinn was beginning to do earlier with both Eagan and Alex. Granted, I give Quinn far more credit because she’s attempting to redeem herself and fix her situation (she just apparently broke up with Alex) but lets be honest, that relationship was doomed from the start because of both their lack of commitment.

    And Lastly, green eyes!! YAY

  11. Well Banena, apperently u have more expirience with girls then most of us, couse thats not normal conversation after the mess they both just went trough,altrough i can understand why Ellie started talking about it, her image issues are big part of Quinn’s personality after all.

    For the rest i can’t wait to see how this will work out :)

  12. he thought he was trading up because his girlfriend is faithless, and a perpetual motion BITCH. Even a complete beta cuck would get sick of her and start trying to find a new girl. He’s better off hitting on every girl he sees and hoping one will pity-date him. Hell, he’d be better off with an angry bag full of wet cats stuffed down his shorts.

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