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More from our Deviant Art favorite, the aptly named Pervyangle. This times it's to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our resident lush, Juniper. :P juniper_st__patty_s_pin_up_by_pervyangel-d79a9f6

190 thoughts on “Exodus

        1. That’s fine, I’m on mountain time anyway. As long as the comic is there by the time I’m at work and starting to get bored, it’s on time as far as I’m concerned.

          And I got first post, which never happens. So I hear that’s great or something?

        2. Do they have those in the Mountain Standard Time Zones? I thought that they had those crazy things like “My first camp site” and “My first Beaver Hat” and “My first wood chopping set, (Pink for girls)”

        3. Have what, mail? Yes, we have mail in mountain time zone, both standard time and daylight savings.

        4. A Toys R Us. The Borke Rules clearly state, that if an individual who borkes up more than twice a comment, does not live within 360 parsecs of a Roys R Us Pore, then they are to be tossed into the nearest salad with Caesar Dressing and a notice given about consuming under cooked eggs.

          Wait, what?

        5. Oh, sorry, I couldn’t tell from your previous comment which you meant. It also sounded like you thought all of the mountain time zone was Canada. Pretty sure they get mail too, in case you were wondering.

          Also – are you having a stroke?

        6. We get mail up here in Canada… for NOW. They’re cutting off our home delivery in a few years time. Too expensive, eh?

        7. Unfortunately we find the mail system unreliable here. So we use private couriers.

        8. Like, hello and welcome to the great white north. How’s it goin’ eh? This strip is in 3-B. Three beers and it looks pretty good. So, like, grab a beer and a jelly donut. Beauty.

        9. TAKE OFF, you hoser American imposter!!

          *ahem* okay eh.

          Cooo looo co cooo co cooo co coooo
          Cooo looo co co coo cooo coo coooo

        10. That was beauty eh? So, sit back, maybe grab some corn and uh, enjoy the comic eh?

          So what you think, are these two girl hosers gonna get together or what eh?

        11. I didn’t actually mind that you updated late, so much as I was feeling dumb for still being awake and hoped to console myself with viewing the comic before sleep.

          Have to say it’s worth it. I like strong women, and Tarra’s ass-kicking attitude in the last panel is pretty damned good.

    1. If it had been less, you might’ve suspected a cyborg keeping X’s attention while the real Tarra got positioned. I heard she keeps a spare in her purse at all times for such contingencies.

      This is easier than you might think as she keeps her real purse in a hammerspace, regardless of what kind of prop she might display. The size of her real purse is most conveniently measured in acres.

        1. Huh, he actually did draw that pic. When I posed for the free beer I just assumed the drawing thing was an excuse.

          And seriously, can we take Tarra anywhere without this happening? If I hadn’t relatively sobered up from the marathon shopping I wouldn’t be able to run in these heeled boots and somebody lost my scooter.

        2. Hey, no matter what Ginger might’ve said, I bet she’d still drag you over rough pavement, gravel, and assorted sharp broken things to get you out of Tarra’s blast radius.

        3. “…drag you over rough pavement, gravel, and assorted sharp broken things…”

          Otherwise known as “Thursday.”

        4. …that’s disturbing on so many levels.

          This would explain a few things that just aren’t natural, though.


        5. Did you notice anything unnatural in your examination, or were you too busy gasping for air?

        6. It’s weird. The comic has gone a very long time without boob comments but this one strip (and fan art) have racked up more boob comments alone than probably the last year put together.

          And in case “Ellie’s Hostage” missed your attempt at subtlety… That one guy is asking if what you mean by “unatural” is really accusing Ellie of having plastic parts. If you know what I’m sayin’

          I’m sayin’ boob implants. Is that what you were sayin’? You know what I’m sayin’.

        7. It’s that Juniper pic. Everyone’s all fired up thanks to that, I’d say. Seem to recall a lot of boob comments when Tarra’s scanty pic emerged as well.

          The day Ellie’s emerges, there will be a great cry as if a thousand voices said in unison: “I’ll be in my bunk”, and then, boob comments for days.

        8. Tarra’s pic generated more comments along the lines of “whoo, that’s hot” and “we want to see Ellie in lingerie likes she’s been dropping hints about since the start of the series” and not so much boob focus. But yes, we’ll blame Juniper. She seems like a handy scapegoat.

