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Flowers for Tarragon

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  1. Wow, what a bitch.

    I mean I like Tarragon but I wouldn’t have guessed she would treat a guy like this. I get that she is drunk but you said yes to a date, not anything else beyond that.

    Besides, I would think she would have a pill that she could take that would negate the effects of alcohol on her.

    1. 1. She wasn’t of sound mind when accepting his offer for a date (and knows she was drunk at the time).
      2. She just got done being in an argument with her landlord and just got evicted (so guessing she is a little pissed as of now)
      3. Where is the fun of drinking if you are going to neglect the buzz it gives you by taking a pill?
      4. They can talk while helping her pack and this could help his develop a relationship with her (Hahahahahahaha. Ok could not do that with a straight face.guy has no chance with her but maybe a Facebook friend)

      1. The drunk aspect is BS.

        She went to a party that was by definition, a place to try and find a date. So, her getting drunk at the party while guys asked her out is BS. She treats it like rape with that comment, when all she has to say is “Sorry. I don’t remember. Goodbye.”

        She’s being a bitch.

        1. No, he said she was drinking “pretty hard” at the time. By which I take it to mean he thought she was drinking a lot. Whether or not he thought she was already drunk at the time has not been established; at this point the possibility that she became drunk after she agreed to the date and subsequently forgot that she had agreed cannot be ruled out.

        2. She was drinking hard, doesn’t mean drunk yet. Not to mention, it takes a bit of time for alcohol to kick in. One would assume longer for Tarra. :p

      2. Oh that’s it, say she is all miss innocent. To add to this her whole attitude to others is a bitch. Telling a landlord, oh its ok that I destroy your property, make living there a hell for “normal” people as its ok because I always get my slaves to re build it. Now its, I was drinking and offered you a date at a dating convention so now you turn up its YOUR fault and I am going to imply and label you as a sex predator. Personally mate, tell her to stick the labeller where the sun doesn’t shine then sue her for slander. Additionally the telling him to double wrap her plates, not ask him he will. But I fully expect others to defend her, or say he isn’t a man if he walks off. Personally I would give her a mouthful.

      3. I think you have missed part of the point most people are upset bout, its not the “oh I’m drunk you shouldn’t have asked me” which in a way is a silly idea, many social dating gatherings have drinking at them. Its more of the way she acts like shes been victimized by him asking her out while claiming she was drunk, if she didn’t want to date him now that shes sober she could just say that yeah its bitch move but its understandable instead of playing a victim.

    1. I hope he leaves. Has an epiphany moment, turns around and walks out.

      You look at all the guys trying to kill Tarra and you have to wonder if they were the bad guys or if it was something she did.

    2. You don’t like her because she won’t put out for a guy she can’t even remember meeting? Harsh.
      Kyle’s a loser acting like a dweeb. Tarra is giving him a chance to man up and show he’s worth the time of day.
      (Admittedly she’s not being very diplomatic about it. She is in a bad mood, but he’ll have to consider if it’s worth the effort. Given she didn’t kick him out he’s gotten further than he might have done earlier with other people, so if he’s smart he’ll stay a while to make an informed decision about if he wants to keep pursuing this or not)

      1. …who said anything about putting out?

        Meanwhile, Tarra’s running a top end mind game on him and treating him like one of the bots. Not many guys interested in being treated like mechanisms. This is how MGTOW got started.

      2. The reason he doesn’t like has nothing to do with her “putting out” or not. Do not conflate a simple date with casual sex. He doesn’t like her because she out the gate sounds dismissive, arrogant, accusatory, and fault finding. The advise from others for him to run as fast as he can is the best. If her statements are sincere, then she is showing very bad traits to have in any potential partner. If they are not, and this is instead some twisted mind game or manipulation, then she is an outright sociopath, and he definitely needs to get out of there, because that upgrades the stakes for the relationship from being merely an unhappy one to outright dangerous to life, limb, and sanity. Run Kyle, run!

      3. Acting like a dweeb? Won’t put out? Loser? Um, are we reading the same comic? He showed up with flowers. She made a date. He showed up for a date. That’s more effort than MANY seem willing to make? Did he kiss her? Did he even touch her? Wow, are you harsh.

