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Family Birthmark

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  1. im gonna take a guess and say anise *i hope i got her name right but just in case* the weird one, has a glass eye

    1. That would explain the hairdo, but then again, the hairdo would be part of being the weird one as well.

      Are we going to have a poll somewhere on the page for us to guess where they eye has ended up?

        1. I want to feed the squirrels.

          And watching the girls, it’s almost like watching the cast commenting after a show on the bonus DVD. Like they’re sitting around the thanksgiving table or something.

        2. Those squirrels don’t need more food. Unless it’s data clouds. Certainly not peanut brittle.

    2. Anise is a good guess, but I wouldn’t leave out Juniper as a possibility since Rusche mentioned that she’d have some obvious differences. If it’s Anise, she’ll probably show it to Quinn in the next comic, though.

  2. Oh gosh, which one has the glass eye and which one is responsible? Eating with sporks may be going too far, but then again I don’t think there’s been any eye-damage since so I suppose you can’t argue with results.

    1. Prevailing guess seems to be Anise, and frankly, with this brood, I can buy it. Though as to who, well, that particular ball is very much up in the air.

      1. I’m feeling for Cinnamon or Juniper. I don’t think either of them will respect the ‘not the face’ rule. Or Juni could have done it in a fit of pregnancy horomones.

        1. This is a family in which amateur barbering is used as both a punishment and a fight technique. It’s hard to put eye-gouging past any of them, really, but your guesses as to the culprit are good. Juniper is the one regarded as the mess of the family, but Cinnamon smacks of actual sociopathy.

  3. I would say, after the hospital bill on that, and the investigation by child protective services…..

    Sporks are enough to keep the government colonoscopy peepers out of my life.

  4. Wait, there’s a daughter with a glass eye and she isn’t “the one with the glass eye?” My money is on Anise.

    Also I lol’d at “bag of scrabble tiles.”

        1. Luckily the backyard squirrels are too fat to fly. As long as she’s not getting anymore model rockets from Hobbytown.

        2. Rule 19 of Sistercouncil only pertains to facial scarring. Not dismemberment or dis-eye-berment…

          I’m not sure what that would be called. Let me Google search my brain.. brb.

        3. It seems like there would be a word for it. Like defenestration for throwing something someone out a window.

          All I found on internet Google was Enucleation, which is surgical eye removal. Thanksgiving 2006 sounds less than surgical though.

        4. I’d recommend “Ocular trauma” as something to use that would sound sufficiently intellectual to be in character for Tarra but not force most people to look anything up.

        1. Shuddup! I am not “morbidly curiobese”! Mom calls it “healthy curiosity”. Besides,I raised my hand to ask the question, just like Aunt Ellie said we have to! I probably should have waited for someone to answer, but I didn’t want to forget what I was asking.

        2. Get one of your aunts to help you with your pic. Not your mom though. She doesn’t seem to understand them either.

  5. aaaand…I can state that it’s the “perfect one” that has the glass eye. It makes sense, since Rusche had her eyes slightly off previously, and that’s actually one sign of a glass eye, even though it could just as easily be a disorder.

    1. Nope, I can not agree with you there. When the Elevator hiding Wheelchair Ninja makes himself known, both of Tarra’s pupils constrict. Both eyes react, therefore, both are living organs. Not one of the two are glass.

      I’d almost have to say that at this point, there are three contenders.




      However, Juniper may just be the trifecta, as we haven’t seen much of her.

      1. Dead as Cinn’s eyes are, they move, so I’d say my guesses (in order) are Anise, Juniper, or Ginger. If Anise doesn’t flip her hair up to show Quinn her glass eye on Monday, then I’m putting Juniper ahead of Anise in my rankings, because Anise just looks like the type to say, “See! Here it is!”

        1. Whether this comic is funny to anyone or not isn’t that important honestly. I’m just burying information that’s important for this story’s climax. Quinn’s serving as a third party entering the Buckingham’s world and calling it on it’s own BS, if you will. =D

          Their facial letters and the ‘glass eye’ comment are important for future speculation as well as present.

        2. Quinn can get a job as an interior decorator that specializes in lampshade hanging.

          *ba-dum tsch*

          I’m here all week, try the veal.

        3. No, I don’t get the veal. Why veal? If you’re going to be here all week, why just the veal? Personally, I like chicken fried steak. It’s just the deep fried steak bones that give me trouble.

