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Final Confrontation

Ok. Time to end this... =P In a battle where there can be no winners, see WHO will WIN!!

74 thoughts on “Final Confrontation

  1. Double standards much, Quinn? Even better because Ellie hasn’t done anything. Alex was a butt and just set her up because he’s sore over not getting his way.

    1. It’s ambigous whether he’s holding it or if it’s resting next to him. I had the same thought last comic.

  2. Oooooh those be fighting words. Someone gonna get a hurting lol

    Though Ellie hasnt really displayed any tendencies I would call remotly slut-ish, she’s a tease no doubt but far from a slut. Of course Quinn already had a pretty negative perception of Ellie to begin with and would accept any excuse to be rid of her I think. She’s very insecure, lonely, and jelious from what I have seen, and every bit as spoiled as Ellie just in a different way.

    Still I look foward to next weeks comic, I can hear the bell ringing and see the ’round 1′ sign ready to go lol

  3. Quinn has quickly become my least favorite character in this comic. Hypocritical, bossy, judgmental and a ‘scream-first-ask-questions-later’ attitude only makes her another wanna be stable-owner in my eyes which isn’t cool at all (Stable-Owner = person who wants a multitude of other people as ‘hers and hers alone’; a ‘human plaything’ collector i.e. boyfriends/love interests). I wonder if she is someone with big sister issues. Just my opinion, mind you. Overall, this is one of the best comics I’ve kept up with in a long time. I can’t wait to see what happens to Ellie as far as work is concerned. Y’know…the whole night shift, day shift thing).

    1. It’s funny because, while all of your reasons are very good reasons to hate Quinn, they are probably why Quinn is becoming one of my favorite characters. In the process of being hypocritical, bossy, and judgmental, she’s burning all kinds of bridges – probably because she assumes she won’t need them later. If she’s not careful, she’ll have nobody when she needs them most.

      “The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last.” — Oscar Wilde

      I’d rather read about a character that learns something than a character who is nice to everyone, forgives people for their mistakes, listens to what people say, and is very very reasonable. Though admittedly, I would prefer the latter as a friend in real life.

        1. Actually upon further research, you are correct.

          I had read that the line used in the movie was in fact taken from Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, however after reading it in context in the play, it doesn’t have the ominous tone that it seems to have when Gene Wilder says it as Willy Wonka. That ominous tone is what I was going for.

          But that’s not why you’re right – you’re right because the original quote from Oscar Wilde’s play is actually “THIS suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”, unlike the Wonka version I have above.

          Big difference.

        2. Yeah, Wilde’s version is very much typical of his writing in general–it’s mocking the character speaking, even as it makes them more endearing (for the record, Earnest is probably my singlemost favorite play, so Boog, you get double-bonus internet points just for mentioning it).

  4. Why hello Quinn, it is nice to see as well. Please cool your jets one second so I can find something to clobber you with. I wonder if Quinn even has the slightest inkling how horrible she is treating everyone around her as she has her tantrum?

    And slow Ellie is slow, I don’t think he is trying to move in, I bet he’s the landlord.

    Also this comic displays fine on my iPod while the last one still does not so whatever issue is specific to it. I was a beta tester in a past life so chasing bugs sort of became second nature :P

    1. I just assumed he was a dirty old man.. was a little confused about how he thought he fit into the “young college roommate” category. Your theory makes more sense.

      Then again, I don’t think he’s the landlord. If I recall, the landlord looks a lot like the termite inspector. Probably because they are brothers. Twin brothers. Who like underwear drawers. And gorgeous blondes. And killing termites.

      He could be a nosy neighbor looking to free up “the apartment that faces the trees so he can watch the squirrels play because they are cute and playful and haha look at that one” or something like that. That’s prime real estate, if only he can get the current tenants booted. Or maybe the apartments have really thin walls and he wants them kicked out so he doesn’t have to listen to them bicker any more.

      1. I was thinking that he might be Quinn’s dad, looking to check in on his daughter perhaps?

        Just a guess though!

      2. I forgot the landlord did the termite exterminator thing. Building owner maybe? Yea… I’m out of ideas.

    2. I thought the landlord was the guy pretending to be a exterminator while stealing their panties when Ellie moved in?

    1. It doesn’t ‘really’ matter other than it’s stating it was within the week, or a NEW listing. But as far as the storyline goes, Quinn stated she goes to school MWF, so if she’s at school, it’s one of those days.

      Monday – Her car broke down > movies > confronted Ellie, assuming she talked to Alex.
      Wednesday- Alex sees Quinn getting dropped off > talks to Ellie at the drive thru
      Thursday – Ellie goes to the art class > has to sanitize her lips
      Friday – Quinn sees the drawing > above comic

      So it can be assumed Quinn was annoyed Ellie was on her computer Monday, and maybe didn’t fully believe she never talked to Alex..

  5. So many fun conversations start with “you gigantic slut.” Not all of them bad! Still, most of them better overheard than actually being IN.

    1. On the topic of conversations that start with “you gigantic slut,” Quinn, can we not slut-shame? Pretty please? With sugar and DJ Cornbread on top?

      1. Quinn is an endless pit of shaming. She will shame you over your choice of paper or plastic. She will shame you for your politics, no matter what they are, or even for being apolitical. She once shamed Chuck Norris so hard he shaved his beard.

  6. Ding Ding Ding Ding…
    In this corner, going up against the Gigantic Slut, we have the tremendous ego of the Sadistic Bitch… WHO WILL WIN?!

    1. My money is on Ellie simply because growing up with siblings usually helps you better grasp relationships and how to argue better. Arguments aren’t “won” with only the power of rage.

