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Hope everyone had a happy holidays. I know someone had a first birthday!

The much anticipated sequel to 'Annalise' will be released April 7th: Annalise 2: But Named Something Else (Sophie because Claire is a giant Howl's Moving Castle weeb)

I've been slowly working on a redraw of The Royal Buckingham's Patreon image, since we're in that particular story arc now. And by slowly, I mean gruelingly. If any of you were around back in the 1970's when I made the first version, you probably recall the absolute shit my old laptop took in making it. Constant image corruptions, discolorations, and crashes. Well this entire concept is cursed, because it hates my current PC as well.

It's larger, more detailed, with more layers, and it's stretching this 12 year old Windows 7 Pavilion as far as it can go.

Wow. What a difference 50 years makes!

I got to shading on the hair and this Pavilion is like 'nah.' Constantly crashes.

I'm still using one of Claire's old PCs since the CyberPower computer I bought was an absolute brick on arrival. I was watching the wife's favorite streamer Bawkbasoup on Twitch and witnessed that poor man go through the exact same experience. Super hyped about getting the best PC he could afford, gushing the entire time it was in transit to him, and seeing him get nothing but a multi-thousand-dollar BSOD generator. Just garbage.

I felt bad for him, as I felt scammed several years ago. But it was catharsis in a way. It wasn't just me. Bawkba has a much larger platform to inform potential customers this company has an egregious track record. 

But anyway, GOOD NEWS! Claire is building me a new PC. 

And the BEST NEWS about it is it will work. And it will work because it has the most important component that last PC didn't: Someone who gives a shit about the end user who's using it.  She did a 24 hour Sub-a-thon last week to earn money for all the parts, and she was successful! Hopes to eventually stream herself building it in the coming weeks after all the components arrive. You can check out her stream here: twitch.tv/clairebere

38 thoughts on “FOMO Pt.1

  1. Claire is obviously a treasure; muse, multi-talented producer of mega cutenesses and powerhouse tech, and if she followed up this pic by inserting her mini-me into the bathtub in nothing but her birthday suit with the remains of that cake, she’s under personal obligation to said mini-her to record that for posterity as well! ???

    See, my mama did that, but being as how it was over 70 years ago, (well before cameras were invented), no verifiable record exists beyond oral family history, though perhaps that’s just as well, ‘cause I was a fat little Buddha or mini Sumo wrestler in training at the time.

    Not sure even my mama thought I was cute anyway, even if said camera tech was available!

    Anyway, as the story goes, I did my best to surround the cake in question, climbing into and wearing what I could not ingest.
    A sight to behold, I’m sure! ?

    1. (I’m assuming that this tiny force of nature is in fact a new princess of the Rusche/Buckingham clan)..if not, my apologies and condolences to all concerned!

  2. There’s a ton of freely available tools that could potentially diagnose the issues that your newest (so far) computer is having. I hate seeing people get hosed on a electronic purchase just because there’s no support to fix even tiny issues which cause major headaches for the user. Your whole computer could be having issues because of something as simple as one bad memory stick.

    1. I really appreciate the concern, but the issue with his current computer is that it is a Pavilion P7 series desktop that’s nearly 10 years old, running on a single 2-core pentium chip. It honestly just can’t handle the load of trying to run Photoshop when his comic PSDs are sometimes several hundred MBs. Things just slow to a crawl eventually. I made sure to do plenty of research on parts for the new PC build before ordering anything, so with the exception of the graphic card (cause the GPU market is so over-priced right now), I think we got a very good deal on everything going into the new PC. Just waiting on the last few parts to come in and then it will be built!!

      1. My last job that paid FICA taxes was helpdesk support of the Pavilion desktop, about 2 decades ago. right when I was killed riding home from the 2nd shift job. Yeah I’ve been living dead since the year after the Y2K debacle. And fixing the computers of people who didn’t shut down before midnight and reboot after took weeks.

      2. I was referring more towards the CyberPower. If you could get that brick going you could at least sell it for parts or something.
        Could you not use the video card out of that machine in the new one you’re building?

      3. Good lord, he makes comics of this graphics quality on a dinosaur like that? I look forward to seeing the result of being able to work on a modern computer. So no idea why the previous rig doesn’t work? likely just one bad component. Maybe swap a few parts with the new rig during the build and see if you can isolate the problem? Also, I am going to second a comment I saw someone else make, try using Clip Studio Pro instead of Photoshop, it is designed for making comics, got to be less cumbersome that trying to use PS.

        1. It’s no wonder he had problems making the first version a laptop in the 1970s. Laptops hadn’t been invented yet.

  3. Oh, don’t act like act like you don’t have a box of souls just lying around.

    I… I’m not the only one who has one of those right.


    1. And either way, I don’t want that dolt Cinnamon messing around in it. Knowing her, there’ll end up being a little eldritch horror in every iPhone, and that will screw with the Irrational Demand Field that makes everyone insist on getting the new one whether they need it or not.

      1. $10 says that she commissions a youtuber to encase it in resin with other sparkley bits and turn it into an acoustic wailing vase. Nicholas Zametti comes to mind. He’s got BTTF tattoos.

      1. I think that’s more “Chemistry” plus “Magic.” And even then, not so much. “The Chronicles of Doctor Gribbleflotz” will cover that pretty extensively if you’re a 1632 fan.

        1. “Devil’s Opera”? Yeah. It’s better not to read anything without Eric Flint’s name on it. Dr. Gribbleflotz was something of an exception.

        2. Between that and “Mission to the Mughals,” it’s a lot better to stick to the main story, which has been oddly neglected of late.

  4. Something tells me Mr. Gave-Her-The-Literal-Shirt-Off-His-Back and Miss Bought-It-Just-To-Have-It-(In-A-Box-In-My-Parent’s-Garage) won’t last too much longer, and Cinnamon may not be the one to break things off.

    Also, pretty sure you can’t buy a soul on ebay, they don’t allow body parts or remains.

    1. Haunted objects, though, are available, last I knew.

      And Anise has already been eyeing Cinn’s “bearded Adonis.”

  5. Though I can’t help but wonder why the Ratchtantulapede suddenly has an earwig tail.

    They’re creepy little things, but not that big a bother.

  6. Damn, Cinnamon is just ridiculously cute in her own strange way. I kinda hope her equally weird boyfriend sticks around. He’s weird enough to deal with her, but not quite creepy enough for me to fear what kind of children they could potentially breed.

  7. Loved the RL baby pic we game our sons spaghetti at about that age oldest managed to get it on the cat… Bear was never the same poor thing lol

  8. Had a friend who built a homemade gamer PC from scratch. All top level parts, put in an old Compaq computer case.
    When his house got robbed, the thief left his pc with over $12K worth of components since it looked like a total POS!

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