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Fifth Grade Grudge

Since Quinn's was the last of the yearbook panels, I'll post all the entries I created for them. Since I planned for them to be skewed, I knew I'd have to do some overflow artwork. It's hard to tell how much you'll really need in these cases, so it's best to make more than enough. The last thing I wanted to make those work, was to leave them simply flat. In which case, they don't work. I couldn't have them look like panels within panels. yearbook

36 thoughts on “Fifth Grade Grudge

  1. Haha, yet again, the facial expressions alone leave me laughing ’till my sides are sore! How long does it take you to come up something that you find sufficiently funny? Or rather, how long does it take you to DRAW something that’s funny enough? Can you do it on your first sketch?

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Ellie and Quinn have similar color patterns that they did at the beginning of the series. Ellie still has white and blue, and Quinn has purple and black. I guess their change of clothes after their fight was more than a functional change- it was a symbolic one as well.

    1. Usually first attempt. The more serious panels are more prone to needing a retake if I’m not initially satisfied. As for how long.. just the sketch of Ellie in the classroom with all the students probably took an hour. My real issue comes with taking the rough sketches, then composing them together to make the comic, bordering it, making sure it lines up so I can fit word balloons in without blocking the art…

      then obviously going back over the lines, setting the flat colors, adding gradients to each flat color, then adding the shadings for each new gradient’ed color segment. Then I color all the interior lines. Then replace the word balloons. Then I hate the whole thing and start on the next strip.

      Like so..
      185 preview

      1. “Then I hate the whole thing and start on the next strip.”
        :D well, it’s a good thing you aren’t doing this on MS paint anymore, is it? That would be brutal.

        1. Wait, did you really used to use ms paint to make the comic?! O.O That’s insane! What program do you use now?
          I knew it had to take a lot of work to put a web comic together, but I never realized you had to go through all those steps!

        2. I did use paint, yeah. Every now and then I still will (depressingly.) I’m still living in 1997 now with my Photoshop 7. I actually have Photoshop CS-whatever, but I’m just too used to the old version.

        3. I never could figure out Photoshop CS, I actually have Photoshop 8 but all I’ve been able to do is figure out how to change colors on pictures lol.

        4. How do you make sure the old versions of Photoshop still run on newer computers? I have a version of CS that I bought when I was a student, and am terrified of losing it whenever I get a new computer.

      1. I looked back at a comic with him in it (desperation) and saw that he had more orange colored hair. Plus, he appears to be several years older than Ellie, so I’m not sure that’s actuall Barrel on the right.

    1. Nah. I knew he looked similar, so I made him a brunette. But that’s the problem when you have a set style and the background characters start looking like the regular ones. =P

  2. Heh, that leftmost kid. He’s either floating, or about to face-plant.

    How does one break their neck on a slip n’ slide, that seems like it would be a bit tricky (unless it lead off a cliff, or into a wall…)

  3. The Slip-n-Slide claims another victim… man, I almost broke ~my~ neck on one of those things… then again, you’re not supposed to use Dial dish soap on the rubber mat (to make it slippery-er, so you can slide better!)… and you’re not supposed to “backflip” on it either… regardless of whether or not it was intentional… ¬_¬

    1. Slip-n-Slides are the work of the devil. Your points are valid. Also, don’t put it on a hill and add glycerin (the kind you add to JOY dish soap to make monster bubbles), there are similar results.

      1. Never used one, but I thought the suggestion to check for rocks before putting one down from a Dane Cook sketch also sounded like good advice.

      2. Mine was always on a flat surface, devoid of rocks, sticks, and other “bumps” that could spell massive pain. The irony, was I was standing still, applying more dish soap, because I didn’t think it was slippery enough… and then “VWOOOOP!” backflip. I don’t even know how it happened… I just remember finding myself on my back, with the air knocked out of me, and my brother and our friend laughing.

        1. It’s alright. If I’d been seriously hurt, I might be offended, but looking back on it, and “the look I had on my face”, it must have been highly amusing to watch.

  4. Looking at Ellie’s twin again, I am getting the impression that she may be somewhat like Quinn, and that one of the reasons Ellie acts so familiar with Quinn is simply she reminds her of her sister. In the school photo, her expression in like Quinn’s with a side of skepticism.

  5. Bahahahahah the expressions throughout this whole week’s strip are killing me. Especially the one of the farthest left and Quinn, with her broken neck! She looks so defeatedly miffed. hahaha!!!!

    Also the first girl in the second row of the yearbook photos…her face is kinda freaking me out…haha

    1. She’s WATCHING us all… Waiting, calculating her new world order. We will be superfluous. All those who defy her shall be swiftly dealt with… And never seen again. Call upon all your deities, if you wish, but they can’t help you now… no one can…

        1. This is serious business! We can’t simply wait for this madwoman to take over the world! We must act NOW!

        2. If you don’t think there’s any connection between the two… you’d be mistaken.

  6. Ellie seems to remember more and more about Quinn the longer their conversation goes on. Kinda funny how she remembers all this about Quinn, but couldn’t remember her name. But then again, I guess a lot of people can be that way. I remember strange folks I knew in highschool and the weird stuff they may do, but not remember their names.

    Hrm… Guess that ISN’T weird like I thought it was. Forgive me for my mawkishness, but I think I’m realizing a bit more about myself the more I read this comic. It’s been a learning experience in more ways than one.

  7. I remember at graduation I knew a lot of people that were up on stage, their nick name and at least one story about them. Not sure how many knew my name, or much about me though.

    College time came and I tried to change that. Not so much by being some loud party guy, but just by getting to know more people and always being a friend when I could.

    Seemed to have worked, cause I’m told I got a lot of cheers when I went across the stage. I wouldn’t know. As as soon as I stepped up on that stage, in front of that stadium of people, it was all a blur until I was on the other side. Felt like I blacked out but apparently I made it across and managed to strike a pose after getting my diploma.

    1. I remember my cousin stopped on stage a step away from whomever was handing them out and opened it up to verify the diploma was really in there, did a small fake relieved nod to himself and continued walking.

  8. I vouch for that. YT is rife with slip n’ slide fails and after 30 seconds you just kinda…stop…laughing. :/

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