        9. I think she’s saying that Tarragon emits so much testosterone that every time she really shows off she confuses everyone else’s bodies into making more estrogen to compensate.

          Quinn should probably stick around, actually. Maybe then she could finally lose that last little bit of jealousy towards Ellie.

        10. She loses a few bras and regains the ability to wear some shirts that have had their “full potential” liberated. Seems to me like it’d come out even.

        11. Ladies and gentlemen, he’s here all week! Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your server. Isn’t the wait staff here incredible? Let’s have a round of applause for these guys.

        12. Anise, I have to ask if swapping genders left you disappointed at an inability to grow your own beard or relieved to know that you would never grow one that was inferior?

  1. It’s nice to know that Ginger still has her priorities straight. But I suppose they just expect this kind of craziness when Tarra’s involved and are used to it.

    I will also freely admit I spent two minutes trying to figure out if that was trash in the air or if they somehow passed a flying seagull that had been cleaned for cooking and was only white meat. Then I realized that Pumpkin’s hood managed to regroup its missing ear.

        1. It’s okay, Rusche, we’ll get you a room with a nice view of the ducks at the artist’s nursing home.

        2. Not everyone can be The Tick.

          Speaking of The Tick, isn’t it high time that Tarra somehow autographs the moon and it’s persistent for the entire rest of the comic? I’m starting to lose my suspension of disbelief that she didn’t do so by age seven, and I seem to recall we’ve seen the moon at least once now.

    1. I would assume that if Ginger was used to the antics that evolve each year, then she would have parked at the far end of the lot at least 75 yards away.

    2. See, I didn’t see that as odd. I was proud of Pumpkin for making sure to acquire, presumably herself, a pink hoverboard and not letting that get lost in the fray.


  2. I love how they all know the little details, like escaping irradiation at 50 yards. Almost as if this is a normal thing to know about each other.

    1. Tarra was second oldest, and her power didn’t just spring to life from nowhere at 18 or something.

      Safe distance away is absolutely something that was normal to need to know growing up in the Buckingham household. That’s probably how Ellie’s the 9th sister. At least four of the others didn’t learn/run fast enough.

      1. The radiation stops at 50 yards, physical damage from the wind blast extends for another 150, with the thermal damage stopping at 12 yards.

        Does this mean that Tarra is the equivalent of her weight in thermonuclear weaponry?

        1. I suspect that Tarra has consumed several black holes, so determining her weight would be difficult, to say the least.

  3. …and speaking of irradiation, that cloud’s looking rather radioactive. I expect we’re going to find out what happens when it can’t download to the data cloud for this long.

    (I realize my two posts sound nitpicky, but considering I expect the great things to be covered twenty times over (the detail in Tarra’s hair, the fact that even Cinn looks afraid, more implied lesbianism/affection between Ellie and Quinn, etc) I thought I should make mine unique)

    1. I’m starting to wonder if the whole Ellie / Quinn thing is just more Ellie’s “feeding the stray” instinct kicking in. The squirrels, McFatFat, even the iNimbus got this a while back, so Quinn’s “My mommy is a horrible person and I’m not a hundred percent sure where my daddy is at any given time” dynamic may be triggering that in Ellie.

      1. I think it’s very much “feeding the stray” for Ellie. She specifically described Quinn as half starved or starving so it’s something she notices and keeps track of and she already has a track record for ensuring everything around her is well fed. There even has been some fan speculation regarding whether or not Quinn is undergoing a slight stylistic shift in her art or if Rusche is depicing her as gradually gaining weight (not sure where it was exactly, it was either at or right after the strip where tries on the skimpy dress.)

        1. I don’t know, if Ellie was feeding the strays, then, well, I suppose that KK telling Ellie “No more panhandlers” would be actual not, dang, my brain is borken. What’s another word for witty lip? Snark?

        2. By the way, that vote on Quinn buying the dress was passed 1 for none against. I had to abstain from the vote, otherwise it would have been two to none.

          So, did she buy the dress, or are we going to wait for the next date night?

      2. While it might be ‘feeding the strays’ in a respect, that doesnt completly nix the possibility of something else happening eventually.