        4. I just scanned some of those, and I think that hanging the lampshade is a weak excuse to explain decently placed irony, as well as the short term breaking of the fourth wall. However, I’m sure that Sally and Ted were welcoming the chance to do some remodeling now that Jackie’s had a baby.

          But anyway, look at all of the decent gags pulled off by Monty Python. And that’s just applying it with a bit of absurdity. I would say that some of those are the author’s attempt to not take himself too seriously. However, they also seem to be able to get rid of the reasoning behind a character suddenly changing. Like the example that they use from Back to the Future III, when Doc Brown was talking about falling in love at first sight. Which was supposed to be the partially the “Florence Nightingale” effect.

          If it wasn’t for that, then how can one explain half of vaudeville? And the Joker for that matter. There was only supposed to be two people in his world. Himself and the Batman. He’d be waving the red flag every time that he spoke to someone else. That may be a bit of an absolute application. But I think that the tropes seem to be a hackneyed application to explain decent writing to a sixth grade and internet mentality.

          Humorous absurdity. Why call it hanging a lampshade, when they could just call it placing a bathrobe and wig on the dog. Better yet, applying lipstick to a pig, to quote something from the political world.

        5. I think you missed the point.

          It’s not calling all humorous absurdity lampshade hanging, it’s specific types. Like in a video game where no one ever sleeps due to programming limitation and having a character specifically mention how odd it is.

        6. I would call that lampshade hanging if they were looking at the screen/camera. If they were watching the place through surveillance then I wouldn’t.

          How would you characterize the twins keeping MIB on a 36 hour day?

        7. I thought that was what hanging the lampshade was supposed to be.

          Why can’t they have decent names for this stuff. I’d rather call it 451 after Ray Bradbury. I mean, he sort of came up with the audience participation scenario being the downfall of independent thought.

        8. I wasn’t meaning it as a likely gag, just seemed in character for Anise as you’d described her as kinda’ like a giant child in a comment. Granted, if that was in panel, I’d imagine it’d be at least a minor gag, though.

          So Anise for the purposes of speculating on glass eyes, we should all assume Anise didn’t hear Pumpkin’s statement.

        1. Awww, William and Ginger? Well, better than the Professor and Ginger.

          *waits for rimshot, gets none. Somewhere a trumpet wah-wahs*

        2. Gerund? Like the part of speech? Believing that could be someone’s name is difficult. Also Gerund does not sound like much of a tapdancer.

          *note: somewhere an English major snickered at this post.*

        1. I think that it was a coffee cup, considering the news paper and being on the second floor during a holiday gathering.

    1. How about ‘Anthony’? Then we can call the two ‘Gin and Tony’

      ….no? No dice? Aww… I thought it was clever.

  6. If we look at all Buckingham sisters for some pictures where there eyes don’t point in the same direction:
    – Ellie: no
    – Tarra: no (see http://shotgunshuffle.com/kerfuffle/) – that would be ironic!
    – Anise: possible, as we never see her right eye
    – Juniper: based on http://shotgunshuffle.com/juniper/ and the cast page I’d say no
    – Cinnamon: no (see http://shotgunshuffle.com/smartmouth/)
    – Ginger: possible, although the cast page (http://shotgunshuffle.com/cast/) may say otherwise
    Pumpkin: no (see http://shotgunshuffle.com/heads-or-tails/)

    So my vote would go for Anise.

    1. I think that you might be mistaken on Tarra for that one, if you were to go to the next page, you would see that her pupils constrict when reacting to wheelchair ninja. And that both eyes change direction and position.

      The page for Cinnamon actually seems to be against your arguments point of view. Both eyes move accordingly and change direction properly.

      Next page response for pumpkin as well. Eyes change direction properly.

      So far, everything we’ve seen, except for little Mary Osmond instances seem to negate your argument. The only girl who we don’t have a notion of glass eyes are either Anise or their mother.

      1. And I posted, having forgotten the dialogue of the day. So, that rules out their mother.

        However, I can say, that having hair in front of your face keeps others from seeing you clearly, but you only have a bit of a problem looking out upon the world.

        Besides, I kind of wonder, if Anise has the glass eye, how does she womp rat Cinnamon without looking at the target?

        1. You used improper punctuation, grammar and inflection in your writing. Now, you get a stern look.

    2. I agree Anise seems like most likely vote. As for Juniper, though, Rusche said in a comment that Quinn v. Juniper confrontation would be anticlimactic and Quinn’s wind would be taken out of her sails before it started. So either Juniper will quickly say something or she’ll be visually different when we next see her. That’s why I put her as next most likely after Anise.