      4. Because she won’t put out for him? He’s not ASKING her to put out. Never once does he even IMPLY he wants her to put out. It’s a FIRST DATE, and she’s treating him like garbage.

        I’d turn around and leave too. No woman is worth my self-esteem.

        1. Well, where did you get “put out” from anything here? I didn’t get that. However, she did seem to use an implication that she may not have been of a sound mind when she agreed to the date?

          Besides, he got hung up on the first impression. I mean, who could look away from a girl who can do pushups with no hands, sports bra and not even using her chest at the time. It’s all ponytail. Who wouldn’t want to go out with a girl who could do pushups with a ponytail. And I mean, her using the ponytail to do the pushups. Hell, just be happy she’s got her feet on the floor and not doing handstand ponytail pushups.

          Oh, congratulations on getting the official First comment.

        2. She was at an event that was specifically about getting a date.

          So, even with her drinking, there’s no reason for him to think about it. She went there knowing what it was all about, even if it wasn’t why she showed up.

        3. Commenter Galenthias above introduced the phrase “put out” into this thread. I didn’t see anything about the comic going there .

          I think the offense for some people is the lack of straightforwardness here.

          “Sorry, don’t remember it and not interested, and having just been evicted I don’t have a lot of patience right now” and then if he persisted offering that if he wanted to stick around he could help her pack but not to get his hopes up likely would’ve been pretty non-controversial.

          On the other hand, I think Sister X (and Rusche liking his characters to have both good and bad) along with Envy as her Seven Sins/Seven Sisters mapping gave us plenty of warning to expect some negative from Tarra at some point.

        4. Tarra could also qualify for Vanity as well. She certainly seems like a vain one…

        1. I’ve found that a large number of women seem to consider “bitch” to be significantly more offensive than it seems to me as a guy that it should be and not at all in the offensiveness rankings where I’d guess. I’ve never quite understood it.

          I asked my mom once but her explanation didn’t really make sense to me and my current suspicion is it’s one of those “you had to be there” sort of things that doesn’t make sense if it wasn’t ingrained growing up.

      5. No. She went to a party that was all about finding a date. No where was mentioned have sex.

        So, she went to a party, that was about finding a date and she proceeded to get wasted and acting like the idea of finding a date was bad.

        All she had to say was, “I don’t remember sorry.” or “I can’t now.”

        It is not on him however. The idea of going to a party that’s about finding a date and then blowing off the date like he was some asshat rapist is kinda BS, which is exactly what she did when she said “Made a date when I was drunk.”

        When for all she knows, she made the date while sober and forgot it because she got so drunk.

  2. Kyle, man, just walk away.
    You’ll be dodging a major bullet (more likely several because Summer looks that pissed).
    You leave now? You could go about your day, do something more enjoyable then helping a girl you just met pack and running for your life.
    Leave now, and do anything else..
    Just walk away.

  3. Oh… I get it. She knew she was going to have to do something the next day (either rebuilding the building or packing to move) and decided to enlist at least one chump to help by agreeing to a date where she would pretend to be too drunk to have remembered and guilt him into helping out. That explains why she was so quick to jump in and get accusing, to keep him from calling it quits right then and there.

    1. Given her slave droids, I doubt that she was that concerned having an extra pair of human hands of questionable degree of caution with breakables.

  4. …wow.

    You’re an awful human being, Tarra Buckingham.

    And giving that your family contains Juniper and Cinnamon the bioterrorist, this is saying a LOT.

    1. Juniper is the poster child of what you turn into when you never live up to your parents expectations and they make sure you know that. Tarra is the opposite extreme. That kind of unending success and achievement, with the accompanying accolades, tends to turn people into horrible narcissistic sociopaths. The kind that know they are exceptional, and use that to propel them and only them forward, and at the expense of others if need be. After all, everyone else is inferior to them, so they are just NPC’s, utterly expendable.

  5. Lets think about this for a moment. Terragon probably has guys hitting on her 24/7, and HAS had to deal with a lot of stalkers. In her shoes it should not be a surprise that she has to have a pretty rough filter on who she lets near her.