        I recall my personaly favorite episode of House MD where House was taken on a date by Dr Cameron, when he noted that she is the kind of person who always has to try and fix things, to make others feel better. He pointed out how she married a man who was dying (and who has died prior to the series) and how she was now focused on him seeing him as someone that is broken and needs to be fixed.

        When it comes to relationships of *any* kind, be it friendship or more, people look for different things. Some want a pal to hang around with, some want someone with money to leech off of, and others look for a ‘project’ that gives them a sense of fulfillment.

        Its completly possible that Ellie has a very strong desire to help others that has always been present (such as the squirles and her cat) thats growing and developing thanks to Blind Guy opening her eyes as it were…wow, that would be ironic lol

      1. You know, I’ve spent some time each time we see Ginger wondering how her hair seems fuller and, I dunno, more “luxurious?”. It’s like she’s a walking shampoo commercial, and even after a full night at the mall running around it’s still full of body. It’s pretty impressive, detail-wise.

        Not sarcasm at all, I really do spend time trying to figure out how her hair is done differently from the others. I love detail-work. :)

        1. Ginger’s hair does have incredible body. I also really liked the way Quinn’s hair was looking just before Ellie hacked it off. There is a point right about the Star Wars arc where Quinn’s hair underwent a dramatic improvement in the way it was styled.

        2. The concept of Ginger’s hair being a walking shampoo commercial immediately brought the SNL Herbal Essence for Men commercial to mind (YouTube has it blocked in US, Yahoo didn’t work with my browser security settings, and everyone else seems to stream it from Hulu, who removed it, I blame all this on NBC being unconscionable pricks).

          There’s another one out there with a similar name, and if you don’t see Will Farrel and Horatio Sans in a courtroom, then you’ve got the wrong one.

        3. Hmm, according to the readings on my screen, the web gave you one minute of search time. Did it all get sucked up yesterday (Sunday) for some reason?

        4. No, time was before the comment I replied to myself on. The 21:32 comment from farther up was the one before that, which is what I checked as my lazy man’s stopwatch.

    2. On the issue of the phone, since it’s effectiveness and weightlessness is a feature of the user’s self confidence, and that the phone glowed when Ellie was finishing her conversation with Ginger with Murder Death Kill in her eyes. Would it not be plausible that the phone would be glowing because of all of the self interest in getting out of Tarra’s Collateral Damage Zone cause it to glow better than Yellow Moons and Red Hearts?

        1. Well, the cloud, did she call it or name it baby, is glowing for some reason. If not the user’s self affirmation, then it must be the chronotons, or that DeLorean over there. I heard that the stainless steel construction made the fux dispersion — LOOK OUT

          Mr. Blue shoves steve to the side and dives to the other, in fear of the oncoming M74 Rocket fired from the M202A1 just over yonder.

        2. Maybe the iNimbus will have her birthmark again, as it lost them when she got bad news about not getting another management position.

    3. Cinn knows she’s everyone’s least favorite and her survival depends on being slightly more amenable to direction than Juniper.

      Also, Ellie’s holding Quinn’s wrist, not her hand. While I like the jokes about it, that looks like much more of a mother-child gesture than a lovers gesture to me.

  4. Yea yea, I know I said I was going to stick with my cameo gravvy but you can’t put an image as epic as Tarra hair swatting a rocket and not expect me to use it. That and I’m a gravvy hopping adict and was getting overdue for my next fix.

    But enough about me, how about this comic huh? Huh? *elbow nudge* So I’m not seeing any “missing sisters” so if Sister X is a fusion thing I’m not sure where she came from. I think the people who had their money on either time travel or cloning are about to cash in. I am wondering why the iNimbus is glowing so much brighter though, if it’s linked to Ellie’s self affirmation and was previously looking like it was half a step from dying out why is it suddenly glowing like that? Is Sister X Ellie? (in some fashion or combination). Let the speculation begin!

    Also I have to ask Chris a stylisitic question. Why are Ginger and Anise drawn with such markedly different noses from the rest of the sisters?

      1. Good enough. I was sort of expecting a very deep hidden meaning type response but that works to.

        Also, PervyAngle doesn’t seem to exist on DA. PervyAngel on the other hand…

    1. @TheLastOutlaw – This doesn’t change my fusion theory, though Rusche has hinted enough that it’s a time travel/parallel universe Tarra sufficiently that I’m just being stubborn until he dashes my hopes.

