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Felt Covered Basketball

A reader suggestion on the RWBY cosplay. Worked well for this conversation. Also, conventions apparently hand out awards like a state fair. :D

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  1. Oh my gosh, is that a character from a Monty Oum anime? Rose red or ..something …. I can’t remember but my sister in law showed me it recently, so I’ll have to show her this. I do remember that her weapon is seriously Bad-A though.

    And geez Mcfatfat save some awards for the rest of us!

    1. Oh geez, so I just read the description and yes it’s her….I give myself some leeway because it’s late…early? Either way.

        1. Unlike my sister, I have actually SEEN RWBY and recognized the character from the start.

        2. I didn’t realize this show was such a prize that watching it is a reason to toot your own horn. I guess I better fix my terrible life choices and watch and memorize this show ASAP in order to say anything. :P

        3. Schultz, you really need to get back to the Stalag already and stop making references to old television. Where will the war effort be without you?

        4. Col. Hogan. Let me assure you, that there is nothing for me to make references to.

        5. I simply cannot express how I love this exchange, and my disappointment at not remembering enough of the show to contribute meaningfully.

        1. Yeah, you’re gonna have to explain to me how that works. These “sisters” have black and blonde hair, respectively, and entirely different names.

        2. Well for startes my father and his sisters are much the same. He and one sister have black hair while the middle of the three has blonde hair, so thats not impossible or even unusual.

          As for the last names, its not that difficult. Their mother was Summer Long, she had Yang before she got married, so her name is Yang Xio Long. After she was born Summer married Yang’s father, whose last name happened to be Rose.

          Summer Long became Summer Rose.

          After they were married they had Ruby.

        3. Kenju, where did you read that? I had heard that it’s due to the fact that Ruby’s parents are gone. The father has been long gone and the mother more recently so vanished after a mission she had as a huntress.

          After Ruby’s parents went missing, Yang’s adopted her as part of their family.

        4. Originally Monty stated that they are not half sisters and neither of them are adopted.

          As of last week however he retconed this and stated that they are in fact half sisters, both having the same father but different mothers.

          I didnt know he retconned them having the same mother since I didnt go to RTX myself, but he did confirm they have the same father.

        5. More precisely, Summer Rose, who is deceased (presumably), is Ruby’s mother. Yang’s is as of yet not known.

  2. Let’s hope there’s no cash prize, or McFatFat is going to suddenly have a lot more toys when Ellie gets home.

  3. Alright nice one mate ^ ^ Though you SHOULD be aware of one little thing mate. Fans are not normal people, for anything, and they look into things and see things due to ‘shipping goggles’ that might not really be there.

    I bring this up because quite a few people already comment on Ellie/Quinn, and…well, RWBY only GOT popular because of its rather healthy LGBT fanbase, that acted like a homing beacon for perverts lol. Still its a great series, and I am happy to say that I’ve had a hand in some of the better fanfiction for the series:


    Also it was amusing that the cast for RWBY cosplayed as their characters at RTX a few weeks ago lol

    1. lol.
      You’ll be repeating your LGBT community advice with a cosplayer in the next comic as well. Feel free to copy/paste (and change the franchise info.)

      1. Typically I’m all laughs and jokes, but this is a little different because RWBY is such an interesting case. Its fairly well known and has a large fanbase NOW, but it didnt have one to start with.

        See, Monty Oum has a loyal fanbase, but its fairly small all things considered. He is mostly known for fanservice material (though some, like Haloid are totally kick ass, Master Chief and Samus vs a giant army) and more recently his work with Red vs Blue, but this was a new series from the ground up that nobody knew about.

        Early on, a small group of people saw the early material and believed that some of the characters might be homosexual or bisexual due to certian interactions and due to Monty’s previous work. That small group spread word of this through the LGBT community and attracted several key fan artist that had *very* large followings, none of whome had ever heard of Monty Oum (the artist or their followers).

        So these artist, who have millions of subscribers to their work started doing fan art for the series, fan art that Monty quickly learned of and started to promote with his twitter and DA accounts, which are tied in to the Rooster Teeth site.

        So you had all the people who subscribe or follow the RT site see this awesome fan art, while in turn all the people following the fan art learned about the RT site, and both sides became interested in the other sides work as a result.

        RWBY has topped several charts and made several records now, from being the only series to CRASH the RT site, to being the number one most downloaded series through iTunes, the second most viewed series on CrunchRoll, etc, but the fact remains, it all happened because of a something little more than pure chance, that someone who was friends with an artist, that was part of a community took interest in it.

        1. Well, if you want a good introduction, just do a youtube search for the premier of the series:

          RWBY Red Trailer

          That trailer inspired someone to make a omputer game as a demo for their programming skills as they were looking for a job, fresh out of collage I believe. A friend leaked footage of the game on youtube, and now the guy is working for Microsoft, more specifically for RT, making a game for RWBY lol

          Thats the thing that makes this series so interesting, its like a tight knit community thats rather inclusive.

        2. It should be noted that of the four trailers, “Red” is actually non-canonical, I believe – Monty has said it was intended an animation exercise and he regrets that now.

          “White”, “Black” and “Yellow” are canon, though.

        3. I’ll go out on a limb and say that, if you were born before, oh, 1995 or so, you heard it too. I sure did.

    1. Trying not to explode seems difficult. How do you judge where to hold the pressure in and where to try to vent it.

    1. Unless the buyer supplies his or her own basketball. It’s like a McFatFat Basketball Cozy; you slip it over a basketball that you currently own.

  4. Well obviously McFatFat will win. He looks like a cute plushie and doubles as a real live mascot to boot. Of course he would be a shoo-in.

  5. Load up the page and my first thought were, “Hey, look, Ruby!”

    Love that show, and love that you included RWBY cosplay in your comic.

  6. Just got done watching the first episode of volume 2 of RWBY and what do I see when I get here? so much excitement. Also Chun li better not be hating on Crescent Rose, which i hope can also transform

    1. Hard to say. I think 4 more strips and day one is over. There are a few strips taking day 1 into day 2, then I think I only really need 2-3 strips on day two.

      1. Oh now you done went and did it. Mr. Blue will be showing up any minute with his copy of Robert’s Rules of Order….

        1. Stupid internet. I was supposed to have replied to the thread started by Zero, with the response to Hogan.

          I said, why, Zero did not make it a motion, therefore it can not be seconded. And seconding something does not make it a motion any way.

        2. While the ocean may have motion, it is not of it’s own mind and will. The ocean’s motion is due to the Erf’s rotational oscillation about it’s own axis which in turn effects the Coriolis effect of putting the translational movement of the Erf’s crusty mantle against the opposing, or inertial forces of the water. In addition, the rotational period allows for thermal influences in the convectional currents of the various oceanic layers to imbibe upon a type of movement, blah blah blah.

          The ocean can not make a motion to the floor. Period. The gestaltic imperception of the vastness of the ocean in being able to not fit into the meeting hall denies the ability of the ocean’s movements to be made into a main motion before the body.

  7. “My character won’t be on TV until I’m out of college.” Damn.

    I could see that leading to this exchange…

    Hipster: I liked it before it went mainstream.

    Pumpkin: Bitch, I liked it when it was mountain runoff.

      1. So she won because of a prop but not really but kinda yeah, and you didn’t put a background there because you thought it would look best… it does fit her cosplay in a way, I suppose. Minimalist with a gimmick of sorts. Not bad.

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