    1. I’m not sure I agree with that. Many good looking and talented people have less of a social life than you might think. And those that do approach them are not going to be the ‘mates for life’ they might want. Most of my ‘average’ female friends have had many dates. My one friend-who-could-easily-be-a-supermodel has had exactly two dates.

    2. We are talking about an individual that casually snapped a mans neck with her hair. A man armed with a gun…with her hair. In a manner that seemed like it was effortless, and wasn’t remotely phased by any of it. I am pretty sure the argument of “but she is a poor defenseless woman so we should excuse any and all abysmal behavior of hers” doesn’t apply here at all.

    3. And if he wasn’t a guy she met at a party which was created to find a date, then something else could be said. She went to a party that was about finding a date, then is rude to the one she found a date with, even going so far as to basically call him a rapist.

  6. Jeez, so much for being Ms. Perfect. I get that she might be a little put out over her landlord kicking her out, but that’s no excuse to be dismissive and bitchy to a guy showing up for a date that she agreed to. While drunk? Maybe so, but she’s the one who picked up the bottle. The least she could have done is politely turn him down, or hell, maybe give the guy a chance even though he isn’t some ripped, chiseled super commando. Considering her uppity, narcisstic attitude and the fact the first thing she does is tell him to wash dishes for her, I wouldn’t blame him for walking away then and there. Being attractive doesn’t give you the right to be a bitch, and no amount of sexiness is worth putting up with that kind of abuse.

  7. The best thing he could do would be an offhand comment that he guesses she isn’t worth it, setting down the packing materials, and walking out. That would be different enough than the reaction she usually gets to pique her interest.

    1. I don’t think playing mind games back is a good approach.

      If he says and does that, he should just being doing that to leave, not to try to entice her further.

  8. I wouldn’t worry too much about how terrible this dismissive, crappy relationship is going to be for Kyle.
    Mainly because I’m expecting a rifle round to miss Terra and blow poor Kyle’s brains out in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  9. There are two Tarragons in the comic. The persona she presents to everyone else, and the real one. She’s reversing and manipulating arguments with Kyle just like the landlord in the last comic. “Can’t you see how I’m doing YOU all the favors here?” ..while actually making their lives worse.

    So if this comic is striking to any of you in terms of her personality, this is because she has no one she’s trying to impress in her vicinity. No family or anyone she considers worthy of seeking praise from. This portion of the story will magnify the cracks in her facade, and lead into the next Chapter where she has to take the prophesied mantel of Sister X.

    1. Much of Tarra’s glory comes from the suffering of others allowing her an opportunity to shine. She won multiple gold medals by being the only member of her rowing team that didn’t get food poisoning. She saved a baby from a burning building. Did she cause those crises to make herself look like a hero, like a firefighter committing arson so he can get in the spotlight fighting the resultant fire?

    2. She definitely stirred up a bunch of wrath in the comments! Personally, I think Kyle would be better off dating the vase. (The vase is awesome, by the way!)

    3. Hmm…

      I suppose that picture of Tarra as a Scorpion is more appropriate than I thought.

      If she’s headed for an inevitable Moral Event Horizon then for her sake I hope she’s able to pull herself back from the brink. Kind of like how I hope Nu!Shahai doesn’t end up in a place where she needs to get her head bashed in with a metal club again.

      (Sorry. The L5R analogies are just really easy for some reason.)

      1. She’s going to become a super villain. We all know this, right?

        We’re arguing over a comic about something a future comic super villain is saying.

        1. Sorry, Shiney – I don’t understand why this upended my comment as a Reply to you.

          I’ll fix that right up by remarking that I preferred the old Legend of the Five Rings lore before the whole wars with the spirits of the long deceased emperors.

        2. Well good news for you, with the reboot we’re pre-Scorpion Clan Coup so that war hasn’t happened yet anymore.

          Also, Hoturi and Yokatsu are girls now which is a bit of a mixed bag… but ah well.

    4. Not gonna lie, I hate seeing Tarragon do this, she’s one of my favorite characters. After reading your comnent I realized what was bothering me and it was what you said about “I’m doing you a favor.” while actually making a person’s life worse! It hurts because I know what its like to live with a Narcissist! Luckily, I don’t with this person anymore, but damn if you didn’t give a flashback! Kyle needs to get the hell away from her, no woman is worth you self-esteem.