      All the sisters showed up at the register while Sister X was presumably approaching. Ginger & Juniper were the main event, Tarra was urging haste, Anise corralled the cashier and looked sad at least once in the background, Ellie and Pumpkin were standing right there and frequently in the background, and Cinn at least attempted to loot the store.

      My fusion byproduct theory isn’t that they’re a fusion of active sisters, but more like an inverse result. So if Pumpagon was 1/2 Tarra & 1/2 Pumpkin, Sister X is a temporal translation of the halves that weren’t used in Pumpagon, she appears after Pumpagon dissipates (coinciding with full Tarra & full Pumpkin) and exists for as long as Pumpagon did. Sort of like a reality elastic rebound effect. Why, well, why not.

      1. So Sister X has at least ten hours of ammunition available for this fight? The M202A1 can shoot four R74 Rockets at a space of one second each, barring mishap. I don’t know how much time it takes to reload one of those, and as long as she doesn’t have multiple M202A1’s around (hopefully this store only got five). . .

        Well. Okay, I give up.

        1. It’s meant for children, as evidenced by the product name, so it can’t be too involved to reload or it wouldn’t sell well in the 4-6 year old demographic.

      1. “Teacher says, every time ordnance explodes inside a toy store, that’s one less thing to loot.”

        –It’s A Buckingham Life

      2. I assume it’s that she knows that if it ever comes to a deal with the Grim Reaper that one of them has to die so the rest can live that she’s the one who gets voted off the island.

        I mean, it did happen once, but Tarra challenged Death and won perfect games of jacks, Monopoly (minus the thimble Ellie had to forcibly coerce Cinn with), hogtied charades, and badminton using self-constructed rackets of dried twigs and dental floss and a cartoon-inspired bomb with a pressure sensor trigger on the tip as the shuttlecock. So Cinn got a pass that time.

        1. No, no, no. We’re talking about Cinn. We’re TRYING to distract her inside the danger zone. It’s like convincing her that grizzly bears are actually friendly and are just grouchy from needing a hug.

        2. Well, since it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and we don’t have to worry about “The one who made Thanksgiving awkward,” then wouldn’t Cinnamon’s death just be “The one who made Christmas awkward?”

  5. At first I thought that white thing at the top of panel 1 was an extremely white Chicken ready for cooking, hahahaha.

    Tarra looks pretty bad A in this one, wont lie. An oncoming battle is definitely ahead….eeks!

    1. Mr. Blue has a feeling that the power levels are equal between these two. However, if the power levels are equal, would that double or just increase the zone of destruction by 1.5?

    2. What they need now is Gingagon. Laser vision, prehensile, flowing hair, and the ability to get so pissed off that rocks start to float around her.

      1. Nah, I doubt Ginger would relinquish control enough for Tarra’s personality to be able to properly use and control her own powers. If she were going to try to deal with Sister X by absorbing another sister, I think Anise would be the best bet for adding a random element to confuse Sister X.

        However I still believe that’d make matters worse by creating a Sister Y later to have to deal with (though hopefully she could just direct him to Santa, which is another advantage of using Anise).

        1. She absorbs Quinn to really throw X off! Unless it’s purely between sisters, in which case…why not absorb X and have a battle of “wills”.

    1. I wouldn’t kill you. My response to that is:

      This wish actually comes up for me a lot, though to be honest, I’d prefer electric shocks.

      (let’s see if that works, though it’ll probably require moderation, if it doesn’t work I’ll post a link to the image)

        1. Whoever it was I find the gravvy randomizer very appropriate. If not death at least hack off their hair.

      1. I was going to mention that to her up above, where she’s commented in META mode, but I didn’t want to seem rude. Thanks for taking that for me.

        1. I can’t decide if you’re making a comment on contrast of visual perception of colors with different colors in close proximity or interpreting her comment as a contrast of carpet vs drapes.

        2. Well, if I say proximity, then it just brings notice to the odd sizes. More like a contrast of visual perception of colors.

          And green carpet? That’s worse than living at Three Mile Island with the Love Canal next door and vacationing at Times Beach man. Although, I hear that the Toys R Us up there doesn’t take shipments from “My First” at all.

