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Fair Market Value

My apologies to my early readers that these have been posted a bit later in the day. I have a cold that's really kicking my ass for the past two and a half weeks. Imma go pass out now. ;P

100 thoughts on “Fair Market Value

  1. Speaking of, what IS it with Pumpkin and $65? It’s what she was charging Quinn for the blonde wig, and now what she charges for a Tails hoodie. It’s turning into her “I”m gonna need about tree-fiddy.”

        1. The preceding dialogue was brought to you by The Butchery of the English Language. Come haz a fun with us!

        2. And all along I thought that was brought to us by cat pictures and the letter O.

        3. I got’s $65 for someone who can help me to gets a girlsfriend. Because I may look like Andre the Giant, so she may have to get used to seeing a chiropractor or something like that.

  2. The hoodie doesn’t work as well without the white shirt under it, in my opinion. Though I’m not sure I’d want to wear a shirt with those sticking out parts without the hoodie myself.

    1. Then clearly you are not the target audience for Tails-hoodies. S’alright, means more for the rest of us then.

        1. Well considering that James is the tallest, I’m going to say no. It’s not Eagen. XD

    1. More importantly, is he just constantly blushing or is he catching a glimpse of someone in a rather revealing costume?

      1. Considering where he is, the latter will be true anyway. But I can’t say whether it has something to do with his cheeks colour.

        1. True that. Must have slipped my mind.

          First part of my posting still holds true though. ;)

    2. I misread your comment and thought you said he was one of The Tallest. I had to scroll back up to see he wasn’t. :(

        1. There! Why you’re one of the healthiest little children I’ve ever seen! … and such plentiful organs!

  3. Why do I feel like James is going to become addicted to Danny’s media sharing website? I feel like that could become a thing.

    1. Probably because of the three, James has the easiest humor value if he gets hooked. Ian would say it’s part of his business (and probably use it for advertising and market research, for that matter) and Richard would try to deny the addiction, which certainly can have humor potential, but not as much as James having a tendency of vocal gushing about arbitrary things regarding such a site.

    1. Rusche mentioned a long time ago that there were going to be multiple group pictures like the one with Ellie and Quinn in the middle. I think he said four of them, but maybe it was three. I know he mentioned KK is intended to be in a later one and that’s why she wasn’t added to the current one. Ian, James, & Richard may be similarly planned for later cast pages.

  4. Setting the scene for Ellie to come and cause a scene, I see :-D

    I’m always impressed by how much detail you put into the backgrounds of the comics. Rarely is there a blank space to simply design, there’s pretty much always something, or someone back there as an added joke, or future important thing we won’t even officially know about for a few weeks at least.

    On the $65 thing, that’s about enough to get most any new, current generation game these days (plus, with how the hoodies look, there’s not too much extra material on/in them, so the biggest cost is the labor, which if it’s taking her 2 hours to make a hoodie, less materials, she’s still coming ahead something like $20-25 an hour [I’m assuming she’s gotten good at the production aspect of things…my mom is crafty is a similar way, could make a Halloween costume inside an hour at need])

    Finally, sorry to hear about the cold (late spring/summer colds suck) I just got over a cold I thought was allergies for about a week, then the final 4 days were realization, and mucus,

    1. On that note it wouldn’t surprise me if Ellie came along and rained on Pumpkin’s parade.

      1. No, Ellie likes her mini-me. If anything she’d help Pumpkin out with a, “What, you’re only charging $200 for the one you’re wearing sis!? You’re selling yourself short!” loud enough to get someone to offer more.

        With Richard buying one and Ian & James giving him crap about it, I’m seeing Ellie running into them and asking him about buying a hoodie from her sister in a way that makes Ian & James change their tune a bit.

    1. I Saw that hat but The National Weathers or vice has Issued Tornado Watch # 173 has beenIssued until 3 A.M. Thursday. Remember that a Watch means that Ellie Can tell time without her Cell phone. You know, right?

  5. What a keen observation the three gentlemen made.

    Third panel, black hat and…whiskers? What?

    Also, what’s the flag in panel 5? Looks neat.

    1. Closest flaglike thing I see in that panel is what I’m assuming @Oneshot above is asking about Sorcerer Micky. I think there’s a touch of hair under it that makes me think it’s definitely a wizard hat of some form (probably on someone also wearing a robe!).

  6. Wow… sexually harassed one second, and the next, she’s trying to sell the shirt off her back to creepy weirdos.

    I respect that mercantile sense she has, but wonder if maybe she likes the attention?

    1. She was calm and collected about horn dog, and I’d seriously doubt she has issue with being admired, as long as it’s not taken too far.

      Though considering Ellie’s experience with one of her teachers (Mr. Doogan, see comics from 03 Dec 2009 & 14 Aug 2012 for reminders), makes me wonder if her eyes would get wide and she’d clamp up on that if Blind Guy walked by.

    2. There’s a solid, well-defined line miles across between mere attention and a furry soliciting sex. It’s kind of like the mine-littered border between the Koreas with occasional artillery flying over it.

  7. Pumpkin’s become quite entrepreneurial. I definitely see her as The Cheery One or even The Optimistic One. Getting damn near felt up by creepy yiffers, and then turning it around as a selling point. For now though I think that she’s all the other sisters rolled into one, which is why Momma Buckingham’s cloning machine broke.

    The sad thing is that I’ve been to enough cons to know that there ARE guys out in the crowd with fat rolls of ‘hundies’ in each pocket and ‘bank checks’ to boot who would buy the hoodie off her back in a heartbeat just to roll around in it later.

  8. YES! YES! YES!
    I SEE HIM!
    I see Inuyasha! I love you, man :’) you’ve made my day….I gotta go watch inuyasha now. You’ve rekindled my love for it. You’re the best :’)

  9. She made a dozen of them to sell.

    At $65 each, that’d be $715 total, assuming number 12 is currently on her.

    If she sells the 12th one, that’s $915. Not a bad gross, Pumpkin.

  10. Lime blossom tea with honey is a drink I found to be rather helpful when down with a cold. Especially if it involves a sore or otherwise hurting throat.

  11. Late posts aren’t a disservice to your readers, your cold is simply a manifestation of the universe attempting to spread around the joy of being first commenter to a larger subsection of your readers.

    Get/stay well and don’t worry about it. You do a great job keeping up and you’re a rare breed of webcomic artist in posting notes when you find yourself running too late (which I’ve always appreciated).

  12. Actually, I am seeing Pumpkin as a blending of all the “successful” sisters. Caring, capable and eccentric. Maybe The Complete One? I dunno.

  13. I’m hoping the one she’s wearing is $200 because she obviously put more care into what she’s wearing herself. I’m not willing to contemplate anything else at the moment.

    Oh, and this comic was magnificent. The return of the three crossing with Pumpkin’s business skills. I loved it.

  14. I KNEW IT! I was right! They are there lol

    Also props to Pumpkin, the girl knows how to make money off of nerds, she learned well from Ellie ;)

    Though I bet Ellie could use the same sales pitch and ask for a *much* higher sum, and get it lol

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