    5. Fine job on the characterization by the way.

      Getting this much reaction from this small of a crack in her fascade is a toast to your storytelling and character development.

    6. And the sad part of it all is that the whole Sister X thing could easily be avoided. “None are so blind as those who will not see.”

  10. I kindof want a Mastasaurus shirt, now?

    Or barring that, just the image of Tarra putting the rose in vasebot would also make a fun shirt image.

    1. I doubt it has anything to do with anything, but in certain situations “mast” can mean “breast”, as in “mastectomy”. And we know Sister X is a future version of Tarra with a much reduced bust, and warns of cancer.

  11. 13 April 2014… Yeah, we already know Tarra’s future is not very rosy, and she’s revealing the heart of darkness that already seems to be growing within her due to her being “perfect”…

  12. “Uff, my mistake. I actually set up a date with that chain-smoking hottie that pashed me last night. Now *she* was smokin.’ Good day.”
    “Loose Cannon? You mean she was literally smoking, ugh.”

  13. Lady Tarragon, Daughter of the Grand Duchess of Parragorn, Dominatrix of Friendzone, you have my Tape Roller…. A-N-D-M-Y-V-A-S-E-B-O-T! B-I-P!

    1. Wait, that came out wrong (totally forgot which Avatar I got at registering xD)
      *I* have my Tape Roller, *you* can have the Vasebot. B-I-P?

  14. Kyle, here’s all you need to do. Look her in the eyes, casually say “That’s ok, no need for that. Getting to leave right now is reward enough,” then turn and walk.

    However, you’re in your mid twenties and attended a singles convention. You’re probably going to wrap dishes.

  15. She’s going to become a super villain. We all know this, right? I mean between everything Rusche has said and the foreshadowing and the comic lore?

    We’re arguing over a comic about something a future comic super villain is saying in a web comic. I find that when this starts happening, we either have too much *clap clap* time on our hands and we need to just go back to being silly OR we need to realize that arguing about a web comic and stop.

    1. The comments definitely took an argumentative thread this comic, but that happens occasionally. As long as it doesn’t become too common I think we’re good.

      I think this just stands out because usually there are a few more threads of silliness above the occasional argument and it has been a while now that I think about it.

      On that note, I do try to insert silliness into arguments at times to divert them. Sometimes it works, and if it doesn’t it usually results in a few pages of replied silliness in the middle of the argument, which I also feel helps.

    2. Though she did/has (darn temporal mechanics) made one attempt thus far to alter her own timeline, albeit with a marked lack of subtlety. A variation on the ‘if I went back in time and killed my own grandfather’ argument. As she had no memory of how that fight would play out, I lean towards the quantum model and the creation of a new timeline vs an alteration of her own.

      1. Almost. Juniper gets the eye. Anise got first with her hair. Ellie changed her speech bubble color (which I’m assuming is attitude-related) and Cinn was left as explain later (my guess is birthmark-related, though that could also be a cancer by-product).

      1. I think you’re missing that Sister X didn’t try to stop Tarra from becoming Sister X. She just tried to stop herself from getting marked up.

  16. I like the character detail that while being rude and dismissive of him, she also immediately claims the roses as her own and puts them in a vase.

  17. . . . It’s funny to see this BS from Tarra because I’m pretty sure she has done a lot worse pursuing her ‘mysterious’ tutor.

    1. Funny thing about that. We’d often thought that he really DID have “a bad way of asking.” Now after this, that “bad way” might have been “did not show up with at least a pound of chocolate and an offer to an upscale restaurant.”

  18. Yikes, looooots of rape culture here. Bash all you want. Yes she was at a dating convention and nothing wrong to expect someone asking you out on a date, drunk or not, totally acceptable. It’s a Date, harmless. She’s a bitch for her response to him about. His response is honest too. But all of you saying she picked up the bottle so it’s her fault? That she was drunk and should have known better? (paraphrasing) Just as a general thought process… that is exactly what rape culture is. Until someone literally and verbally says Yes coherently, the answer is always no. Someone said it right, she could have just as easily said “”All she had to say was, “I don’t remember sorry.” or “I can’t now.””-Pinkk. It’s called courtesy and etiquette considering the context. Dont fucking say that Anyone who picks up the bottle deserves the outcome, since it was their choice to pick up the bottle. People want to have fun, in a safe environment, without judgement or concern that someone will turn that into an opportunity. Jeez.