    1. Looks like a perspective issue on the artist’s part. Drawing the front of her boobs at one angle, her shoulders at another, and then connecting them, which also made the far one too big compared to the near one.

      I’ve seen weirder art mistakes, and wouldn’t have noticed this one if you hadn’t pointed it out.

        1. I’m a more verbal/analytical thinker. Visual thinking and geometric perspective takes more effort for me than for the average person, so I really do miss a lot of visual cues unless someone says something to make me go back and check. After that, I file the info verbally and it goes to the easier to retrieve/notice memory.

          And yes, I say this regarding noticing boob perspective being off as a freely acknowledged boob man.

      1. This kind of proportion issue is a fairly common mistake, especially among beginner artists. My guess is the artist probably noticed it, and didn’t want to try to “fix” it. One of my buddies starts his drawings in pen for this very reason – so that you live with your mistakes and eventually learn to adapt to them and overcome them. Also so he doesn’t have to ink the drawings later. Probably more he second reason than the first, but I’ve heard him say both.

        But it’s also possible the artist didn’t notice. Sometimes when you start drawing something, if you get off on your proportions, you just may not notice it while you’re working on it or even when you’re done. Ways of getting around this issue: Sometimes it helps to come back after a while – you might notice it after not looking at it for a while. Or if you’re not willing to wait that long, you could have someone else look at it for you – they are more likely to see proportion mistakes.

        Or if you’re antisocial, you can do what I do. Flip the image horizontally (like a mirror) and the proportion mistakes become glaringly obvious. In the case of digital artwork, you can even fix it in its mirrored state before flipping it back. Do this often to check your work, and fix issues when you first see them.

        1. Horizontal flip seems like a good idea. I’ll have to remember that if I ever decide to actually go through with my thoughts of starting drawing a bit more with the Wacom Bamboo I bought on sale as an impulse buy a year or two ago.

  6. OH DANG MAN. Hang on, math time.

    Bursting radius (You gonna get burned): 60 Meters/ 65 Yards
    Warhead: Triethylaluminum (TEA): Burns 1400 – 2200 Degrees Farenheit
    Rocket Range: Maximum 750 M. Minimum 22 M. (Max 820 Yards/ Min. 24 Yards)
    Arming radius of Rocket: 5 M. – 13 M. (~5.5 – 14.25 Yards)

    Since no one in the Sister’s Council (or their friends) are shown to the rear of the weapon, no need to mention of the danger (0 – 15M) or caution zones (15 – 25M) need to be mentioned.

    OSHA Data Sheet on TEA. chopped up. Accessed 3/10/14.
    http : / / www . chemexper . net / specification_d / chemicals / supplier / cas / Triethyl%20aluminum . asp

    Nasty stuff Tarra’s swatting around, eh?

    By the way, good job on the weapons artwork Chris. Not Borken at all.

    1. Irradiation at 50 yards, shrapnel at 100, damage to eardrums from concussive blasts at 200….

      We could probably come up with a whole list “safe distances”, though if this battle gets as epic as we all hope, we may need to redefine the chart a bit.

      Sister X- California or Europe

      1. By talking about irradiation, I think they’re assuming Tarra will block things such as the rocket in the direction away from where they’re running and talking about exposure to electromagnetic waves of various radiations that are either frequently given off by tactics she employes or just emanate from here when she’s sufficiently pissed off.

        1. I would agree, until I remembered that alpha, beta, gamma and nuclear radiation dissipate before the physical damage does. But then the other thing to remember, is the TEA in the warhead. Nasty stuff, perfect for a second hand choice to dropping a little napalm on a jack knifed water buffalo on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

  7. Ok, has anyone else noticed that white thing that looks like a deformed albino chicken flying above them?

    What the heck is that anyway?

    1. That’s Pumpkin’s hood. Apparently they’re running fast enough that it gave up and decided to take its chances with the wind.

    2. I didn’t recognize it until Banena called it out in a comment at 13:29 on 10 Mar 2014 above. Which made me belatedly understand the chain from Erik at at 11:15 about the regrown ear.

  8. And this make comment 118 on the page.

    Anyways, ‘Aw snap! Things are getting crazy and then serious, and now we have missiles and Sister X!’

      1. One of the more impressive things in panel 1 is that Ellie actually used the word radius and used it correctly at that!