  7. I was wondering if anyone in this world noticed the letters or if they were supposed to be invisible to all but the reader. I guess this comic answers that part of the question.

    1. I think Rusche mentioned that in a post-comic post or a comment as an artifact of changing the sister ordering. I think Ellie’s picture is looking at the same thing that’s not there any more. I could be misremembering, though, and archive dives to look through comments when I don’t remember the comic take longer than I’m going to spend this morning.

  8. Just a thought: if Anise turns out to be the one with the glass eye, I can totally see her having something wild. Like a black orb with a targeting reticle or a vertical pupil or something (like a snake eye). It fits the flavor of “The Weird One”.

        1. OH DANG.

          Look what I found:

          Someone made radiation eyeballs for one of those second life things.

  9. Anise is likely sporting the glass eye… it just fits. I’d almost expect it to be a “Cake incident” that caused it.

    And I’m so happy someone in the comic world actually acknowledged the letters on the Buckingham sister’s faces. That made me smile.

  10. I’m surprised Quinn called Ellie out on the “goofy s#!t” on their faces. That seems pretty close to breaking the fourth wall.

    1. No, just means people in the comic see them too. Now the weird thing is that everyone Ellie’s met who wasn’t immediately paralyzed by her boobs didn’t ask her about the N’s on her face.

        1. Yeah, my guesses for characters who would’ve asked would’ve been KK (though probably off-screen for her), Tommy (who would’ve stopped looking at her boobs as soon as the stickers were properly placed), or Megan (who, granted, might’ve been thinking about her BF and magically growing child too much to look at anyone else’s face).

          I’d think Ashliii would’ve either asked Pumpkin already or not cared, and it’s in character for Quinn to have already asked however much she would’ve without more prompting in high school (when there were three of them around). Morgan wouldn’t have in a job interview in case Ellie would’ve been someone to cry discrimination, and I think the rest of the characters paying attention to Ellie have been male (with the host/greeter at Appleberry’s being the most obviously captivated on-screen).

  11. On the glass-eye ideas, it could very well be Tarra who had (had being key here) the glass eye. It was the perfect chance for her to further her studies into human anatomy, and recreation of lost bits & pieces. She keeps the eye (hence still “having it”) as a memento of her breakthrough in ocular cloning. Plus, before getting the glass eye (which was also before her making a new, perfect replacement) she would have had an eye-patch, causing the previously non-wheelchaired ninja to suspect her of being a pirate, hence his continual assaults upon her (she may no longer have the patch, but he thinks she’s just hiding her true piratical ways)

    Or, you know, it’s Anise.

    1. See, I’d think Tarra would’ve made a bionic eye of some sort, one that allows her to see and judge the current status, expected trajectory, and potential trajectories of the immortal soul of anyone she meets. It’d also have the ability to project an IR beam to defrost car door locks.

  12. I can’t wait to see who has the glass eye. Also I’m curious about which one is the reason she got a glass eye lol.

  13. I’m going to stay out of the speculation, cause I suck at it. I will however comment on the “stuffed-mouth speaking”. I wonderful little touch.

    Rusche, I absolutely love reading your comic. It is funny, well drawn and well written. But it is all these little touches that make the comic utterly, totally, and completely awesome.

    As always, keep up the awesome!

      1. I was curious about that. Though how you could give up the hamster tied to a rocket for anything but a test is beyond me.

  14. The irony is that sporks are actually a better utensil for gouging out eyes than Spoons, forks, or knives, because it has a scoop but the front is pointy and helps cut the nerves. Just insert near the top, push in and Pop! someone needs another glass eye.

      1. “The SPORK is 6 inches of stabbing, scooping, terror. A weapon not to be underestimated, all other weapons are useless against it. Blood flows freely along its razor sharp plastic edges and grown men despair in its deadly presence.”

        Also, I’m quite sure Tarra has a hand-cranked runcible gun.

    1. Johny the homicidal maniac perpetrated one of his most horrific killings (the entirety of a fast food restaurant) with naught but a spork. Witnesses described is as “whacky.” So yes, respect the spork and its inherent lethality.

  15. I find it passing odd that more people are interested in the glass eye comment, than are interested inn Quinn’s observation. For a while, I thought that everyone was more or less unaware of the letters on their faces, yet not only does Quinn notice, she also shares some of the reader’s expectations about how the parents would look. I find that funny as hell.

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