    Yes she is a bitch, a narcissist and inconsiderate. I’m not defending her. I’m pointing out You guys.

    1. Whoa – saying that she should be somewhat civil to Kyle is not the same as saying it would have been her fault if someone had committed a crime against her. You’re responsible for what you say and do when you’re drinking, not what someone else does to you without consent.

    2. Kyle even GAVE her the out. “I guess you don’t remember.” Then Tarra doubled down on narcissist and here we are.

    3. I think you’re missing the question of degree of consequence.

      “She picked up the bottle of her own free will so it’s her fault” is perfectly valid for a spilled drink on an item of clothing, a stubbed toe, singing a karaoke that you’re later not happy about, sending a text message with horrible misspellings that make you seem like you’re a hyperactive seven-year-old, or all manner of other every day issues that aren’t really that noteworthy past if you feel like making it into a story.

      Now if we’re talking events like having a shark bite off your leg at the thigh, being electrocuted by faulty high-voltage wiring, having a tire fly off a car doing 90mph and hitting you in the face, walking under a psychopath dropping chlorine gas barrel bombs out of a rented plane, or all manner of other horrifyingly bad things, then that’s way out of line (and ridiculous) to consider it a person’s fault for drinking.

      “Some guy I have no interest in wasted his time and showed up at my door with roses” seems in the first league of consequence to me. Rape is in the second (if much less contrived than the examples I picked above).

      So for what we see in-comic, I don’t see someone wanting to consider any minor inconvenience Tarra might feel from her visitor as her fault as out of line due to the fact that the consequence is, in fact, a minor inconvenience (or maybe even a net positive if he’s a good packer and doesn’t walk away as he should).

  19. Wait a minute.

    Maybe Tarragon is not seeing Kyle through “Rape Culture” glasses, but the “Damn It I’ve Been Chased By So Many (what was the word?) Blatherskytes” that she is definitely surprised that he hasn’t hidden in wait, laid in wait, baited traps, etc.

    And since she has to move, that is a pill that everyone is not kin to take well.

        1. To be fair, Tarragon willingly went to a Datecon FULL of NORMAL…mostly NORMAL GUYS. If anything, Tarragon and by extension, her Sisterhood of Assassins and their Sisterhood’s of Assassins brought the abnormal, so she knew what she was getting into; especially since Ellie briefed her and her sisters beforehand.

        2. Oooooo… So maybe Tarragon may be equally pissed at him for revealing her secret lair and herself for revealing her secret lair, or WO man cave

        3. Considering she did blow it up herself it wouldn’t surprise me if she did somehow try to turn this back on him, even though she is using technology far too advanced out in the open.

        4. Eeeehhhh, I wouldn’t call them all NORMAL guys. Some of them were clearly dudes from memes and some were there to murder women (did we forget someone tried to creep and kill a sister?). That website was for the “most desperate” who had “issues meeting normal women.”

          So I would assume that this dude being normal (well, a little obsessive and a little easy to mislead, but normal) is the aberration of the people at LoveCon.

        5. I did say mostly normal, but then again the guys that weren’t normal still had nothing on the Sisterhood’s of Assassins or Tarragon, or Anise, or Cinnamon.

        6. Ted said that they looked normal.
          I did not say that they were normal, you said that they were normal.
          They don’t look normal to me. Do you have the check.
          Yes I do.
          Did her mother sign it.
          Yes she did.

        7. Well, to be fair, LoveCon was organized by Ellie to save the business front of a suspicious organization headed by questionable old dude.

          So it being anything but normal was probably normal in a way. You get that many estranged men with several crazy women in one area with no real organized activities … nothing is normal anymore. I’m sure everyone behaved about as bad as could be expected.

        8. To be fair, packing up all of Tarra’s belongings probably would be extremely dangerous. So adventurous isn’t necessarily an out-of-line description.

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  21. As it pertains to events that took place less than 24 hours before, in the comic:


  22. “I think I would remember forgetting something like that.”
    I have to use that one. Or have it tattooed on me, so I don’t forget it…

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