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Howdy folks! Claire here, wanted to give you all a little update on Chris' new computer--it's all done! I livestreamed building the new PC on the 14th, which was quite the production, involving setting up a temporary stream studio in the kitchen with all the parts, extra lighting, 3 cameras, and a laptop borrowed from one of our daughters. 

It was a LOT of work and took about 5 hours to complete the build, but it was a ton of fun, too. And when all was said and done, the new computer booted up correctly on the very first try, which was the biggest shock to me because I've never built a PC from scratch before. To give you guys an idea of what kind of upgrade Chris was getting, here's a comparison between his old computer and the new one: 


Old PC New PC
HP Pavilion p7-1215 "The old dirty bastard"
Pentium G630 dual core @ 2.7GHz
Integrated Intel Graphics
Crucial 16GB DDR3 RAM @ 1067MHz
Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive (OS and Storage)
LOL what's an SSD?
LOL what's a CPU Cooler?
Whatever stock mobo it came with
Stock power supply
Boring-ass black plastic HP case
(Taking Name Suggestions in the Comments)
AMD Ryzen 7 3800x 8 core @ 3.9GHz
MSI GeForce GTX 1650 4GB Video Card
Crucial 32GB DDR4 RAM @ 3200MHz
Seagate 2TB Hard Drive (Storage Only)
Western Digital 500GB M.2 SSD (OS Only)
Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB CPU Cooler
MSI B450 Tomahawk Max ATX Motherboard
EVGA Supernova 650W Gold Certified PSU
Antec DF600 FLUX ATX Mid Tower Case


As you can see, this new computer is LIGHTYEARS ahead of the old one, in every way possible. It's designed to run fast, stay cool, and be a reliable machine for Chris for years to come. The only issue? It was a teensy bit too tall to fit on his desk, so we ended up putting it next to his workspace on a bookshelf, so now it illuminates our whole living room with dat sweet RGB glow. I know you probably wanna see it after I've talked it up so much, so here you go:

Yes, that is Ellen Ripley and Jonesy basking in the beautiful glow inside the case. She's not just for looks though, she has a very important job to do--protecting Chris' PC and Photoshop from any bugs, crashes, viruses, or BSODs.

So yeah, that's the new PC! Chris says he loves it so far, but one little hiccup is that with a new PC comes the newest version of Photoshop (vs. the 5 year old version on the old PC)--which means he has had to familiarize himself with a new user interface, import all his old brushes and re-configure tools, settings, etc. On the plus side though, he's also been able to play with some new tools, brushes, and techniques the old computer couldn't handle. You might notice a slight difference in the coloring and shading of this latest comic, which he colored entirely on the new computer. He really hopes you like it!

Oh, and the old computer? As much as we would have liked to yeet "the old dirty bastard" into a handy abyss somewhere, it's been repurposed. After giving it a good cleaning and formatting, it's new home is with our 7-year-old, who has been gleefully using it to play Roblox with her siblings for the last few days.

61 thoughts on “FOMO Pt.2

  1. Suggestion: Either set the effects lights on the case to transition to yellows, oranges, and reds as the sun goes down, or permanently change to color to a warm-but-not-too-intense orange/yellow. Being blasted by all that blue light at the end of the day can lead to sleeping difficulties, since the brain equates blue light with “wake up and be alert”.

  2. Cinnamon’s “No brain, only react” face and Juni and Ellie’s responses to those answers are hilarious. Also, congrats on the new PC. To Chris, and the 7 year old.

  3. Name: The New Glowy Bastard (NGB for short).
    It’s new! It’s improved! It’s now capable of twice the bastardish levels! AND IT GLOWS!
    Kids, run to your parents right now and tell them you want the NGB!
    (Really fast boilerplate speak here)
    (Fade to black)
    And… scene

      1. Ruin or make better?

        I like to think she actually did that years ago and it’s just been sitting around the garage since.

        Or there was an actual monster contained in that box that’s now it’s been unleashed on the world.

  4. I suggest “The Master PC” forged in the fires of your kitchen. One PC to rule them all, One PC to find them, One PC to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    Nice Futurama reference.

    I’m a bit surprised there’s any blank mad libs left in that book. Although I do like that she asked Ellie first because I’m choosing to view that as an intentional reference to Ellie being her favorite sister after LoveCon.

  5. Make sure you set up a good backup system and that you TEST your recovery procedures.

    There are two major failure modes to protect against:

    – Your Seagate 2 TB drive crashes. Seagate consumer drives have a life expectancy of a few short years.
    – A virus encrypts and locks out your data. Very common these days.

    You might want to get an online backup such as Backblaze or Datto. Make sure the backup system allows you to go back to previous versions of your files. This is in case you have a virus that sneakily encrypts files. If you then overwrite your backup with the encrypted versions, you’ll have to retrieve the previous (non-encrypted) version of the files.

    If you have a local backup drive, don’t let it connected to your PC permanently, so that viruses cannot mess it up.

      1. You know…

        This reminds me when I entered into a bet whether I could find dust fetish porn or not. I spent the better part of a week trying to prove its existence, finding a few fetishes I didn’t know existed in the process, and while I found several examples where dust happened to incidentally exist as part of the video, they really weren’t what I was looking to prove. I gave up after a week because my sanity took a hit.

        1. In a weird bit of synchronicity, there’s a “sexy dust” comic over at Oglaf.com this week. Before that, closest I’ve ever seen to a dust fetish involved flour, lots of it, in the kitchen.

    1. Thought I replied to this already…. Anyway.

      I’m assuming the crook of the elbow. Bend your arm and it makes a soft, warm slit.

      1. I can see that. I kept seeing it, however, as the *elbow* elbow, which is *way* more disturbing to me. Having holes in your joints that aren’t there normally kind of horrifies me.

  6. I wanted to say something else, but I’m waiting for what this MadLibs could bring. :)

    Roblox? Have you seen the videos about their child and labor exploitation?
    I’m sorry if I’m overly worried or if you already know.

  7. Integrated graphics?????? On a home machine???? I haven’t EVER used integrated graphics on a home box. No wonder he had so much trouble with that heap. That new machine will be like driving a ’22 Corvette after having a ’65 Mustang for years!!! 👍

  8. Clip Studio Paint uses all of the PS brushes, for a fraction of the cost. All the kids cooler than me are using it- might want to look into it as a big moneysaver, as it seems to have almost all of the capabilities when it comes to producing comics.

  9. Plenty RAM in the old box for casual use. Could use a faster CPU like a Core i5-2390t or Core i5-2500t if you can get one cheap; both taken from the IPISB-CU (Carmel2) compatability list off HP’s site, picked for low TDP with little regard for actual speed since most everything besides other G series will outrun that G630. A cheap SSD and a discrete old-but-faster-than-on-board GPU could round things out, if needed.

    I take it “a good clean” included replacing the heat paste between CPU and cooler.

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