        1. Besides, I’m willing to bet that phrases like “blast radius” and “collaterall damage” are household words at casa Buckingham. Even Cinnamon probably knows and understands the concepts.

    1. Agreed Heather, though I dont put favorable odds on it happening, one can always hope and wish lol

      As for Ellie grabbing Quinn by the wrist, its a hard call on the dynamic and thinking at hand.

      If she were holding her hand then it would be a more direct ‘see there is something there’ clue or misdirection. But grabbing someone by the wrist has strong meaning to it as well, it means you are more than willing to risk hurting the person to make sure they are following you, that the level of danger is high enough that your primary concern is the persons safety.

      Consider the fact she is holding Quinn’s wrist at all. This means one of two things.

      1. She cares deeply for Quinn on a subconscious level as a close friend or perhaps more and doesnt want to risk Quinn’s safety. I.E. ‘she might get hurt’

      2. The level of danger present is high enough that Quinn’s safety *is* in question. I.E. ‘she is going to get hurt’

      1. 3. She brought Quinn along so Quinn is her responsibility, and since she isn’t as familiar with the family dynamics, she doesn’t know what danger she’s in, and so it’s Ellie’s job to look out for her. I.E. ‘holy crap Tarra is going to level this place! Run! RUUUNNN!!’

        1. Again that goes into points one or two.

          The only time you pull someone like that is if you care enough about that that the risk of their injury worries you, or when you KNOW they are going to get hurt otherwise.

          If you are walking out of a building and a perfect stranger is next to you, you look up and see something is going to crush them, you grab them and pull them out of the way.

          Its a natural reaction, unless its someone you wish to see hurt of course lol

        2. Well, are we forgetting that we don’t know if Ellie’s name is on the lease? If Quinn dies, then Tired Guy will most undoubtedly and dutifully have Ellie kicked out before she can set foot back into the place again.

        3. Sure he won’t just try to play exterminator and try to get some things to hang beside Alex’s drawing from zero-grav-land? Quinn is the one he seems to be aggressive toward, Ellie is just convenient for getting rid of Quinn.

      1. Or take the evil route and do what Monty does with RWBY, leave it ambiguous, just enough that if you squint you see something but not enough to say yes or no.

        That way both sides are equally happy and stressing(jonesing lol) for updates lol

        1. Anytime there’s some allusion to Ellie X Quinn I get them. I’ll get more on Wednesday with that post, since the hand-leading Ellie is doing is brought up in it.

        2. My first exposure to webcomic shipping was Jordan Kennedy and Bush Moneymaker way back when Exploitation now was still running. Shipping wasn’t even a term yet but damn, those forums frothed with the lusts and tempers of what seemed like every angry and horny nerd on the internet. I’ve yet to see anything quite as intense.

        3. LOL.

          Ey cwum dumster! Fwk’n hose bweast! Chawk suker! Hehehe.

          Fun fact, I have the hardcover collector trade :D

        4. Speaking of shipping it’s so fitting that the page after the verbably abusive toddler contains Mama Moneymakers appearance with this gem:

          Okay now… what was it I said when your sister, Buxom, brought home her ‘friend’ to introduce me to her… Oh yeah. ‘No, don’t worry, sweetie… Your father and I will still love and support you no matter what lifestyle you choose.

          Cue toddler… “Wug muncer!”

          Poe enjoyed throwing gasoline on the flames of his PSL driven fandom.

      2. You should reply to all of those e-mails by having them argue about the date for some arbitrary maintenance for the apartment, or a full-voiced argument about the amount of dates to put in a pastry that both families made growing up.

  9. Have I mentioned that the second panel is such unadulterated badass personified that it alone has removed all of my previous voters remorse? (For voting two out three times for Tarra when I mistakenly believed I wanted to see Ginger handle this fiasco.) Ginger would not be able to hair swat a rocket and look that badass. Everyone who voted for Tarra, thank you. You made it possible for us to receive this amazing portrait of awesomeness.

      1. I think, instead, that Ginger would glare at the rocket as it flies nearer and nearer, suddenly coming to a dead halt mere inches from her deadly gaze, then turns around and flies away, a just-audible, high-pitched “yipe yipe yipe yipe…” wafting in the breeze…

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