  7. Let’s get ready to RRUUUMMMMMBBBBLLLE!!!!!! Rusche, an absolutely fantastic comic. Having been a connoisseur since my early days, I have since come to appreciate a good story line as much as, if not more than, good art. Your comic has both. Keep up the good work. You are in the same class as Girl Genius and Looking For Group. K, now that I have embarrassed myself, I wanted to say that maybe you could have Ellie and Quinn accidentally meet the 3 twits and when two of them fall all over themselves inviting Ellie to a Star Wars costume party (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more), DJ Cornbread sees that Quinn is a real beyotch and says “hey, uncool” and then Quinn thinks “OMG, I really am!” And then there’s bunnies and fairies and rainbows and………deep breath……..sorry, went to the Bahamas for a sec…..anyway keep up the good work.

      1. Yeah, good story, good writing, (two different things, those) and good art. Granted my exposure to web comix is limited to seeing maybe 100 total strips, but of those I follow less than 10 on a regular basis. If the author doesn’t have an artistic style I like or the story doesn’t show some kind of promise within, oh, say 5 strips, I’m done. Why do I like them? Not sure i can put it into words, other than to say that within 5 pages I was interested enough to spend an hour or two (in the wee hours of the morning, I might add) to read the entire archive. I grew up reading my mom’s Pogo books, so the bar is very high. Stick with it, Rusche. You’re doing fine.

      1. Ah My mistake! He’s in the cast page!, next to the archive tab on the top menu!

        “Tired Guy
        The girls’ downstairs neighbor.
        Saves what little energy he has
        left to see Quinn’s deserved eviction.”

        1. “Quinn’s deserved eviction.”

          Huh. I know she’s been rotten to a lot of people, but does she deserve this eviction for being a bad tenet in a way we haven’t seen (Not allowed to sub-lease???) or for her overall not-nice attitude?

        2. I guess what I am getting at is over all, Quinn actually seems (from what I’ve seen) to be a solid neighbor and tenet, so the quote makes me curious if she has been ticking off her neighbor and/or landlord in ways we haven’t seen yet.

          Time will tell.

  8. All in favour of a calm and rational parley in which both parties become informed of the circumstances, say “Aye”.

  9. I haz a happy, because a plot-point I raised in the last comments was addressed in this one (or at least, it was mentioned, if not resolved)–to-wit, did Ellie ever sign the lease? This means:

    1: I contributed to the comic by helping the author spot a potential loophole in time for him to address it, or;

    2: The author is so freakin’ awesome, he had accounted for what would’ve been an easily overlooked detail in his planning already.

    Either one is cool, so it’s win-win!

    1. You did make a good point, but alas.. it was already written. I needed the old man to have multiple inquiries, which will make sense shortly. =)
      Lots of you commenting make excellent points, and a few have guessed certain things that will get touched on. So, you still get credit in a way.

  10. I am wondering if this older gent might possibly be the building’s *owner*, as opposed to its property manager. The guy Quinn called the “landlord” might be more properly the property manager, employed by the leasing company.

    To put things more simply: this guy might be more important than he first appears. Given the sometimes-surreal nature of this strip, at first I just figured he was applying to rent a room, but instead he could be very bad news for somebody.

    I was expecting either for Ellie to leave, or for Quinn to successfully kick Ellie out, or possibly for Quinn to fail to kick out Ellie… but I didn’t anticipate the possibility that Quinn *and* Ellie both might be kicked out of the property. Or, oh wow, it’s possible Quinn might be kicked out and Ellie might end up looking for a housemate to split the rent (with Ellie and cat both on the lease now). And it would be a piquant twist if Quinn ended up applying to Ellie for a room…

    The plot is hurtling along like a red wagon holding Calvin and Hobbes that just shot off a cliff. I am eager for additional updates.

    1. I wish to state, for the record, that I wrote the above *before* discovering (via Anonreader1’s comment) that he is in the cast page with text suggesting he might cause Quinn to be evicted!

      P.S. He needs to go take a firearms safety class. He has his finger on the trigger of that shotgun in the cast page, a safety no-no. At least he isn’t pointing the barrel at anyone…

      1. Perhaps he is hoping to ‘accidentally’ fire the gun while it’s pointed at the upstairs, where them pesky kids are!

  11. No lease? Oh dear…

    Please tell me you have at least one utility in your name, Ellie, or you’re not even going to get 30 days.

      1. Ah. Thank you for reminding me that it is different depending on the states you are in.

        How does it work in the states you are familiar with?

  12. Like many webcomics, the wait between updates is KILLING me. I really want to see Ellie throw down and let Quinn have it with both barrels. She really has been burning bridges, right and left and I have a feeling that this will come back to bite her in the butt.

  13. Great story, well drawn. Just got myself up to date this morning (following a link from Girl Genius) And down the rabbit hole I go again, following yet another Web Comic!

    Thanks for Sharing your talent with us, and thanks for this strip…just introduced my 19 y.o. daughter to it – life lessons y’know!

    *evil grin*

      1. I think the way you address positive feedback is very cool, and in the long run, probably a great way to discourage trolls by rewarding positive discussion over negativity for attention’s sake.

  14. Hope I’m not spoiling anything. But from what I see you added to the cast page I’m guessing Ellie has a twin..???
    Maybe they just look really similar. Not like you can really tell. lol

  15. Sweet update to the “cast” page.
    We get to see the dude on the far left and his text can be seen by highlighting the spot. Bummer that the gas tank isn’t attached to a flamethrower like I hoped.
    And we get that really cool ‘Sister’ image too. I assume the far right one has a bunch of kids.

  16. There’s never enough Mr Fatty McFatFat. =)

    In a more serious bent, I particularly noticed how your shading has improved in this one. I went back a few and now see it’s been there quite a while and I just hadn’t noticed until this one. Especially the old guy’s face.

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